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Chapter 151: Long Yan dies in battle

The east side of North Mountain was covered in pine trees that were filled with sharp needles.  Normal people could not grab onto these with their hands, making the cliff itself hard to climb, so the Day After mercenaries did not need to send anyone out to guard this side.

“Shua, shua…….”

Lin Mu Yu opened his hand and a light layer of battle qi appeared that directly smoothed out the pine needles.  With a “sou” sound, he climbed several meters up the cliff, raising his hand to stab the prairie sword into the cliff, using the force to climb several meters again.  He reached out his hand to grab another pine tree, smoothing it out with his battle qi, instantly sending a light pine scented fragrance into his nose.

He looked down beneath him and around two hundred meters below, there was Luo Yu, Long Yan and the other three slowly climbing out.  The slowest person was Fang Xin with the lowest cultivation base who was only a level forty, second Earth Realm Tier expert, but he still had to carry out this task as a Gold Ranger.  He wore iron gloves, but the needles still made blood flow from his hand, creating a terrible sight.


After waiting for a bit, Ye Tian Xie began to jump up once again, making his entire figure seem like a vibrant old ape.  After several jumps, he reached the top of the mountain.  Waiting around five minutes, Luo Yu, Long Yan, and Fang Xin finally reached the top.  The four of them bent down in the grass and looked into the distance.  There were moving figures on the stone fortress, with around five hundred members of the Day After mercenaries guarding it.

Luo Yu thought for a second before saying, “Lin Yan, Long Yan, you two will charge forward to create a distraction while the rest of us will sneak in and open the stone door.”

Lin Mu Yu nodded, “Alright!”

Taking out the prairie sword, he charged out with Long Yan.  Lin Mu Yu was secretly using the Falling Star Step, flying forth.  Long Yan could not keep up and he quickly said, “Sir Lin Yan, slow down a bit!”

Lin Mu Yu instead went faster, jumping onto the stone walls of the fortress.  He brandished his sword at a few mercenaries carrying a giant tone and cut them all down with a pitiful cry.  This attack quickly drew everyone’s attention and a hundred man commander shouted out, “There is someone that snuck up the mountain.  Fuck, kill him!”

A group of people charged over, but Lin Mu Yu gave a secret laugh.  These mercenaries were just too weak.  Quickly turning around, his left fist was covered in starlight power, releasing a blood red qi, smashing its way forward!


The powerful fist created cracks on the ground.  The First Luminary, Mortal Coil released a powerful strike that sent all the mercenaries flying.  At this moment, two figures quickly jumped into the city.  It was Luo Yu and Fang Xin.

“Go and open the door, I’ll block them for you.”  Luo Yu soared to the door.

Fang Xin quickly turned around and attacked with his long sword, cutting down five people.  However, the Day After mercenaries raised their bows and arrows fell like rain.  Fang Xin could only depend on his sword to block it, but there were too many arrows as they fell into his chest, arm, and legs, instantly dying his body with blood.

With a sound, Fang Xin fell to his knees and the mercenaries came forward, stabbing spears into his body.  The blades continued to sent pieces of meat flying and the new Gold Ranger Fang Xin was cut to pieces in a few seconds and he had been turned into a pile of meat.  One could not recognize his four limbs or his body anymore, he had been turned into a pile of flesh and armour.

Lin Mu Yu could not keep watching this.  He swept out with his sword and sent out some sword qi, pushing back the mercenaries.  The sounds of arrows came and the archers began to use the same method against him, but Lin Mu Yu was not Fang Xin.  With a roar, the gourd wall appeared around him, and the Black Turtle Shell and the Dragon Scale Wall blocked the arrows.  Long Yan seeing this from not far away was stunned.  He was the first person seeing Lin Mu Yu’s gourd martial spirit in the Swordsman Hall.  Moreover, Long Yan had seen this level ten gourd source spirit before and this kind of weak source spirit was not like the gourd wall condensed by Lin Mu Yu, being indestructible.


The stone door suddenly collapsed!  Luo Yu had succeeded!

“Kill your way in!”

Outside the fortress, the rangers charged in, killing whoever they encountered.  Their eyes had turned red with killing and could no longer capture anyone.

In the blink of an eye, the stone fortress was completely occupied with corpses lying all around.  The Day After mercenaries had been completely defeated and the only barrier into the mountain had been lost.

“The Day After mercenaries are done for!”  Long Yan’s face was covered in excitement as he held a head in his hand.  It was the head of the hundred man commander which he would use to obtain rewards.

Lin Mu Yu gently jumped down and looked at the single pile of flesh on the ground before saying, “Sir Fang Xin is dead.”

Long Yan curled his lips, “It’s fine to die, you will no longer have to bear the pain and choices of the human world.”

Lin Mu Yu looked over at him, “Then why didn’t you die?”

Long Yan gave a laugh, “My will to live is strong, I’m not willing to give up the beauties of society, ha, ha……”

Luo Yu had a serious expression as he said, “Gather up the teams and prepare to attack the Day After mercenaries’ headquarters.  Find the location of the Flowing Gold Palace for me!”



A group of Silver Rangers, Bronze Rangers, and Rangers raised their sword as they charged up the mountain.  Their eyes were not filled with wishing to help the weak, but rather a wild desire.

