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Chapter 202: Forcing someone

Returning to the Falcon’s Nest, Lin Mu Yu continued to sleep all the way until noon. Suddenly a messenger came and respectfully said from outside, “Commander Lin, princess Xi is at the Orchid Goose City’s north gate to send off her cousin Tang Bin.  She asked if you wanted to go to a bun shop outside the city to eat together!”

“Understood, I’ll go immediately.”


Standing up, his hangover was feeling very uncomfortable.  He used the Spiritual Pulse Technique while washing up to drive away a bit of the hangover.  After putting on his clothes, he rode off the mountain.


Outside Orchid Goose City’s north gate, Tang Xiao Xi was standing there with her little horse and Tang Bin was standing to the side, with several dozen guards to the side.  They were currently waiting for Lin Mu Yu.

With the sound of hoofbeats, Tang Xiao Xi looked at Lin Mu Yu descending the Falcon’s Nest and couldn’t help smiling as she said, “Mu Mu is here.”

Tang Bin knit his brows and said nothing.

When Lin Mu Yu approached, he cupped his hands as he said with a smile, “Xiao Xi, young master Tang Bin.”

Tang Bin also cupped his hands with a smile, “I didn’t have time to congratulate commander Lin yesterday, but offering my congratulations today shouldn’t be late.  Congratulations to commander Lin’s good luck, obtaining the Golden Dragon Seal!”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, but he said with a smile, “Many thanks for young master Tang Bin’s kindness.”

“Mu Mu, I have to send my cousin ten miles out of the city, come with me, alright?  There is a famous bun shop ten miles north of Orchid Goose City, we can eat lunch there.”  Tang Xiao Xi said with a smile.

“Un, alright.”

Everyone mounted their horses.  Tang Bin seemed to be a bit dissatisfied, perhaps he was already secretly dissatisfied when he saw how close Tang Xiao Xi was with Lin Mu Yu.

Ten miles away from the city, there really was a bun shop with popular business.  The merchants traveling by would all stop here and eat a warm yin flower beef bun in the cold winter.

Tang Xiao Xi played the host and pulled Lin Mu Yu over.  Tang Bin following behind sat down in front of them in a serious manner.

“Big brother, why are you so serious?  Who is bullying you?” Tang Xiao Xi asked with a smile.

Tang Bin couldn’t help smiling, “How could any bully your brother.  Only seeing that Xiao Xi is living this happily in Orchid Goose City, big brother can be assured.”

“Really?  Why don’t you seem assured.”

“Ha, Xiao Xi is thinking too much.”  Tang Bing looked up to look over Lin Mu Yu and he couldn’t help knitting his brows as he asked, “Xiao Xi, when did you become acquaintances with commander Lin?”

“Wu…..It should be in Silver Fir City.  What is it, big brother?”

“Nothing, the buns are here, eat it while it’s hot.  Eat a bit more, look at how thin you are.”

“Hee, hee, aren’t girls prettier if they’re thinner?”

“You also have to be healthy.  Come, eat a bit more.”


Lin Mu Yu felt Tang Bin’s hostility towards him, but didn’t say anything to not invite scorn onto himself, just eating on the side.  He ate two buns and strangely felt satisfied. Cultivators normally could eat more. The heaven and earth had a balance and the power of a cultivator came from absorbing the energy of the world, turning it into one’s battle qi or true qi.  So the stronger Lin Mu Yu was, the greater his appetite became. It wasn’t like the legends where experts could reach a point where they wouldn’t need to eat, rather the stronger a person was, the better their appetite was.

“Commander Lin……”

Tang Bin looked at Lin Mu Yu and he looked like he was hesitating to speak.

“What is it young master Tang Bin?”  Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, “You can just directly say what you want to say.”

Tang Bin nodded and said, “There are only three Tang Family’s Iron Token in this world.  One is with my grandfather, one is with me, and one is with Xiao Xi, but Xiao Xi seems to have given this to you as a gift.  This…..Xiao Xi doesn’t really know things and doesn’t know how precious the Tang Family’s Iron Token is. This Tang Bin can only overstep his bounds and hope that commander Lin can return that Tang Family Iron Token.”


Lin Mu Yu took out the heavy Tang Family Iron Token from his Qiankun Bag and said, “How is young master Tang Bin planning to take care of this Tang Family Iron Token?”

“I’ll take it back to Seven Seas City, it is something that belongs to Seven Seas City.”

“But this was given to me by Xiao Xi.  If I give it to you, wouldn’t that be equal to betraying Xiao Xi?”  Lin Mu Yu’s eyes were filled with provocation, “Since Duke Lan has given this Tang Family Iron Token to Xiao Xi, this means that all authority related to this token was given to Xiao Xi.  So, I can only return it to Xiao Xi and can’t return it to you.”

Tang Bin narrowed his brows and said, “Lin Mu Yu, I hope that you can understand the value of this Tang Family Iron Token…..As long as one has this Tang Family Iron Token, they can raise an army of no more than fifty thousand from the Qi Hai Province.  This iron token’s authority surpasses even that of the Golden Dragon Seal, do you really think I’ll allow this token to remain in the hands of an outsider?”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, “Then I’ll give this token to Xiao Xi.”

“If I were to say no?”

Tang Bin had a serious look as he softly said, “Xiao Xi as the Seven Seas Princess doesn’t understand anything and gave the Tang Family Iron Token to someone unrelated, she is not worthy of this token.  I must take this token back to the Qi Hai Province for grandfather, this is a matter of our Seven Seas Tang Family. Lin Mu Yu, I’ll give you one sentence. The Tang Family’s matter, stay out of it!”

Lin Mu Yu was someone who accepted soft and resisted hard, his eyes were filled with pride, “Xiao Xi is my friend, if you want to steal my friend’s things, I won’t agree.  Xiao Xi, are you willing to give him the Tang Family Iron Token?”

