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Chapter 195: Successive victories

When Tang Bin walked off the stage, he couldn’t hide the desolate appearance on his face.  His handsome body was now much less spirited. The only person sent by the Seven Seas Tang Family had been stopped in the top 12, only he knew how much fear he felt right now.  He could only complain that god was unfair, placing him in the same group as Feng Ji Xing.

Although Feng Ji Xing was a bit injured, his face colour was much stronger compared to Tang Bin’s.  His expression did not change when he walked off the stage and he was very frank when he received Chu Huai Sheng, Lin Mu Yu, and the other’s congratulations, “If it wasn’t for Ah Yu’s Dreaming of the Peak helping me break through to the 2nd Heaven Tier, it would be hard to predict this outcome.  The Fire Fox Seal at the seventh layer is truly strong!”

Chu Huai Sheng nodded and said, “Next it’s up to Ah Yu.  Ling Feng is the Country Guarding General Ling Nan Tian’s son.  His father Ling Nan Tian is a great general of the empire and a Heaven Emperor level expert, Ling Feng cannot be a false tiger under this kind of father’s guidance.  Ling Feng’s sword art is definitely very strong and he is very good at hiding his strength, rarely making a move. So, Ah Yu, you have to be careful!”

“Un, I know.”


Lin Mu Yu held the Dragon Spirit Sword as he walked towards the stage.  In the distance, Ling Feng was also walking onto the stage step by step with a faint smile on his face.  The sword in his hand was in the second profound grade and although it was inferior to the Dragon Spirit Sword, it could still block it.  However, Lin Mu Yu’s highest factor of winning was his cultivation in the 2nd Heaven Tier while Ling Feng was in the 1st Heaven Tear. As long as his sword art wasn’t too lacking compared to the other side’s, naturally he could win.

Ling Feng held his sword in his chest and he didn’t bow as he said with a faint smile, “Lin Mu Yu, it’s said that your imperial sword art is incredible.  That is perfect, my Ling Family’s inherited sword art has a powerful close range strength. Comparing in close range sword art, it is interesting!”

Lin Mu Yu secretly knit his brow.  This Ling Feng was incomparably arrogant, it even surpassed Zeng Fang’s arrogance.  It seems like the Country Guarding General had spoiled his son.

His thumb softly pushed on his hilt and Ling Feng’s sword directly came out.  He threw away the scabbard and his blade turned into three sword glows.

Lin Mu Yu also pushed on his hilt and took out his Dragon Spirit Sword, as he moved forward.  His wrist flicked three times as he stopped Ling Feng’s attack, while also stepping off with his foot.


Ling Feng never thought that Lin Mu Yu’s sword art would by this incredible.  He lifted his foot to attack and Lin Mu Yu was forced back with a “peng” sound.  Ling Feng’s battle qi surrounded his boot as he used the force to kick off the ground.  Spinning around to attack from the flank, the sword sway to send out three lightning fast attacked.  He shouted from the air, “Yin Yang Three Folds!”

With a roar, Ling Feng released his martial spirit which was a giant flame beast.  Lingering around his shoulder, his martial spirit’s power entered his sword, making the three strikes fill with power.

Lin Mu Yu could deeply see the power contained within and he couldn’t guard all of this attack, so he quickly summoned the gourd wall.  With a flash of golden light, the golden guard wall surrounded him and blocked the other side’s attack. The three consecutive slashes actually broke the Black Tortoise Shell.  An attack covered in battle qi hit, landing a kick on the gourd wall.


Lin Mu Yu took three steps back and his face was covered in surprise, he had taken this much loss when taking Ling Feng’s attack.  This Ling Feng’s family inherited technique was truly incredible, no wonder Ling Nan Tian could become the Country Guarding General!  It was like Chu Huai Sheng had said, the current Ling Feng was not an easy fight and he had the qualification to take his chance of advancing to the top eight from him.

“Hei, hei…..”

After Ling Feng released his series of attacks, his aura was stable.  His body was surrounded by a faint white battle qi as he smiled and said, “How about it?  My Ling Family’s martial spirit is a second grade martial spirit, the Flame Xiezhi. It’s a legendary ancient beast soul, it is not something a trivial tenth grade Gourd Martial Spirit could match…..Sir Lin Mu Yu, you are an expert from the temple and one of the Imperial Guards, you are one of the pillars of the empire.  It isn’t embarrassing to give up now, you can still keep your reputation.”

He spoke very calmly, as if everything he said was natural.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly smiling.  He flicked his wrist softly and the Dragon Spirit Sword released a faint sword cry.  With a smile, he said, “Many thanks for the young general’s goodwill, but the result hasn’t been decided yet!  Giving up early is too embarrassing!”

“Alright, then this young master will make you grovel for mercy!”

Ling Feng gave a cold laugh and jumped out again.  His battle qi became wind and his sword turned in the wind.  With a sharp howl, the wild wind charged out, making people unable to keep their eyes open.  However, this slash was sharp enough to cut one’s skin, this Ling Feng’s attack was just too sharp!

Ling Feng had always been hiding himself, never comparing notes with Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, and the others.  It should be for this Swordsmen Meet’s Golden Dragon Seal, right? The Golden Dragon Seal, the dragon seal that could command a ten thousand royal army, this value was just too high.  Everyone wanted to obtain this Golden Dragon Seal to raise their position and authority in the army.

