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Chapter 201: Orchid Goose Four Heroes

When Feng Ji Xing was filled with joy, Lin Mu Yu in the air suddenly opened his hands as his martial spirit released a vine that brought him back onto the stage.  Coming back with a “sou” sound, he flew back onto the stage.


His feet landed and Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “Big brother Feng, don’t be happy too early.”

“Good brat…..Let’s go again!”


Feng Ji Xing laughed as he suddenly raised his blade.  There was suddenly the figure of a demon god that appeared behind him, it was his wind blade style’s eighth form, Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens!

This was the slash that defeated the Seven Seas Tang Family’s succesory Tang Bin, Feng Ji Xing was using this old trick again!

Lin Mu Yu roared as the Third Luminary’s power was released from his arms.  The Dragon Spirit Sword quickly turned and it met Feng Ji Xing’s fierce move with its peak power, the Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings, the True Dragon Flames, and the spiral pierce!


The sword covered in flames soared into the sky, directly meeting Feng Ji Xing’s Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens, but Lin Mu Yu only dared to use approximately 40% of the Third Luminary because he was afraid of hurting Feng Ji Xing.  Of course, Lin Mu Yu didn’t know that Feng Ji Xing also didn’t use all his strength, only using around 50% of the Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens’ power.


The demonic blade covered in flames clashed with Lin Mu Yu’s blade.  The collision was equally matched and the two blades came together, clasing with battle qi, being stuck together.

At this time, Lin Mu Yu opened his palm and said, “Big brother Feng, look over here……”


Feng Ji Xing looked over.

With a “hua la” sound, a dazzling light bloomed from Lin Mu Yu’s palm.  This was the light released by a small golden gourd, which was also the power of the gourd’s seventh layer, Dawn!

“My eyes…..Ah Yu, you brat!”

Feng Ji Xing quickly covered his eyes.

A contest of plans occurred, but this time it was Lin Mu Yu planning against Feng Ji Xing.

While Lin Mu Yu was secretly feeling proud, Feng Ji Xing’s feet came down from the sky, sending three kicks onto the gourd wall.  Everyone knew that Feng Ji Xing was unparalleled in terms of blade art, but they never thought that Feng Ji Xing’s kicks would be this strong.

Instantly, the energy from the Third Luminary and the Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens exploded.  Adding in the power from Feng Ji Xing’s kick, the two of them quickly separated and fell onto the ground on both sides of the stage.

In the air, Lin Mu Yu wanted to summon the power of his gourd martial spirit, but he couldn’t.  The gourd wall was broken by Feng Ji Xing, so his martial spirit couldn’t use any power for now.


His boots landed on the ground and he slid several meters before stabilizing himself.  Lin Mu Yu raised his hand to grab the Dragon Spirit Sword that came over and said with a surprised look, “I lost like this?”

On the other side of the stage, Feng Ji Xing also landed on the ground.  He stabilized himself as he rubbed his eyes and looked up at the stage, saying, “Pei, Ah Yu, this brat has too many tricks.  My eyes……”

The field turned silent and everyone watching the battle was stunned because Lin Mu Yu and Feng Ji Xing fell almost at the same time.  No one could tell who won the final match of the Swordsmen Meet.

The official in charge was stunned by this result and finally turned to ask, “Your majesty, the two of them fell at the same time and we can’t decide it.  What should we do?”

Qu Chu laughed, “Lin Mu Yu, Feng Ji Xing, come onto the stage to hear his majesty announce the result.”

Qin Jin had a happy face as he stood up while stroking his beard.  He said to Feng Ji Xing and Lin Mu Yu on the stage with a laugh, “This martial arts competition has truly opened by eyes!  Feng Ji Xing and Lin Mu Yu’s strength has been seen by everyone and for this kind of ending…..let’s consider both of you as first place in the Swordsman Meet.  As for the reward……The Golden Dragon Seal and the two hundred thousand gold coins, you can choose between them!”

