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Chapter 208: Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning


The Envoy held his iron blade and his eyes looked forward.  He felt a wave from the air in front of him, but he couldn’t see anything.  He raised his blade to guard in front of chest and felt a cold chill on his neck.  It was like his entire soul was peeled away and he couldn’t use any strength at all.


With a drip of blood, the little Demon Sound Blade was revealed.  It whistled through the air and the Zenith Beast soul hidden inside the blade quickly evaporated the blood, disappearing again.  It slanted to the side as it moved to the neck of a Gold Ranger.


There was only sound, there was no form.  These cultivators hadn’t cultivated anything like the Spiritual Pulse Technique, so they couldn’t block the attack even if they could hear the sound.  The little Demon Sound Blade attacked two people in succession, one was an Envoy and one was a Gold Ranger. This was the first time the recast Demon Sound Blade was being used and it was already amazing!

“Sou, sou, sou……”

Arrows flew out and instantly several rangers on the little road were injured, but they had no fear.  Many of them raised their swords as they charged out at the Imperial Guards.


Lin Mu Yu’s Dragon Spirit Sword fell into the crowd with a beautiful arc as it instantly killed several people, but there were too many rangers.  The other side had sent out half the people from their headquarters and after a while, they had no choice but to fight.

The Imperial Guards were stronger in terms of individual combat strength.  Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others wildly swung their weapons inside the crowd of people and the other eighteen Imperial Guards also did everything they could.  The light of martial spirits were released in the woods and some torches were also lit at the same time, lighting up everything around them. Soon, the battle became even more intense.

Neither side showed any mercy, throwing their lives away.  Lin Mu Yu rode forward with his sword which he slashed down onto a shield, also cutting off a ranger’s arm, instantly causing the ranger to roll around in the snow and start wailing.  Losing an arm like this, it could be imagined how much pain it caused.

At the same time, an Imperial Guard fell under the chaotic slashes of the ranger’s swords.  The over a hundred rangers behind released arrows, instantly causing seven-eight imperial guards to fall down in pools of blood.


Lin Mu Yu opened his hands and the golden gourd quickly formed a barrier in front of them.  The arrows landed onto the gourd wall, but they couldn’t penetrate through them. Looking at the people behind him, Lin Mu Yu shouted, “Quickly clear the way and retreat!”


Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others killed the enemies with high spirits.  In just a bit, over three hundred rangers had already turned into corpses, but the Imperial Guards’ losses weren’t small.  Quite a few people were lying on the ground without moving.


Lin Mu Yu raised his gourd wall in his hands as he shouted to the archers shooting arrows at them, “We are Orchid Goose City’s imperial guards.  You have ambushed us three times now, do you not fear death?”

In the distance, a Silver Ranger held his bow as he said with a cold expression, “You empire dogs, you want to live after killing all these brothers?”

Lin Mu Yu didn’t say anything else as thunder appeared in his hands.  The Dragon Spirit Sword flew through the air and the stabbed into the Silver Ranger’s neck as fast as lightning.  He wanted to say something else, but his throat had been ripped apart, so how could he still speak? He fell down while roaring like a beast.  Lin Mu Yu raised his hand to bring back his sword before softly said, “If you don’t want to be massacred, scram for me now.”

The Copper Rangers and Iron Rangers looked at each other.  They had already lost, how could they still dare fight Lin Mu Yu who was called a “death god”.  They all raised their bows and quickly turned to disappear into the forest.


Wei Chou rode over with a face covered in blood as he said, “Should we chase down these rebels?”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu released his gourd wall and took in a deep breath to calm his breathing.  He looked at the corpses and said, “They will come again after failing this time, we should quickly leave.  A powerful dragon does not care about worms. We have already lost quite a few people, I don’t want to see everyone dying here.”

“Yes.  Break camp, we’re rushing through the night!”

They quickly burying the bodies of their companions.  This battle lasted less than ten seconds, but for the imperial guards, there were twenty one dead, eleven heavily injured, and thirty two slightly injured.  Over half of them were injured and only Lin Mu Yu, Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and some people in the 3rd Earth Tier were uninjured.

But this was enough to hurt Lin Mu Yu’s heart.  Although there were over seven thousand imperial guards in Orchid Goose City, they lost too many from this battle.  In short, for these loyal warriors of the Falcon’s Nest, it was one less when one died. They could recruit more people to supplement their battle strength, but they wouldn’t be as strong.

At daybreak, the warhorse was breathing intensely, but Lin Mu Yu pulled on the reins.  They had been charging through the night because they had to quickly head back to Orchid Goose City, or the Swordsman Hall people wouldn’t let them off.  At least they could not rest through the night. After discussing with Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang, they charged through the night, not sleeping at all, trying to arrive in Orchid Goose City as soon as possible.

