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Chapter 191: Testing the sword in the palace

After taming it, the Heavenly Flame surrounded the beast soul and slowly made the Zenith Beast’s soul seep into the Demonic Sound Blade.  Lin Mu Yu’s heart also skipped a beat at the same time, as if he felt the Zenith Beast submitting to him. The Demonic Sound Blade slightly trembled and it flew out with a golden glow, turning into a miniature Zenith Beast.  It tangled around Lin Mu Yu’s leg and even rubbed its head against his knees, looking like a cute spoiled kid.

Lin Mu Yu was secretly overjoyed.  With a Divine Beast level Zenith Beast’s soul protecting the Demonic Sound Blade, its lethality could not longer compare to its previous state.

He began to temper the blade and it was strangely simple this time.  Only when Lin Mu Yu had tempered the blade twelve times did he feel that he could no longer continue.  There was no doubt that the Demonic Sound Blade could be even sharper than the Dragon Spirit Sword.

The flame slowly dimmed and the Demonic Sound Blade entered the water to cool for a moment before Lin Mu Yu picked it up again.  He could vaguely feel the Zenith Beast’s soul resonating with him, as if his soul and the Demonic Sound Blade’s refined soul was connected, talking to each other.  In fact, they had signed a soul contract and as long as the Demonic Sound Blade was in Lin Mu Yu’s hands, its might would be multiplied.


“What grade is it?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Lulu said, “Third saint grade, it’s even a grade higher than the Dragon Spirit Sword!”


Lin Mu Yu said with a grin, “I wonder how strong it is.”

“Big brother will know once you give it a try!”


This time, he didn’t even need to throw it out.  With a single thought from Lin Mu Yu, battle qi turned into an invisible energy that entered the Demonic Sound Blade, which shot out instantly with a golden glow.  Moreover, when it was flying out, the Demonic Sound Blade turned invisible, leaving behind a sharp whistling sound!

“Stealth?!”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned seeing this.

Lulu said, “That’s right big brother.  The refined soul of this Demonic Sound Blade is the Zenith Beast, so it is a light attributed weapon and the self support skill of the Zenith Beast is its stealth ability by manipulating light.  It blocks the light in front of creates an instant stealth effect, allowing the Demonic Sound Blade to have the same effect. As long as big brother uses his battle qi, it can hide itself.”

“This is great!”

Lin Mu Yu was overwhelmed with joy.  This was a true hidden weapon, it can be stealthed and used to secretly kill people.  Ze, ze, this Demonic Sound Blade refined with the Zenith Beast’s soul had turned into a vicious weapon, he had to use it prudently in the future.  He couldn’t use it unless it was a mortal enemy because after using the Demonic Sound Blade, it would be much easier killing people.

With a thought, his battle qi entered the air and the Demonic Sound Blade spun, letting out a whistling sound.  After spinning around the room a few times, it slowly stopped in front of Lin Mu Yu. Taking it, he placed the blade into his bag.  A vicious weapon, it was definitely a vicious weapon!

At this time, Lin Mu Yu finally felt a bit weary.  He went out to eat a few things before coming back into his room to sleep.  There were many things waiting for him tomorrow, first was the bet with Yuchi Yan and second was the long awaited Swordsman Meet.  The title from the Swordsman Meet was secondary, the most important thing was the Golden Dragon Seal. The right to rally ten thousand people was simply too important in this world!

Not long passed before he fell into a light sleep.  The Dragon Forged Bone Tome was being cultivated as the golden gourd martial spirit faintly appeared in his sea of qi, quickly absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual energy in the night.

The next morning, waking up early, he looked much better.  The injury on his shoulder shouldn’t affect him too much, the most important thing was that most of Lin Mu Yu’s energy was restored, as well as over 90% of his battle qi.  The effect of the injury on his strength was less than 10%, it was enough for him to struggle for the champion of the Swordsman Meet.

The breakfast in the Eagle’s Nest was marching food, two pies with a large bowl of soup.  However, since he was the camp’s commander, he had seven-eight pieces of pork meat in his soup.  He didn’t mind how many there were, he just swallowed it down. Only by filling his stomach could he welcome the challenge of the Swordsman Meet.

After putting on his clothes, he stood up with two swords on his back.  One was the Dragon Spirit Sword and the other was the Purple Yin Sword he was planning on giving to Qin Yin.  Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang were personally leading people to accompany him to the Swordsman Meet, other than that, the two hundred man captains also brought the two thousand gold coins Lin Mu Yu gave to bring to Han Shao’s parents and children.  This was the custom of the Imperial Guards, when someone died in the line of order, their family would receive aid in the form of two thousand gold coins. Also according to Lin Mu Yu’s arrangement, Han Shao’s family would be taken care of by the empire, living a life without worry.  Han Shao’s oldest son could also join the army when he came of age, earning the lowest title in the army.

Today’s Ze Tian Palace was not a normal lively, the military stage was filled with soldiers and citizens, with no end in sight.  It’s said that the emperor and princess would both personally watch the Swordsman Meet, so many citizens were hoping to see the emperor and the princess.  Of course, there would be people with ulterior motives to kill the emperor, so there was martial law two hundred meters around the stage. Only the juniors of noble families and talents from the army could approach, the normal citizens were seated several hundred meters away, but that was something that couldn’t be helped.

Wei Chou walked forward and shouted in a soft voice, “Please move aside, let us pass.”

