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Chapter 211: Controlling the blade with qi


With this roar, Du Hai’s aura poured out and endless battle qi surged out of him.  There were whistles that came from his long blade as a creamy white coloured battle qi surrounded his blade.  This was the mark of the 3rd Heaven Tier, condensed battle spirit. Battle spirit was the spirit of battle qi, greatly increasing the might of battle qi and being sharpest point of the 3rd Heaven Tier.

There was a wild look in Du Hai’s eyes as he said with a laugh, “My blade art can’t compare to Feng Ji Xing’s Wind Blade Art, but father Du Hai’s blade art is only sent out to kill people.  Come, taste my first blade, Chaotic Thousand Army!”

Sweeping out, Du Hai’s attack was not simple!


Lin Mu Yu could feel the endless power contained inside this slash, so how could he dare be negligent.  He quickly raised his battle qi to its peak and condensed the Black Turtle Shell, the Dragon Scale Wall, the Green Rock Shell, and a thick layer of battle qi around himself.  He also grasped the Dragon Spirit Sword in his hand as he raised his battle qi, wildly releasing battle qi to match Du Hai’s attack!”


The sound of energy colliding rang out as the Black Turtle Shell instantly shattered and cracks formed on the Dragon Scale Wall.  As expected, Du Hai’s attack couldn’t be stopped with just defenses.

The blade made a “ding” sound as it clashed with the Dragon Spirit Sword and Lin Mu Yu was forced back several steps.  He quickly firmed his heart and stabilized himself. He looked at Du Hai with a serious expression as he quickly restored his Black Turtle Shell, but he couldn’t make it in time to stop Du Hai’s second attack.


Seeing that Lin Mu Yu was fine after that first attack, Du Hai was a bit surprised as he said, “Lin Mu Yu of the Orchid Goose Four Heroes really isn’t bad.  Hai, take father’s second blade, Battle Array Dance!”

The second slash came out and it condensed four beams of battle spirit.  The blade came from the sky and quickly blew out all the surrounding candles, filling the hall with darkness.

But the Dragon Spirit Sword in Lin Mu Yu’s hands was glowing.  He didn’t plan on defending this time and he wouldn’t be able to defend.

The Seven Luminary power filled the sword and a blood coloured demonic power surrounded the blade.  Lin Mu Yu sunk down a bit as his sword charged out. This move was similar to Feng Ji Xing’s “Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens”  and actually it was secretly learned from Feng Ji Xing.


Dazzling sparks erupted in the air.  The Dragon Spirit Sword was quite sharp, being able to shake off Du Hai’s second strike.

But Lin Mu Yu was not in good shape as his arms turned numb and his vital energy surged.  He firmly fell onto the ground and drew back several dozen meter to land against a stone pillar.  Du Hai was much more stable as he floated to the ground. There was thick battle qi surrounding the blade in his hand as he looked at Lin Mu Yu with an unchanging face.

But Du Hai’s heart was not as calm as his heart.  There were might waves stirring in his heart, he didn’t know when there was such a young expert that had appeared in the empire.  His cultivation was not inferior to Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei, it was no wonder this brat could be placed second among the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Generals.  Moreover…..this powerful brat was using a gourd martial spirit, what kind of martial spirit was that?

According to Du Hai’s world views, plant type martial spirits were all trash.  The strongest plant type martial spirit was the Tianshu Province’s Ouyang Family’s Heavenly Dragon Vine, but what kind of damn thing was this brat’s gourd!?

Suddenly, Du Hai’s views on martial spirits had already been subverted.

What came after that was a wild rage.   He swept out with the blade in his hand and five battle spirits appeared around him.  He laughed as he said, “General Lin’s cultivation is shocking. Come, please accept this old man’s third blade, Chaotic Army Taking the Head!”


Du Hai’s blade suddenly began to turn as it filled with a spiral power.  He released it from his hand and there was battle qi connecting his palm to his weapon.  It was the legendary controlling the blade with qi?!

Lin Mu Yu was shocked.  This move seemed like his Dragon Flame Spiral, using the rotational power to destroy the enemy’s defenses.  Only by using this move, was Du Hai directing killing intent at him?

No matter what, he couldn’t die!

Immediately, Lin Mu Yu released his hand and roaring flames pulled the Dragon Spirit Sword into the air, just like Du Hai’s technique.  The golden gourd light poured out, providing large amounts of flames for Lin Mu Yu, while starlight began to gather around his blade. He had to act serious, otherwise it wasn’t worth dying under Du Hai’s blade.

The Dragon Flame Spiral and the Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!

The two of them released all their power, causing the hall to be lit up by flames and battle qi.  The battle qi storm raised large winds that blew across the tents and when all the soldiers outside saw this, they were stunned as they discussed with each other.

“God, this is my first time seeing the great general fighting this seriously!”

“That brat named Lin Mu Yu is not simple…..He could actually force the great general to use his qi controlling blade technique…..”

