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Chapter 188: Yuchi Yan

“Shua, shua…..”

Golden gourd vines penetrated the ground and quickly bound the stealthed Zenith Beast.  The thorns on the vines penetrated the wild beast’s skin, making the Zenith Beast lose its stealth.


A poisonous arrow penetrated the wind and directly inserted itself into the Zenith Beast’s other eye, causing fresh blood to splatter and howling to sound out.  The Zenith Beast had both its eyes shot and it wildly threw itself around as it roared in anger. It truly was a violent beast, it still wanted to kill people after it lost both its eyes.


Lin Mu Yu charged forward with his sword.  He used his Falling Star Steps and soared out as fast as a falling star, instantly changing spots.  He brandished his left fist and the blood red Seven Luminary power condensed as his fist slammed onto the Zenith Beast’s face.


This punch was strong enough as it sent the Zenith Beast back a few steps.  Its violent nature was set off and it quickly tried to bite back, but Lin Mu Yu had already dodged out of the way.  With a “pacha” sound, the Zenith Beast’s teeth closed on thin air. Its power and speed were terrifying, but compared to Lin Mu Yu’s Falling Star Steps, the speed was a bit lacking.

“Wu, wu……”

The Zenith Beast intensely shook its head, feeling that its body was different after the attack.  It couldn’t use all its strength and it could only use less than 10% of its spiritual energy.

Compared to that, Lin Mu Yu could use 60% of his battle qi, naturally obtaining the advantage.  Luckily he had the Clear Breeze Drunk, otherwise how could he have this kind of advantage. It was a pity that even though the Zenith Beast used all its tricks, it never imagined that Lin Mu Yu would use poison!


The Dragon Spirit Sword chopped down on the Zenith Beast’s neck covered in flames.  Just a single flame caused its blood and flesh to scatter. The poisoned Zenith Beast didn’t have enough spiritual energy to form its defense.  Just a single slash was enough to penetrate twenty centimeters in and it was deep enough to see bone!


It roared as it shook its head.  Its tail swept out with a sharp glow, but Lin Mu Yu easily avoided it.  To Lin Mu Yu, the current Zenith Beast was just too slow!

Changing his angle, Lin Mu Yu slashed out again at the the wound.

“Ao, ao…..”

The Zenith Beast let out pitiful howls.  Its spine had been snapped and bone fragments scattered all over.  The sharpness of the Dragon Spirit Sword could be imagined and with Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi added in, naturally it wasn’t weak!


The Zenith Beast on the edge of death angrily roared out.  It suddenly raised its head and released a light energy shockwave attack!

Lin Mu Yu quickly condensed the gourd wall to protect himself, as the golden light kept resisting the power wave of the Zenith Beast.  Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others behind had already retreated, they already couldn’t help at all right now.

“Sha, sha…..”

His boots stepped off the ground and he spun very skillfully.  The sword in his hand condensed with his peak strength again and attacked for the third time!


This sound was clearer than before.  Lin Mu Yu’s full strength attack made the Dragon Spirit Sword explode with light as it directly cut off the Zenith Beast’s head.  With a “pada” sound, the giant beast head fell onto the snow as its claws were still waving around and its tail was dancing in the air.  This lasted for around a minute before the headless body finally fell down dead onto the ground.


Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others were stunned.  They had seen many powerful spirit beasts before, but they had never seen a spirit beast with this kind of vitality.


Lin Mu Yu’s butt fell onto the snow holding the Zenith Beast’s head in one hand, saying with a cold smile, “This beast injured the Umbrella Dragon mother and son, and while waiting for its chance, it locked onto us.  After tracking us to Orchid Goose City from the Sharp Ghost Forest, you never thought this would be your fate, right?”

Wei Chou walked out and patted Lin Mu Yu’s shouted.  He said with a large laugh, “Commander, we finally don’t need to fear dying by the Zenith Beast’s hands!”

This was the joy of escaping with one’s life.

Lin Mu Yu revealed a painful grin as Wei Chou’s clap fell unconsciously onto his wound.

“Ah, sorry commander.  This subordinate forgot and deserves ten thousand deaths!”  Wei Chou quickly cupped his hands.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “Get up, it’s fine.  It wasn’t easy killing the Zenith Beast, it’s been hard on everyone.  However…..after we return to Orchid Goose City, we must keep quiet about the Zenith Beast matter and pretend nothing happened.  We’ll just say…..that Han Shao died in the fight with the Umbrella Dragon.”

“Sir, why?”  Xiahou Sang said in a stunned voice, “The Zenith Beast is the nightmare of all cultivators.  For sir to slaughter the Zenith Beast with your strength and plans, there is no one else that could do the same in Orchid Goose City.  Why do you need to hide the truth of this matter?”

Lin Mu Yu smiled as he shook his head and said, “It’s because there aren’t people that can kill the Zenith Beast that we just keep this quiet.  If the God Marquis Palace and the military police found out we killed a Zenith Beast, you can be sure the military police will send people to investigate me or try to steal the Zenith Beast’s spirit stone.  We need to be low key, this is better for us.”

Wei Chou cupped his hand and said, “The commander is wise, this subordinate agrees!”

