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Chapter 152: Secretly taking


Jiang Feng Lie gripped onto the prairie sword and fresh blood dripped down his chest onto the blade’s edge, but it was quickly evaporated on the prairie sword.  He looked up and looked at Lin Mu Yu with an unwilling gaze, saying in a trembling voice, “What kind of strength is this…..You can actually break my wind blade this easily?”

Lin Mu Yu did not say anything as he gently turned the blade.  Jiang Feng Lie gave a pitiful cry as he lost consciousness, stiffly falling to the ground.



Jiang Feng Lie’s corpse fell to the ground and raised a dust cloud.  His death also meant that the Day After mercenaries had disappeared from this world.

“Jiang Feng Lie is already dead, are you still not surrendering?!”

Luo Yu rode his horse into the square and loudly shouted.  Immediately, mercenaries one after the other dropped their weapons and gave up on resisting, but this wasn’t considered a complete victory for Swordsman Hall.  There were two Gold Rangers that died and several Silver and Bronze rangers that died, making it a bitter victory.

“Zhi ya……”

The fine gold door was opened.  Luo Yu held the gate as he looked at the people behind him.  With a smile, he said, “Sir Lin Yan, how about you come and see the valuables Jiang Feng Lie collected in his lifetime with me?”


Lin Mu Yu’s heart skipped a beat before walking in together with Luo Yu, with a Rogue holding a torch in front of them.  The cave was very deep and had a mossy smell, but when they opened the second door with the key from Jiang Feng Lie’s body, a radiant gold light appeared in front of them.  This Flowing Gold Palace was not big, being around fifty square meters wide, but it was covered in gold.  Under the light of the torch, the gold coins released a charming glow.

Luo Yu was a little startled.  He walked forward and reached out for a box filled with gold coins.  A gold coin fell out and he said after a bit of thought, “Each box has at least one thousand gold coins, this……Jiang Feng Lie worked hard over all these years and should have gathered a hundred boxes of gold coins!”

Lin Mu Yu gave a secret smile.  A hundred boxes of gold coins was only one hundred thousand.  In his Qiankun Bag, there was three hundred and eighty thousand gold coins.  Comparing the two, he was still a bit richer.

“Sir Envoy, look over there!”

The Rogue was holding an iron box with fine gold trimmings.  The box had already been opened and it was filled with diamond coins, releasing a radiant diamond glow.

“There are actually diamond coins here!”  Luo Yu was instantly filled with shock.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “There are at least two hundred diamond coins here.  It seems like Jiang Feng Lie stole quite a bit of good things.”

Luo Yu nodded and then ordered, “Seal up these diamond coins and prepare to bring them back to headquarters.”

“Wait a minute.”

The corners of Lin Mu Yu’s lip raised and he revealed an evil smile, “Luo Yu, are you really planning to bring all these diamond coins back to headquarters?  Wouldn’t this just make the Great Envoy Ji Yang even more aggressive?”

Luo Yu was stunned, “Lin Yan, what do you mean?”

“We’ll keep it for ourselves.”  Lin Mu Yu looked at the Rogue as his heart filled with killing intent.  They could not allow this person to reveal this situation to anyone.

Luo Yu waved his hand and said, “No need to worry, he is my trusted aide, there won’t be any problems.  Sir Lin Yan, are we really secretly taking these diamond coins?”


Lin Mu Yu’s eyes turned firm and he said, “If we give this to Ji Yang, he will just use it to arm himself.  If Swordsman Hall becomes stronger, then it would be a nightmare for the citizens.  I think you’re also very clear on how Swordsman Hall treat the citizens.”

Luo Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, then we’ll split these diamond coins in half, with each of us taking half.  Is that alright?”

“That’s fine!”

So, they quickly divided the loot.  There was a total of two hundred and twenty eight diamond coins and they both took half.  Luo Yu put his diamond coins into a tight cloth bag and put it into his bosom.  Lin Mu Yu directly threw his one hundred and fourteen diamond coins into his Qiankun Bag and placed it in his sleeve.  Luo Yu had no idea where he had hidden his money.

“Sir, there are also weapons here!”  The Rogue called out again.

Under the light of the torch, they saw that there were weapons behind the boxes filled with gold coins.  They had light surrounding them and there were faint beast roars coming from them.  Lin Mu Yu was the expert, so he walked forward and picked one up to examine before saying, “This is around the third spirit level, not bad, not bad…..There is also a level four profound grade spear.  The soul refined weapon is the best weapon in this pile.”

Luo Yu smiled like he had found a treasure and said, “The lowest grade here is an excellent grade weapon.  Ha, ha, ha…..That idiot Jiang Feng Lie, not using all these good weapons.  It was no wonder the Day After mercenaries were taken care of that easily by us.”

Lin Mu Yu gently said, “Perhaps he regarded these weapons as wealth instead of items to kill people with.”

“Un, what should we do with these weapons?”

“We’ll give them to headquarters, since they aren’t that great anyway.”

“Wu…..”  Luo Yu hesitated a bit.  He did not know that Lin Mu Yu was a forging master and could not care about these weapons.  It was only him that was a little hesitant, but he had no other way.  These weapons were not like diamond coins and they were very easy to notice.  Once Ji Yang found out they secretly took these, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Not long passed and a bunch of Rangers walked in, taking out all the gold coins and weapons.  Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu came out and silently looked at the ground.

Although quite a few people died, the people of Swordsman Hall were still filled with joy as if the people who fought with them dying did not matter at all.

