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Chapter 192: Fire Fox Seal

Lin Mu Yu had broken the product the forging grandmaster Yuchi Yan was most proud of, this was an incomparably shocking piece of news.  Most of the ministers had thought that Lin Mu Yu would certainly lose, but they never thought that Lin Mu Yu would win this cleanly. Yuchi Yan’s sword had not just been broken, it had been shattered to pieces!

“Mu Mu won as expected!”

Tang Xiao Xi stood behind Feng Ji Xing with her status as a princess.  She was wearing a magnificent looking flame red princess robe, looking very beautiful.  She was also the first person to speak, or was she the only one with confidence in Lin Mu Yu?

Beside the emperor’s throne, Qin Yin covered her smile as she said, “Royal father, you are the judge, shouldn’t you announce the results?”


Qin Jin woke from his shock and revealed a faint smile, “With this one as the judge, this one now announces that the sword test result is Lin Mu Yu’s victory.  Then…..according to the wagers of the bet, sir Yuchi Yan must give Imperial Guard Lin Mu Yu the twenty thousand gold coin wager. I’ve heard that the Yuchi Family has managed the Tian Shu Province for many years, this twenty thousand gold coins should be a small amount, right?”

“We’ll honour your majesty’s sacred judgement!”

Yuchi Yan’s face was pale.  After respectfully cupping his hands, he took a gold bill from his chest which had twenty thousand clearly written on it.  There was the Yuchi Yan’s handprint and signature, as well as the Yuchi Family’s seal on it, marking the bill’s authenticity.  He held it forward with both hands and his eyes were ice cold as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, you’ve earned this.”

Lin Mu Yu put the gold bill into his Qiankun Bag and cupped his hands with a smile, “Many thanks for sir Yuchi Yan’s grace.”


Lin Mu Yu did not have the qualification to stand with these ministers in court, after all, he was just a trivial sixth ranked Wandering Dragon General and the people that could stand here were at least at the third grade.  However, today was the day of the Swordsmen Meet, so there was an exempt on the military rank rule. There were two people standing behind Qin Lei, one was the Dragon Guard commander Chu Huai Sheng and the other was the Tiger Guard commander Zhuge Yun.  The other position belonged to Lin Mu Yu as the Falcon Guard commander.

But before Lin Mu Yu could take a step, Yuchi Yan behind him shouted, “Lin Mu Yu, wait!”

“What is it?”  He slowly turned around.

Yuchi Yan’s eyes were filled with doubt as he said, “As far as I know, a sword that can break a third profound grade sword has to be at least in the saint grade.  I also saw a beast soul around your blade just now, you…..Where did you get this sword? Accurately speaking, it’s impossible for you to obtain the ‘Firesmith Heart’ at your age, how can you make a saint grade weapon?”

It had to be known, this matter couldn’t be easily settled.  If he didn’t give a proper explanation, Lin Mu Yu definitely couldn’t close this matter.  So he cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Not long ago, a recluse skilled in the way of forging passed by Orchid Goose City and he stayed in the back mountains of the Falcon’s Nest Mountains, so there was some friendship between us.  I bought the materials and entrusted him to make the Purple Yin Sword for her highness Yin. Sir Yuchi, we gambled on who could forge the strongest sword, but we never said we had to personally forge it!”

“So it’s like this……”

Yuchi Yan revealed a smile.  He thought that he was the strongest forging master among the younger generation, so his confidence was regained.  He cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Although sir Lin Mu Yu has been sly…..Yuchi Yan is willing to admit defeat in this bet.  This twenty thousand gold coins will temporarily be gifted to the Falcon’s Nest, hey…..”

“Many thanks for sir Yuchi’s generosity!”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly came forward and raised the Purple Yin Sword in his hand.  He looked up at Qin Jin far away and said, “Your majesty, Lin Mu Yu wishes to offer this seventh saint grade Purple Yin Sword to her highness Yin and asks for your majesty’s permission.”

Qin Jin revealed a happy smile and said, “Of course, Xiao Yin is your little sister and it’s your right as a big brother to do so…..Xiao Yin, why aren’t you accepting your big brother Ah Yu’s gift yet?”

Qin Jin was even more overjoyed.  She stepped to the edge of the fine gold stairs and reached her hand out to lift up her princess robe, walking like a lady down the stairs.  Her beautiful eyes were filled with spirit as she smiled at Lin Mu Yu. Her eyes were filled with expression as her slender face looked at Lin Mu Yu.  Her face came together and she made a face at Lin Mu Yu before saying with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, thank you for this Purple Yin Sword!”

Seeing the beautiful as a fairy princess, Lin Mu Yu’s heart couldn’t help shaking.  He raised the sword and said, “I ask your highness to inspect it to see if you like it or not.”


Qin Yin took the sword and unsheathed it with a “dang” sound, seeing the faint fire dragon pattern appearing around the sword.  The body itself was very slender and the blade closest to the hilt had the word “Qin Yin” engraved on it, which she had personally wrote.  When the power of the sword spirit was activated, there were flames that surrounded these words as they created the words “Qin Yin” out of flames that left the blade, looking very mysterious.  Moreover, after cutting Yuchi Yan’s balde, this sword did not have a single trace on it. This blade made of eight folded blades was not false!

“Do you like it?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Qin Jin put away the sword and softly caressed the scabbard as she said, “Un, I like it.  Thank you big brother Ah Yu.”

“It’s good that you like it.  I’ll take my place now.”