As expected, Swordsman Hall didn’t have that many horses, so they couldn’t chase with just cavalry.  Like this, naturally they wouldn’t catch up to Lin Mu Yu’s group. After rushing through the night, several warhorses had white foam in their mouth.  On the dawn of the third day, they could see the outline of Orchid Goose City in the distance.

But suddenly, the dense auras of experts in front sent by the Spiritual Pulse Technique made Lin Mu Yu quickly raise his hand and shout, “Draw your swords, prepare to meet them head on!”


Xiahou Sang drew out the long spear on the back of his horse and Wei Chou drew out the Demon Devouring Bow.  It was best if they could kill a few people before they could approach.

After exiting the forest, the auras kept appearing, but they weren’t enemies.  It was Feng Ji Xing, Zhang Wei, Luo Lie, and the other imperial guards camping out waiting for them.

“They’re here!”  Zhang Wei said while laughing, “Sir Lin Mu Yu and the others are back safe!”

Feng Ji Xing quickly rode over and said with a smile, “Ah Yu, was it safe the entire way?”

Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, “What is going on?  Why is big brother Feng welcoming us outside the city?”

“It’s a long story.”

Feng Ji Xing’s brows knit as he said, “We’ll walk and talk.”


The imperial guards mounted their horses and protected their group.  Feng Ji Xing and Zhang Wei were beside Lin Mu Yu, both with serious expressions on their faces.

“Just what happened?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Feng Ji Xing said, “After his majesty gave the orders to exterminate Swordsman Hall, the armies of the various regions haven’t been effective.  Swordsman Hall has become bigger and more rampant instead. Chu Huai Sheng came back from Cold Star City after sending some weapons over, but he was ambushed by Swordsman Hall on the way back.  The battle was very intense with three hundred imperial guards being killed and even Chu Huai Sheng was injured.”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “God…..Big brother Chu was injured?  Who was the one leading the ambush? They were strong enough to even injure someone like big brother Chu?”

Feng Ji Xing nodded, “According to our investigations, they were the people of the Di Xing Province’s Swordsman Hall headquarters.  There was one Great Envoy, three Envoys, and seven Gold Rangers, with a total of two thousand and five hundred people. Chu Huai Sheng only brought seven hundred imperial guards, so it was expected for him to lose, but Old Chu is truly strong.  He seriously injured the Swordsman Hall’s Great Envoy and he killed the three Envoys, as well as several Gold and Silver Rangers.”

After saying this, Feng Ji Xing looked at Lin Mu Yu and said, “Ah Yu, were you ambushed during your travels?”


Lin Mu Yu gave a slight nod, “We were ambushed once on the way over and once on the way back, it was Swordsman Hall both times, but we didn’t lose that many people.  We lost twenty one imperial guards the other day, but they didn’t send that many people, only a total of over five hundred. If it was also two thousand and five hundred people, perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to come back.”

Feng Ji Xing took a cold breath, “Damn……Those trash from Swordsman Hall want to slap his majesty’s face…..”

“What do you mean?”

“During these five days, it wasn’t just Old Chu and you travelling with armies, there were also other armies sent on duty, but only the two of you were attacked.  The two of you were newly titled Orchid Goose Four Heroes, one of the ‘Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning’ Generals. Swordsman Hall’s goal is very clear, if they kill either you or Old Chu, it would attack the emperor’s might……”

Lin Mu Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Swordsman Hall has already spoken out to curse his majesty and fabricating lies to condemn the emperor as a tyrannical ruler.  If this continues, his majesty might lose the heart of the people.”

“Don’t you think so?”

Feng Ji Xing said with a nod, “We don’t need to discuss this any further.  You can report to his majesty after returning to the Ze Tian Palace.”

“Un.  How serious is big brother Chu’s injuries?”

“It’s fine.  He broke several ribs, so he won’t be able to fight for at least half a month.  It’s fine, he can rest for half a month and accompany young miss Zeng Xiang.”

Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “Big brother Feng also wants to see big brother Chu and miss Zeng Xiang end up together?”

“Of course.”

Feng Ji Xing’s eyes lit up as he said, “They are a perfect match, unparalleled in this world.  Chu Huai Sheng is my brother, naturally I hope that he can obtain happiness. Zeng Xiang is warm and kind, she can help Old Chu’s heart find peace.”


Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “Big brother Feng, you aren’t young either.  Why haven’t you thought about your own important matter yet?”

Feng Ji Xing was stunned.  He shook his head with a smile of self ridicule, “I, Feng Ji Xing spend my life wetting my blade with blood, it’s better if I don’t implicate others.  Ah Yu, stop talking about this and quickly head to Ze Tian Palace!”

“Un, alright.”

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