AQ Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Voice Recording — Wait three more minutes.

Ye Kang Ping’s words were like thunder rumbling through the sky. Ye Zhen Zhen was struck dumb and frozen in place. She stared at Ye Kang Ping for a long while before recovering her voice. “Uncle, what do you mean?”

“Ah, you’re actually playing quite a trick,” Ye Kang Ping sneered, his eyes full of contempt. “Yes, an estate worth over a billion yuan would tempt anyone. But don’t you forget, we signed an agreement!”

Ye Zhen Zhen analyzed this line of his repeatedly in every angle possible, but she still couldn’t piece together the story behind it.


Because, this really was too unimaginable.

Although, Officer Zuo had told her that as long as she pretended to have regained her memories, Ye Kang Ping would certainly be unable to prevent himself from seeking her out for a heart-to-heart chat. She had not expected, however, for this heart-to-heart chat to be so shocking.

Why did he say she was not Ye Zhen Zhen? If she was not Ye Zhen Zhen, then who was she?

After she had woken up, everyone had told her that she was Ye Zhen Zhen, yet now they were telling her she was not Ye Zhen Zhen? She frowned and stared blankly at Ye Kang Ping. “Uncle, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m a bit tired today, so I’ll retire to my room early.”

After she spoke, she quickly scurried upstairs. Ye Kang Ping, who was behind her, did nothing to impede her escape. Once her figure disappeared around the corner into another corridor, Ye Kang Ping fished out a recording device from his jacket and pressed the stop button.

Originally, he believed this little chit would be loose with her words, however, he had not expected that she would actually be so cautious and not say much. Ah, does she think that this acting of hers will smoothly allow her to seize the Ye Family estate? What a joke. He was worried she would go back on her word as the time drew near and so had deliberately gotten her to sign an agreement beforehand.

Ye Kang Ping recalled this, and the look in his eyes gradually became more ruthless and tyrannical. No one was going to get a single cent out of him unless they stepped over his dead body!

After Ye Zhen Zhen returned to her room, she gasped repeatedly for air while withdrawing a recording device from her bag. Zuo Yi had previously given this to her, instructing her to record the conversation if Ye Kang Ping sought her out for a heart-to-heart chat.

She pursed her lips as she replayed the recorded dialogue. The sound quality was really good, without even a bit of static. Furthermore, according to Officer Zuo’s request, she had specially pointed out the other party’s identity in the dialogue. But…should the contents really be given to Officer Zuo? If her uncle’s words were true, and she really was not Ye Zhen Zhen, then what would happen to her?

She hesitated again and again with her phone in hand before she ultimately pressed on Ji Zhe Yan’s name in her contacts and sent him a message.

「Dr. Ji, I might not be Ye Zhen Zhen. What should I do? QAQ」  

Ji Zhe Yan was relatively busy today and had just finished a consultation when he received the message from Ye Zhen Zhen. He opened it to take a look, his brows furrowing afterward. Behind him, doctors all clad in white lab coats exited the consultation room one after another. Ji Zhe Yan walked to a secluded area and called Ye Zhen Zhen.

“Dr. Ji.”

Nearly a split second later, the call to Ye Zhen Zhen connected. Clearly hearing how miserable she was from just her tone, Ji Zhe Yan could imagine her current expression at the moment. Ji Zhe Yan’s brows creased minutely as he asked steadily, “What’s the matter? Why did you say you’re not Ye Zhen Zhen?”

“I don’t know either…” Ye Zhen Zhen felt even more aggrieved upon hearing Ji Zhe Yan’s voice and wanted to cry bitterly as he embraced her. “According to Officer Zuo’s directive, I pretended to regain my memories. My uncle really did come and seek me out for a heart-to-heart chat, but he said that I am not Ye Zhen Zhen at all and that we had signed some agreement.”

Ji Zhe Yan’s eyes flashed. He was silent for a moment before saying, “You’re a carbon copy of Ye Zhen Zhen.” Appearance was the quickest and simplest way to identify people. Even with plastic surgery, it was nearly impossible to look so much like Ye Zhen Zhen——at least until now, there had been no one who had not believed her to be Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen also felt that this was very peculiar. She had looked through the photo album in her room, and although her temperament was now different, she had never doubted that the person in the photos was not her.

Because—they clearly had the exact same face.

“Did you record it?”

Ji Zhe Yan’s voice called Ye Zhen Zhen’s attention back. She hummed and said, “I did.”

“First, give the recording to Zuo Yi. Let them investigate. Maybe Ye Kang Ping was simply being deliberately mystifying.”

“Okay…” Right now, she also felt that this course of action was the most appropriate answer, but she couldn’t avoid being anxious. “Dr. Ji, what should I do if I’m really not Ye Zhen Zhen?”

Ji Zhe Yan paused. A nearly indiscernible tenderness seeped into his voice. “Ye Zhen Zhen, these three words represent an identity, but even without this identity, you will still be you.”

Ye Zhen Zhen froze, a smile unknowingly tugging at her lips. Dr. Ji really was an angel that fell down to the earth! One that was single-mindedly devoted to disseminating love and hope for thirty years!

“Dr. Ji, thank you.”

Ji Zhe Yan chuckled and said, “You’re welcome. I am almost done with work, so I’ll accompany you to the police station.”


Although Ye Zhen Zhen had recently been meeting with Zuo Yi often, this was the first time she was going to the police station, so it was hard to avoid being a bit nervous. The police officer standing guard at the door inquired their purpose in coming and, after confirming it with Zuo Yi, permitted them to enter.

Despite having officially gotten off work a long time ago, Zuo Yi was still sitting in his office, studying the details of a case. When he saw Ye Zhen Zhen and Ji Zhe Yan enter through the door, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Our department isn’t in charge of registering marriages.”

