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Chapter 190: Reforging the Demonic Sound Blade

In the afternoon, Lin Mu Yu immediately closed up to forge after arriving in the Falcon’s Nest.

With the remaining bit of ten thousand year old profound iron he bought from the Imperial Capital Store and the ten thousand year old Golden Umbrella Dragon spirit stone, he believed that the weapon he made would not be inferior to Yuchi Yan’s.

At this time, there was a faint itchy feeling coming from his shoulder, as his wound already began to close.  A first grade recovery medicine’s effect was indeed a bit terrifying.



The alchemy cauldron came out and he began to refine the ten thousand year old profound iron.  Perhaps it was the increase in his strength or just battle qi becoming purer, he used less than half an hour to refine around thirty pounds of profound iron.  Starlight fell onto the profound iron and with the quick refinement of the sixth level Heavenly Flame, the thirty pounds of profound iron quickly turned into twenty pounds, which was what Lin Mu Yu wanted to see.  Although Qin Yin’s cultivation wasn’t normal, she was still a girl and her sword didn’t need to be heavy, at least not as heavy as his Dragon Spirit Sword.

He took out the ten thousand Umbrella Dragon’s spirit stone and placed it into the cauldron, slowly refining it.  After around two hours, with a roar, the Umbrella Dragon’s spirit soared out of the spirit stone and charged at Lin Mu Yu.


The alchemy cauldron‘s flame barrier quickly blocked the Umbrella Dragon’s attack and Lin Mu Yu raised the Dragon Spirit Sword.  He slashed out with a roar and released an overwhelming might. The sword glow broke the Umbrella Dragon’s beast spirit and the beast spirit was instantly subdued.  It slowly flowed into the dark liquid iron, which also meant it was complete.


Lin Mu Yu called out before saying, “I am making a sword for Xiao Yin, help me pick out a sword mold suited for girls.  Make sure that it’s a bit graceful.”

Lulu revealed a soft smile, “Alright, it’s a good thing the weapon database came with me and big brother, there are many different sword molds in there.  Lulu will pick out a few for big brother, big brother can choose from those.”


Not long after, screens of light appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  Lulu picked several graceful sword molds and almost all of them looked good.  Finally Lin Mu Yu picked one of them. It had a normal width, but it was very thin and there were flowers carved on the blade, which could be changed into the empires purple yin flowers.

After this, Lin Mu Yu took out the words Qin Yin wrote and said, “Lulu, can you scan the outline of these two words and carve them into the hilt of the sword?”

“It’s a small matter!”

Lulu’s ball of light flew around the words on the paper and soon, the light sword mold had the two words “Qin Yin” on it.

This sword slowly took form.  Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes and seeped his Spiritual Sense into the blade, beginning to temper the blade’s edge.  This blade was formed with modern forging skills, but it worked together with ancient forging skills, being one of the reasons why Lin Mu Yu’s weapons were very sharp and firm.

The Dragon Spirit Sword was made from ten different blades forged together, but because of either the quality of the iron and the purity of the spirit wasn’t high enough, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t keep combining more blades after eight blades.  However, this was considered not bad, at least this sword would be a much higher grade than the prairie sword.

After spending an entire afternoon on this sword, he finally finished before it was dinner time.


The blade entered the basin of water and instantly released steam.  Lin Mu Yu reached out to take the sword out of the water and said with a soft laugh, “This blade does not have a name.  Since it has Xiao Yin’s name on it, we’ll just call it the Purple Yin Sword.”

Lulu said with a faint smile, “Un, good name!”

Lin Mu Yu released his power and battle qi began to enter the Purple Yin Sword.  In the next moment, the golden glow of the Umbrella Dragon appeared around the blade, signifying that this sword had already entered the saint grade!

“Congratulations big brother, this is a seventh saint grade sword!”  Lulu said with a smile.

Lin Mu Yu nodded and revealed a smile.  He found a spare scabbard that fit the sword and it was sheathed with a “dang” sound.  The sound lasted for a while, it was indeed a good sword, not even being that inferior to the Desolate Sword in Qin Jin’s hands.

Continuing on, it was time for the climax!  He would reforge the Demonic Sound Blade!

The little Demonic Sound Blade was pulled from his waist.  He opened his palm and released his battle qi, controlling the Demonic Sound Blade.  It turned into four flying daggers with a “kacha” sound which was the true form of the Demonic Sound Blade and its most lethal form.  It had a strong penetrating power, but if he met a real expert, the Demonic Sound Blade would have close to no use.

Lin Mu Yu took a breath before throwing the Demonic Sound Blade into the alchemy cauldron before giving a soft sigh, “The famous blade of the star Feng Yi Cheng, what will it become in my hands?”

At this time, Wei Chou’s voice came from outside, “Sir, it’s time for dinner.  Are you coming out to eat?”

“No need, just leave my meal outside.”