“Humph, I think that Lin Mu Yu is done.  The great general will definitely cut his head off in one slice!”

“Not necessarily.  That brat’s aura doesn’t lose to the great general’s at all…..”

At this time, a blade and sword bringing rotational energy that could destroy the world clashed, exploding with a “peng” sound.  The powerful battle spirits wreaked havoc as they slammed into Lin Mu Yu’s armour.


He spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew off with his sword, slamming into a pillar and falling to the ground.  He kneeled on one knee and looked very sorry.

Du Hai was standing in the same spot as his blade pierced into the stone tiles in front of him.  The rotational power of the two of them charged into the sky, cutting the roof of the main hall. Large pieces of stone fell down and bounced off Du Hai’s battle qi armour.

“Damn…..This stinky brat…..”

Du Hai’s face was a bit pale.  Indeed, it wasn’t false that he forced Lin Mu Yu back, but he didn’t even have strength to catch his blade.  He had fought Lin Mu Yu at a higher realm, but it seemed like he had lost.


Grabbing his blade, Du Hai forced down the blood in his throat.  He said with a smile, “General Lin Mu Yu, are you alright?”

Lin Mu Yu had the restorative powers of the gourd.  With his martial spirit constantly healing him, naturally his injuries were not too deep.  Standing there holding his sword, he cupped his hands with a smile and said, “Many thanks for great general’s mercy, I have lost.”

Lin Mu Yu’s words were very humble, making Du Hai feel a bit ashamed, but the great general’s face couldn’t be thrown away.  He walked forward and patted Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder, as he said with a smile, “There aren’t more than three people in the younger generation with a cultivation like general Lin’s.  Keep working hard, you’ll be this generation’s famous general!”

Lin Mu Yu gave a humble nod and said, “Great general, this subordinate has a bit of internal injuries and needs to return to my room to rest.”

“Good!  Someone, bring general Lin to his room to rest!”

After this contest, Lin Mu Yu did raise Du Hai’s favorability of him, so it was worth it.

After a night, when the sun came out the next morning, Lin Mu Yu had recovered to his peak state.  His wounds had been healed and his strength was even greater than before he fought Du Hai. Perhaps for an expert, training in life and death situations would raise their strength.

The wind and snow had stopped, and the army of twenty thousand had been prepared.  There were five thousand cavalry and fifteen thousand infantry among these twenty thousand.  Their marching speed wasn’t that fast and according to normal speeds, perhaps they could reach the Cangnan Province in half a month.  This gave Lin Mu Yu a headache, it seemed like he needed divide the troops, having the cavalry go first and the infantry follow after.

“General, this is the Tiger Seal, please take care of it.”

A Side General gave a faint golden Tiger Seal to Lin Mu Yu.  The right to command this twenty thousand men army all depended on this little Tiger Seal, it was truly laughable.

Lin Mu Yu nodded.  His eyes fell onto the army and it was as Wei Chou had said, at least 30% were old soldiers, 30% were new recruits, and the remaining 40% were truy elites, but he couldn’t care that much.

At this time, a general with two stars on his collar and a black robe rode his horse forward.  He was around thirty years old with sharp brows over sparkling eyes. He respectfully said, “General Lin, this subordinate is Chen Yang.  I have climbed my way up step by step in the Heaven Charging Army, reaching a thousand man commander. I’m here to follow sir’s orders!”

This person was sent by Du Hai, so Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands with a smile and said, “It’s been hard on sir Chen, please take your place.”

“Thank you general!”

There were fluctuations from Lin Mu Yu’s Spiritual Pulse Technique, seeing through this Chen Yang’s strength.  This fellow was just a Battle Spirit, being in the 2nd Human Tier, being no different from normal people. It seemed like this was a fellow who depended on his intelligence.

“General, when are we setting off?”  Chen Yang respectfully asked.

Lin Mu Yu said, “We can set off whenever.  The five thousand cavalry will go ahead with five days of rations while the fifteen thousand infantry will follow from behind.  What does sir Chen think about this?”

Chen Yang was stunned as he said, “General wants to separate the troops?”

“Un, otherwise we can’t hit the sixty day time limit.”

“That’s good too…..Then sir can lead the cavalry while this subordinate leads the infantry.  Where should we meet?”

“Silver Fir City.”


Silver Fir City was a small city on the northern side of the Cangnan Province and also the city closest to the Cangnan Province Swordsmen Hall headquarters.  Picking Silver Fir City as the rally point for the army of twenty thousand was definitely not wrong.

In the early morning, there were the sounds of horse hooves.  Five thousand cavalry personally led by Lin Mu Yu quickly left the Qihai Pass, heading in a southeast direction.

Chen Yang was leading the infantry in the rear.  He looked up at the second floor of the main hall where Du Hai was standing there watching him with glowing eyes.

“Great general be assured!”

Chen Yang cupped his hands and said with a smile, “This subordinate will definitely bring them back.”

Du Hai’s lips curled, “It’ll be hard on sir commander!”

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