Their group were all wearing Imperial Guards robes.  Properly speaking, Wei Chou could shout at the citizens to disperse, but he didn’t do it mainly because he was born from the lower class.  Lin Mu Yu also liked this because he didn’t want a subordinate who took advantage of others.

When they arrived at the Ze Tian Palace, Chu Huai Sheng was there to welcome them.  With a smile, he said, “Ah Yu, you’re finally here? Come quickly, his majesty and her highness, as well as that Yuchi Yan are already waiting for you!”

“Ah?  Is that so?”  Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile.  He dismounted and entered the Ze Tian Palace.

In the main hall, the generals and ministers were all present.  Feng Ji Xing, Zeng Yi Fan, Luo Xing, Qing Lei, and the other high ranked officials were all standing closest to the throne.  Chu Huai Sheng led Lin Mu Yu across the red carpet in the center until they were right next to Feng Ji Xing. He looked up to see Qin Yin sitting on a throne beside the royal throne, looking very proper wearing her princess dress.  When she stuck out her tongue at him, causing the ministers to be stunned by this graceful girl acting like a young girl. At this time, no one doubted that Qin Yin was the number one beauty of the empire.

Qin Jin gave a faint smile as he said, “Ah Yu, you’re here?  I heard that you made a bet with the Yuchi Family’s Yuchi Yan yesterday to see who can make the best weapon for her highness Yin.  This is good, this one will personally witness it today.”


Lin Mu Yu nodded.  He took the Purple Yin Sword wrapped in a black cloth and said with a smile, “This sword is called the Purple Yin Sword, Xiao Yin will like it!”

Yuchi Yan gave a cold laugh and walked forward, holding a white as jade sword in his hand as he said, “Purple Yin Sword?  That name isn’t bad, but I wonder if the quality is worthy of that. My Spirit Jade Sword, hey… definitely ten thousand times that of the Purple Yin Sword!”

“Is that so?  How do we test it?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Yuchi Yan seemed like he wanted to humiliate Lin Mu Yu as he said, “We’ll take our swords and slash at each other, how about that?  Whoever’s sword breaks is the one who loses. Lin Mu Yu, do you dare bet with me?”

“What don’t I dare do, come!”


Instantly, the two of them wanted to test their swords.  Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, Zeng Yi Fan, Qin Lei, and the others move back, creating a space.  Other than that, the Imperial Guards guarded Qin Jin and Qin Yin, stopping the effects the two of them testing their swords would have.


Yuchi Yan’s sword came out of its sheath, looking like jade and sparkling bright.  It was indeed a good sword, but it seemed to only be in the profound grade. Yuchi Yan gave a roar and instantly released his true qi.  He actually released his martial spirit, which was a flame shaped martial spirit, also causing the Spirit Jade Sword to let out a clear ring.

Looking at Lin Mu Yu, Yuchi Yan had eyes filled with contempt, “How about it, you don’t dare draw your sword?”

Lin Mu Yu secretly laughed as he slowly took off the black cloth covering the sword.  Although the scabbard looked good, it was lacking in decorations compared to the other side’s white jade sword scabbard, which made Yuchi Yan give a cold laugh and say, “You dare use this kind of trash…..”


When the Purple Yin Sword came out, Lin Mu Yu willed it to not release the glow of a saint grade beast soul.  Holding the sword in one hand, he lifted it up like a grandmaster. With a roar, his battle qi exploded, turning into a white aura around him, causing the white temple battle dress’ cloak to float.  The aura around him instantly underwent a heaven shocking change.

Instantly, the girls in the hall, Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi, the wives and daughters of the generals and ministers were all stunned.  The current Lim Mu Yu’s strength and appearance had reached an unparalleled handsomeness in the empire…..Perhaps the current Lin Mu Yu had already surpassed Chu Huai Sheng, Feng Ji Xing, Yi Fan, and the others.

“Ah Yu has stepped into the Second Heaven Tier!”  Feng Ji Xing said while laughing.

Chu Huai Sheng nodded, “This brat’s improvement is truly fast!”

At this time, a barbarian dress in royal envoy’s clothes couldn’t help sighing in shock, “Great Qin’s Imperial Guards are truly unparalleled in this world!”

Qin Jin gently stroked his beard as his eyes filled with praise.  The adopted son he wanted was a person like the current Lin Mu Yu.  Great Qin did not need a sheep, it needed a lion.

“Come!”  Lin Mu Yu provokingly looked at Yuchi Yan.

Yuchi Yan knew in his heart that his strength couldn’t compare to Lin Mu Yu, but the collision of weapons didn’t completely depend on strength.  The sword in Lin Mu Yu’s hand was unadorned. Although it looked like a fine sword, it definitely was just for looks and he still very much had a chance.


With a roar, Yuchi Yan slashed out with his sword and his true qi instantly reached its peak.

Lin Mu Yu moved forward and instilled his battle qi into the long sword, instantly causing a Golden Umbrella Dragon to appear on the blade.  In an instant, Yuchi Yan’s face had already turned purple as he knew that he had lost!


Passing by, with a clear sound, Yuchi Yan’s Spirit Jade Sword had shattered in half with a single clash.

“How…..How is this possible?  The Spirit Jade Sword is a third profound grade sword……”  Yuchi Yan looked like a frost covered eggplant at this moment.

[TL Note: Pale faced like the inside of an eggplant.]

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