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Chapter 159: Two pronged approach

The sound from under the ground suddenly stopped as if it did not happen at all.  Chu Huai Sheng’s eyes were opened wide in alert for five minutes, but he did not find anything.  Qin Lei couldn’t help laughing as he reached out to pat Chu Huai Sheng’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be so nervous, there is no sound at all…..”

Chu Huai Sheng slightly knit his brows, “Commander, my spiritual sense would not make a mistake.”

“Then just…..prepare yourself.”



The cold moonlight sprinkled down on the ground like blue frost.  In the eastern open ground of the Deer Cry Court, there were a group of bonfires swaying in the wind.  This was an imperial guard camp with around a thousand imperial guard soldiers. The sound of hooves rang as the hundred man patrol entered into the camp.

“Hua la……”

With the clattering sound of armour, Bai Li stood up.  On the corner of his collar was a golden emblem which was the symbol of a royal army thousand man commander.  He knit his brows and looked into the distance as he said, “This silent night always feel very strange, not even a single spirit beast has come.  This is too strange…..”

To the side, a hundred man commander cooking a hare said with a smile, “Sir, you must be too worried about the safety of this emperor’s hunting trip.  Relax, there are over six thousand imperial guard soldiers and Imperial Guards all around the perimeters. Which trash with the courage of leopard would dare make a move against us?”

Bai Li nodded, “Un.  Although your words aren’t wrong, still have our brothers stay vigilant.  Don’t sleep too deeply tonight and be in a state of high alert, prepare to fight at any moment.”


At this time, on the hill to the east of the camp, there were streaks of flames that appeared, but they also quickly disappeared.  It was the Swordsman Hall group with over two thousand people appearing in the hundred meter tall hill, taking advantage of the night and the forest to hide.

Ji Yang pulled the reins of his horse to slowly move forward as he shouted in a low voice, “We will soon be entering the imperial guard army’s patrol range, so all Silver Rangers will prepare to move out.  We will kill the hundred men patrol within an hour and we can’t make a single sound before entering the imperial guard army’s camp. That’s right, where’s Lin Yan?”

A ranger cupped his hands and said, “Great Envoy, Envoy Lin Yan said he needed to use the washroom and went to go pee, but he never came back.  It has already been a hour since there has been news of him.”

“He’s gone?”

Ji Yang’s expression turned cold as he said, “Bastard, he actually disappeared at this time…..”

Li Qian Xun gave a cold laugh, “I knew that Lin Yan wasn’t on our side, keeping him in the headquarters was a large disaster.  Big brother, how about we cancel today’s plan!”


Ji Yang suddenly waved his hand and softly said, “We can’t let go of this once in a thousand year chance, there will not be a next time.  Not to mention…..Cang Bai He is also here with his ‘treasure’. So even if Flame Cauldron Qu Chu is in the camp, we will kill our way into Deer Cry Court and take the ruler’s head.  Focus yourselves and prepare to attack!”


In the night, the imperial guards patrol had been separated into four different groups with each group having one hundred people.  There were currently one hundred people on horses patrolling the woods, each one having a flare in their hand looking around them. Perhaps it was the sound of their horse’s hooves being too loud, but they actually didn’t discover anything strange in the woods.


An ice cold arrow came from the darkness, landing in the neck of the hundred man commander with a “puchi” sound.  Then there was a rain of arrows that followed.

“Be careful, there is an ambush!  Immediately sound the signal!

It was unknown who called out, but an imperial guard quickly took the horn from his waist.  When he was about to place it to his mouth, he saw a dark figure charging at him with milky white battle qi!


With a muffled sound, the imperial guard’s forehead had already been smashed in.  Following this, experts with incredible cultivation jumped out of the forest, they were the Gold and Silver Rangers of Swordsman Hall.  This group of imperial guard soldiers were just normal people, with some not even reaching the Human Realm, how could they be a match for them.  They were all completely massacred in the blink of an eye.

Ji Yang’s palm was covered in blood and his face was covered in hostility.  Looking up in the distance, he said, “Why hasn’t the signal been sent yet? What is Cang Bai He doing?”

Li Qian Xun said in a low voice, “Just wait, there will be one.”

In the Deer Cry Court inner courtyard, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and the others all held their swords as they stood guard outside.  They were followed by thirty Dragon Guards. At this moment, a “long, long” sound suddenly rang again and Chu Huai Sheng raised his ears as he shouted, “It’s coming!  Be careful of the underground!”

The Dragon Guards were all awed.


With a large explosion, soil mixed with rocks burst from the ground and a fierce looking head appeared in the inner courtyard.  The Earth Drilling Dragon Snake instantly bit at a Dragon Guard when it appeared. That Dragon Guard’s face turned white as he quickly circulated his true qi.  With a low roar, a blood red sickle martial spirit condensed on his chest and he shouted, “Break for me!”


