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Chapter 155: Probing

After the blood vow finished, the Gold and Silver Rangers all revealed happy smiles as if it was a great honour for them to form a blood vow with the Great Envoy, Ji Yang.  This also meant that they did not know that Li Qian Xun excelled in witchcraft.


“Great Envoy.”

Lin Mu Yu respectfully said, “Since we have made a blood vow, then… Luo Yu not in trouble anymore?  The Great Envoy has promised this subordinate that you would let Luo Yu live.”


Ji Yan nodded with a smile, “Un, Luo Yu can live, but after such a large offense, he cannot remain in the Swordsman Hall.  He will have to leave by sunset or he will have to be executed.”

“Many thanks Great Envoy.”

“Lin Yan, you’re too polite.  We’re brothers from this day forth, so you don’t need to do this.”

“Un, alright!”

Lin Mu Yu turned around to head back and continued helping Luo Yu dress his wounds.  Then he found a set of Silver Ranger clothes for him and sent for some food to feed him with.  Luo Yu’s face filled with gratitude and said with a low voice after swallowing the meat stew, “Accompanying Ji Yang is like accompanying a tiger….Lin Yan, you have to be careful.  I…..I trusted the wrong person.  I never thought that my personal guard would actually sell me out…..You have to be careful.  Since he has reported me…..there is no reason he wouldn’t report you……”

Lin Mu Yu pressed down on his shoulder with a hand and said in a low voice with a faint smile, “Relax Luo Yu, I should still have some use to sir Ji Yang, so he won’t move against me for now.”

“Un, that’s good……”

“Someone, bring Luo Yu to my dwellings.”  Lin Mu Yu gave an order and several Rogues gave sounds of acknowledgment.  In a low voice, he then said, “Luo Yu, you should rest for now.  I will send you down the mountain before sunset.”

Luo Yu nodded, “Alright.”


At this time, Ji Yang was raising a wine jug while saying with a smile, “There is a feast in the main hall, come Lin Yan.  We will drink to our heart’s content today, you’re not allowed to not be drunk.”


The wine in the kingdom was all rice wine, so the degree wasn’t high and it didn’t matter if he drank a bit more.  Not to mention that Lin Mu Yu’s body had already been tempered many times and his tolerance to alcohol was very strong.  Not being allowed to not be drunk did not matter since he could drink seven-eight jugs of wine without being drunk.

There were three main positions in the main hall.  They were prepared for Ji Yang, Li Qian Xun, and Lin Mu Yu, the three people at or above the Envoy rank.

When Lin Mu Yu came in holding a jug of wine, the light inside suddenly dimmed by quite a bit.  The door was closed behind him and Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help being stunned as he prepared to release his spiritual sense.

Ji Yang arrived in the center seat and suddenly turned around.  His body was densely covered in battle qi as his lips revealed a faint smile and he said, “Sir Lin Yan.”

“What is it, Great Envoy?”

“What does this look like to you?”

Ji Yang suddenly raised his hand and the wine jug in his hand immediately flew out like a meteor!


The jug quickly turned while being covered in battle qi.  Lin Mu Yu immediately understood that Ji Yang was testing his strength, so he gave a low roar and covered his arms in battle qi, also throwing out his wine jug!


The two wine jugs collided in midair, shattering to pieces with fine wine falling like raindrops.  Ji Yang suddenly charged forward raising a single palm, attacking Lin Mu Yu with a powerful battle qi strike.

He could not back down otherwise he would lose his value and Ji Yang would immediately execute him.

Lin Mu Yu had been in this world for awhile and completely understood those who didn’t trust others.  He instantly condensed his power in his right arm, not using his martial spirit, but directly using the power of the third of seven luminaries – The Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!

In his palms, figures of a man, woman, animals, rivers, jungles, and all other quickly formed.  The power of the Third Luminary came from the power of all living beings and had an overwhelming strength that could not be resisted.  When Lin Mu Yu’s palm was released with the power of the Third Luminary, Ji Yang revealed a look of surprise.  This was a power he had never seen before.


With this overwhelming palm shooting forth and the battle qi exploding, Lin Mu Yu was forced back three steps while Ji Yang somersaulted backwards in the air, taking two steps back.  Lin Mu Yu did not use his martial spirit, so the Third Luminary’s power was weakened.  The Seven Luminary Demon King in the depths of his mind spat before laughing and saying, “Brat, you actually didn’t use your martial spirit otherwise, how could this great emperor’s Third Luminary be blocked by someone with such low skills?”

Lin Mu Yu ignored the Seven Luminary Demon King.  This Seven Luminary Demon King was a natural talent, but he only understood cultivation and did not understand being a human, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been chased by several hundred God Realm and Saint Realm experts into the seventeenth layer of purgatory.  In terms of cultivation, Lin Mu Yu needed to learn from the Seven Luminary Demon King, but the Seven Luminary Demon King needed to learn from Lin Mu Yu on how to be human.

Ji Yang stood there shaking.  After a single clash, his entire right arm had felt numb.  If they had continued another three seconds, something would have happened to him.  He never thought that Lin Mu Yu would be this strong.  Naturally, Lin Mu Yu was not much better off.  The Third Luminary had almost drained all his strength and he would not be able to use it again if they continued fighting.

Waving his long sleeve, Ji Yang returned to his seat and said with a laugh, “Lin Yan, you secretly took one hundred and fourteen diamond coins.  Did you think you could hide this matter from me?”

“I couldn’t.”

