AQ Chapter 45


Chapter 45: Clues — You found the murder weapon?!

Gan Run Yang and Xi Cao soon arrived as well, carrying a large pile of snacks and drinks. Gan Tian cheered and pounced on the stash. Ye Zhen Zhen handed over her designs to Gan Run Yang. As he had previously told her: although the three designs were of the same theme, they must be totally different styles. Not only was this to prominently highlight the model’s features, it was also to display the designer’s ability. Even though Ye Zhen Zhen had only one first draft done, she had a rough idea for the remaining two designs.

Gan Run Yang looked over them seriously. The preliminary wedding dress was simple and charming in design, shorter than normal to exclude the cumbersome feeling often found in long dresses, with some tasteful transparent parts to increase the sex appeal.

In short, Gan Run Yan was satisfied. Not only was it a wedding dress, Ye Zhen Zhen’s design had also included a great deal of lace, with a pink bow at the lower back. The entire design was a fantastical, gorgeous couture wedding gown.


“Not bad.” When she heard these two words come from Gun Ran Yang’s mouth, Ye Zhen Zhen sighed in relief. They discussed what the final design would include and then began to prepare the outfit—the competition rules were clear-cut: the dress submission must be personally made by the competitors.

This had taught Ye Zhen Zhen a few things. She discovered that although many designs are good, it was not realistically feasible or too difficult to make, which meant that the anticipated result could not be achieved.

Everyone forgot about the passage of time, having wholeheartedly thrown themselves into working. It was already six in the afternoon when Gan Tian shouted loudly that she was tired. Ye Zhen Zhen was stunned. She had realized that they had only taken a break at noon to eat.

“Let’s end early today.” Gan Run Yan saw the time was late and proposed to disband. Everyone chatted as they left. Gan Tian led Ye Zhen Zhen out and made plans to go buy battle armor tomorrow. Ye Zhen Zhen raised the corners of her lips into a smile and felt her head ache a bit.

When she reached the entrance to the school, Ye Zhen Zhen unexpectedly caught sight of Ji Zhe Yan. “Dr. Ji, how come you’re here?”

Ji Zhe Yan quirked his lips and walked closer. “I came to pick you up.”

Ye Zhen Zhen had no time to act bashful, since Gan Tian came rushing over, shouting, “Cutie, this is your boyfriend? So handsome!”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s face reddened, and she subconsciously tugged on Ji Zhe Yan’s sleeve. “This, this is my boyfriend, Dr. Ji.”

“Doctor, doctor!” Gan Tian excitedly examined Ji Zhe Yan. “Can he inspect my body?”


Mei Li silently tugged Gan Tian to the side.

Xi Cao looked at Ji Zhe Yan and then at Ye Zhen Zhen. He appeared to have received a huge blow. “Boy–boyfriend…”

Ji Zhe Yan took advantage of the moment to glance at him. “You are Xi Cao gege? Nice to meet you.”

Xi Cao: “…”

Why did he feel a chill run up his spine?

Ye Zhen Zhen was pulled to the side by Gan Tian. “Cutie, you live together with him?”

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and didn’t reply. Gan Tian actually became more excited the more she spoke. “Tomorrow’s battle armour should be a nurse outfit! Props would be a stethoscope and needle?” She moved closer to whisper into Ye Zhen Zhen’s ear, saying in a vaguely chilling tone, “Tomorrow you must allow the doctor to really~ really~ help you inspect your body, eh~”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She actually thought that what should be inspected was Gan Tian’s brain.

Ahead, Ji Zhe Yan didn’t know how he and Xi Cao ended up at the front, walking side by side. He glanced at the boy beside him and said with a slight laugh, “The most important thing is your studies while at school. Attend class well. Puppy love is no good.”

Xi Cao: “…”

“Ah, speaking of classes, do you know what my favorite subject was when I was in school?”

“What class?”


Xi Cao: “…”

“The instructor for our dissection course was very interesting. In order to encourage our studies, he told us about this one incident.” Ji Zhe Yan seemed to be recalling something interesting, his smile becoming warmer. “A female senior at our school was two-timed by her boyfriend. Every day, he would flaunt a new girlfriend in front of her. One day, the senior snapped, and they fought in the dining hall. She took her dining knife and stabbed the boy eleven times, each strike missing his vital organs. Although he had received so many wounds, they were deemed minor injuries at best.”

Xi Cao: “…”

Those studying to be doctors were terrifying! QAQ

“However, this was just one incident. You don’t need to take it too seriously.” Ji Zhe Yan smiled and patted Xi Cao’s shoulder.


Xi Cao fled.

“What’s up with him?” Gan Tian asked, baffled.

Ji Zhe Yan smiled. “Probably homesick.”


Although she felt that Dr. Ji had done something to Xi Cao, Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t dare to ask. When she returned home, she discovered Xi Cao’s WeChat username had changed to: 「I feel like my shoulder is missing a piece」.

Early the next morning, Dr. Ji accompanied Ye Zhen Zhen to Dr. Zhang’s clinic. She told him about her dream, which Dr. Zhang also determined to have been brought about by his hypnosis. He speculated that she might be on the verge of recovering her memories.

