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Chapter 173: Heavenly Flame

The umbrella was not big, so Tang Xiao Xi could only walk close to him.  Lin Mu Yu made sure most of the umbrella was over Tang Xiao Xi, so in an instant, half of his clothes became soaked.

Falcon’s Nest Mountain was like its name with thousands of cliffs and a single peak soaring into the sky.  It was very similar to Dragon Courage Camp’s Dragon Cliff Mountain, but the only difference was that Dragon Cliff Mountain was wider and could hold more people.

At this time, thunder roared in the distance as rain continued falling to the ground.

Lin Mu Yu naturally reached out to hold Tang Xiao Xi’s shoulder.  The two of them walked to a cliff on the side of Falcon’s Nest Mountain and looked into the distance.  Orchid Goose City was lit up by the lightning and swayed in the wind and rain. Tang Xiao Xi’s face turned and feeling Lin Mu Yu holding her, her face couldn’t help blushing.  Her dimples could be seen as she smiled and said, “Mu Mu, don’t you feel…..This is very romantic?”



Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “A single bolt of lightning is enough to turn someone into ashes.  Heaven’s might is not to be trifled with and the Falcon’s Nest Mountain is the highest spot in Orchid Goose City, so it is easy to be struck by lightning.  It really isn’t romantic…..”

Tang Xiao Xi gave a laugh.  She said in a soft as a mosquito voice, “You really don’t know how to read the mood…..”

“Un, what?”

“Nothing.  Are you going to inspect the camp?”

“No need.  There’s Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang there and the sentry posts we have on the edge are not easy to climb to.  Relax, the Falcon’s Nest is very safe right now and they are all people on our side, the God Marquis’ people in the Falcon’s Nest have all been chased out by me.”  Lin Mu Yu said with a confident smile, “How could I accept people belonging to others under my eyes? I am not like his majesty in tolerating dissidence.”

Tang Xiao Xi was a stunned and hesitantly said, “Actually……”

“Actually what?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Tan Xiao Xi did not say anything as she reached her hands around Lin Mu Yu’s waist and buried herself in his arms.  It was unknown if it was because she was cold or if it was something else, but her body was slightly trembling as she said, “Actually his majesty has things that are hard to bring up, do you know that Ah Yu?  The Radiant King Qin Jin, the reason why he is known as the Radiant King is because he quelled the rebellion in the north and the south, killing three hundred thousand enemies in the north and one hundred and seventy thousand in the south, becoming known as the Radiant King.  But the true leader in those wars was Zeng Yi Fan…..The one known as the God Marquis!”

After saying this, she pursed her red lips as her beautiful eyes looked at the lightning in the distance.  Her eyes sparkled as she said, “Zeng Yi Fan was named marshal twice and has over 80% of the empire’s army in his control.  After these few years, the emperor has weakened Zeng Yi Fan’s control and we finally reached today’s situation. Of the seven main cities in the empire, three of them, Orchid Goose City, Seven Seas City, and Twilight Rain City belong to the emperor.  But the other four cities, the majority of the soldiers there support Zeng Yi Fan……Of the twelve provinces, five are under the control of the imperial capital while the other seven manage themselves. His majesty Qin Jin does not have a high opinion of Zeng Yi Fan, but he doesn’t dare move against him.”

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath before saying, “Xiao Tang knows more than I do…..”

Tang Xiao Xi revealed a faint smile, “I grew up in Seven Seas City and have heard many things, so naturally I know more than you?  However, Mu Mu, your status is different from back in Silver Fir City. You are now one of the three Imperial Guard commanders and also a senior commander with authority, so there are some things you should know.  That’s right, I’ll give you a map of military distribution among the twelve continents, you should learn this sooner or later.”

“Un, thank you Xiao Xi.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile and said, “It’s a pity Xiao Xi’s status is too high, otherwise I would keep you by my side as a marching staff officer.”

Tang Xiao Xi smiled and said, “Status?  I…..I don’t have any high position. As long as Mu Mu wants it, I can stay in the Falcon’s Nest with you.  The Seven Sea Duke’s Palace is boring…..If we mention status, Xiao Yin’s status is too high and can’t be a marching staff officer for you.”

“That’s right…..”

Lin Mu Yu thought of Qin Yin.  Qin Yin had grown up in the Ze Tian Palace, perhaps she knew more about the pressure in this area than Tang Xiao Xi.  Thinking of this, he immediately asked, “Xiao Xi, Seven Sea City’s troops are being controlled by your grandfather, Duke Cang Lan.  Then…..if Duke Cang Lan were to pass and I’m saying if, then who would control the soldiers then? Would it be you?”

“It wouldn’t.”

Tang Xiao Xi shook her head and said, “After all, I am a daughter, so unless there is no other choice, I will never be given control over the soldiers.  Speaking of this, I have many big brothers above me and with them there, how could I obtain control over the soldiers. Moreover, I’m not interested in this, but are you saying…..”

Her eyes opened wide as she looked at Lin Mu Yu with a smile and said, “Are you saying you want me to control Seven Seas City?  If it’s like this…..I can give it a try. Grandpa really pampers me and if I get rid of old habits, perhaps Seven Seas City controller title will be passed to me?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “This…..Forget it, I don’t want you to be that tired.  Then again, I am a satisfied person and having you by my side is good. If you really went back to Seven Seas City to become your family’s head, perhaps it would be hard for me to even meet you once.”