Closing his eyes, Lin Mu Yu released his Spiritual Sense.  He did not rush in refining the Demonic Sound Blade, but first poured his Spiritual Sense into the Demonic Sound Blade, analyzing it layer by layer.  In the end he found that the structure of the iron inside the Demonic Sound Blade was very mysterious, being layered atop each other. It was actually similar to the molecular structure of diamond, it was no wonder it was that hard!

“Lulu, record the Demonic Sound Blade’s original structure, we’ll refine it according to this.”

“Alright big brother.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly smiling.  Transmigrating with Lulu was like bringing a supercomputer with him.  Him being able to run freely through Orchid Goose City, Lulu’s merits in this wasn’t small.

The Heavenly Flame slowly surrounded the Demonic Sound Blade and refined it layer by layer.  It didn’t completely melt it and refined it layer by layer, the person who originally definitely did not have this kind of refined skills, having a much lower purity of the iron.  Lin Mu Yu found that the iron of the Demonic Sound Blade was very mysterious, it was not like profound iron, cold iron, fine steel, or anything else, and it was similar to the iron of the Dragon Spirit Sword.  It was an unknown metal that came from out of this world, but there was no doubt on its firmness and strength!

After three hours of refining, the impurities in the Demonic Sound Blade were all refined out.  The Demonic Sound Blade was smaller, but there was a faint glow on the blade, while also becoming sharper and more refined.  The critical moment arrived and it was time to start refining the 13400 year old Zenith Beast’s spirit stone!

Lin Mu Yu took a breath and focused his mind.  If the hard to face Zenith Beast’s spirit stone was throw into the alchemy cauldron, there would be no need to consider it, the backlash of the beast spirit in the spirit stone would be very strong.  Even Lin Mu Yu had to prepare for a life or death battle, not to mention…..He had slashed the Zenith Beast’s head off with three slashes, so its hatred for him was not small. It would not be easy to subdue this violent beast’s spirit, but if he couldn’t subdue this Zenith Beast, his plan to reforge the Demonic Sound Blade would fail.

“Roar, roar……”

The vague roars of the Zenith Beast came from the spirit stone, turning Lin Mu Yu’s heart cold.  The Heavenly Flames in the alchemy cauldron surrounded the spirit stone, refining it bit by bit.

The Zenith Beast’s spirit stone was not a normal stubborn.  It was lucky that Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi was very pure from his Dragon Forged Bone Tome, being at a much higher level than cultivators of the same level.  However, even like this, it took around five hours before he finally finished refining in the night. With a “pi, pi, pa, pa” sound, the flames around the spirit stone began to flake away, revealing the golden spiritual energy inside.

“It’s coming…..”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart trembled.  As expected, in the golden light, the invisible beast spirit charged out.  The Zenith Beast finally fought back, cracking the alchemy cauldron’s flame barrier.  Lin Mu Yu had already prepared for this, opening his right hand and sending the Dragon Spirit Sword flying out.  The Dragon Spirit Sword stabbed right into the Zenith Beast’s spirit’s stomach.


The energy collided and the Dragon Spirit Sword entered the beast spirit’s stomach, but it couldn’t be taken out.  It seemed like it could not defeat and subdue this unyielding beast spirit.

Lin Mu Yu took several steps back and both his hands trembled.  Endless profound energy gathered around his hand and his fists came out together as he roared, “Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry!”


The powerful Seven Luminary energy smashed half the Zenith Beast’s spirit’s head in, but this fierce beast would not back down.  It slammed its claws down on Lin Mu Yu’s shoulders with a low roar and opened its bloody mouth to swallow Lin Mu Yu’s head.

“It’s over, am I about to die?!”

Lin Mu Yu was shocked and his heart was like dying embers.  In that moment, it was as if time stopped, but Lin Mu Yu’s veins began to fill with an unprecedented burning sensation.  A burning energy came out of his veins and finally, with a dragon’s roar, a five clawed golden dragon’s claw covered in flames appeared, directly surrounding Lin Mu Yu.  The scarlet gold dragon’s head opened its mouth and while it was moving, it gave an angry roar filled with a king’s prestige aimed at the Zenith Beast!

“Roar, roar…..”

This dragon’s roar was like an invisible domain, that the Zenith Beast couldn’t bite through no matter what.  When this fierce beast saw the star like image of the true dragon, it revealed a trace of fear. With pitiful “wu, wu” sounds, it retreated back into the alchemy cauldron.  It kneeled on the ground with both claws and its head slowly came down, revealing a look of submittance.

Lin Mu Yu was filled with satisfaction.  Even the fierce beast of the Divine Level like the Zenith Beast was only this mediocre in front of a true king dragon, this was the principle of the world?  The strong was respected and the weak could only submit!

While feeling proud, he didn’t forget to pretend as he said with a smile, “Evil thing, you won’t know how powerful this king is if this king does not show you!”

Lulu giggled and said, “Big brother, that’s enough.  Keep refining!”

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