LDK Chapter 66


Chapter 66 – Elementalist?

“She’s a genius, only I’ll be able to teach her appropriately. I hope that Director Long would provide me with your support, and no matter what happens in the future, please ensure that she stays in my class.”

Long Heng Xu couldn’t control himself anymore and asked, “Elementalist? What martial soul is this? Teacher Wu is well informed, surely you would have some knowledge of this?”

Wu Zhang Kong replied, “I’ve just seen it. It’s not a bad type of martial soul. You will see it in action during the upcoming Class Promotion Tournament.”

Having heard Wu Zhang Kong mention the Class Promotion match, Long Heng Xu informed him, “Assigning Xie Xie to your class was because I hoped for something to happen from your class during this match. After all, when the worst class increases its strength, it would stimulate the class on top of it to work harder. The existence of this Class Promotion Tournament is purely based on taking advantage of the students’ sense of honour in stimulating them to practice harder. Teacher Wu, have you already decided the representatives you are going to bring into this tournament?”


“Yes, I’ve thought about it.”

When Wu Zhang Kong returned to his class, the task of running laps had been completed.

“Gather here!”

The students of class five came to him in the middle of the field like an army of seasoned troops.

“We will end today’s morning training here. You’re dismissed. Gu Yue, please stay.”

It  finally ended! What bliss!

Almost instantaneously, all the students made a dash for their dorms; they finally had time to rest.

Because of the training, Gu Yue’s little face looked redder than before.

“I’m Wu Zhang Kong, the teacher in charge of your class. This is the key to your dorm, and these are your uniform and your textbooks. From today onwards, you are officially a member of class five.”

“Thank you Teacher Wu.” Gu Yue collected the items from Wu Zhang Kong.

“En, Get some rest. We will continue our class in the afternoon.”

Xie Xie pulled Tang Wu Lin quickly towards the dorm.

“Why are you so rushed? What have you got to say, come out with it.” The reason Xie Xie rushed Tang Wu Lin towards their dorm a moment ago was obviously because he had something to say.

“Rest assured. I’m not asking for another fight.”  Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “This is because I have good intentions towards your well-being. Have you seen that Gu Yue? Don’t get too close to her.”

Tang Wu Lin asked, in doubt, “How am I close to her? Weren’t we being introduced to her just a few moments ago?”

Xie Xie snorted, “Seeing that you were happily chatting with her just now, have you been smitten by her? Teacher Wu had mentioned that the Class Promotion match would require two participants at least. Previously it was us, but now that she’s here, do you think you will stand a chance against her?”

Tang Wu Lin shook his head, “Obviously not. I’ll let her participate in it then.”

Xie Xie’s eyes widened, “Are you an idiot? The Class Promotion Tournament comes with a reward. Do you not want to eat a meal from the first window?”

“This…” When it came to food, Tang Wu Lin felt trapped. He hadn’t eaten since this morning because of Mu Xi, and the morning training only made him even hungrier.

“I’m guessing that Tang Wu Lin and that Gu Yue would participate in the match together.” Zhou Zhang Xi walked in and had obviously overheard the conversation.

Xie Xie pointed at himself, “Are you saying I’m not participating?”

Zhou Zhang Xi explained, “In your three matches with Tang Wu Lin, you have lost to him twice and your cheeks were even swollen from the one of them. And now, you’ve lost to Gu Yue today. Why would you think that the person eliminated would be Tang Wu Lin and not you?” He was not too happy with Xie Xie from the beginning, and this was too good of an opportunity to strike at him.

Xie Xie was shocked at Zhou Zhang Xi’s comments, and as he thought back, he couldn’t deny that these things never happen. His face contorted into a marvelous display.

“That’s enough! Use your brains, will you? With Teacher Wu’s character, he wouldn’t go back on his word. Both of you will still be participating, and the person who won’t be participating would be me. A minimum of two participants doesn’t mean that there can only be two participants. It might even be three.” Yun Xiao was the last to enter the dorm, his expression filled with resignation and his gaze seemed to be asking ‘Where have all of your brains gone to?’

Tang Wu Lin rubbed his tummy, “How many participants will be competing in the race is not important. What’s important is that I’m hungry. I want to eat.”

Prior to the commencement of the afternoon class, another legend was being created at Eastsea Academy. A certain glutton god had set yet another record…

With regards to the weird glances from the students, Tang Wu Lin was used to it. Without paying them mind, he simply chewed in big mouthfuls while seated within the dining hall. It was mere coincidence, as the menu for lunch was large buns again. And the rest of Tang Wu Lin’s dorm mates almost had their eyes bulged out as he took one large bun after another into his stomach.

Xie Xie spoke seriously, “In the future, if I ever use eating as a wager to bet with you, I’m an idiot.”

Tang Wu Lin replied, “Other than this, I wouldn’t bet anything else with you. There’s no motivation.”

“I can’t finish this, you can have it.” At this moment, a sound came to him from the side, and then came the appearance of a huge snowy white bun, which was then placed on Tang Wu Lin’s plate.

Tang Wu Lin raised his head and looked. Wasn’t it Gu Yue who gave him this bun? However, she had changed into the academy’s uniform and looked similar to the students around her.

“Thank you.” Tang Wu Lin nodded towards her. He always had the tendency of generating good feelings towards individuals who provided him with food.

Gu Yue nodded towards him and turned to leave.

Zhou Zhang Xi moved towards Tang Wu Lin mysteriously, “ Wu Lin, from my view, hasn’t she fallen for you? Today, after joining us in our class, she took the initiative to speak with you. And now, she’s even given you a bun. It seems to me that she’s smitten with you.”

Tang Wu Lin replied with a face of helplessness, “ You are only nine right? What kind of thoughts are in that brain of yours?”

Zhou Zhang Xi continued, “During the last few days, I had thoughts on how to bash you up. But I don’t anymore. It disappeared when you were hammering.”

Seeing that this guy was evading his questions, Tang Wu Lin returned to eating his buns in large bites.

The afternoon class resumed with a physical training regimen that was even harsher than what they had in the morning. Where had the Theory and Knowledge class gone to? Wu Zhang Kong’s explanation was simple. With the current standard of the class, what was there to learn about Theory and Knowledge? When had the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming spoke been reasonable?

Running was better in the sense that they could persevere. But when it switched to frog jumps, the field was filled with students of class five lying on the ground in less than 30 minutes.

A full day of physical training had these nine year olds crawling back to their dormitories.

“Tang Wu Lin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue come find me after your dinner.” Wu Zhang Kong mentioned coolly as the class ended.

Xie Xie only stood stably with assistance from Tang Wu Lin, his legs were still shivering. Gu Yue was slightly better, but her hands were supporting both knees.

This girl who possessed the Elementalist martial soul was a gift from heaven. During their physical training, she was visibly more relaxed than the rest, and that wasn’t because her stamina was better. But as her martial soul was an Elementalist, that allowed her to interact with the elements in the air, which watched over her as she trained. The wind elements allowed her to be light and quick; the light elements helped regained her energy the fire elements replenished her power; the earth elements enriched her perseverance; the ice element enabled her cool-headedness. It seemed that every type of element was aiding her with the training.


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  1. I have a feeling that this Gu Yue is Nuo’er. About 99% feeling.
    Though it will be fun if her identity actually Nian Bing’s daughter from MCIF.
    It also fun if Wu Lin will become the first MC from DD that have more than one wife. (harem route)
    And if people already read DD2 till the end, they will know the identity of Gu Yue.
    Because it is already told in DD2, what kind of existence that can control all elements is.
    Can’t wait for DD3 ending and see YuHao again. T_T.

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