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Chapter 182: Another grandmaster forger

The moonlight cast a pale glow over the tiles outside Ze Tian Palace.  When Lin Mu Yu came out with a basket filled with food, Wei Chou and the others revealed looks of gratitude.  They knew that being with the ruler was like being with a tiger, not to mention being rewarded, Lin Mu Yu coming out alive was a kind of blessing in itself.  But Lin Mu Yu’s expression looked quite good which made them relax.

“So fragrant, what is sir holding?”  Wei Chou asked with a smile.

Lin Mu Yu raised the basket as he said with a smile, “It’s his highness’ personally cooked food, I brought a bit of it out.”

“Ah, really?”  Xiahou Sang’s eyes popped out, “Sir commander, is this really his highness’ personally cooked food?”


“Un, could this be false?”

“Ha, sir, can we try it?”

Lin Mu Yu smiled, “I’m already full, so of course I brought it out for you all.  Alright, it’s not convenient to talk in the Ze Tian Palace. Let’s mount and we’ll talk after leaving the capital city.”


Not long passed before a group of people slowly rode their horses on Tong Tian Street.  The food inside Lin Mu Yu’s basket was given to the Falcon Guards while Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang and the others began eating the bear claws and pheasant meat.  Each one had tears dripping down their faces as they thanked the heavens. To Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others, Qin Jin was the emperor, the ruler of all beings.  To be able to eat the dishes cooked by Qin Jin, it was an honor to them. There were people in the royal army that never even had a chance to see Qin Jin and to be able to eat the food personally cooked by this brilliant ruler, they could die with smile on their faces, right?”


Wei Chou’s eyes were a bit red as he said, “His majesty is truly skills in many aspects.  His cooking skills fills one with praise. No wonder it’s spread among the people that he is the brilliant emperor!”

“Is that…”

Lin Mu Yu felt drunk as he said with a smile, “That’s right…..His majesty indeed can be considered a brilliant emperor…..”

Actually, he didn’t think this in his heart.  Qin Jin indeed was a gentle person, but his greatest shortcoming was also this.  As the emperor, it was good to be gentle, but it wasn’t enough to be a ruler. He couldn’t deal with those aggressive people like Zeng Yi Fan, Luo Xing, and the others.  In terms of the skills of a ruler, Qin Jin only had half of them.

“Is it really that tasty?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

“Un, delicious!”  Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang said together before quickly wiping the tears from the corner of their eyes.

Lin Mu Yu could not shed tears of gratitude like these fellows, but thinking about what Qin Jin said to him in the end, he couldn’t help feeling cold in his heart.  Did Qin Jin really treat him like an adopted son? Perhaps it wasn’t like this. He knew that it was very likely for him to take first place in the Swordsman Meet with his strength.  Perhaps him treating him so well was mostly because of this?

“Am I being used?”

He sighed as helplessness filled his heart.

“Sir, did you say something?”  Wei Chou doubtfully asked.


Lin Mu Yu tightened his clothes and said, “Let’s go a bit faster, it’s cold in Orchid Goose City at night.”


On the Falcon’s Nest Mountain, the cold wind blew like a ghost crying.  Lin Mu Yu sat in his room as he slowly released his Spiritual Pulse Technique.  His mind cleared almost instantly and that drunk feeling disappeared, as his mind was excited.  With his cultivation speed, hi

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling excited.


Standing up and putting on his cape, Lin Mu Yu lifted his right palm as he quickly released his battle qi.  The Fourth Luminary energy came out of his sea of qi, immediately turning into the image of a monster. Streaks of godly and spiritual energy surrounded him, twisting the space around him, as everything faded away.  This was the power of the Fourth Luminary, distorting space and damaging all targets around him.

Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry!


The power suddenly erupted, but when the destructive power was about to explode, Lin Mu Yu suddenly called it back and the space distortions disappeared.  Streaks of battle qi scattered in all four directions, turning into spiritual energy which seeped into the ground. Human cultivation came from the world and the sky, so after the energy was released, it would naturally return to the earth and sky.

In that instant, the high cultivation people in the Falcon’s Nest were awakened.  Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others crawled out of their barracks with stunned looks, “What is it…..That was such a strong energy wave……”

Even though these people didn’t practice a soul technique like the Spiritual Pulse Technique, they could still feel the disturbance from the Fourth Luminary energy.

At this time, a horse rode up the mountain and a voice sounded out.

“I’m here to report to sir commander, there are new tasks from Ze Tian Palace.”

“Please wait sir, I’ll go report to the commander.”

“Many thanks.”

Lin Mu Yu had already put on his armour and walked out as he said, “What is it?”

This messenger was a Dragon Guard and recognized Lin Mu Yu.  He immediately performed a military salute and respectfully said, “Commander Lin Mu Yu, this is the newest patrol tasks from the Ze Tian Palace.  It is all written on this scroll.”

“Un, bring it here.  Many thanks.”