With a sound from the martial spirit, the sickle quickly spun at the Dragon Snake’s giant mouth, but how could it cut those hard as iron scales.  The Dragon Snake closed its mouth with a roar and a “puchi” sound was heard as that pitiful Dragon Guard was bitten into two halves. Fresh blood flowed and at the same time, Cang Bai He stood up on the back of the Dragon Snake as he released his aura and shouted, “You want to stop me with just you?”

An iron stick fell from the sky, aimed at Chu Huai Sheng’s head.

Chu Huai Sheng looked up, but his body could not move under the Saint Realm pressure.  He couldn’t help gritting his teeth as starlight was released from his body and he instantly exploded with battle qi, “Golden Cicada Shedding!”


When Cang Bai He’s iron stick fell, it only landed on Chu Huai Sheng’s afterimage.  A cold chill came from behind him as a “chi” sound could be heard. Chu Huai Sheng had already appeared behind him and sent a heavy blow against Cang Bai He’s battle qi armour.  Although it didn’t penetrate, it made Cang Bai He’s aura fall into chaos which allowed Qin Lei and the others to separate themselves from the domain. The Dragon Guards drew their swords and formed a circle around Cang Bai He and the Dragon Snake.

“Roar, roar, roar……”

The Earth Drilling Dragon Snake had a body as hard as iron and it was even a 11300 year old Dragon Snake.  It gave an angry roar and turned the surrounding land into dust. It swept out with its tail and two Dragon Guards were sent flying like flies, being seriously injured.  The counter attack of the Dragon Guards were very weak, with their arrows bouncing off the scales of the Dragon Snake, not hurting it at all.

“Wild Thunder Array!”

Countless bolts of lightning fell like rain around Qin Lei while six God Binding Locks appeared around him.  He raised the Thunder Cleaver as he soared over Cang Bai He, sending out three slashes with a single roar. The reason why the God Binding Lock was known as the number one martial spirit was because of its incredible attacking power.  These three slashes landed on Cang Bai He’s iron stick and it caused this Saint Realm Expert’s vitality to fall into chaos as he was forced back several steps.


Qin Lei’s eyes turned stern as he shouted, “Send a message to request for backup.  Have the surrounding Imperial Guards bring the ‘acid water’. The Dragon Snake’s scales are too strong, only the acid water can penetrate it!”

When his voice fell, with a “xiu” sound, a red light came from the hand of Dragon Guard, going into the sky.  This was the signal of the Imperial Guards. At the same time, Cang Bai He raised his long stick and a white battle qi was released into the sky, creating a white light in the sky with a “weng” sound.  It seemed like he was also sending a signal.

“This is bad…..”

Chu Huai Sheng gripped his sword and said, “Commander, they have another attack team, what should we do?”

“Relax, there is still Feng Ji Xing!  We have to kill this old thing, Cang Bai He first, we can’t let him take a step into the main hall.”


At this time, the signals of both sides were sent out as if there was a tacit understanding.

The eastern camp’s imperial guard army was stunned, but thousand man commander Bai Li stood up and raised his sword as he mounted a horse.  Then he said, “There’s something that has happened inside the palace. First camp, second camp, mount up and follow me in to send reinforcements.  The rest of you will stay here and guard the Deer Cry Court eastern gate.”


Everyone quickly mounted their horses.

But once Bai Li left, the sound of horses came from the dark as a group of cruel Swordsman Hall rangers killed their way in like wind scattering the clouds.  They were led by Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun with their Heaven Realm strength and there were many Gold, Silver, and Bronze Rangers, so how could the remaining several hundred soldiers stop them?

“Shields, shoot the arrows!”

Large shields became an impenetrable wall and long spears were poking out from within the shields.  The remaining imperial guards launched their counterattack as they charged forward. The spears stabbed into Rogues and Rangers, making the Swordsman Hall people unable to fight back.  This was the advantage the army had.

“Fire arrows!”

Close to a hundred imperial guard soldiers shot arrows which quickly fell onto the Swordsman Hall group, instantly killing several dozen people.

At this time, a serious voice sounded out, “Move, I’ll do it!”

Ji Yang made his move.  He jumped off the back of his horse and raised his hand in midair, gathering a blood red battle qi as he angrily roared, “What bullshit royal army imperial guards, break for me!”


A giant blood red palm slammed into the shields and instantly smashed through them like a gust of wind.  Ji Yang charged into the group of imperial guards, with both palms dancing around him, each palm slamming out with battle qi.  He was very ruthless and had killed dozens of imperial guards in the blink of an eye. It was very hard for the imperial guards to hurt him, after all, the armour of battle qi that surrounded him was too thick and there were no martial spirits that could penetrate it.

In less than five minutes, the position of the close to six hundred imperial guards was crushed with half of them dying, but the remaining half was still fighting back.  It was the iron rule that Feng Ji Xing had instilled in them, the royal army’s imperial guards would rather die than fall!

Ji Yang did not remain as he led his group past the imperial guards position and charged into Deer Cry Court.  In the night, the over two thousand Swordsman Hall members were like a ghost that approached the soul of the empire – emperor Qin Jin.

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