“Yes, Mu Mu is the smartest!”

At this time, with a “kacha” sound, a purple bolt of lightning fell on the peak in front of them, directly setting a pine tree on fire.  There were lavender flames that sporadically filled the sky and this flame slowly dug into the rocks, which in the blink of an eye, actually melted down the rocks!


Lin Mu Yu’s eyes went wide as he said, “What kind of flame is that, it can actually break down the rocks?”

Tang Xiao Xi narrowed her eyes, “It’s the Heavenly Flame…..The legendary Heavenly Flame can burn everything and perhaps that rock is only a small matter.  I never thought there would be Heavenly Fire here. Mu Mu, we should quickly leave here, once the Heavenly Flame falls onto us, even a Saint Realm expert’s body would be turned to ashes……”


Lin Mu Yu thought of something and said, “Xiao Xi, go back to my room and wait for me.  I need this Heavenly Flames!”

This Heavenly Flame came from nature, but it was even hotter than the Purgatory Flame.  Wasn’t this what Lin Mu Yu needed?

Tang Xiao Xi looked at his determined expression and bit her red lips as she said, “Fine then.  If Mu Mu doesn’t leave, I’ll stay here with you.”

“No, Xiao Xi, go back.  This place is dangerous.”

“Humph, let’s see if you dare force me back.  I am a princess.” The beautiful princess quickly took up an unruly appearance.

Lin Mu Yu gave a shrug, “Alright then.  Help me open the umbrella, I’m going to refine this Heavenly Flame!”


Tang Xiao Xi held the umbrella and because of the height difference, she had to stand on her tiptoes.

Lin Mu Yu did not care about the heavy rain as he quickly walked to where the Heavenly Flame had fallen.  Reaching his hand out, he released his battle qi and the glowing shape of the alchemy cauldron surrounded this Heavenly Flame, after which Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes.  Refining this kind of flame was not easy, he needed to understand its temperature and nature. The Purgatory Flame was violent in nature and this Heavenly Flame’s nature was a destructive temperature.

“Weng, weng, weng…..”

The alchemy cauldron began to slowly tremble.  The Heavenly Flame tried to escape the cauldron like it had intelligence and Lin Mu Yu used his battle qi to control this Heavenly Flame, making it submit so he could use it.

The night wind was cold and it was like a blade blowing across one’s skin.  Tang Xiao Xi was slightly trembling and she couldn’t help summoning out her Fire Fox Martial Spirit,  The little fox lingered around her shoulders, giving its master warmth. Lin Mu Yu nearby was focused on refining the Heavenly Flame.  His eyes were closed and he was surrounded by battle qi, just like a war god sitting in recluse.

When Tang Xiao Xi saw him like this, her lips curved into a smile.  It was as if watching him like this was a happy matter.

This refining process lasted for an entire seven hours.  When the Heavenly Flame had been refined and tamed, it was already dawn, but the ice cold rain was still falling.

Lin Mu Yu slowly let out a sigh of relief as he opened his eyes where there was a strange glow in his pupil.  When he turned around, he found that Tang Xiao Xi was about to be frozen into a beautiful ice sculpture, with even her long hair having ice stuck to it.  She was silently watching him with wide eyes, not saying a word.

“Are you alright, Xiao Xi?”

His heart was worried as he quickly supported her, “Was it too cold?”

Tang Xiao Xi felt her body trembling from the cold and she nodded, “Wu, why are you not cold at all.  Your body is still this warm…..”

“Because I am a young man!”


“Let’s quickly head back!”


Returning to Lin Mu Yu’s room, he quickly ordered Wei Chou to boil some water to let Tang Xiao Xi take a bath and to boil some ginseng soup for her.  Lin Mu Yu guarded outside the door and when Tang Xiao Xi finished bathing, eating, and sleeping, he finally went in.

“Are you a bit better?”  He looked at Tang Xiao Xi lying on the bed and asked.

Tang Xiao Xi nodded with a smile, “Un, much better.”

“Your guards are outside, they seem like they’ll kill me if I don’t give you to them…..”

“Hee, hee, leave them be!  Mu Mu, don’t go, stay with me alright?”

“Alright then…..”

Lin Mu Yu sat beside the bed and watched as Tang Xiao Xi fell asleep before starting to work.  That’s right, he could now refine that stubborn stone!


The alchemy cauldron appeared in the great hall and Lin Mu Yu raised it with one hand while throwing the Nine Heavens Spiritual Iron in with the other.  With a low chant, the sixth level’s refining flame, the Heavenly Flame poured in. The Nine Heavens Spiritual Iron was heated up and soon, the outer layer began to peel off.  It had really succeeded!

The Heavenly Flame truly was not ordinary, its refining effect was much, much stronger compared to the Purgatory Flames!

After around two hours, the Nine Heavens Spiritual Iron finally turned into liquid.  Lin Mu Yu took out the 12300 year old Dragon Snake spirit stone from his Qiankun Bag and began to refine the spirit stone.

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