“In the Swordsmen Meet in a while, big brother Ah Yu has to do your best!”

“I know.  Many thanks for your highness Yin’s encouragement!”

Lin Mu Yu returned to his place behind Qin Lei with a soft smile.  He was not too affectionate with Qin Yin in front of the court, after all, it was not a good thing to do.  Qin Yin was the princess and it was unknown how many nobles had thoughts towards this heir to the throne. Lin Mu Yu becoming closer with Qin YIn would surely antagonize many people and Lin Mu Yu was not willing to attract more hate with the current situation.  After all, he was not strong enough…..If the Dragon Courage Camp kept growing and he had over a hundred thousand elite troops, Lin Mu Yu would have nothing to fear.

Before he was strong enough, he had to endure.  This was the first thing Lin Mu Yu learned in this world.

Qin Yin held the Purple Yin sword as she returned to the emperor side and sat down.  Qin Yin revealed a faint smile and said, “Today is a big day, the Swordsmen Meet of once every three years.  The empire’s most outstanding youths are here to participate and this one wonders who the Golden Dragon Seal will belong to.  Come, the ministers will leave the Ze Tian Palace with this one and head to the martial arts stage.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

Qin Jin stood up with the prestige of a ruler as he walked down from the emperor’s throne and Qin Yin came forward to hold her royal father’s arm.  Qin Lei signalled with his eyes and Lin Mu Yu and Chu Huai Sheng came to the sides of the emperor and princess. Qin Yin turned to look at Lin Mu Yu and Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “Big brother Ah Yu, your injuries haven’t healed yet, you shouldn’t force yourself in the Swordsmen Meet today…..”

“Relax, my injuries are pretty much healed.”

“Un, then that’s good.”

On the side, Tang Xiao Xi quickly came over and said with a smile, “Mu Mu, in the competition later on, if you meet my big brother Tang Bin, you have to be careful.  His Fire Fox Seal has already reached the seventh layer and it has a shocking might.”

“Xiao Xi’s big brother?”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned.

Qin Yin on the side explained with a smile, “In the Seven Sea’s Tang Family, Tang Lan has a total of three sons.  The eldest son had a daughter who is Xiao Xi. The second son has two sons, the eldest son Tang Bin and the second son Tang Lu.  Duke Tang’s third son had a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Tang Tian and the daughter’s name is Tang Wei. It could be said in the Seven Sea’s Tang Family, Tang Bin, Tang Lu, and Tang Tian are Xiao Xi’s strongest competitors.  It’s unknown who will receive the duke title in the end!”

Lin Mu Yu said with a faint smile, “As far as I know, in the Great Qin Empire, inheritance is based on who is the eldest.  If it’s like this…..Xiao Xi is the eldest son’s daughter, so doesn’t she have the highest chance of obtaining the title?”

Tang Xiao Xi shook her head and said with a smile, “It’s not as you think Mu Mu.  The Seven Sea’s Tang Family cultivates a technique called the ‘Fire Fox Seal’, which has a total of nine levels.  It’s the most important technique in the Tang Family and cultivating it with the Fire Fox Martial Spirit doubles the gain with half the effort.  So like this, whoever’s Fire Fox Seal is strongest is the most qualified to become the Tang Family’s inheritor. As for me…..I almost have no chance!”

“Why is that?”  Lin Mu Yu was confused.

Tang Xiao Xi smiled, “Because…..Since ancient times, the Fire Fox Seal has been over bearing, so the Tang Family’s women couldn’t cultivate it.  Only males could cultivate it…..”

“So it’s like this……”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and said with a smile, “Then Xiao Xi, don’t be sad…..”

Tang Xiao Xi laughed, “I don’t care who is the successor to the Tang Family, as long as grandfather loves me, it’s fine.”


Lin Mu Yu didn’t say anything else.  Perhaps wanting nothing else like Xiao Xi was also good.

Outside the imperial city, when Qin Jin, Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi, Qin Lei, and the other “royal procession” came out of the Ze Tian Palace’s gates, the citizens in the distance broke out in cheers.  Everyone crowded together, trying to see the emperor and her highness’ real faces.

“Stay alert, protect his majesty and her highness.”  Qin Lei shouted.

Instantly, a group of Dragon Guards and Tiger Guards separated, forming a four sided formation to protect the emperor, the princess, and the other ministers.  However, these Imperial Guards did not use shields because it would mean the emperor was not close to his citizens.

However, seeing the distant wave of people cheering, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised.  It was rare to receive the citizen’s sentiments like this.

As the Falcon Guard commander, Lin Mu Yu’s position was further and further away from the emperor and the princess, instead he walked along with Feng Ji Xing.  The two of them had swords at their waists and their hands were on the hilts, looking very heroic and attractive with their white capes fluttering in the wind.

“It seems like his majesty has obtained the citizen’s hearts…..”  Lin Mu Yu said with a soft laugh.

Feng Ji Xing’s lips curled and he said, “Since his majesty ascended to the throne, he has always been a virtuous ruler.  Although in the beginning of his reign, he had to fight in all directions, there were no tax raises. The eight northern provinces under the blessings of the imperial capital hasn’t had any wars in several decades.  The citizens enjoy a good life, so naturally they support this kind of good emperor.”

“So it’s like this.”

Lin Mu Yu stopped speaking.  Actually everyone knew that Qin Jin was kind but didn’t have enough royal prestige, otherwise there wouldn’t be these undercurrents in the royal army.

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