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Chapter 180: Gold Dragon Seal

The next day, the sunlight sprinkled over Orchid Goose City, making the city walls look even more white.  Lin Mu Yu rode his horse and entered the Imperial Capital Store with a weary look on his face.

“Big brother Ah Yu!”

Jin Xiao Tang’s voice had a kind of appeal to it.  Although Lin Mu Yu knew that this was her business skill, he couldn’t help actually regarding Jin Xiao Tang as a little sister.  Shaking his head, he ridiculed himself, saying that he was too easy to play!

“Here.  Last time’s hundred bottles of Dreaming of the Peak sold for an average of seven thousand and seven hundred gold coins, so that comes to a total of seven hundred and seventy thousand gold coins.  Taking away our 10% fee, that’s a total of seven hundred thousand gold coins. Big brother Ah Yu, please count. This is seven hundred diamond coins that has been prepared for you……”


Seeing the large pile of diamond coins shining in the light, Lin Mu Yu secretly praised that the Imperial Capital Store really had money.  This was the economical center of Orchid Goose City, going from high end weapons, to medicine, to rice for the citizens, cloth, and all kinds of other things, just a single Imperial Capital Store controlled half the market in Orchid Goose City.  It was no wonder Jin Xiao Tang had a high status in Orchid Goose City, being able to summon a storm. This beautiful young girl was concealing her power and biding her time. As long as no one offended her, she would focus on doing business.

Putting the pile of diamond coins into his Qiankun Bag, Lin Mu Yu’s heart was filled with joy.

Jin Xiao Tang tilted her head as he looked at him put away his money.  Her eyes suddenly fell onto the Dragon Spirit Sword on her back and couldn’t help being stunned.  Her mouth went wide open as she said, “Big brother Ah Yu, you made a new weapon?”


“What is this sword called?”

“Dragon Spirit Sword.  It was made from your stubborn stone refined with a ten thousand year old Dragon Snake soul.”

“It looks so powerful……”

Jin Xiao Tang was in high spirits as she said with a smile, “Then…..Big brother Ah Yu, can you let Xiao Tang experience how sharp it is?  I can feel that…..this blade is very sharp, right?”

“Un, how do you want to test it?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Jin Xiao Tang considered it before saying with a smile, “Our Imperial Capital Store has just obtained some shields with incredible defense.  How about this…..I’ll have someone bring a shield over and we’ll give it a try?”


Jin Xiao Tang immediately opened the door and said to someone outside, “Uncle Wang, have the boss of the shield shop bring the Fire Armour Shield he is most proud of over.  Humph, I heard him bragging yesterday that his shield was the strongest thing in the world and no weapon could cut through it, even the emperor’s Desolate Sword could not break it.”

“Alright, young miss, please wait a minute!”

Not long passed before an uncle came in with a flame coloured large shield.  That uncle was the boss of the shield shop. He was only wearing a cotton undershirt on this winter day, revealing his chest hairs, looking very overwhelming.  He could be considered the boss among bosses. He openly walked in and placed the shield down on the ground. With a smile, he said, “Young miss Xiao Tang, what is it…..What weapon did you find to cut through my Fire Armour Shield?  Ha, ha, don’t blame me for not warning you, if you can’t break it, I’m not responsible for your weapon breaking!”

Jin Xiao Tang said with a faint smile, “Uncle Zhou, look, what’s the point of just having a shield.  How about we make a bet?”

“A bet?  Alright, please speak young miss Xiao Tang, what kind of bet?”

Jin Xiao Tang blinked and said, “It’s like this.  If I can break this Fire Armor Shield, the share I receive from the shields you sell will go from 10% to 20%.”

The boss’ eyes suddenly became passionate, “What if you can’t break it?”

Jin Xiao Tang covered her mouth as she laughed, “If it doesn’t break, your shield shop will not be charged a single copper coin for renting space from me, Jin Xiao Tang.  How about it?”

The boss was very satisfied.  He raised his shield and said, “Alright, then it’s a deal.”

To the side, Lin Mu Yu added, “Then…..Can I add in my own chip?”

“What chip?”

“If I can break this Fire Armour Shield, boss Zhou will have to send me two hundred fine shields.  How about it?”

Boss Zhou’s brows jumped up, “Hei, as you wish.  I am confident in my shield.”

“Alright, then please hold the shield.  Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.”

“Relax!  Come!”

Boss Zhou gave a roar and released his qi.  Raising the shield and standing there, he gave off the feeling of a deep pool, which Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly praising.  The Imperial Capital was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, just the boss of a small shop actually has a cultivation of the Second Earth Tier!


The Dragon Spirit Sword came out of the sheath and it released a glow.  Lin Mu Yu raised the sword in one hand as his battle qi wildly rushed into it.  Suddenly the Dragon Spirit Sword lit up as a Dragon Snake appeared around the sword itself.

“Saint beast soul!”  Jin Xiao Tang’s mouth opened wide, “It really is of the saint grade.  Hee, hee, uncle Zhou, you have to be careful!”

Lin Mu Yu jumped out and spun in midair, slashing down with one hand.  The Dragon Spirit Sword created a bright arc in the sky as it fell on the Fire Armour Shield with a vast amount of battle qi!


