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Chapter 224: Conquest Chapter

The next morning, the heavy rain stopped.

There was a strange scene on the ancient Yun Zhong road.  A handsome young man was riding his horse and to his side there was a beautiful young girl riding another horse, but this girl was actually riding her horse backwards!

“So much fun……”

Qin Yin gave tender laughs as she held a scroll in her hand, which was the Spirit Connecting Technique.  Her snow white hand was on the horse’s head as she said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, can you guess what the horse is thinking?”


“It has to be thinking about whether it will get fresh grass or dry grass for lunch.”  Lin Mu Yu said with a faint smile.


Qin Yin’s mouth opened wide, “You…..How did you know?”

“Humph, is there a need to think about it?  It can be easily guessed.”

Lin Mu Yu led the way while saying, “Xiao Yin, stop torturing your horse already…..Let it walk properly.  With our speed, we might not reach the next inn by night time.”

“Un, alright……”

Qin Yin patted the horse’s back and said with a smile, “Horse, horse, you can walk properly now.”

This neighed like it had been pardoned, turning around to stop itself from suffering the princess’ “torture”.  It shook its tail and looked very spirited. After they connected their minds, the horse naturally knew that this young girl was one who stood above tens of thousands, so it couldn’t avoid thinking that it wasn’t a normal horse anymore.  Rather, it was the princess’ “personal divine horse”.

“Xiao Yin, is the Spirit Connecting Technique really that amazing?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Qin Yin nodded, “Un, using soul power to connect one’s minds is amazing.  But it requires the spirit beast to be weaker, otherwise the spirit beast won’t talk to people at all.  After taking, you have to use overpowering soul power to make the spirit beast submit and one can tame an Umbrella Dragon like Du Yi Ming.  Only Du Yi Ming was……”

Qin Yin’s face turned red and said, “That bit of isn’t even worth mentioning and Du Yi Ming’s cultivation was too weak.  There are eight levels of the Spirit Connecting Technique and Du Yi Ming could only barely reach the second level, he’s far from the high levels of the Spirit Connecting Technique!”

“It’s like this…..”

Lin Mu Yu stretched out an open hand and said with a smile, “Xiao Yin, let me see.  Let me learn it too.”

Qin Yin giggled, “Big brother Ah Yu also wants to tame spirit beasts?”


Lin Mu Yu nodded, “Being able to bring along a powerful pet, how eye catching would that be?  Xiao Yin, what do you think?”


Qin Yin pursed her red lips and said, “It’s a pity that there aren’t powerful spirit beasts near the main road, otherwise we can tame a spirit beast to test the might of the Spirit Connecting Technique.”

“This, it’s not like we can’t do anything.”

Lin Mu Yu put the Spirit Connecting Technique into his chest and then opened a map before saying, “The ancient Yun Zhong Road passed through the Dragon Seeking Forest.  As long as we leave the protected zones of the ancient Yun Zhong Road and enter the Dragon Seeking Forest, we can tame any kind of spirit beast we want. Of course, that is on the premise of us not heading too deep in, otherwise I’m afraid we won’t be able to keep our lives.”

“Can we really?”

Qin Yin’s eyes were wide open and filled with expectation.

“Un, we can get some food and rations at the inn in front at noon, then we can head to the Dragon Seeking Forest.  As long as our detour doesn’t go too far, it shouldn’t affect our schedule.”

“Un, alright!”

At noon, they bought half a month of dry rations at the inn in front, which was mainly bread and some water.  They also bought a pan, a ladle, and a crude tent, which was all thrown into the Qiankun Bag. The iron pan was thrown in with the White Diamonds and looked very strange, but Lin Mu Yu didn’t care, it wasn’t that important!

In the afternoon, they took a detour into the Dragon Seeking Forest.  Qin Yin wielded her Purple Yin Sword and Lin Mu Yu was following behind her, reading the Spirit Connecting Technique while walking forward.

The first tome of the Spirit Connecting Technique, the Beast Language Chapter.  It was mainly on understanding the Beast Language, making it easier to connect to beasts.

In the Fragmented Cauldron Plane, spirit beasts were born from the world, ever changing and never leaving it.  The first tome focused on the speed and tone of the Beast Language, which was the first step in communicating with wild beasts.

It was that simple, Lin Mu Yu spent less than an hour to completely drill it into his head.

The second tome, the Spirit Connecting Chapter.  This was an essential chapter, sending one’s spiritual sense into the wild beast, forming a soul connection with the spirit beast.

With Qin Yin’s cultivation, she had already finished the Spirit Connecting Chapter in a single morning.

Lin Mu Yu was even faster because his Spiritual Pulse Technique made his soul stronger than cultivators of the same level.  His soul was much stronger than Qin Yin’s, so just a bit was enough to connect, connecting to his horse in less than ten minutes.  The moment they were connected, his mind was filled with the taste of all kinds of different grass. It was like the horse only thought of this all day.

It was still early as he looked into the sky before looking back at Qin Yin bravely heading forward holding her blade and he couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.  It was time to let this princess Qin Yin survive in the wild to sharpen her senses. Since Qin Yin was the empire’s princess, there were many things she had to go through in the future, so the more experience she had, the wiser of a ruler she would be.

