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Chapter 189: All hunting dogs

“Big brother Ah Yu!”

Qin Yan’s face was covered in a smile as the white cloak behind her fluttered in the wind.  There was a purple yin flower butterfly bow swaying in her hair that looked beautiful. There were a group of Dragon Guards behind her and there was Chu Huai Sheng among them, it seemed like this Dragon Guard commander Chu Huai Sheng was personally on duty today.  When Qin Yin’s eyes fell onto the wound on Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder, she instantly became worried. She came forward to gently touch the gauze and asked in worried and soft voice, “You’re injured?”

“Un, just a small injury.”  Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile and respectfully said, “Xiao Yin, why are you here?”

“I heard that you came back to the Ze Tian Palace to report in, so I came over to see you.”


Qin Yin’s snow white little hands went over the wound and she released her energy.  The battle qi slowly entered the wound and she revealed an angry expression, “Your wound is so deep and you still say it’s a small injury…..What was it that injured you?”

Lin Mu Yu revealed an awkward smile, “It really isn’t anything.  I am an Imperial Guard and someone who practices martial arts, it is very normal for me to be injured.”

Qin Yin knew that he didn’t want to say anything, so her eyes fell onto Wei Chou and she said, “What is your name?”

“This little one is Wei Chou.”  Wei Chou was incredibly nervous.  He finally had a chance to talk to the heir to the empire and the number one beauty of the empire, how could he not be nervous and excited.

Qin Yin asked, “Wei Chou, why is my big brother Ah Yu injured?”

Wei Chou was stunned.  Lin Mu Yu’s eyes signalled to him not to say anything, so Wei Chou respectfully said, “Reporting to your highness, sir Lin Mu Yu was injured when we were killing a Golden Umbrella Dragon.  Not only this, we lost an Imperial Guard, Hao Shao.”

“So it’s like this…..”  Qin Yin’s red lips slightly quivered and her eyes filled with heartache as she said, “It’s already the end of the year and the Dragon Seeking Forest has been sealed by snow, the Falcon’s Nest shouldn’t be sent out on patrol.  Who was it that sent this order?”

Wei Chou was stunned, “This little one does not dare say……”

At this time, Ze Tian Palace’s chief manager Che Qiong broke out in a cold sweat.  He quickly came forward and kneeled with cupped hands as he said, “Your highness, it was this old minister’s orders…..This old minister deserves death, I ask for your highness’ forgiveness!”

“Chief manager Che Qiong?”

Qin Yin raised a brow and said, “What order did you give the Falcon’s Nest?”

“Before this year’s winter was over, they had to obtain a 6000 year old or higher light attributed spirit stone…..”

“This is the reason why sir Lin Mu Yu is injured?”  Qin Yin became a bit angry as she said, “Che Qiong, you are the Ze Tian Palace’s chief manager, do you not understand how important the lives of Imperial Guards are?  Royal father has told you before, the Imperial Guards cannot be sent after spirit stones above 6000 years old, otherwise it is equal to sending them to death.”

Che Qiong’s body trembled as he said in a shaking voice, “Your highness, this old minister knows, but…..His majesty invited the famous forger Yuchi Yan to create a divine light attributed weapon for your highness.  It was also because of this that this old minister sent this order to the Falcon’s Nest. I beg your highness to forgive the crimes of this old minister.”

Qin Yin wrinkled her nose and the discontent on her face weakened slightly.  She said in a soft voice, “There definitely cannot be a next time. At least… can’t cause trouble for Lin Mu Yu, otherwise there’s no longer a need for you to be the Ze Tian Palace’s chief manager.”

“Yes, thank you your highness!”

At this time, the handsome Yuchi Yan walked over.  He cupped his hands and bowed as he said, “Your highness, this little one is Yuchi Yan, eldest son of the Tian Shu Province’s noble Yuchi forging family.  This time his majesty invited this one to the capital city just to create a sword at the fourth profound level or higher for your highness. If I can create a smile on your highness’ face, I wouldn’t mind ten thousand deaths!”

Qin Yin had been recognized as the empire’s most beautiful woman since she was sixteen.  The world already knew of the legend of her beauty, so the major province’s noble families’ heirs couldn’t help admiring this heir to the empire.  Even if the Yuchi Family was famous and powerful in the Tian Shu Province, Yuchi Yan could only rely on his forging to come close to Qin Yin.

Faced with respectful Yuchi Yan, Qin Yin revealed the majesty of an eldest princess.  She gave a noble woman’s greeting and said, “Then it’ll be hard for sir Yuchi Yan!”

Yuchi Yan revealed a faint smile, “Your highness does not need to vent your anger on sir Che Qiong, after all, he gave this order for your weapon.  Moreover…..The Imperial Guards can give their lives for the royal family, even dying for your highness’ weapon is their honour. Your highness, isn’t this little one right?”

Qin Yin’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger, but the smile still remained on her face, “Sir Yuchi Yan’s words are not groundless, I understand.  Be assured, I will not pursue chief manager Che Qiong’s abuse of power.”

The Yuchi Family was a large family of the Tian Shu Province, skilled in iron work, business, and trading, even directly providing weapons to the Tian Shu Province royal army garrison.  They had close relationships to many royal army officers, so naturally Qin Yin couldn’t offend the Yuchi Family over a small matter, changing to an appropriate tone of voice.