Not to mention Ling Feng, how could Lin Mu Yu lose to him.  Opening one hand, the Dragon Spirit Sword left his hand. The power of the wind attributed energy surrounded the sword and charged at Ling Feng with a strong wind!

Wind imperial sword art!

Lin Mu Yu opened his palm and his battle qi exploded.  The wind energy formed blades that flew at Ling Feng. Each wind blade looked like a real sword, which was virtually impossible to block.

Ling Feng was stunned, almost unable to keep his eyes open.  He quickly dodged and shouted, “Xiezhi Flame Shield!”


His martial spirit gave an angry roar as his battle energy turned into a flame red shield in front of Ling Feng.  It seemed like the Flame Xiezhi Martial Spirit had defensive abilities, but how could it have more abilities than Lin Mu Yu.

“Peng, peng, peng……”

The wind blades bombarded the fire red shield and the shield became thinner and thinner.  When the wind imperial sword’s power was almost gone, Ling Feng opened his eyes to see Lin Mu Yu charging at him, sending a fist covered in flames at the Xiezhi Flame Shield!


The flame shield was instantly shattered and Ling Feng felt his blood swell up, turning to quickly retreat.  Before he could catch his breath, Lin Mu Yu had opened his palm, sending out a high speed rotating flame covered sword out, using the flame imperial sword!

Ling Feng was stunned and without thinking, he instinctively swept out with his sword.  The strong battle qi formed a layer of energy armour around the sword as it swept out and it was followed by a roar from him, “Sweeping Sword!”  

Lin Mu Yu clicked his tongue in surprise.  The Ling Family’s sword art is indeed incredible, it could turn this attack into defense, but could this defense really block the Dragon Flame Spiral’s might?

Clearly not!


The Dragon Spirit Sword pushed through and broke Ling Feng’s Sweeping Sword’s defense.  Ling Feng’s face paled and he quickly swept his sword out to block it, but in the end, the Dragon Spirit Sword stabbed into Ling Feng’s sword.  In less than half a second, there was a “keng” sound as Ling Feng’s sword was broken!

This sword was the main blocker, otherwise Ling Feng’s throat would have broken instead of the sword.

The Dragon Spirit Sword did not stop as it moved towards Ling Feng’s throat covered in True Dragon Flames.  When Ling Feng was about to close his eyes and wait for death, there was a sudden “pa” sound as the Dragon Spirit Sword’s hilt was grabbed.  Lin Mu Yu was smiling as he stopped the Dragon Spirit Sword’s movement. The sword was only a centimeter away from Ling Feng’s throat. He smiled and said, “Have I won now?”

Ling Feng was so scared that his soul almost flew out.  He did not dare show off, after all, this Swordsmen Meet had the participants sign the life and death agreement, so even if Lin Mu Yu killed him, his father wouldn’t be able to chase this.  He could only nod and say, “Sir Lin Mu Yu’s sword art is truly extraordinary, I, Ling Feng willingly admit my defeat!”



Lin Mu Yu took back his sword and said with cupped fists, “You let me win!”

Ling Feng also reigned in his arrogant appearance as he said with cupped fists, “Many thanks for sir Lin Mu Yu’s mercy.  Ling Feng has lost, you have won!”

When Ling Feng walked off the stage, there was the sound of applauses coming from the audience stand.  It was Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi clapping, and even Qin Jin nodded with a look of praise on his face. Lin Mu Yu this adopted son had not disappointed him, whether it was in character of cultivation, he was above Ling Feng.

Lin Mu Yu walked off the stage and calmly waited for the next fight.

After a few matches, it was another key competition.  Chu Huai Sheng versus Zeng Fang, this was a very complicated fight and it was hard for Chu Huai Sheng, after all, Zeng Fang was Zeng Xiang’s blood related little brother.  If he won, he would somewhat wrong Zeng Xiang. The God Marquis Palace had prepared very thoroughly for this Swordsmen Meet, the God Marquis Palace had placed everything on Zeng Fang.  Once Zeng Fang lost, Zeng Yi Fan wouldn’t have any face. However, if Chu Huai Sheng lost, he would lose face for the Imperial Guards and the royal family.

Chu Huai Sheng stood up and looked at the far stage with clear eyes, that was his dream!

Feng Ji Xing sat on the cold seat and said with a faint smile, “Surnamed Chu, if you use the Star Finger, you have a 50% chance of winning against Zeng Fang.  If you don’t use it, you will surely lose. I’ve heard that Zeng Fang has also taken Dreaming of the Peak and reached the 2nd Heaven Tier. He also has the entire teachings of Zeng Yi Fan.  Decide what to do yourself!”

Chu Huai Sheng had a confident look as he said, “I’ll strive to win!”


In the God Marquis Palace’s audience stands, Zeng Yi Fan narrowed his eyes and softly said, “Fang’er, the other side is Chu Huai Sheng.  You can’t underestimate him, you definitely can’t. Chu Huai Sheng is highly skilled in the Star Picking Finger, with a high might that could even penetrate battle qi armour.  The current Chu Huai Sheng is an expert also in the 2nd Heaven Tier, if you can’t win with force, try to outsmart him.”

“Yes, lord father.”

Zeng Fang raised his sword as he said with a smile, “Be assured, your son will definitely defeat this trash and let elder sister know that this waste is not worthy of being my Zeng Family’s son-in-law!”

Zeng Xiang brows slightly knit.  There were no expressions on her beautiful face, she just softly said, “Little brother, be careful.”

Zeng Fang hesitated to speak, he knew the meaning hidden in Zeng Xiang’s words.

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