Xiahou Sang didn’t really understand, but he still cupped his fists.  With a smile, he said, “I, Xiahou Sang am a crude person and don’t understand many things, but sir can be assured that Xiahou Sang will keep this secret!”


Lin Mu Yu stood up and used the Dragon Spirit Sword to cut open the Zenith Beast’s head, throwing the light attributed spirit stone into the Qiankun Bag after.  This was a 13400 year old Zenith Beast’s spirit stone, it was rare whether it was considered from its age or its properties. Lin Mu Yu already had a plan for this good thing.  He would use the Zenith Beast’s spirit stone to refine the Demonic Sound Blade.

Although the Demonic Sound Blade was the star Feng Yi Cheng’s hidden weapon, the Demonic Sound Blade was only sharp and it was far from being a real divine weapon.  It could kill the enemy on the battlefield, but if he faced a true expert, the Demonic Sound Blade would have no use at all. Even the Zenith Beast’s head couldn’t be cut by the Demonic Sound Blade, this showed just how lacking the sharpness was.

Wei Chou used his blade to skin the Zenith Beast, but found that he couldn’t cut it at all.  With a bit of helplessness, he said, “Sir, this Zenith Beast’s pelt is a good treasure and it can be used to make a good leather armour, but my blade isn’t sharp enough and cut into it.  Can sir lend me your Dragon Spirit Sword?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his hand and placed the Dragon Spirit Sword into Wei Chou’s hand.  He said with a smile, “Do it quickly and then everyone can rest for the night. We’ll leave tomorrow morning and we’ll be able to reach Orchid Goose City by noon.”


Not long after, Wei Chou skinned the Zenith beast.  Then because of how precious the Zenith Beast was, they even cut apart the corpse and removed the meat from the bone, loading both into bags.  The heart, liver, and other organs were placed into another bag. As for the head, they dug out the Zenith Beast’s brain. Xiahou Sang was laughing about how smart the Zenith Beast was and if they ate its brain, they would also become smarter, which made Lin Mu Yu smile.  These people dared to eat anything, if they were in the real world, they would either be from Guangdong or be Bear Grylls’ descendants.

With the Zenith Beast dead, everyone was much more relaxed.  This place was very close to Orchid Goose City, so the spirit beasts around here were only around 1000 years old.  Even if a pack of Swift Wolves attack, Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang could fight them off, so Lin Mu Yu finally had a good rest that night.  When he woke up the next day, he found that it was clouded over and snowing again.

There was a simple “tent” above his head, which was the cloaks of the other Imperial Guards used to form a tent around Lin Mu Yu.  Although it couldn’t block the wind, it could block the snow. Lin Mu Yu was just too tired and Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang knew this, so they used all their heart to attend to the boss that saved their lives.

In the morning, they had a delicious meat stew made of the Zenith Beast’s meat, which had a good flavour.  The Zenith Beast had always been at the top of the food chain, but entering the bowls of these people today, it really was pitiful enough.

They drank a bit of wine after eating, warming up their bodies before leaving.

Travelling at fast speeds, they arrived back in Orchid Goose City before noon.

Lin Mu Yu personally went to the Ze Tian Palace to turn in the mission and Wei Chou and the others had to follow him because Han Shao died.  Each Imperial Guard directly reported to the emperor and each person was important. Imperial Guards dying in the line of duty was an important matter, so the matter of Han Shao’s death needed to be investigated by the military police.  It wasn’t acceptable if there wasn’t enough testimonies.

This line of horses arrived at the Ze Tian Palace’s side hall where the chief manager Che Qiong was currently enjoying some wine.  Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said from outside the door, “Sir Che Qiong, the Falcon’s Nest has come to turn in the mission. The 6000 year old light attributed spirit stone has been found.”

“What, this quickly?”

Che Qiong stood up and wiped the grease from his mouth.  With a smile, he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, please come in!”

Lin Mu Yu held out a black cloth where there was a spirit stone lying on it, glowing with light.  He said with a smile, “As for the spirit beasts pelt and other things, I’ll prepare it when I head back.  I was just here to send this over for now.”

“Good, it’s been hard on sir commander!”

Che Qiong revealed a faint smile and spoke to the group of people enjoying wine behind him, “Sir Yuchi Yan, the spirit stone has been found.  Soon you’ll be able to refine a divine weapon for her highness Yin!”

In the group, a man that was around thirty years old with an imposing appearance stood up.  He took the spirit stone with one hand to look over before saying with a smile, “This is a spirit stone with 6500 year old light attributed spirit energy.  With this treasure, I’ll be able to make a sword that makes all the other Orchid Goose City forgers ashamed. Humph, her highness Yin will certainly be satisfied and hold me in high esteems!”

Lin Mu Yu just stood there with a bloody gauze over his shoulder.

Wei Chou knit his brows and whispered, “Sir, this Yuchi Yan did not spare you a glance, this is simply not showing any respect!”

Lin Mu Yu softly said, “It’s fine, we’re heading back!”


But at this time, the sound of eunuch came from outside, “Her highness Yin has arrived!”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “Xiao Yin’s information network is truly quick…..”

Wei Chou said with an understanding smile, “That’s right, after all, sir has already left Orchid Goose City for five days now……”

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