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Chapter 169: Painful beating as a greeting gift

“Sir leader, we…..we…..”  A Dragon Courage Camp mercenary was stunned, not knowing what medicine Lin Mu Yu had ingested.  He could not guess what this leader was thinking.

Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi was released, adding more gourd walls.  With a raised brow, he said, “Only a coward would beg for mercy.  The Dragon Courage Camp is named this way because our body is filled with courage.  If you are not a coward, think of a way to defeat me, otherwise how are you worthy of being a mercenary of my Dragon Courage Camp?  Hei, come……”

Instantly, he provoked all these people.  The mercenaries raised their weapons and had appearances of risking it all.

Luo Yu stood on the side looking stunned.


In the next instant, the battle continued.  A large group of mercenaries brandished their weapons as they attacked Lin Mu Yu, also showing off a variety of “skills”.

“Evil Dog Stealing Shit!”

“Umbrella Dragon in the Sky!”

“Lion Stealing the Peach!”

“Life Taking Chained Thunder Kick!”

The various attacks landed on the gourd wall and they were followed by Lin Mu Yu’s counterattacks.  Fist after fist were sent out, knocking these mercenaries black and blue. However, it was like these mercenaries were enraged as they charged forward with faces covered in blood.  Under these circumstances, Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi could not be maintained. Faced with all these Human Realm and Earth Realm experts, he could only use the Second Luminary to send them all back.  If these people attacked all out from the beginning, Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi would have been consumed much faster.

Very quickly, gaps began to form on the gourd wall.  Large blades, staffs, and various weapons slammed down on the Black Turtle Shell’s flame barrier.  Over half of these people had martial spirits and they attacked all out adding their martial spirits to their weapons.  Although Lin Mu Yu’s fists sent seven-eight people flying, being surrounded like this was hard to deal with. It was a good thing he had the defenses of the gourd martial spirit.  If it was Feng Ji Xing or Chu Huai Sheng who had attack attributed martial spirits, if they didn’t die, they would have suffered heavy injuries and would have been unable to hold on a long time ago.

“Pa zi…..”

A streak of lightning condensed in Lin Mu Yu’s palm.  The prairie sword came out from the horse’s back and with the imperial thunder sword, he swept out in all four directions, sending everyone’s weapons flying.  Lin Mu Yu gave a low roar and used the wind imperial sword to create strong wind around him, sending everyone back several steps.


Lin Mu Yu stood in his original position as the prairie sword appeared above his shoulder, sparkling with lightning.  He revealed a faint smile, “You did not disappoint me, being able to do this is already not bad.”

At this time, the mercenaries on the ground stood up one after the other.  There was a large man wiping his bloody nose as he said, “Sir leader, you are that…..Lin Mu Yu that saved the emperor and the number one beauty, her highness Yin in the Deer Cry Court?”


“Ah, you’ve seen her highness Yin before?  What does she look like?” Everyone opened their eyes wide.


Lin Mu Yu was a bit speechless as he said, “Should you be paying attention to her highness Yin?  Then again, what relation would her highness Yin have with you guys……Cultivate properly and turn the Dragon Courage Camp into the number one mercenary group in Orchid Goose City.  That is our first step.”

Luo Yu’s heart had already been trampled by over a million horses.  He never thought that Lin Mu Yu’s training method would be so strange, giving a painful beating as a greeting gift.  He cupped his hands and gave Lin Mu Yu a military salute with a smile before saying, “Sir leader is wise!”

Everyone also gave a salute.  This military salute gave Lin Mu Yu a pleasant feeling, like these Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries weren’t just a motley crew.  Although….their appearance and expression made them look like bad people.

Luo Yu held a register of names and said, “Sir, we have already recruited sixty two mercenaries.  Also, in another two hours, there will be another group joining us, adding another thirty people. They are a group of mercenaries that wandered over from Seven Seas City.”

“Wandering mercenaries?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a frown.

Luo Yu couldn’t help smiling as he said with cupped hands, “Sir, be assured.  Although these mercenaries have their hands dyed with blood, they are all people who don’t have inexcusable sins.  They have never harmed an innocent person before.”

“Un, then that’s good.  Prepare for a bit and when these people come, we will immediately head for a new camp.”

“Oh?  Our horses haven’t arrived yet, they should be here around dusk.”

“Then we’ll wait for dusk.”


In the afternoon, a group of people came to this abandoned camp who were the mercenaries from Seven Seas City.  These people had exhausted looks on their faces. The leader was Luo Yu’s old friend, so he came to join them. There was a total of thirty nine people, so Dragon Courage Camp exceeded one hundred people.  A bit later, a group of horse sellers came with warhorses, bringing a total of over one hundred and fifty horses which were a variety of northern desert warhorses. They had good speed and endurance, so each one had a cost of one hundred gold coins, costing Dragon Courage Camp a total of fifteen thousand gold coins!