Lin Mu Yu used the Falling Star Step as he moved alongside Luo Yu and asked, “What is the Flowing Gold Palace?”

Luo Yu gently said, “It’s said that the Day After mercenaries’ leader, ‘Wild Blade’ Jiang Feng Lie has been on North Mountain for many years.  He has raided all the small villages and cities in the area, pillaging all their gold and treasures back to North Mountain.  The place that they stored everything is called the Flowing Gold Palace.  Before we left, Great Envoy specially said that we had to bring the Flowing Gold Palace back to headquarters.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “We are attacking the Day After mercenaries for gold.”

Luo Yu said with a helpless smile, “Why else would we do it?”


Suddenly, cries came from in front of them as the mercenaries at the top began to fight back.  There were over two hundred mercenaries with heavy armoured horses charging forward, each one having a heavy spear in their hands.  From their aura, one could tell that they were all experts of the Human Realm.

“Pu, pu, pu……”

The charging line of cavalry pierced through the Rangers and Rogues, holding them on their spears like sticks of candy.  Wherever the war horses went, there were some Rogues that were trampled to death.

Lin Mu Yu looked over, feeling indifferent and not making a move.  This was not a righteous fight, so he would not help them.

However, Long Yan and Luo Yu raised their blades and killed their way over.  Their cultivations exploded out with a roar, suppressing the cavalry.  A group of Silver Rangers and Bronze Rangers also flew forward, using their skilled sword arts to take care of the heavy cavalry.  Their swords stabbed into throats or sliced napes, turning the over two hundred heavy cavalry into corpses after losing a bit of their forces.

Moving forward again, there was a military camp in front of them that had flags with two letters on them – Day After.

It was a pity that the over five thousand members of the Day After mercenaries had been depleted, so how could they still fight back against Swordsman Hall.  Archers on archer towers were shot down and then the Rangers charged into the camp.

Luo Yu raised his sword and dashed forward, loudly shouting, “Archers come with me, we’re looking for Jiang Feng Lie.  If he’s alive, we’ll see him, but if he’s dead, we need to see his corpse!”

“Flowing Gold Palace is to the north, come with me!”

Long Yan loudly laughed as he charged over with several Bronze Rangers.

Lin Mu Yu was in the back as he urged his horse forward.  His face had a sinister look as he looked at this very boring battle.


“This is bad, Sir Long Yan was killed!”  Not long passed and a shocked person’s voice sounded out.  Long Yan had been killed?!

Lin Mu Yu quickly dismounted his horse and raised his prairie sword before shouting, “Where is Long Yan?  Lead the way!”

Luo Yu raised his sword and bitterly said, “It has to be Jiang Feng Lie, he is inside the Flowing Gold Palace.  Damn, how could I have not thought that he would be hiding in the Flowing Gold Palace!”

After a few minutes, they arrived in front of the Flowing Gold Palace.  The Flowing Gold Palace was nothing more than a white tiled, black walled cave.  The real treasure was deep inside the cave, but right now, there was a chaotic battle between Rangers and one surrounded person.  That person in the center was wearing black armour and wielding a two handed battle saber, swinging it like the wind.  The arc created by the blade was very beautiful, killing several Rangers in the blink of an eye.

Lin Mu Yu looked on from a distance.  Long Yan’s corpse was lying in front of the Flowing Gold Palace with most of his shoulders cut off.

Lin Mu Yu did not feel sadness from Long Yan dying because Long Yan had fought for money and woman, which wasn’t enough to die for.  However, he was a level 45 second Earth Realm Tier expert and had died so quickly, which meant Jiang Feng Lie was not a normal person.


“Come, father will kill you all!”

Jiang Feng Lie swept out with his battle saber and another Bronze Ranger was decapitated.  His face was covered in wild anger as he broke out in laughter, “You Rangers are truly despicable, father will kill you all.  Then I will kill all your family members, fucking your wife and children, letting them beg for death!  Come, come, watch as father kills you all!”

He had already gone mad as his body was covered in blood and his blade had a dense battle qi covering it.

This was an expert in the first Heaven Realm Tier, but it was a pity that no matter how strong he was, how many could he kill himself?  Moreover, every person’s battle qi was limited and each attack exhausted more of it.  Jiang Feng Lie had already killed fifty Rangers, but his face had turned pale and the battle qi on his blade was becoming weaker.

Luo Yu did not go up with the disparity in cultivation bases, so he said in a suppressed voice, “Sir Lin Yan, if you want to gain merits, then this is a good chance.”

Lin Mu Yu knew that he had come here undercover, but if he didn’t show a bit of sincerity, how could he earn Ji Yang’s trust?

Thinking of this, he quickly released the battle qi in his body and leaped over the battle horses.  His left hand went out, releasing the star like energy gathered in his hand.


Jiang Feng Lie suddenly turned around and saw the fist of a Ranger fall down.  He did not have the time to dodge it, so he used his blade to block it.


Third Luminary, Disaster of all Living Beings!

The blade quickly shattered apart and the fist fell down on Jiang Feng Lie’s chest, creating the sounds of bone shattering.  Lin Mu Yu’s right hand quickly came forward and the prairies sword pierced through Jiang Feng Lie’s heart.  He was nothing more than a trophy, so his greatest kindness was to give him a clean death!

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