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Chapter 198: Ending the battle in one move


Under the violent attack of the Dragon Spirit Sword, Qin Yin couldn’t hold onto the Flame Snake Spear, but with his remarkable talent, he tumbled on the ground.  The Flame Snake Spear turned into a flame snake that flew at Lin Mu Yu’s feet.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling as he quickly moved backwards several steps.  Stabbing his sword into the ground with one hand and summoning out the gourd wall with a roar, the Black Turtle Shell and the Dragon Scale Wall came out of the ground that were instantly broke Qin Yan’s attack.  Lin Mu Yu charged forward and sent out three slashes, pushing Qin Yan back, dispersing his Dragon Scale Martial Spirit.

After over thirty rounds, Qin Yan’s battle qi couldn’t match Lin Mu Yu’s anymore.  Without any more delay, he inserted the Fire Snake Spear into the ground and said with cupped hands, “Big brother Lin Mu Yu, I admit my defeat…..You haven’t even used that strange power yet and you have defeated Ah Yan…..”


“Ha, you let me win Ah Yan.”

Lin Mu Yu also cupped his hands and gave a laugh.  The strange power Qin Yan was talking about was the Seven Luminary Power.  Many people Lin Mu Yu had a mysterious technique, but no one knew just what it was called, which made him even more mysterious.

Entering the top four!

He walked off the stage side by side with Qin Yan holding his Dragon Spirit Sword.  Qin Yan looked at his Flame Snake Spear and saw that it was covered in small nicks, so he couldn’t help saying in a heartbroken manner, “Big brother Ah Yu, what sword is that.  It’s this overbearing, it actually cut up my Flame Snake Spear. This Flame Snake Spear is a second profound grade treasure, my father specially found it for me from the western region……”

“It’s fine, just find a blacksmith to repair it.”  Lin Mu Yu patted his shoulder and comforted him.

“Alright…..”  Qin Yan was a bit depressed, after all, this was a young man who wanted to outdo others.  For an especially large place like the Swordsmen Meet, it really is a pity to lose.

At this time, Chu Huai Sheng stood up.  He swayed a bit and knit his brows, looking a bit ill.

“Old Chu, can you still fight?”  Feng Ji Xing said in a worried voice, “Your injuries are a bit heavy!”

“It’s already wrapped up…..”

Chu Huai Sheng grit his teeth and said, “It’s fine.  I’ve prepared for a long time for this Swordsmen Meet, I have to defeat Murong Zhou.  I want to see him say that there is no one in my Imperial Guards.”

“Un, alright……”

Murong Zhou, he was thirty four this year.  He was a ten thousand man commander of the Tian Shu Province, a general that guarded the north.  He had a deep understanding of spear arts and was known as the spear god of the Tian Shu Province.  It’s said that he is unparalleled in this world, beating seven famous northern generals in a row once in battle, which could give him a life of honour.  Because of these experiences, Murong Zhou placed no one in his eyes. It’s even said that he wanted to challenge the Imperial Guards one by one, seeing if anyone could be his match in the capital city.

Moreover, Murong Zhou was very talented, entering the Second Heaven Tier before reaching forty.  He even stepped into the Second Heaven Tier half a year before Chu Huai Sheng.

Chu Huai Sheng moved to the stage step by step and his steps were a bit heavy.  His injuries were indeed not light, but he couldn’t throw away his honour as the Dragon Guard commander.  Holding his sword in his hand and standing in the wind, he cast a prestigious figure.

Murong Zhou had a iron spear in his hand and said with a smile, “Chu Huai Sheng, you defeating Zeng Fang means that you are a very strong person, but I, Murong Zhou am not willing to bully injured people.  I think… should admit defeat. Losing at my Murong Zhou’s hands is not considered a disgrace, otherwise with your skills being reduced by your injuries, my win will not be as elegant.”

Chu Huai Sheng had a bright smile, “The premise of not fighting is that you can win, but do you think you can beat me?  I’ve heard that want to challenge the two great commanders Qin Lei and Feng Ji Xing, very good. I am considered the ‘touchstone’  of the Imperial Guards, so if you want to fight the two commanders, beat me first before saying anything. Otherwise, you don’t have the qualification to challenge them.”

“Is that so?  Then I might as well oblige!”

When his voice fell, Murong Zhou’s spear suddenly stabbed out.  Chu Huai Sheng quickly raised his sword to block, but Murong Qiu was also graceful.  The spearhead slightly curved and it created a flower of blood on Chu Huai Sheng’s shoulder.

“Sha, sha, sha……”

The power in this strike made Chu Huai Sheng take several steps back.  He quickly threw away his sword as his palms turned into a finger and starlight appeared around him.  When Murong Zhou came close with his iron spear, Chu Huai Sheng raised his hand to send out a finger and the starlight formed from battle qi soared at Murong Zhou’s forehead.


Murong Zhou was stunned.  The energy armour on his forehead was shattered and he quickly bent back to avoid the second and third attack.  The Star Picking Finger created deep holes in the stone floor, showing how strong Chu Huai Sheng’s battle qi was.

“Going too far!”

Murong Zhou was in a bad situation, but he finally found a change to jump up and swept his spear at Chu Huai Sheng’s calf.

Murong Zhou wouldn’t have thought that Chu Huai Sheng going all out at this time would actually tightly gather his battle qi in his leg.  The spear hit and blood swept out, but using this chance of his calf being hurt, Chu Huai Sheng’s fingers flew out. Countless streaks of starlight formed from battle qi fell down, dispersing Murong Zhou’s battle qi armour, creating bloody holes.