Ye Zhen Zhen was placed under hypnosis by Dr. Zhang again. Indeed, she dreamt about that day with that little boy, but the location was not the park near Dr. Ji’s place; instead, it was an unfamiliar small park. That boy was sitting opposite her, beaming. She focused on the sketch in his hand and saw that the signature read Little Dou Dou.

After waking up, she still felt that this dream was exceptionally realistic. She could even feel the pen move across the paper.

She sat in Dr. Ji’s car and felt that she should tell Officer Zuo about this. “Dr. Ji, I want to go to the police department.”

Ji Zhe Yan’s brows twitched, but he nodded in agreement. “Okay.”

Officer Zuo had just pulled out a cigarette when he caught sight of Ye Zhen Zhen and Ji Zhe Yan walking in together. They had called ahead, so he was not surprised.

He pulled two chairs over and placed them across from him, hinting for them to sit down. He knew Ye Zhen Zhen was currently living with Ji Zhe Yan. From what he saw, she appeared to be doing well. At the very least, she appeared more lively than when had she stayed at the Ye Mansion.

“Officer Zuo, when I was undergoing hypnosis treatment, I seemed to have recalled something from my past.” Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and began to explain, “My real name might be Jia Jia.”

Zuo Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Which character?”

Ye Zhen Zhen was a bit embarrassed. “I don’t know either; I just heard someone call me this.”

“Family name?”

Ye Zhen Zhen shook her head. Zuo Yi muttered to himself before saying, “I got it. We can begin investigating on our side.”

Ye Zhen Zhen hummed and then said, “Right, I saw a small park in my dream. I guess I might live nearby. Unfortunately, I don’t know where that park is.” She paused here and asked, “If I drew that park, will that be helpful?”

Zuo Yi nodded. “If it’s accurate enough and has defining traits, it shouldn’t be difficult to identify.”

“Alright, I will try my best.” Ye Zhen Zhen was a bit happy. Perhaps she could quickly retrieve her identity. She originally wanted to ask about how the case was progressing, but she thought it better to give up on this idea. With not much else to do at the police department, she thanked Zuo Yi and left with Ji Zhe Yan.

Li Xin Ran turned and said to Zuo Yi, “Leader, without a family name or the specific character for ‘Jia,’ it’s really hard to investigate.”

Zuo Yi drank a gulp of coffee and glanced at him. “There are not many female names that have ‘Jia’ in it.” He picked up the paper and wrote ‘佳’ and ‘嘉’ before handing it to Li Xin Ran. “Search these two first. Note that she might not be called Jia Jia; it might just be Jia. Ask the police over in D City to help.”

“Got it.” Li Xin Ran listlessly accepted the paper. Why did every arduous task fall onto his head.

“Did D City receive a missing person report?”

Li Xin Ran shook his head. “None fit the description. This Ye Zhen Zhen’s family knew she came to A City, or she lives alone.”

“Mn.” Zuo Y i nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Leader, Leader! Found it!” Hou Zi rushed in, crying tears of joy.

Li Xin Ran excitedly sprung up from his chair. “You found the murder weapon?!”

“N–no…” Hou Zi braced his hands against the table, panting. “We found out who bought the taser!” He pulled  several photos out of a bag and arranged them on Zuo Yi’s desk. “This is taken from the shop’s surveillance video. This person’s outfit and stature fit the suspect well. He also bought the taser on the day of the crime.”

Zuo Yi furrowed his brows and picked up a photo. He wore a hat and mask, which indeed fit Ye Zhen Zhen’s description. If Hou Zi had come a bit earlier, they could have had her identify it. He handed the photo to Hou Zi and instructed, “See if the milk tea shop owner recognizes him.”

“Got it.” Hou Zi took the photo and dashed out like a whirlwind.

“Leader, don’t you feel that it looks like Qin Kong?” Li Xin Ran asked, glancing at Zuo Yi.

Zuo Yi smiled and replied, “We’ll find out when we capture him.”

After Ye Zhen Zhen left the police department, she didn’t return to the apartment with Ji Zhe Yan and instead went to where she agreed to meet up with Gan Tian. Although she really wanted to give up on this trip to find a battle armor, she was no match for Gan Tian’s fiery passion and forced herself to come.

She needed to stress, however, that she planned on exploring as she wished and absolutely had no intention of buying a battle armor.

Gan Tian led her through seven to eight turns locating a remote storefront. Ye Zhen Zhen walked in and was stunned. What was sold inside was only lingerie.

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She turned around with the intention of leaving, but Gan Tian overpowered her and gripped her arm, forbidding her from leaving. “Cutie, don’t be shy. Men like these!”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

“If you don’t like lingerie, the store also sells night clothes.” Gan Tian winked at her.

In the end, Ye Zhen Zhen rejected the transparent or revealing night clothes and chose a rather ordinary set of night clothes—if the very low collar and half-backless design was not taken into account.

She really had to wear this for Dr. Ji? This was simply shame play!

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