Later there had to be special armour and uniforms made for Dragon Courage Camp, this was also an expense.  Adding in the weapons, food, and etc., creating an army was simply throwing away money!

It was a good thing Lin Mu Yu did not lack money.  His forging techniques were enough for him to be a local tyrant.

They arrived at the Swordsman Hall headquarters late at night.  The Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries looked over everything while an imperial guard commander greeted Lin Mu Yu.  With a polite smile, he said, “Commander Lin Mu Yu, our commander wanted us to wait here to hand everything off to you.  This is your Dragon Courage Camp? Hei…..they seem like not too bad of a group.”

His smile had a bit of strangeness to it!

Immediately someone from the Dragon Courage Camp charged out with his spear.  Pointing the blade, he said, “What are you trying to be mysterious for. If you have the skills, then fight three hundred rounds with me!”

Lin Mu Yu immediately sharply said, “Be quiet, go back.”

“Yes, captain……”

He walked away in a sulking manner, this was the result of Lin Mu Yu’s beating.  This “motley crew” had to lose their arrogance first, otherwise they would never become real military men.

Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Un, it’s them.  Thank you general, I will personally thank commander Feng when I head back.  Then I’ll head up the mountain, thank you all. This mountain will be guarded by our Dragon Courage Camp now.”

“Alright, then we’ll be leaving first.”

“Many thanks.”

The five hundred imperial guards descended the mountain in an ordered manner, causing the Dragon Courage Camp hooligans to be stunned watching them.  When Lin Mu Yu saw this, he laughed in his heart. After awhile, he said, “Don’t be jealous of them, there will be a day when you are also like that. Perhaps, you will even be stronger than them!”

“Yes, captain……”

The Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries cup their hands.  At this time, their eyes looking at Lin Mu Yu was not only filled with awe, but also filled with respect.  This was the thought process of all normal people, who was willing to remain as a ruffian? If possible, they would all want to wear the dazzling armour of the royal army.  Serving the country, being loved by the citizens, it was an honour to become a soldier, guarding one’s country.

Luo Yu stood to the side watching and listening to Lin Mu Yu’s every word and action, as if he was being slightly infected.

A group of people ascended the mountain where the residence had already been prepared.  At least it was enough for a group of people to live in it. The Dragon Courage Camp’s flag was inserted into the headquarters while fluttering in the night wind.

“This mountain doesn’t have a name yet…..”  Lin Mu Yu pondered this as he spoke.

Luo Yu revealed a faint smile, “This mountain is covered in cliffs, looking like a single peak piercing into the heavens, just like a real dragon head.  How about calling it ‘Dragon Cliff Mountain’? What does sir think about that?”

“Dragon Cliff Mountain…..Dragon Cliff Mountain…..”  Lin Mu Yu repeated it twice, thinking about Long Yan, that gold ranger from Swordsman Hall.  He spent his life chasing after prestige and fortune, finally being killed by Jiang Feng Lie.  However the name Dragon Cliff Mountain was not bad, so they’ll treat it as an unknown memorial for this nameless traveller.  He said with a smile, “Un, bring some artisans here tomorrow and engrave the words Dragon Cliff Mountain on the cliff wall. This mountain will be our Dragon Courage Camp’s territory from now on.”

“Yes, sir!”

“That’s right, keep sending people into Orchid Goose City to recruit people of good moral character to join our Dragon Courage Camp.  After they join, give them a salary each month, one that they can depend on. Other than that, give them large amounts of training each day, let them practice riding, archery, swordsmanship, and etc.”

“Un, this subordinate will supervise the training matter, sir does not need to worry.  That’s right, do we need to receive missions from the mercenary guild?”

“No, no need for that.”  Lin Mu Yu’s eyes shined as he said, “You can send people to the surrounding villages to help out.  If they have any requests, we will do our best to complete them, especially if there are wandering mercenaries terrorizing the surrounding villages.  Think of a way to exterminate them all. Around the area of Dragon Cliff Mountain, there can only be our Dragon Courage Camp, sweep out all the other ruffians!”

Luo Yu couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Sir….Is our strength enough for that?  According to my knowledge, there are several wandering mercenaries around Dragon Cliff Mountain and the one with the most people have at least two thousand people who are all bandits.  These people will not be able to deal with, can we really become enemies with them?”

“Of course we can.”

Lin Mu Yu’s lips curled as he said word for word, “After a wandering mercenary group is destroyed, we can capture people with good morals.  Those with enough strength can join us. After training, we will be able to expand ourselves. Other than that, there is something else you need to pay attention to.”

“What is it, sir?”

“Military law must be strict and order must be kept.  Once a member of Dragon Courage Camp causes trouble for the citizens, kill them without any amnesty.”

“Yes sir.  Be assured, this subordinate will remember this!”

“Un, that’s good.  I’ll be returning to the capital, I’ll leave things here to you for now.  If you run out of money, come find me.”


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