Lin Mu Yu continued truthfully, “I actually could already guess that the Great Envoy would know about this matter.”

Ji Yang raised his brows and said, “Then why do you think I won’t kill you?”

Lin Mu Yu smiled and said while cupping his fists, “Because I can do things for the Great Envoy that Luo Yu couldn’t.  Isn’t that right, sir?”

“Ha, ha, ha.”  Ji Yang raised his head to laugh and said, “Alright, I, Ji Yang like being with smart fellows like you.  Lin Yan, I don’t know your background and the people that I’ve sent to investigate you have not obtained any results.  Up until now, you have been a very suspicious fellow to me, do you know that?”

“I do.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile and took out the diamond coins from his chest.  Thinking it over, he revealed a look of greed and said with a smile, “But is this important?  I, Lin Yan was born into a poor family and received the indifference of others, working hard to reach the Heaven Realm and now have to use my strength to earn gold coins.  The Great Envoy is a smart person, so this one hundred and fourteen diamond coins deserve to be mine after killing Jiang Feng Lie.  Jiang Feng Lie was not a easy person to defeat.”

Ji Yang couldn’t stop himself for laughing still, “Alright…..These words can be considered reasonable.  Brother Lin Yan, my Swordsman Hall is a place that will allow you to display your ambitions.  As long as you follow me, Ji Yang, I can guarantee you glory.  It might even be possible for you to receive a noble rank.”

“Then Lin Yan will have to first thank the Great Envoy!”

“No need to be polite.”  Ji Yang thought for a bit before looking up at Lin Mu Yu and asking with a smile, “Brother Lin Yan, your attack just now…..the power seemed to be strange.  What martial art was that?  I, Ji Yang have been practicing martial arts my entire life, but I have never seen such a strange martial arts.  Where did it come from?”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly asking, already knowing what this old fellow wanted to ask.  He looked up and said with a smile, “Actually I don’t know what it is called either.  When I was still a cattle herder, although I worked hard at martial arts, I gained nothing.  Then I fell into a tomb while letting my cows graze and that tomb seemed to be called the tomb of the king.  I found broken book of martial arts in the tomb named the ‘Eighteen Dragon Falling Palms’ which had been mostly destroyed, only leaving seven palms.  I studied it for a bit and gained a bit of success.  That attack just now was called ‘High Dragon’s Regret’.  Hei, hei, Great Envoy, this move’s might isn’t bad right?”

“Eighteen Dragon Falling Palms?”

Ji Yang was stunned before saying, “Good name.  This palm is so overbearing, it truly does have the prestige of dragons.  It really is not bad.  This palm martial art book… you still have it with you?”

“No.”  Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, “After I learned the seven palms, I couldn’t take my hunger and sold it for a small steamed bun.”

“Small steamed bun…..”  Ji Yang was shocked as he said, “This…..Isn’t this too absurd?”

Lin Mu Yu gave a laugh, “But the truth is like this.  When people are dying of hunger, what are they unwilling to discard?”

“Your words are right.  Ha, ha, sit and have some wine!”


It was a good thing Ji Yang did not keep asking, otherwise it would have been impossible for Lin Mu Yu to continue lying.  He could take out the water walking technique or the Nine Yin Manual to lie to him with, then…..Wouldn’t Ji Yang be an idiot if he believed those?

Of course, Ji Yang was not dumb.  He could see that Lin Mu Yu did not want to give this martial art to him which was very normal.  Everyone like having an extra skill, but no one wished to see other people learning their skills.

When the feast was approaching dusk and the sun was about to set, Lin Mu Yu’s face was red, pretending to be drunk.  He stood up while swaying and said with a smile, “Sir Ji Yang, this subordinate can’t drink anymore…..Ah, ha, I still need to send Luo Yu off the mountain, otherwise sir will cut off his head.”

Ji Yang began to laugh, “Sir Lin Yan has drank a lot……Someone give sir Lin Yan five hundred gold coins and send him back to his residence.”

Very quickly, a rogue carrying a heavy purse came out and respectfully said, “Sir, this little one will send you back?”

“Un, alright.  Many thanks sir Ji Yang!”

Lin Mu Yu unsteadily walked out of the main hall, but he had his own plans.  Ji Yang cared about him just like the feast Cao Cao hosted for Guan Yu.  It seemed like headquarters needed his strength, but what did they want to do?  He should ask for this from Luo Yu since he was on his side.


After Lin Mu Yu left.

The lights inside the halls swayed and Li Qian Xun opened his blurry eyes.  They suddenly cleared up and he said, “Big brother, this brat…..Acting like he’s drunk.  I can’t see through him.  What background does he have?  Being able to reach the Heaven Realm without a martial spirit, this is a rarely seen talent, so why did he not join the empire’s army and joined our Swordsman Hall instead?”

Ji Yang’s eyes turned cold and he gently said, “It’s because he does not have a martial spirit and is a Heaven Realm expert.  I have sent people into Orchid Goose City to investigate and there doesn’t seem to be a person like this in the royal capital.  Also, there has been no high level general disappearing from the temple, Imperial Guards, imperial guard army, or the Divine Battalion.  This Lin Yan should be a wandering mercenary and he wants to gain power in our Swordsman Hall.  That is fine since we need this kind of people.”

“Yes, Big Brother’s words are very correct.”

“Qian Xun, when can your poison be activated?”

“It should take around seven days for the poison bugs to fully develop.  We just have to wait for the time to come.”


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