After dusk, there were only two hundred people left watching North Mountain.  The other over a thousand people went to deliver the loot and captives back to headquarters.  The torches filled the night sky and even Jiang Feng Lie’s corpse was thrown into a horse carriage to be brought back with them.  This Day After mercenary captain had been turned into loot.  He had rampaged around all his life, but he actually had this kind of ending.


“Dang, dang, dang……”

The sound of war drums filled the Swordsman Hall headquarters and quite a few people came down to welcome them.  When they saw the carts filled with gold coins, almost everyone’s eyes lit up.

After the carts came up the mountain, the space in front of the headquarters was filled with people.  Suddenly, the human wave moved and a road was opened.  One could see Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun walking through the path made.  Ji Yang gave a laugh and said, “Envoy Luo Yu and Gold Ranger Lin Yan, you didn’t disappoint me.  It seems like Jiang Feng Lie’s head was also brought back, right?”


Luo Yu cupped his hands and said, “It was Sir Lin Yan that killed Jiang Feng Lie, however…..Gold Ranger, Sir Long Yan was killed by Jiang Feng Lie and Gold Ranger, Sir Fang Xin was killed in the chaos.  Other than them, we also lost three Gold Rangers, eleven Bronze Rangers, thirty four Iron Rangers, fifty five Rangers, and over three hundred Rogues.  This battle could be considered a bitter victory.”

“Long Yan and Fang Xin both died in battle?”

Ji Yang revealed an unhappy expression.  After being in thought for a few seconds, he said, “The mercenaries of North Mountain rob in every direction, being filled with evil.  Us eradicating the Day After mercenaries can be considered saving the citizens from harm.  The two Gold Rangers, Long Yan and Fang Xin did not die for nothing, we will hold a burial for them tomorrow morning!”

“Yes, Great Envoy!”

“Other than that, how much have you brought back?”  Ji Yang’s eyes flashed for a second as he said, “What kind of treasures were in the Flowing Gold Palace?”

Luo Yu pointed behind him and said, “We’ve brought back all the treasure in the Flowing Gold Palace.  Great Envoy can take a look through them.”

“Good!  Good!”

Seeing the carts filled with gold coins, Ji Yang said good twice.  However, when he saw the cart filled with spiritual weapons, he laughed and said, “Our Swordsman Hall did not have spirit weapons to give the Silver and Bronze Rangers, but now we do, ha, ha, ha…..”

Li Qian Xun cupped his hands at the side and he said with a laugh, “Congratulations to the Great Envoy.  With the death of Jiang Feng Lie, the giant problem in your heart should be gone now.  From now on, there will be no one that can go against our Swordsman Hall in the Dragon Seeking Forest.”

Ji Yang was filled with happiness.  He looked at Lin Mu Yu and said, “Brother Lin Yan, you have slain Jiang Feng Lie for our Swordsman Hall and performed a great merit.  I will send a letter to the Lingnan headquarters and explain the matter of promoting you to the Envoy rank.  Other than that, brother Lin Yan’s expenses and benefits will all be promoted to the Envoy rank.”

Luo Yu, Li Qian Xun, and the others all cupped their hands to congratulate him.

Lin Mu Yu replied to all of them with a smile.

Then, a group of Rogues built a campfire in the open space and slaughtered several lambs to cook.  Ji Yang ordered the carts of gold coins to be taken into the headquarters and as Envoys, Luo Yu and Lin Mu Yu were also summoned.

The noise outside did not affect the tranquility of the headquarters.  Ji Yang sat in his throne holding his armrest as his eyes lit up and he said, “I’ve heard that the Imperial Capital Store has sold quite a few good weapons lately and since sir Lin Yan is someone recommended to our Swordsman Hall by young miss Jin Xiao Tang, it seems like we need to buy some more weapons and horses from the Imperial Capital Store.”

Luo Yu muttered, “Does the Great Envoy wish to continue expanding our forces?”

Ji Yang nodded and said, “That’s right……Although our Swordsman Hall is the ruler of the Dragon Seeking Forest, with no one being able to do anything to us, I have heard news that the capital city’s imperial guard commander Feng Ji Xing has been eyeing our Swordsman Hall.  Once he leads the ten thousand cavalry of the imperial guards to attack us, I’m afraid our Swordsman Hall will disappear from the royal capital.”

Saying this, Ji Yang’s fist slammed onto the table and he said, “We have to quickly increase our food storages, battle supplies, and weapons, otherwise we’ll be wiped out by the imperial guards!”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned hearing this from the side.  It really was true, Swordsman Hall was planning to become an enemy of the empire.  However, depending on their current military strength… was far from being enough.  Feng Ji Xing had over ten thousand troops which could easily trample this mountain.

He did not think about it too much.  After the official discussions were over, he returned to his room.


However, when Lin Mu Yu returned to his own yard, he heard the sounds of girls screaming and cursing, as well as the smell of alcohol filled the air.

This is wrong, something must have happened!

Quickly kicking in the door, he saw that the two guards had been knocked down.  There was a faint light in the room and there was a Ranger with a gold badge on his shoulder pushing the young girl Hong Yu onto the bed, but it didn’t go well.  Hong Yu was kicking him with her legs and this caused the Gold Ranger to be filled with rage.  He raised his hand and slapped her before angrily shouting, “If Lin Yan isn’t willing to take you, then let this master have a taste.  What’s wrong with that?”

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