Feng Ji Xing was stunned.  He wanted the Golden Dragon Seal and the gold coins, so he fell into a dilemma between the two.

Lin Mu Yu was more straightforward, he did not lack money and lacked an army.  He cupped his hands and said, “Your majesty, this subordinate chooses the Golden Dragon Seal.  Give that two hundred thousand gold coins to big brother Feng!”

Feng Ji Xing nodded in silent agreement.

Qin Jin laughed as he said, “Alright, this one announces that the first place in the Swordsmen Meet is shared by Lin Mu Yu and Feng Ji Xing.  Third place and fourth place is given to Chu Huai Sheng and Qin Lei. The other positions will receive noble ranks while Lin Mu Yu will receive the Golden Dragon Seal.  Come, present the rewards!”

Lin Mu Yu and Feng Ji Xing took a step forward and Qin Jin personally gave the awards.  The Golden Dragon Seal was placed in a fine box which Qin Jin raised out of the box and placed into Lin Mu Yu’s hand as warned, “Ah Yu, you have to carefully use the Golden Dragon Seal.  Once you assemble an army, it means you will be a general in charge of one of the empire’s army. You can’t kill excessively and can’t disobey the empire’s laws, do you understand?”

Lin Mu Yu took the Golden Dragon Seal and gave a heavy nod, “Yes, your majesty!”

Qin Jin gave Feng Ji Xing a gold card with two hundred thousand gold coins and said, “Commander Feng, as the imperial guard commander, you are responsible for the safety of the empire.  In the future, I hope you can keep working hard and shedding your blood for the empire!”

Feng Ji Xing had firm eyes as he gave a nod, “Your majesty, this subordinate understands!”

At this time, Qin Yin on the side came forward with Tang Xiao Xi.  They moved in front of Lin Mu Yu and said with a smile, “Congratulations to big brother Ah Yu, you really took the Golden Dragon Seal!”

Tang Xiao Xi giggled, “I’ve already said it, Mu Mu is as strong as a monsters right now, taking the Golden Dragon Seal is easy!”

Lin Mu Yu’s face turned red, “How could it be as easy as you say it is, I was almost cut down by big brother Feng’s blade…..”

Feng Ji Xing rubbed his nose and resentfully said, “Stop that, you blade almost stabbed my chest!”

At this time, Qin Lei and Qin Yan supporting Chu Huai Sheng came over.  The others came over, waiting to be conferred a rank by the emperor.

Qin Yin said with a smile, “Father, aren’t you given the top four titles?”

It was as if Qin Yin finally had the chance to give Lin Mu Yu a title like she always wanted.

Qin Jin gave a slight nod and slowly ascended the stage with the Desolate Sword representing his identity as the emperor.  His body was covered in royal might as he clearly said, “The Great Qin Empire’s heroes have come out and this Swordsmen Meet has let this one see the empire’s abundant talent.  With all these young heroes, my Great Qin is steady and will last through the ages!”

After saying this, he paused before loudly saying, “This one will confer titles now.  Feng Ji Xing, Lin Mu Yu, Qin Lei, and Chu Huai Sheng will be known as the four generals of ‘Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning” and the ‘Orchid Goose Four Heroes’.  The ‘Orchid Goose Four Heroes’ title will last forever and you will be second grade nobles in the empire. I hope in the future you four will break through enemy lines for the Great Qin Empire and protect it!”

Lin Mu Yu, Feng Ji Xing, and the others cupped their hands.

Being conferred the title of a second grade noble, this was not small.  Talking about nobility grades, Tang Xiao Xi, Qin Lei, Qin Yan, and others at the prince and princess level were first grade.  This second grade noble was equal to a second grade official. Although it was only a title, no one would still dare consider Lin Mu Yu and Chu Huai Sheng as commoners.

Chu Huai Sheng’s face had a trace of happiness.  The Chu Family had been commoners for thousands of years, but it finally changed in this generation!

“Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning…..Orchid Goose Four Heroes……”

Qin Yin softly repeated this twice before saying with a smile, “It really is appropriate!  Congratulations big brother Ah Yu, you’re one of the Orchid Goose Four Heroes from this day forth.  Finally you can sit at the same level as commander Feng and big brother Qin Lei!”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a happy smile, “Un, I have to thank your highness for your support.”

Saying this, he put the Golden Dragon Seal, this precious token into his Qian Kun Bag.

Qin Jin gave rewards to the participants ranked fifth to twelfth.  Although these people didn’t have as dazzling of a reward as the Orchid Goose Four Heroes, their rewards were not cheap.  The ones in the military were all given a rise in rank, otherwise they were given at least ten thousand gold coins, which was not a small number.

“Congratulations to brat Lin on finally becoming a noble!”  Qu Chu on the side congratulated with a smile.

Lin Mu Yu slightly curled his lips, “Elder Qu, stop teasing me, this small Orchid Goose Four Heroes in front of you is just a small trick.  That’s right, elder Qu, are you really to be the princess’ mentor?”

“His majesty has given a statement, I can’t go against it…..”  Qu Chu helplessly said, “I, Qu Chu never accepted a disciple before, but I made an exception for you.  It’s fine, it doesn’t matter if I take an extra clever disciple like her highness Yin.”

“Un, it’s hard on elder Qu.”

To the side, Feng Ji Xing grabbed Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder and said with a laugh, “Ah Yu, how about we find a place to gather tonight?”

“Alright, where are we going?”

“Listening Rain House, your treat, how about it?  You took the Golden Dragon Seal, you can be considered the greatest winner in this Swordsmen Meet!”


“Hei, that’s good!”

Following this was another series of ceremonies.  The royal family’s rules were strict, but Lin Mu Yu did his best to go through them.  Here he was closest to the sky and closest to this world’s peak. He had to keep his cool, otherwise he would have to show a flurry of fists and kicks.

Until the sun set, the meet was finally over.  The Ze Tian Palace’s main manager was in charge of a large banquet, but Qin Jin didn’t participate because he was too tired.  Lin Mu Yu, Feng Ji Xing, and the other Orchid Goose Four Heroes also didn’t participate, leaving the Ze Tian Palace at night and heading for the Listening Rain House.

“Her highness Yin and princess Xi didn’t come today, so we can drink to our heart’s content today!”  Qin Lei said with a laugh.

Chu Huai Sheng nodded, “Ze Tian Palace has elder Chu protecting it, I believe there won’t be any danger.  This is a rare chance for us, so how about we don’t leave until we’re drunk?”


That night, they really drank until they were drunk and they didn’t go back.  The four of them left the Listening Rain House after getting drunk and it was already early morning.  The cold wind blew, but they didn’t feel cold at all, composing poems in the moonlight. Qin Lei was a crude person, he never composed poems.  As for Chu Huai Sheng and Feng Ji Xing, they had some learning , so they recited poems like “where will we be drunk tonight, on the morning shore, in the breeze and under the moon”.  The four of them were drunk on the shore of Orchid Goose City’s Hidden Dragon Lake.

In the morning, several rogues walked by and they were all stunned.

“God, these people seem like the experts in today’s Swordsmen Meet…..They were named the Orchid Goose Four Heroes!”

“Che, they are already drunk.  Should we touch them?”

“Touch, touch, touch!”

So when Lin Mu Yu, Feng Ji Xing, and the others woke up, their golden coins were all gone.  It was lucky those rogues weren’t too bold, only taking a few golden coins and silver coins.  They didn’t even dare touch Feng Ji Xing’s gold card, otherwise if the imperial guard commander was angered, it would be incredible.

Patting his forehead, Feng Ji Xing sobered up and said in an annoyed voice, “Which bastard dares take the tiger of Tong Tian Street’s waller…..”

Lin Mu Yu said, “My several hundred gold coins were also taken…..”

Chu Huai Sheng laughed, “Money takes away piece and a good life is quiet, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Let’s all go back, we’ll gather again next time.”


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