“You’re welcome!”

At this time, Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang and the others came over.  Wei Chou asked, “Sir, this….what is the task?”

Lin Mu Yu opened the scroll and there were many lines of words written on it.

One 6000 year old or above light attributed spirit stone.

Twenty spotter panther pelts.

A tusk from a 3000 year old or above Long Haired Elephant.

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath as he said, “Wanting a 6000 year old or above light attributed spirit stone…..This is a bit hard.  This sir, was this order given by his majesty?”

The Dragon Guard shook his head and said, “No, his majesty is resting since he is a bit drunk.  This task was sent by the Ze Tian Palace’s chief manager, sir Che Qiong. Hei…..If it was his majesty, he would not sent the Falcon’s Nest such a difficult task right before the Swordsman Meet.  A 6000 year old light attributed spirit stone, humph, with how cold it is and the Dragon Seeking Forest covered in snow, where would one find it……”

After saying this, his brows knit as he said, “Commander, how about…..I ask sir Qin Lei to talk to his majesty and exempt this assignment from this mission.”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu raised his hand and said, “There are still five days before the Swordsman Meet, perhaps there is still enough time.  Since the Ze Tian Palace’s chief manager sent this task, the Falcon’s Nest will do our best to complete it. But I want to ask a question, I already gave a 6200 year old light attributed spirit stone last time, so why do they need another one?  Logically speaking……Xiao Yin doesn’t need another spirit stone and she can’t absorb much spiritual energy even if she does get one…..”

The Dragon Guard took a breath, “This spirit stone is not for refining, it is for forging.”

“Forging?”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned as he asked, “What does this mean?”

The Dragon Guard cupped his hands and said, “Commander does not know this, but Ze Tian Palace gathers all the talents in the world.  Just a few days ago, the forging grandmaster of the Tian Shu province, Yuchi Yan was invited into the Ze Tian Palace and his majesty plans on forging a light attributed sword for her highness Yin.  This Yuchi Yan promised that as long as a 6000 year old or above light attributed spirit stone was found, he could forge a fourth profound level or up sword for her highness Yin. For this, his majesty has also granted him ten thousand gold coins.”

“So it’s like this.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a natural smile as he said, “Since this is a task from the Ze Tian Palace, the Falcon’s Nest will do our best to complete it.  Help me tell chief manager Che Qiong that the Falcon’s Nest will complete the task on time.”

“There is no time limit and commander doesn’t need to go.  Perhaps… wouldn’t be too late to go after the Swordsman Meet.”

“Un, I understand.  Many thanks!”

“No need to be polite.  This subordinate will leave now.”

“Alright, I won’t send you off.”

Watching this Dragon Guard disappear into the night, Wei Chou immediately revealed an angry expression as he said, “This is simply absurd, this is going too far…..Does that old fool Che Qiong think of our Falcon’s Nest as his errand boys?  Wanting it just because he says so, does he even think about how strong a 6000 year old and above light attributed spirit beast is. Perhaps even the Dragon Guards would lose a few people if they have to hunt it, not to mention the Falcon’s Nest.  Damn, simply bullying people, simply bullying people!”

Xiahou Sang also said, “That’s right.  Commander, how about we report this matter and have Che Qiong punished for abusing his authority!”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu raised his hand and said, “If his majesty learned of this, he would think that our Falcon’s Nest was incompetent.  Since Che Qiong has made his move, we’ll just finish this mission. Everyone rest early tonight and early tomorrow morning, Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang, you will pick two of the strongest experts in the Falcon’s Nest and the five of us will set off.  We need to find a suitable spirit beast in two days. You are more knowledgeable about the Dragon Seeking Forest, is there a place with a 6000 year old or above light attributed spirit beast?”

Wei Chou’s brows tightly knit as he said, “Sir, this task is just making it difficult for people.  Not to mention the 6000 year old and above light attributed spirit beasts going into hibernation, just the trip alone will cause us to travel for more five days at least…..”

Xiahou Sang to the side was silent for a bit before he said with a frown, “It might not be so…..”

“Oh, does sir Xiahou Sang have an idea?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Xiahou Sang said, “Un, this little one has hunted in the Dragon Seeking Forest with my father in the past.  The Dragon Seeking Forest wasn’t a royal army’s forbidden place back then. I remember that in the southeast corner of the Dragon Seeking Forest, there is a forest named the ‘Sharp Ghost Forest’ near the Tian Shu Province.  It is a forbidden place for hunters and all who entered never came back alive. My father said that there was a spirit beast that could swallow light who was at least 7000 years old, only no one could hunt and kill it. That beast had lived in the Sharp Ghost Forest for several thousand years and even the government was helpless against it.  That Sharp Ghost Forest is around two days away from us, so if we travel nonstop, we should be able to make it,”

“Good.  We’ll leave first thing in the morning and we’ll leave the management of the Falcon’s Nest to sir Xiang Ying.”


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