LXY Book 5: Chapter 11


Book 5: Chapter 11 – The Hall of Life and Death

Dragon Mountain Calendar, Year 9637, 18th of January, morning.

Chi Qiu Bai, Peng Shan, Cheng Ling Shu, Dong Yu, Wu Kui, Zi Che Gu Feng and the rest of the Transcendents from Tranquil Sun Province went down to Xue Ying’s mansion.

“Brother Xue Ying, how are you still so calm? Drinking by yourself?” The burly man Ba Ming exclaimed.

“How am I calm? I am feeling so anxious.” Xue Ying laughed, “If I cared less, I’m afraid that I would be sleeping all the way until this moment!” Actually, for Transcendents, sleep was not necessary! To them, sleeping would simply enable them to have the largest degree of relaxing and recovery of their mental fortitude. Thus, many of the Transcendents would still frequently sleep.


“Whether you are anxious or not, this Transcendent Battle of Life and Death is still something that you cannot avoid. Let’s go, we’ll accompany you to the Infernal Palace Hall of Life and Death.” Chi Qiu Bai quipped.

Cheng Ling Shu added, “Little brother Xue Ying, I’ve won just two rounds in the past. During the third round, I’d lost the match. However, I firmly believe that you will win, at the very least, seven matches! Haha, you’ll then become someone more formidable than brother Eternal Wind.”

Peng Shan hurriedly added, “Xue Ying, little sister Ling Shu even specially placed a bet on you winning more than six matches!”

“Gamble?” Xue Ying was startled as he looked towards Cheng Ling Shu, “Sister Ling Shu, you are gambling?”

Mages were normally intelligent people governed by reason. As a female Transcendent mage, Cheng Ling Shu was actually gambling?

“I’m just playing around, just playing.” Cheng Ling Shu added shyly, “Sometimes, gambling is still very interesting. I’ve bet on you winning more than six matches! You must at the very least, win seven matches before I can win something.”

“At least seven matches? I do not have the assurance for that.” Xue Ying replied.

“Ai… I’ve no choice. The odds for the other bets are too low, and the risk of betting on the outcome of a single match is too high! Thus, I decided to just bet that you will win more than six rounds.” Cheng Ling Shu looked at Xue Ying with great expectations, “Little brother Xue Ying, I believe you will succeed.”

The group of them continued chatting.

“It’s about time. Let’s go.” Chi Qiu Bai said.

“Mn, let’s go to the Infernal Palace.” Each of them stood up, and walked out of the hall.

Xue Ying looked towards the female housekeeper, Xu Qin, telling her, “You just need to leave behind some people today to take care of the mansion. If the rest of the staff wants to go and watch the match, they may go.”

“Thank you master.” Xu Qin immediately replied excitedly.

“Let’s go.”

Xue Ying and the other nine Transcendents flew towards the Infernal Palace after exiting from the mansion.


Flying high up in the sky, a single glimpse was enough to see that the closer they got to the Infernal Palace, the more crowded it got – dense groups of people were rushing towards the palace.

“Never even once in my daily life here in the Xia Capital have I ever seen so many people.” Xue Ying was amazed as he looked down at the crowd.

“There are many mortals.” Peng Shan answered, “I’m afraid that more than half of the entire population of mortals in Xia Capital will rush here to the Hall of Life and Death to watch this battle. For them, being able to watch the life and death fights of a Transcendent… is entirely worth the effort! Furthermore, their masters, either Transcendents or Legend rankers, would certainly allow most servants and maidservants to watch as well.”

Zi Che Gu Feng and the rest of the Transcendents were all full of smiles.

It was seldom that the place bustled with so many people.

“Outside in the external world, most mortals never even have the chance to see a Transcendent in their lives, so it’s an extremely fortunate opportunity for the mortals living here in the Xia capital. Not only do they see Transcendents frequently, they get to view battles between Transcendents as well.” Zong Tu appraised.

Xue Ying nodded.

Even if the Transcendent Battle of Life and Deaths were frequent, there would only be one usually in a few years. The shortest period was about once in two years, while the longest period one might have to wait would be more than five years!

“It’s only that this time, Xue Ying, you are the youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years. As a result, your battle will be extremely alluring. Even many Transcendents have come from the other worlds to the Infernal World, temporarily stopping their adventures! When those Transcendents make the decision to come to the Infernal World, many others who want to meet up with their Transcendent friends will also rush back here as well.” Chi Qiu Bai said, “I estimate that amongst all the human Transcendents, at least 70 to 80 percent of them will be coming back to watch this match!”

While they were having their conversation, Xue Ying and the rest had reached the Infernal Palace. The Infernal Palace was located at the heart of the entire Xia Capital, occupying a huge region and holding many halls within.

Within these halls, the ‘Hall of Life and Death’ was the location where Transcendent Battle of Life and Deaths were held!


Being Transcendents, they could enter the Hall of Life and Death from the front door.

“Such a big battleground.” Having entered, Xue Ying could see the vast battleground in the middle of the Hall of Life and Death. The field was about one to one-and-a-half kilometers in radius, filled with undulating mountains and streams flowing by in the surroundings.

Even with the middle battleground taking up so much space, there was of such an enormous area taken up by the palace…

The surrounding viewing platform was even more humongous, with the eastern viewing platform being especially spacious, since only Transcendents could enter this platform! The western platform was a location where mortals could sit and watch the battle. Many mortals were seen densely crowded as they sat. The two to two-and-a-half kilometers square platform was enough to hold up to a million people! But at the very least, these mortals could sit.