Yuchi Yan respectfully cupped his hands and bowed as he said, “Your highness, this lowly one has already cast the ten thousand year old profound iron and was just lacking the spirit stone, so it came right in time.  I will cast the sword tonight. If your highness does not mind, can you write the words “Qin Yin” for this subordinate. This little one will place these two words on the blade and with your highness’ fine reputation carved on it, it will certainly be passed on through eternity.”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, secretly thinking that Yuchi Yan was very skilled in the art of praising.  With how polite and skilled he was, if it was a normal girl, wouldn’t she immediately obey him?

Wei Chou gave a cold laugh and whispered, “A good villain that knows how to flatter others…..”

Lin Mu Yu was surprised.  Fuck you, Wei Chou, how could you be this forward.  Your whispered cursing is simply as loud as an airplane engine, it’s so deafening that it’s hard for Yuchi Yan not to hear it.  There would be trouble coming after this!

As expected, Yuchi Yan raised one slanted brow as he looked at Wei Chou and said, “This little one has always lived in the Divine Shadow City of the Tian Shu Province, so this one did not know that the Imperial Guards of Orchid Goose City were such disrespectful people.  Her highness Qin Yin’s benevolence and prestige is known by the world, as long as there is a younger generation, there will be men with hearts of admiration towards her highness. I am being honest, how does it become empty flattery in your mouths? Commander Lin Mu Yu, shouldn’t you properly teach your subordinates?”

Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll certainly teach them better when I return.  I’ve caused trouble for sir Yuchi!”

He had the look of a hoodlum, making Yuchi Yan unable to continue to place blame on him.

But Yuchi Yan was still an unparalleled youth of the Tian Shu Province, how could he accept this kind of insult.  He said in a low taunting voice, “I thought that the imperial guards were heroes, but I never thought that they were a villainous pack of hunting dogs.”

“What did you say?  You dog!” Xiahou Sang finally couldn’t endure his anger.

Lin Mu Yu just smiled and said, “I wonder why sir Yuchi says this.  Why are the imperial guards a villainous pack of hunting dogs?”

“They aren’t?”

Yuchi Yan said with a cold smile, “There are the Imperial Guards to protect his majesty, so the imperial guard army are dispensable.  The Falcon Guards just kill spirit beasts for the royal family, the things you can do, perhaps hunting dogs and falcons can also do. If you truly had skills, I’m afraid her highness would not have been in danger at the Deer Cry Court.”

Qin Yin’s face was filled with discontent, “Sir Yuchi, enough!”

Lin Mu Yu did not play along.  He reached out to stop Qin Yin and looked at Yuchi Yan as he softly said, “The danger of Deer Cry Court, do you know how many imperial guards died?  Yuchi Yan, what kind of thing are you? You’re this pleased with yourself because you made a few weapons? Isn’t your Yuchi Family a forging noble family?  Do you dare compete with me?”

“Compete in what?”  Yuchi Yan gave a cold laugh, “Competing in forging?  A brutish fellow like you, do you understand the crucial moments of controlling fire and the profundities of iron?”

Lin Mu Yu gave a soft laugh and said, “You and I will forge a sword for her highness tonight and we’ll both engrave her highness’ name on it.  We’ll bring it to the Ze Tian Palace tomorrow to compare, do you dare?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?  What is the bet?” Yuchi Yan gave a confident sneer.

“Your trip to Orchid Goose City this time, I’ll bet however much money you brought with you.”

“You…..”  Yuchi Yan gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t bring too much this time, but I’ve brought bills equal to two hundred thousand gold coins.  Do you dare bet?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”  Lin Mu Yu was even more confident as he said, “We’ll ask your highness to watch over the bet this time.”

“Alright…..”  Qin Yin doubtfully looked at Lin Mu Yu.  She didn’t know that Lin Mu Yu also knew forging, she had even thought that Lin Mu Yu’s weapons were bought from the money made from his alchemy.

Actually Lin Mu Yu didn’t want to show off at all, he wanted to hide the matter of his attainments in forging, but Yuchi Yan forced him too far.  If he didn’t suppress him a bit, perhaps the entire Imperial Guards would be insulted.

Qin Yin walked them out of the hall and she said with slightly knit brows, “Big brother Ah Yu, do you really want to bet with Yuchi Yan?  It’s said that other than a few old fogies in the Tian Shu and Ling Nan Provinces, there aren’t many people who can refine sharper weapons than him.”


Lin Mu Yu looked the nearby attendant and said, “Bring pen and paper to let her highness write her name for me.”

“Yes, sir!”

After several minutes, the ink and paper came, but there was no place to write in the vast yard of the Ze Tian Palace and writing on the ground would threaten her highness’ dignity.  When Qin Yin was looking for a place to write, Lin Mu Yu kneeled down on one knee and bent his waist as he said, “Xiao Yin, write on my back.”

“Can I?”  Qin Yin laughed.

“Why now?”

“Alright then…..”

The paper was placed on Lin Mu Yu’s back with his armour supporting it.  Qin Yin dipped the pen in the ink and rolled back her long sleeves. She had a happy smile on her face as she quickly wrote on the paper.

Lin Mu Yu stood up and held up Qin Yin’s writing.  Blowing on the ink to dry, he couldn’t help praising it in his heart.  Qin Yin had written good words and they seem to contain a royal prestige.  In terms of calligraphy, Lin Mu Yu wouldn’t be able to finish praising this in his entire life.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Un, come see me before the Swordsmen Meet.”


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