In the blink of an eye, Murong Zhou was covered in wounds.  Luckily Chu Huai Sheng only used 30% of his power, otherwise this round of Star Picking Fingers would have taken Murong Zhou’s life!

Murong Zhou covered in blood slowly stood up and raised his iron spear to attack, but he saw that Chu Huai Sheng’s palm was raised at him.  He wasn’t moving, but there was a bright moon behind him, so the Moon Sealing Palm could take his life at any moment.

“I…..I admit defeat……”

Murong Zhou was dejected.  He would lose his life if he didn’t give up, Chu Huai Sheng was already set on this top four position.

Lin Mu Yu and Feng Ji Xing quickly came up and supported Chu Huai Sheng covered in injuries down.  Chu Huai Sheng was filled with a wave of disgust and dizziness at this time. When he looked in the distance, he found Zeng Xiang’s position was empty and he couldn’t help feeling empty.

“Old Chu, you idiot!  Do you not want your life!”  Feng Ji Xing said in a low voice.

Chu Huai Sheng laughed and said, “His majesty has pledged that people who enter the top four can receive a second grade nobility rank.  Our Chu Family are all commoners, so I had to change this situation so Ah Yao won’t be looked down by anyone in the future.”

“Stupid…..”  Feng Ji Xing softly said.

Lin Mu Yu held Chu Huai Sheng’s shoulder and said, “Quickly apply the medicine or your leg will be crippled.  Murong Zhou’s spear didn’t hold back at all!”


Immediately, sitting beside the stage, Chu Huai Sheng took off his boot.  His leg was already blue and it was covered in blood. Lin Mu Yu quickly pulled out healing medicine and personally applied it for Chu Huai Sheng.

Like this, the top four of the Swordsmen Meet were decided.  They were Feng Ji Xing, Lin Mu Yu, Qin Lei, and Chu Huai Sheng, who also had a bond of brothership between them.

Very soon, the officials announced the matches.

Lin Mu Yu versus Qin Lei.

Feng Ji Xing versus Chu Huai Sheng.

Finally, the four brothers had to decide the results.

Chu Huai Sheng laid on the ice cold stone stands and he looked at the sky with dim eyes.  He said with a smile, “This year’s Swordsmen Meet is truly fierce, it should be the most fierce one compared to the past…..”

Qin Lei said, “This is also the one with the strongest participants.  The top four are all in the Second Heaven Tier, this kind of lineup…..The empire hasn’t seen this in several hundred years, otherwise his majesty wouldn’t be this happy.”

Chu Huai Sheng looked over at Feng Ji Xing and said, “Brother Feng, this is too easy for you.  I used everything in that last match, I don’t have the strength to fight again.”

Feng Ji Xing happily said, “Then doesn’t that mean this Feng can directly reach the final match.”

“That’s right.”

“Ha, ha, I’ll treat you to wine later, the best wine in Orchid Goose City.”


Then the top four became a battle between Qi Lei and Lin Mu Yu.  Qin Lei stabbed the Thunder Cleaver Blade into the ground and said with a smile, “Ah Yu, it’s our turn.  Should we go all out or restrain ourselves?”

Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “Let’s not go all out, we can talk this out…..”

“Alright then……”

Qin Lei was a straightforward person.  He patted Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder as he said with a smile, “This big brother has his discretion, so relax.  Once we decide the result, I will stop.

“Un, me too!”

The two of them went up to the stage.  Qin Lei slowly raised his blade as he said with a smile, “Ah Yu, how about we decide it in one move?  We’ll use our strongest move and decide the result in an instant. If we fight too long and waste too much battle qi, it’ll be too easy for that brat Feng Ji Xing.  I don’t want to see him take the Golden Dragon Seal without even fighting! Like this, it would be too cheap for the imperial guards.”

“Alright.”  Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile and said, “We’ll decide it with one move!”


The people under the stage couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they could see Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei’s expressions become serious.  Moreover, their battle qi quickly raised and a suffocating feeling spread to the crowd.

“Pazi!  Pazi!”

Qin Lei drew the Thunder Cleaver Blade and thunder appeared around him.  The Thunder Cleaver Blade slightly trembled as six God Binding Locks appeared around him, sending vigorous battle qi all around him, creating a powerful storm that spread in all directions.  Rage filled thunder even fell from the sky, turning the sky darker. In an instant, it became like night, leaving only the glow of the thunder.

“God…..”  Tang Xiao Xi said with a stunned look, “Is big brother Qin Lei going all out?  He…..He wouldn’t be trying to kill Ah Yu, right?”

Qin Yin’s eyes were also filled with worry, “I believe big brother Ah Yu has his discretion.  Ah Yu…..He……”

Everyone in the stands were stunned seeing this.  The power of this move from Qin Lei was just too shocking, as if he wanted to use the might of the heavens to defeat Lin Mu Yu.

Lin Mu Yu was very calm on the contrary.  The golden gourd slowly rotated in his palm and instantly became bigger, surrounding him.  He raised his Dragon Spirit Sword and it screamed out. With roar, a golden glow soared into the sky and penetrated the dark clouds gathered by Qin Lei, causing the sunlight to fall down on Lin Mu Yu.  His sword left his hand and the Dragon Spirit Sword quickly rotated as it was covered in True Dragon Flames.

It was not just this.  Lin Mu Yu spread his left hand and blood red Luminary Power danced in his palm, quickly entering the sword.  This sword had the power of the Second Luminary. Lin Mu Yu didn’t dare use the fourth luminary because there was no need.  If the Second Luminary couldn’t beat Qin Lei, this meant that he wasn’t destined to obtain the Golden Dragon Seal. Compared to the Golden Dragon Seal, it was clear that Qin Lei’s life was more important.

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