He would continue cultivating.  The third tome, the Conquest Chapter.

This tome was mainly about using one’s soul power to force spirit beasts to submit, letting the spirit beasts follow your will.  This kind of forced tame was a step that Du Yi Ming had not reached. It should be because his soul was not strong enough, right?

Flipping to the back, the following five tomes were: Breeding Chapter, Assimilation Chapter, Armour Transforming Chapter, Heaven Connecting Chapter, and the God Transformation Chapter.  It became more and more powerful, but he could only go step by step. He would talk about it after he finished cultivating the Conquest Chapter.

Carefully reading it and memorizing everything in the Spirit Connecting Technique, Lin Mu Yu gave the scroll back to Qin Yin.  He sat down on his horse and slowly released his battle qi, strengthening his soul, cultivating according to the Conquest Chapter’s mantra.  Not long after, there was a warm stream that passed through his mind, that seemed like it was running through his entire body.

Lin Mu Yu was overjoyed, this was the “taming power” mentioned in the Spirit Connecting Technique.  Without this kind of power, he couldn’t really tame a spirit beast.

It was clear Du Yi Ming and the Umbrella Dragon didn’t have a “tamed” relationship, it was more of a dependence.  If he had really tamed this spirit beast, then they would have signed a soul contract. Once Du Yi Ming died, the Umbrella Dragon’s soul would have scattered and died, but the Umbrella Dragon still attacked Qin Yin after Du Yi Ming died.  This was clear to show that Du Yi Ming had a shallow cultivation in the Spirit Connecting Technique, giving Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin this book very cheap.

When night came, they had already walked quite far into the Dragon Seeking Forest.  There were a few spirit beasts that appeared along the way, but they had only lived several decades and didn’t have true intelligence.

Lin Mu Yu had already finished cultivating the taming power, he was just waiting for a spirit beast to test it on.

At this time, there were fluctuations with his Spiritual Pulse Technique.  Lin Mu Yu quickly looked to the right and said, “Xiao Yin, there seems to be something following us over there.”


Qin Yin revealed a faint smile, “What is it?”

“We’ll know once we see it.”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly raised his arm and green vines came out, which was followed by roaring sounds.  It was a Snow Leopard, with one golden line and two silver lines on its head, which meant it was one thousand and two hundred years old.  Its limbs were currently tightly wrapped up by the gourd vines.

Lin Mu Yu was far stronger than this one thousand and two hundred year old spirit beast.  His martial spirit was exceptionally strong, the Snow Leopard couldn’t break free of the gourd vines at all.

Qin Yin rode over with a smile and said, “Ah Yu wants to tame this Snow Leopard?”

“Un, I want to give it a try.  Xiao Yin, help protect me.”


Lin Mu Yu stood there.  He could hear the anger in the Snow Leopard’s roars with the Beast Language Chapter, but after a few minutes, it became begging for mercy.  He couldn’t help laughing at this. He released his Spiritual Pulse Technique and his Spiritual Sense entered the Snow Leopard’s mind. His body instantly trembled and it was like he had entered a strange space.


In the chaos, the Snow Leopard charged forward and slashed at him with its claws.


Lin Mu Yu said as he sent out a punch, directly sending the Snow Leopard flying.  He quickly chased it and stepped onto the Snow Leopard, causing it to give a pitiful wail.  He raised his Spiritual Sense and the taming power turned into white ripples, washing over the Snow Leopard’s spirit again and again.  Not long after, the spirit beast couldn’t help trembling as it begged for mercy.

“Spare me, I’m willing to submit……”

A person’s voice suddenly rang in Lin Mu Yu’s mind.  He opened his eyes and saw the Snow Leopard crawling in front of him, begging like a little puppy.  It really had submitted!

Taking back his Spiritual Sense, Lin Mu Yu placed his hand on the Snow Leopard’s head.  A white warm current entered its mind and conquered its spirit. His soul completely conquered the spirit beast’s mind.  This was called true conquest, it made the spirit beast never able to revolt against him!

This Snow Leopard roared as it amicably crawled by its master feet, even waving its tail from side to side.

Qin Yin dismounted with a faint smile and stroked the Snow Leopard’s head.  She said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, it’s suddenly become so cute……”

“That is……”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a complacent smile, but at this time, the Snow Leopard suddenly roared out.  It swept out with its claw and looked very fierce, even with its eyes becoming bloodshot. It rolled around on the floor trying to struggle, looking like it was about to die.

“What is going on!?”  Lin Mu Yu panicked.

Qin Yin quickly looked over the Conquest Chapter before looking up to say, “Big brother Ah Yu, quickly stop your Spiritual Sense.  This Snow Leopard’s soul isn’t strong enough to withstand your soul, it will die!’


Lin Mu Yu didn’t want to let this Snow Leopard die like this, so he quickly took back all his Spiritual Sense.  The Snow Leopard’s pain instantly disappeared and it jumped into the dense forest, not daring to attack Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin again.

He couldn’t help feeling disappointed.  Lin Mu Yu clenched his fists and said, “Damn, the cooked bird flew away……”

Qin Yin comforted him with a faint smile, “Don’t feel bad…..We’ll just find a spirit beast with a stronger soul to tame…..”


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