AQ Chapter 27


Chapter 27: A Stifled Heart  — A City emphasizes the law!

Just finishing his meeting, Ye Kang Ping ordered the secretary waiting at the door to bring him a cup of coffee, entering his office thereafter. He sat down in the leatherback swivel chair and massaged his incessantly twitching right eye. As they said, a twitching left eye indicated wealth, whereas a twitching right eye indicated disaster. In business, it was hard to avoid believing in such things. Could it be that this project he was working on would not go smoothly?

Just thinking this made him feel stifled. Actually, he sometimes really admired Ye Zhen Zhen. She didn’t have to do anything and only needed to wait every year for the company to give out dividends. Look at him, normally exhausted from work, and yet his old man left him nothing and set it all aside for Ye Zhen Zhen? He always knew his old man adored his youngest daughter the most, and when his sister Qing Qing, the third youngest, unexpectedly lost her life at a young age, it caused his old man to suddenly age ten years in an instant. Luckily, she left behind Ye Zhen Zhen, whom his old man devoted all his attention to.

But what about his own son? He had actually been left two houses by his old man; is the old man trying to brush off those who want a meal? Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. Every time he recalled this matter, his heart felt stifled.


At least his eldest brother was free and at ease. Back when he was twenty years old, he had declared he was breaking off all relations with their old man and ran away overseas. He didn’t even come back to attend their old man’s funeral.

This relationship was, contrary to what one might expect, thoroughly severed.

Ye Kang Ping was still in his office, indulging in flights of fancy, when two knocks came through the office door. He thought it was the secretary coming in to deliver coffee, so he casually called out for them to come in.

“Hello, Mr. Ye. We’re the police.” Zuo Yi and Li Xin Ran walked through the door, flashing their police badge. The secretary stood behind them, a cup of steaming coffee in her hands, and looked as if she wanted to say something but didn’t dare to.

Ye Kang Ping caught sight of Zuo Yi and immediately felt his heart stop beating. He naturally knew he was a police officer. Although he had previously met Zuo Yi twice, that was enough to leave him with a hard-to-obliterate lifetime impression.

“Kang Ping, what’s the matter?” Outside the office, people were already crowding around, all their faces curiously peering into the room. Sun Qian passed through them to enter the office and frowned upon seeing Zuo Yi inside.

“It’s like this, We now have suspicions of you being related to the murder case, so we’re inviting you to return with us to provide assistance to the investigation.” Zuo Yi’s voice was smooth, without any undulations, but hearing such a placid tone caused Ye Kang Ping to break out into cold sweat.

“Officer, Officer Zuo, you shouldn’t joke around.” Ye Kang Ping forced himself to remain calm, but the slight hitch to his voice revealed his nervousness. “Killing is illegal!”

Zuo Yi smirked. “This is something we understand clearer than you.”

Sun Qian worriedly looked at Ye Kang Ping. For a long time, she wanted to say something but hesitated, yet she did speak up when she turned to face Zuo Yi. “You suspect that he has something to do with the murder case?”

Li Xin Ran sneered and tossed a mocking glare at Sun Qian. “What, you’ve have something to do with multiple murder cases?”

Sun Qian paled. Ye Kang Ping glanced at her, and she wrinkled her brows, remaining silent. Zuo Yi stepped forward and said to Ye Kang Ping, “We suspect that you have some connection to the murder case of Ye Hong Sheng at the Ye Mansion on that night on the 13th of March.”

With this statement aired out, those business employees standing circle and watching the proceedings happening in the office all immediately sighed. Ye Kang Ping was Ye Hong Sheng’s second son; this was something no one didn’t know of in the company. For the son to kill the father, this was simply something the heavens could not tolerate.

Ye Kang Ping, somewhat nervous, paled. “You, don’t talk nonsense! What proof do you have of me killing him? A City emphasizes the law!

Zuo Yi’s pursed lips slightly quirked up. “We intend to bring you back with us to talk about the law.”

Ye Kang Ping: “…”

An hour later, Ye Kang Ping was sitting in an interrogation room and kept repeating one line. “Before my lawyer arrives, I will not say anything.”

Zuo Yi sat across from him and gave him a blank stare. He calmly stated, “Since you refuse to speak, that’s fine with me. Ye Zhen Zhen had already regained her memories and has testified as to who push her down the stairs, as well as Ye Hong Sheng’s murderer.”

“Utter rubbish!” Ye Kang Ping angrily slammed his hands onto the table, looking as if he had suffered an injustice as vast as the sky.

Li Xin Ran furrowed his brows and stood up, angrily glaring at him. “What are you doing? Sit down!”

Ye Kang Ping, startled by this shout, sat down, dejected and depressed. Zuo Yi fell silent after he spoke. The expressions on Ye Kang Ping’s face changed several times, until Ye Kang Ping couldn’t help but ask, “Ye Zhen Zhen truly regained her memory?”

“Mn.” Zuo Yi nodded, as if this was nothing special.

“After she regained her memory, she testified that I killed my father?” Ye Kang Ping looked on the verge of sneering.

Zuo Yi’s eyebrows slightly twitched. He instead inquired, “So you are not denying that it was you who pushed her down the stairs?”

Ye Kang Ping blanked and exclaimed, “Of course I’m denying it! She is completely slandering me! Maybe there was simply no one who pushed her down the stairs—because she threw herself down!”

Zuo Yi glanced at Li Xin Ran before intending to ask a few more questions. Ye Kang Ping, however, had returned to his, ‘Before my lawyer arrives, I will not say anything,’ mode.

Some time later, Ye Kang Ping’s lawyer arrived, meeting Ye Kang Ping’s earnest hopes and expectations. Because there was no decisive evidence, Ye Kang Ping was released. Zuo Yi stood by the window and watched as a black car drove away, frowning. He originally believed that Ye Kang Ping did not have a high IQ, so he had gone the conventional route. He hadn’t expected the man’s mouth to be clamped so tight.

He turned his head to look at Li Xin Ran and said, “That taser from last time, what did you find out?”

Li Xin Ran shook his head. “There were no fingerprints or hair strands, and the model number is a common one. We’re in the middle of investigating the purchase, and there have been no gains for the time being.”

“Mn.” Zuo Yi turned back to the window and lit a cigarette.

Ye Kang Ping did not return to the company after leaving the police station, instead heading directly back to Ye Mansion. He actually wanted to see what trick Ye Zhen Zhen was playing.

Ye Zhen Zhen had been at university, attending class, and had just entered the door of the mansion when she caught sight of Ye Kang Ping and Sun Qian sitting in the drawing room, silent and with solemn faces. She pursed her lips and originally wanted to feign ignorance to their presence, but Ye Kang Ping called out with a stern voice, “Stop right there!”

Ye Zhen Zhen had already lifted her foot, and she paused awkwardly for a moment—though she did not set that foot back down yet. Ye Kang Ping was already striding toward her and stopped behind her. “I heard you already regained your memory?”

Ye Zhen Zhen saw that she couldn’t escape and finally turned around to look at Ye Kang Ping. She nodded. “Mn.”

“Ah.” Ye Kang Ping suddenly laughed grimly, his expression thereupon becoming malevolent. “What are you intending now? Do you plan to keep the Ye Family estate to yourself?”

Ye Zhen Zhen frowned, unable to clearly understand what he meant.

A cold look crossed Ye Kang Ping’s face as he grabbed Ye Zhen Zhen’s wrist and snarled with rage, “You obviously know that you are not Ye Zhen Zhen at all!”

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