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Chapter 199: Feng Ji Xing’s strategy

Compared to Qin Lei’s deadly thunder, Lin Mu Yu’s aura was much more gentle.  The golden gourd represented the power of life, making people feel very comfortable, but the demonic power surrounding the blade made people feel the power hidden in Lin Mu Yu’s strike.  The two of them were going all out right away, it made people very expectant of the result.

In the stands, the noble girls were drinking scented tea while discussing with each other.

“Wa oh, sir Qin Lei really is worthy of being the Imperial Guard commander, this aura is too terrifying.  That sir Lin Mu Yu is probably going to lose…..”

“It can’t be, sir Lin Mu Yu won’t lose!”



“Because sir Lin Mu Yu looks much better than sir Qin Lei!”

“Pei, no shame at all!”

“Damn girl, could it be you weren’t looking at sirs Lin Mu Yu, Chu Huai Sheng, and Feng Ji Xing the entire time?”

“Humph, of course I wasn’t!”

“Then why did your breath become faster, your face turn red, and you even shifted the bra on your chest for when you saw sir Lin Mu Yu?”

“Ah, I’ll kill you to silence you, you damn girl!”

On the stage, the firm stone actually flaked from the power and rose into the sky, as if it was defying the laws of gravity.  Stone chips and pieces of gravel floated up from the collision of Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei’s power, but there was also a collision of hot and cold current that came from the clash.

The thunder kept sparking out and the Thunder Cleaver turned red from the thunder, reaching its peak state.  Qin Lei’s eyes burned with fighting will as he said with a laugh, “Ah Yu, try big brother’s Thunder Cleaver Art’s sixth strike!”

After saying this, Qin Lei roared, “Thunder of Rage Tearing the Sky!”


The winds wildly stirred and the Thunder Cleaver turned into countless bolts of thunder.  There was not a single Thunder Cleaver in front of his eyes, Qin Lei’s attacks had created thousands of Thunder Cleavers!

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes turned cold and his palms came together as he raised his battle qi around him.  The Dragon Snake sword spirit inside the Dragon Spirit Sword angrily roared out, as the spiral of dragon flames charged at the Thunder Cleaver!


When the two weapons clashed, the explosions of energy roared out.  The Dragon Spirit Sword charged forward, charging through the first Thunder Cleaver before charging through the second and third, as if it would keep charging forward.  Lin Mu Yu opened his hands and the flames lingered in his palms as he controlled the Dragon Spirit Sword in charging forward. The wind blew his cape and his eyes were narrowed as he didn’t allow Qin Lei answer this strike at all.

“This is fun!”

Qin Lei roared out as he raised his battle qi and the Thunder of Rage Tearing the Sky attack wildly surged forth.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t retreat, otherwise his body would be instantly ripped apart.  He did not think that Qin Lei’s wild attack could be stopped at the most critical moment, so this battle could only be won.

The Seven Luminary Power wildly circulated, but when the Dragon Spirit Sword broke over a hundred Thunder Cleavers, its power began to show signs of weakening.  In comparison, Qin Lei’s Thunder of Rage Tearing the Sky was still going strong, not backing down at all!


Opening his palm, the Third Luminary’s power wildly surged out, as starlight began to appear on the stage.  With Lin Mu Yu’s summon, it surrounded the Dragon Spirit Sword and golden glow instantly exploded. The Dragon Spirit Sword seemed to regain its strength as it charged at Qin Lei, directly breaking several dozen Thunder Cleavers.

Lin Mu Yu used all his strength as he controlled the Dragon Spirit Sword.  His face became a bit pale as he secretly prayed, “Big brother Qin Lei, be defeated a bit faster, don’t force me to use the Fourth Luminary…..The Fourth Luminary is too strong, even I’ll be afraid if I use it……”

Finally, Qin Lei on the stage spat out a mouthful of blood.  He couldn’t hold on any longer as his six God Binding Locks began to scatter as his Thunder Cleaver Blade also dimmed.

“Weng, weng…..”

The Dragon Spirit Sword kept moving at Qin Lei and when it was about to pierce him, Lin Mu Yu suddenly pulled his hand back.  The sword suddenly turned like it had intelligence as it fell back down in the stone in front of Lin Mu Yu.


Qin Lei was panting while cleaning the blood at the corner of his mouth while looking up at Lin Mu Yu.  He said with a smile, “Satisfying….Satisfying…..Ah Yu, just where did this strange power come from? My Thunder Cleaver Art’s six strike is very strong, even Feng Ji Xing wouldn’t be able to block it, but you brat…..You actually forcefully broke my move, not simple at all…..”

Lin Mu Yu’s face was also pale as he slowly picked the sword up by the hilt.  His body was swaying as he said with a smile, “I’ve already used all my power.  If I couldn’t take this move, I would have been cut to pieces by big brother Qin Lei.”

Qin Lei laughed, “I’ve lost.  Ah Yu, go compete with Feng Ji Xing for first!”

“Many thanks for big brother Qin Lei letting me win.”

“Pei, I didn’t let you.  Do you think I don’t want the Golden Dragon Seal!”

Qin Lei wiped the corner of his mouth again before saying with a smile, “Humph, my Imperial Guards only have seven thousand people.  If I had the Golden Dragon Seal, I would assemble an army from the Cang Nan Province and expand the Imperial Guards to seventeen thousand people!”