“Xue Ying, follow me.” Chi Qiu Bai led him onwards, “I’ll bring you to see the Faction Head.”

“Faction Head?” Xue Ying understood immediately as he followed.

Due to the eastern viewing platform having such a spacious area, and since only Transcendents could enter, the audience was quite sparse Usually those who were closer in relation sat together.

Soon, Xue Ying saw the two figures sitting right at the front.

“Greetings Faction Head, Mountain Lord He.” Chi Qiu Bai bowed slightly, with Xue Ying following him from behind.

“It’s Eternal Wind.” The Faction Head glanced at Chi Qiu Bai, before casually turning to give Xue Ying a serene look.

Xue Ying could feel the unseen pressure.

Demigod ranking number five: Si Kong Yang, Water Daoist Faction Faction Head, condensed the ‘True Deity Heart’.

One must know that amongst all of the Demigods from the human race, the natives of Transcendent worlds, and the those of the Beast Clan, only four of them were able to condense the True Deity Heart! Faction Faction Head Si Kong Yang was one of them.

Si Kong Yang was someone that was similar to a sun, emitting out light and heat, and making it hard for anyone to look at him directly. As for the Mountain Lord He who was beside him… he was someone being termed as the number one under the heavens. Mountain Lord He gave others a feeling of being unable to see the end of the mountain ranges, a distant feeling that did not produce an extreme pressure on the others.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” The Faction Head Si Kong Yang said, “The Demigods who came this time to watch the battle are aplenty. They wish to see how the youngest Transcendent in the past thousand years will fare in the upcoming battle. I, too, am curious about it.”

“I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, will put in my utmost effort.” Xue Ying replied.

“Go and prepare yourself well. You will be entering soon.” Si Kong Yang said. The Mountain Lord He beside him did not open his mouth, and had only give him a light smile.

Actually, for these Demigods standing at the peak, their focus on extremely talented geniuses was limited.

That was because a Demigod would live for three thousand years.

These three thousand years would be enough for many extremely talented geniuses to emerge! However, in reality, those who could become Demigods were usually Transcendents who had a low key identity. Becoming an extreme talent at the beginning… would only allow one to say that he would have a great certainty in becoming a Saint. As for the realm of Demigod? That would be too hard for one to say. Like Chi Qiu Bai, being the number one on the Saint rankings, he could even defeat Demigods from the human race.

Thus, his status would be extremely high. According to this reasoning, he need not treat Xue Ying so closely, but Chi Qiu Bai did not mind. He had a close relationship with all of the Transcendents from the Tranquil Sun Province. This was also the reason why the nine Transcendents from Tranquil Sun Province admired and respected him.

Chi Qiu Bai was only at the peak stage of Saint realm, and yet, he already had the combat power of a Demigod!

Many people considered him to be the number one figure under the heavens in the future.


A large amount of mortals were coming in endlessly into the hall before getting seated.

Yu Jing Qiu and several Legend rankers whom she was close with similarly entered the field and seated themselves. They were all seated at the western platform, and due to a layer of invisible power blocking their vision, there were no possibilities of seeing the Transcendents of the eastern region.

“Sister Jing Qiu, Dong Bo Xue Ying is someone who’s a part of our Tranquil Sun Province. I’ve heard that he even hails from the same Azure River County as you.” The Legend rankers beside her commented.

“Mn.” Yu Jing Qiu smiled. She was quite nervous… waiting for the moment Xue Ying entered the battleground below.

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  1. Always these unrealistic rankings…

    How does winning battles relate to cultivation? The only thing it really determines is if you can survive in battle. It has nothing to do with how fast you cultivate or how far you will be able to get. And since even their insight are different when they undertake this trail it has no meaning whatsoever anymore. It just a publicity show.

    And if there should be a rank where you have an unlimited livespan why even bother training battle? You could do it after you got to that point. This arc is s pointless. Have fun with youer idol selection.

    If I were in his shose I would just refuse to even participate in this sharade.

    1. It’d be stupid to resist. And this is about understanding their battle ability and their comprehension of the laws.

      This allows the new transcendent to gain great battle experience (with others to save them if they get in too dangerous of a situation), a place to test their power, and an opportunity to gain more points to get items or techniques that can help them.

      It also allows their organization to get a clear understanding of their battle power and show them off if they’re powerful. It also helps the new transcendent gain more power through actual experience without much risk to their lives. Other transcendent also can know the power of the new transcendent, and allows people to know the ranking of their battle power between others of the same cultivation.

      It benefits both sides greatly and has nearly no detriments… at most, it just shows their power (which will be known anyways)

      1. Forgot another quite important point, if they show sufficient amount of power it will also make the bloodshed tavern require a massive price to put a hit on them, making it less likely to be attacked by them.

    2. silly tetsuki, did you forget the rewards? ie the chick mage that got to the 9th round won 5000 origin stones (that’s what the dead dude in the abyss considered necessary to breakthrough from peak saint to demigod)

    3. Also, you seem to be forgetting that the humans are at perpetual WAR with the aboriginees and beast clan. They can’t cultivate in a bubble, they HAVE to fight and contribute, or they would very likely be ostrasized or ganged up on to prevent one from gaining resources.

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