That sound was very clean and the sword passed through.  In the next moment, Lin Mu Yu had already resheathed his sword, as if the Dragon Spirit Sword had not been drawn at all.

The cut had come in the blink of an eye.  Boss Zhou stood there in a daze, as if he had been shocked by the aura Lin Mu Yu had suddenly released.  This was a Heaven Realm expert!

Looking down, the Fire Armour Shield he was proud of had already been cleaved in half.  Lin Mu Yu power control was perfect, the battle qi only cut the shield and the sword qi did not touch boss Zhou at all, otherwise with the Dragon Spirit Sword’s sharpness, perhaps boss Zhou’s body would have been cut in half.  However, with Lin Mu Yu’s skewed angle, boss Zhou would have been cut into five pieces!

“This…..How is this possible…..”

Looking at the Fire Armour Shield on the ground, boss Zhou had a look of complete and utter disbelief, “This……This was a shield crafted from a ten thousand year old Black Tortoise’s Fire Armour, how could it break…..”

Jin Xiao Tang patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhou, you must accept your loss if you’re willing to gamble!”

Boss Zhou nodded, “Of course, but this sir, can I see your sword?”

Lin Mu Yu crossed his arms and shook his head with a smile, “You can’t, it is just a slightly sharp sword.”

He knew that wealth cannot be exposed.  The only reason he was willing to make this bet was to help Jin Xiao Tang, otherwise he wouldn’t have been willing to draw the Dragon Spirit Sword.  After all, the more people who knew about this sword, the more disadvantageous it was for him.

“Fine, fine……”

Boss Zhou spoke in a dejected voice, “Sir, come with me, I will fulfill my commitment and give you those two hundred fine shields.  I wonder, who are these shield for?”

“You can just directly send them to the Falcon’s Nest.”


Boss Zhou’s eyes lit up and said, “Sir, could it be you’re the new Falcon’s Nest commander, Lin Mu Yu…..The one who saved her highness Yin?”


“Ha, so it’s like this.  This little one’s two hundred shields have not been given to the wrong person!”

“Ha, ha, many thanks then.”

“No need to be polite.  It’s my little shop’s honour to be able to give these shields to the Imperial Guards.”

At night, two hundred shields were sent to the Falcon’s Nest, directly being sent to the stores, being distributed to those who needed it one by one.  Lin Mu Yu, this commander “who ignored his job” finally returned to the Falcon’s Nest. It was good that Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang were helping him take care of the Falcon’s nest, otherwise things would have become messy.


Wei Chou was to his side as he said with cupped hands, “After the winter sacrifice ceremony, Ze Tian Palace has given a new task to the Falcon’s Nest.  This time’s task is quite simple. We have a month to hunt thirty Cloud Deers and obtain five hundred Swift Wolf pelts. Other than that, his majesty is preparing special made uniforms for the commanders guarding the border, so we need one hundred Snow Fox skins.  This subordinate led thirty people into the Dragon Seeking Forest yesterday and we hunted forty Snow Foxes.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “Your efficiency is that high?”

Xiahou Sang teased, “Sir Wei Chou’s archery skills are exquisite, he could be considered killing from a hundred steps and hitting all one hundred shots.  Adding in the Demon Devouring Bow sir commander gave him, killing those snow foxes is like killing chickens with a butchering knife.”

Wei Chou said with an awkward smile, “Sir Xiahou is too generous with your praise, this is the result of the Falcon’s Nest soldiers working as one.”

As he said this, Wei Chou suddenly thought of something and said, “Sir, five days from now, there is the Swordsman Meet that happens once every three years.  There’s less than three days left for the registration, has sir registered yet? This subordinate heard that Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and the others are all participating!”

“Oh, the Swordsman Meet is finally about to begin?”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a grin as he said, “Alright, where do I register?”

“The Swordsman Meet is managed by the Ze Tian Palace, so you can just directly register in the Ze Tian Palace.  It’s very expensive to register, it costs one hundred gold coins, which means normal people can’t participate. After you register, one needs to pass the military departments test, so it is very hard for people of low backgrounds to participate.”

“It’s like this…..”  Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “What benefits are there to winning the Swordsman Meet?”

“One can obtain the ‘Golden Dragon Seal’ bestowed by his majesty, which is a qualification higher than the Tiger Seal.  The person with the Golden Dragon Seal can conscript ten thousand people from the royal army in any province, but they have to report to Ze Tian Palace after doing so.  I think the Golden Dragon Seal is more important as a symbol!”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “There must be a lot of people participating in the Swordsman Meet, right?”

“The noble young masters with decent cultivations will all be participating and there are quite a few people rushing over from the eleven other provinces to participate.  To many declining nobles, being able to win the Golden Dragon Seal is the turning point to their family’s rise.”

“Will Xiang Yu be participating?”  Lin Mu Yu softly said, “If Xiang Yu is participating, I’m afraid others won’t have a chance.”

Wei Chou laughed, “Sir doesn’t need to worry, commander Xiang Yu will not be participating.”


“Because the Swordsman Meet’s age limit is thirty five and commander Xiang Yu is already thirty seven……”

“Good, then it’s settled!”

Lin Mu Yu pressed down on the table and said with a smile, “Wei Chou, come with me to the Ze Tian Palace!”


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