Lin Mu Yu walked forward and supported Qin Lei by the arm.  He said with a smile, “Seven thousand people are enough, anymore is just wasting rations.”

“That’s also right……”

At this time, an official walked onto the stage covered in holes and loudly shouted, “Lin Mu Yu has won!  Sir Qin Lei and sir Chu Huai Sheng will compete for third and fourth place! Following this, sir Feng Ji Xing and sir Lin Mu Yu will compete for first place!”

The crowd burst into thunderous applause as everyone finally saw a peak battle.

Feng Ji Xing, the man known as the “Tiger of Tong Tian Street”.  Lin Mu Yu, the hundred year rare talent from the temple. One was the imperial guard commander who had guarded the royal capital for close to seven years, while the other was the person who had saved her highness Yin twice, as well as bringing the tenth level gourd martial spirit to a new level, one that could even break the number one God Binding Lock.  What kind of battle would this be?

The battle between the two of them, everyone was looking forward to it.

At this time, Qin Yin suddenly stood up and respectfully said, “Royal father, big brother Ah Yu has fought hard battles and have already spent quite a bit of his battle qi, whereas commander Feng has rested for a long time.  If they fight like this, it wouldn’t be fair to big brother Ah Yu. Your daughter suggests that big brother Ah Yu should be given time to rest. Commander Feng and big brother Ah Yu should fight after two hours of rest.”

Qin Lei happily nodded with a smile, “Xiao Yin’s words are very correct.  The two will battle in two hours.”

“Many thanks royal father!”

In the distance, Lin Mu Yu gave Qin Yin a look of gratitude.

When Qin Jin looked at Feng Ji Xing, Lin Mu Yu, Chu Huai Sheng, and Qin Lei before letting out a sigh of relief.  No matter who took the Golden Dragon Seal, all four of them were on his side. As for Lin Chang Qing and Murong Zhou, those two weren’t truly loyal.

Lin Mu Yu calmly sat down on the stone stands and used the Dragon Forged Tome to restore his battle qi.  Fighting Qin Lei had wasted quite a bit of strength and if he fought right now, he would not be a match for the peak condition Feng Ji Xing.  After all, Feng Ji Xing’s set of self made blade art was very strong and he might not even be able to deal with it at his full strength, not to mention this weakened state.

Feng Ji Xing held his Slicing Wind Blade as he sat down beside Lin Mu Yu with a smile and said, “Ah Yu, if you give up, your big brother Feng will treat you to a month of beef and yin flower buns.  How about, do we have a deal?”

Lin Mu Yu narrowed his eyes, “Stop, I won’t fall for it.”

Feng Ji Xing continued saying with a smile, “Ah Yu, how do you feel about her highness Yin?  Do you think she is the best in the world?”


Lin Mu Yu’s heart was slightly moved, but he knew what Feng Ji Xing was planning, so he calmed his heart.  He then said, “Eh, her highness Yin is still considered alright…..”

“Humph, you still won’t fall for it……”

Feng Ji Xing continued grinning as he said, “Ah Yu, if you had to choose, who would you marry?  Out of her highness Yin, princess Xi, and beauty Chu Yao, who would you pick?”

Lin Mu Yu glared at him and said, “Stop it, I won’t pick anyone!”

“Is that so?  Truly a pity……”

Feng Ji Xing was whistling as he laid down on the stone stands beside Lin Mu Yu.  He didn’t seem like the imperial guard commander at all, he was more like a bandit.  He said in a low voice and a faint smile, “I feel that you should marry Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi together, one as the main wife and one as a concubine.  What do you think?”


Lin Mu Yu finally couldn’t help laughing.  He stopped recovering and said, “Big brother Feng, you’re using all your tricks…..Hai, is first place in this Swordsmen Meet that important to you?”

“Of course it’s important!”  Feng Ji Xing revealed his true colours, “First place is a hundred thousand gold coins and second place is only thirty thousand gold coins.  That isn’t enough to buy a large house in the capital city at all…..”

Chu Huai Sheng that was in self recovery opened his eyes and asked, “What do you need a large house for?”

“How can I marry a girl without a large house?”  Feng Ji Xing’s eyes opened wide.

“You don’t even have a wife…..”  Chu Huai Sheng said with a smile.

Feng Ji Xing drew his Slicing Wind Blade as he raised a brow, “Chu Huai Sheng, don’t say anything else!  If you’re a man, fight it out with me!”

Chu Huai Sheng grinned.  He closed his eyes to continue healing himself as he said, “Ah Yu, don’t be fooled.  Three years ago, to obtain first place, this fellow actually brought me to drink wine the day before.  He said it would be rice wine, but it was actually very strong wine. He alsos found several girls from the Spring Fragrance house to drink with me, causing me to be so hungover that he defeated me.  Humph, too underhander…..”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help laughing, “Since it’s like this, I can’t lose to big brother Feng.  I also want a big house and to get married…..”

Feng Ji Xing held his forehead and laughed, “Knowing you all is a misfortune of three lives.”

Chu Huai Sheng grinned, “If the noble young girls of the capital knew that you, Feng Ji Xing are like this, I wonder if they would still look for you.  Humph, humph…..”

Lin Mu Yu smiled without saying anything.

Two hours passed very quickly, it was time to fight.

Lin Mu Yu silently circulated his battle qi and found that 90% of it had recovered.  He could fight to the end with Feng Ji Xing!

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