“Mu Mu, I……”

Tang Xiao Xi bit her red lips and looked at Tang Bin as she said, “Big brother, I’ll personally give this Tang Family Iron Token back to grandfather, I won’t trouble you.”

Tang Bin said with knit brows, “Xiao Xi, you are still small, there are many things you don’t understand.  I as your big brother naturally need to teach you how to interact with people and some people aren’t worthy of being your friend.”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly slapped the table and said in a low roar, “Tang Bin, keep speaking if you have the skills.”

Tang Bin suddenly smiled and raised his arm as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, you want to move against me?  General Li, call our people over. Tell them that Lin Mu Yu of the Orchid Goose Four Heroes and the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Generals wants to move against me, Tang Bin!”

General Li to the side whistled and there were movements in the far forest.  There was an oppressive sound as at least one thousand cavalry appeared on the road.  Each person had a fire fox on their shoulder, that was the mark of the Seven Seas Tang Family.

“So you brought an army……”

Lin Mu Yu opened his hands and said with a smile, “No wonder you would act so arrogant.  If I knew it was like this, I would have brought my Imperial Guards along and seen if the Seven Seas Tang Family’s soldiers are as strong as the legends say,”

Tang Bin revealed a faint smile, “It’s a pity commander Lin didn’t bring an army along, a true pity.”

“But, I’m still not willing to give up the Tang Family Iron Token, what will you do?”

Lin Mu Yu turned as he stood up, placing the Tang Family Iron Token into Tang Xiao Xi’s palm.  He said with a smile, “This token belongs to Xiao Xi now. Tang Bin, if you as a big brother steal this token from Xiao Xi’s hand with your army, would that be equal to stealing the fifty thousand Seven Seas City soldiers controlled by Xiao Xi?”

Tang Bin coldly said, “Xiao Xi is my little sister, stop sowing dissension between us.”

Lin Mu Yu said with a cold snort, “Is that so?  Tang Bin, you are already the most likely successor of Seven Seas City, why do you have to be this greedy?  You won’t even let go of this Tang Family Iron Token Xiao Xi has?”

“Stop speaking nonsense, don’t slander me!”

“Slander you?”  Lin Mu Yu raised one brow, “You dare say you aren’t afraid of Duke Lan’s pampering love of Xiao Xi and that would take away your inheritance as the young master?  You dare say that you aren’t worried about the threat Xiao Xi has to you at all?”


Tang Bin’s face was red and he couldn’t say a word.  General Li behind him had already mounted his horse and raised his blade.  He said with a smile, “Young master, don’t say anymore with him, just directly order the cavalry to charge and take this brat’s dog life.  Just say that he unjustly took my Tang Family Irong Token and with this justification, even his majesty can’t say anything!”

Tang Xiao Xi quickly opened her hand to block in front of Lin Mu Yu.  Her face was covered in anger as she shouted, “Li Lian Yi, you can’t separate between black and white.  Do you even want to move against me?”

Li Lian Yi was stunned.

At this time, there were the sound of horse hoofs coming from behind.  Not long after, there was an imperial guard army that appeared. The leading commander raised his blade from afar and shouted, “Unknown army entering Orchid Goose City!  Brothers, prepare for battle!”

It was no one else by a thousand man commander of the imperial guards and also a gold star teacher of the temple, Zhang Wei!

A thousand imperial guards charged forward, but Lin Mu Yu raised his hand and said with a smile, “Sir Zhang Wei, don’t be in a rush.  This is a mistake, hei, hei…..”

He was filled with happiness.  Zhang Wei came right on time, just like Cheng Yao Jin suddenly showing up.

[TL Note: Idiom for someone interrupting a plan.]

Zhang Wei naturally had his discretion.  Raising one brow, he dismounted his horse to say, “Oh, so it was young master Tang Bin.  I was wondering who it was……But young master Tang Bin, bringing large amounts of soldiers into the royal capital needs to be reported first.  Our imperial guards has not obtained a report of young master Tang Bin’s one thousand Seven Seas cavalry. Young master, is there a mistake?”

Tang Bin gritted his teeth as he cupped his hands and said, “Sir Zhang Wei, it is indeed a mistake.  These thousand cavalry were sent by Seven Seas City to escort me back and we didn’t have time to report it to the imperial guards.  I ask sir Zhang Wei to forgive this.”

Zhang Wei’s lips raised and he said with a smile, “Oh, so it really was a mistake.  I, Old Zhang thought that young master wanted to move against sir Lin Mu Yu. Sir Lin Mu Yu is one of the newly titled Orchid Goose Four Heroes, so whoever moves against him is going against his majesty’s authority.  It’s great since it isn’t like this. If young master is leaving, I still have the patrol duty, this old Zhang will not send you off!”

Tang Bin said with a nod, “Alright, we’ll meet another day!”

“I won’t send you off!”

Although Tang Bin was not willing, there was no chance this time.  Zhang Wei had brought a thousand elite imperial guard cavalry that wouldn’t lose to the thousand Seven Seas cavalry, not the mention there was Lin Mu Yu with immeasurably deep strength.  Tang Xiao Xi is also loved by Tang Lan, so this matter becoming too big had no merits at all.

Seeing that Tang Bin’s people were leaving, Tang Xiao Xi bit her lips and said, “Mu Mu, I’m really sorry for this time……”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile as he took her little hand and said, “What is there to apologize for with our friendship…..But this Tang Bin is forcing people too much.  The Qi Hai Province can’t be handed to someone like this to manage. Xiao Xi, could it be you don’t want to steal the Seven Seas City successor position?”

“But I……”

Tang Xiao Xi’s beautiful eyes were filled with helplessness.

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