Ye Zhen Zhen turned red at his words. Ji Zhe Yan, contrary to expectations, remained calm as he stepped forward. “Officer Zuo, this case might be somewhat impossible to unravel.” Ji Zhe Yan sat in the empty chair across from Zuo Yi and looked him in the eye as he spoke.

Zuo Yi stared at him for a moment. “Wait three more minutes.”

Ye Zhen Zhen asked, baffled, “Why on earth does it need to wait three more minutes.”

“Three minutes later, my instant noodles will be done.”


Ye Zhen Zhen followed the direction Zuo Yi was eyeing to the left. A container of instant noodles was quietly standing there, motionless, with a fork inserted into it.

From the smell, it was pickled pepper beef.

Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t stop her lips from quirking up. It seemed that Officer Zuo must eat while pondering over something.

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t wait for three minutes and straightforwardly played Ye Zhen Zhen’s recording. Zuo Yi stared speechlessly at him. Now, he was no longer in the mood to eat instant noodles. “Officer Zuo, we have done what we can do. It is now time to test your ability to handle the case.” Ji Zhe Yan stood up from the chair once he finished speaking and pulled Ye Zhen Zhen to the exit. “We’ll take our leave.”

Zuo Yi: “…”

That was the reason why he disliked intellectuals.

He rummaged for his phone, which had been buried underneath a flood of documents and profiles, and dialed Li Xin Ran’s number.

“Leader, we’re at the barbecue restaurant a street over. Once you’re done figuring it out, come over quickly to eat with us!” Li Xin Ran was making an unnecessary racket. His mouth was also seemingly covered by something, causing his words to be somewhat muffled.

Zuo Yi tightened the grip on his phone slightly and drew his lips into a faint smile. “The case has changed. Everyone has three minutes to get back here.”

Li Xin Ran: “…”

Why did he…answer the phone?!

Ye Zhen Zhen sat in Ji Zhe Yan’s car, feeling a bit sympathetic toward Officer Zuo. “Dr. Ji, I think the civil police should be cherished greatly.”

Ji Zhe Yan’s complexion remained the same, though he did nod. “Mn, let’s leave, so as to not hinder him as he eats instant noodles.”

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and decided to change the topic. “Dr. Ji, are you hungry? I know a beef noodle shop nearby that’s very tasty. How about we go eat there?”

“Sure.” Ji Zhe Yan drove according to Ye Zhen Zhen’s instructions, and the car rolled to a stop in front of a small storefront. Although the noodle shop was very small, there were quite a lot of people inside. Most praiseworthy, however, was that it was very clean.

Ye Zhen Zhen had come here twice before, so the boss naturally recognized her, but the person beside the girl… “Miss Ye, back to eat noodles? How come Officer Zuo isn’t with you today?”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

The boss must be a hidden sentry placed here by Officer Zuo.

“Officer Zuo might be thinking that instant noodles are tastier than the beef noodle soup here.” Ji Zhe Yan replied to the boss’ question before going to look for an empty seat, tugging Ye Zhen Zhen along.

“Ai.” The boss sighed. My boy Zuo, your rival seems to be very strong. I can only help you to this extent.

While Ji Zhe Yan and Ye Zhen Zhen ate delicious beef noodle soup, Zuo Yi had no time to eat his instant noodles.

“Ye Zhen Zhen is not Ye Zhen Zhen?” Li Xin Ran shouted upon returning, half-eaten barbecue still in his mouth. He was originally in a very bad mood at being called back, but after hearing the recording, he suddenly felt very sour. “Why don’t they go write novels—you with me?”

Zuo Yi glanced at him and stated, “Less talking. If Ye Kang Ping’s words are true, perhaps we have been investigating in the wrong direction from the very beginning.”

Li Xin Ran, after hearing his words, frowned grimly. After a long, painstaking half-year, they had returned back to square one!

How could Ye Zhen Zhen not be Ye Zhen Zhen?!

“Leader, I think Ye Kang Ping’s words are not trustworthy. Ye Zhen Zhen is obviously a carbon copy of the Ye Zhen Zhen in the old photographs. Even if we didn’t recognize that it wasn’t her, her family’s servants, her teachers and classmates…don’t tell me they wouldn’t realize either?”

Zuo Yi frowned. That had been the question he had been pondering the entire time as well. Furthermore, Qin Kong—he clearly didn’t know that Ye Zhen Zhen was an imposter. Two people could absolutely not look so identical with neither cause nor reason. Even with the best plastic surgeon, it was impossible to accomplish such a flawless imitation. At least, such a large-scale plastic surgery would surely leave residual effects, but Ye Zhen Zhen clearly wasn’t worried about this.

He leaned into his chair and lit a cigarette, breathing in the nicotine. His gaze became somewhat profound. “Call Ye Kang Ping here; he’ll know.”

Ye Kang Ping was summoned twice in one day to the police station. His mood was simply irascible. “What do you want now? I demand to see my lawyer!”

“Don’t worry.” Zuo Yi smiled at him, a smile which caused Ye Kang Ping to break into cold sweat. “Hear this recording first, and then decide if you want to see your lawyer.”

He took out that recording device after he spoke, and Ye Kang Ping’s voice immediately resounded inside the narrow room. 【…You obviously know that you are not Ye Zhen Zhen at all!】  

Ye Kang Ping thumped his chest twice as he coughed. This, this recording, don’t tell me this is my recording? But that’s impossible! My recording device is still stowed away at home. Then…Ye Zhen Zhen!

At first, he had intended to trap that little girl, but he had not expected that he would be the one trapped!

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