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Chapter 150: Attacking the mountain

In the headquarter’s gathering grounds, there were men shouting and horses neighing.  There was a group of Rangers and Rogues mounting their horses, preparing to attack North Mountain.

Lin Mu Yu strapped on his prairie sword and and slowly pulled his war horse through the crowd of people, not saying a single word.

Long Yan raised his battle axe and nervously said, “Damn…..We aren’t close, so he gave the hard task of attacking the mountain to us.  Envoy Luo Yu, how about we fake an attack before giving up?”

Luo Yu revealed a faint smile, not saying a thing.



Not long passed and the horses descended the mountain.  There were over a thousand people which was around half the manpower in the headquarters.  There were even several carts of supplies at the end of the line, like Ji Yang’s meaning was to not return if they couldn’t beat North Mountain.

Lin Mu Yu slowly moved forward on his horse as he swept across the group.  There was one Envoy, three Gold Rangers, twelve Silver Rangers, twenty four Bronze Ranges, ninety one Iron Rangers, and one hundred and seventy two Rangers.  They had sent out two thirds of their power, but Lin Mu Yu had already experienced the power of the Day After mercenaries.  In this mercenary group, there were several Earth Realm experts, but they were only as strong as normal people.  Relatively speaking, the Day After mercenaries were a motley crew and Ji Yang using over a thousand members to attack North Mountain was not a fool’s dream.

“Hua la……”

Long Yan opened a map and carefully looked it over before saying, “We should reach North Mountain by the afternoon.  Should we attack immediately, or should we rest up first and attack tomorrow?”

Luo Yu revealed a cold look and said, “The Day After mercenaries are known for their brutality.  Since we have most of the elites from headquarters with us, we should not hesitate and solve it as quickly as possible.”



At noon, they stopped at a ravine to rest up.  Everyone had a simple meal of wine and meat patties to tide them over.

Lin Mu Yu led his horse along the road to graze.  The snow was melting, so the grass underneath the snow was enough for the horses, but at this moment, fluctuations suddenly came from his Spiritual Pulse Technique which made him slightly knit his brows.  Around two kilometers to the north, there was a dense aura that could be felt.  It was a group of people with around thirty-forty Earth Realm experts.

“Sir Envoy Luo Yu.”

He turned and said, “A few miles to the north, there are people preparing to ambush us.  It is unknown how many there are, but it seems like they’ve already discovered our location.”

“Prepare to meet them head on!”

Luo Yu stood up and drew the sabre at his waist.  With a cold smile, he said, “The Day After mercenaries are giving up their topographical advantage to attack us, that’s simply courting death.  Shieldmen to front and archers prepare yourselves!”

Lin Mu Yu also took the bow from the back of his horse and took out a quiver of arrows.  It was time for him to show off his archery skills!

Not long passed and the sound of horses could be heard.  A dense black group of mercenaries charged forward, it was a group of around two thousand people.  Luo Yu couldn’t help being a little surprised as he looked at Lin Mu Yu and said, “It’s a good thing that Sir Lin Yan noticed them early.  How did you do it?”

Lin Mu Yu gave a mysterious smile and said, “It’s a secret art, so I can’t tell you.”

Luo Yu gave a laugh and did not say anything else.

At this time, the far off Day After mercenaries drew out their swords or their long spears.  They charged forward on their horses as they shouted, “Charge through their lines and destroy them!”

Lin Mu Yu slowly used a bit of strength and the bow turned into a full moon, as a trace of battle qi transformed into True Dragon Flames entered into the arrow.  The men charging in front were mostly around level twenty five, being in the third Human Realm Tier.  With a “sou” sound, the arrow whistled out to break the silence and turned into a stream of light.


The arrow had condensed True Dragon Flames from a Heaven Realm Expert, naturally not something that a Human Realm Expert could block.  The person gave a pitiful cry as he fell off his horse with a giant bloody hole in his chest.

“My archery is still not bad……”  Lin Mu Yu proudly said.

He took out a second arrow and aimed it at another mercenary.  It flew out with a “sou” sound and it hit a rock with a “ding” sound.  The power was enough, but the accuracy made it miss by two meters.

Long Yan couldn’t help laughing.  He turned to Lin Mu Yu and said, “Sir Lin Yan’s archery skills are quite good!”

Being teased by this person who was all brawn and no brain, Lin Mu Yu revealed a grin.  He fire over twenty arrows from his quiver, but he only killed seven-eight people.  The mercenaries had reached the line of Rogues and they had been mutually wounded.


The prairie sword was drawn and he charged forward.  The True Dragon Flames turned into sword qi and slashed out in the group of enemies.  There was no one that could block Lin Mu Yu’s sword, killing seven-eight men in the blink of an eye.  It made the killing seem quite casual.

But he was paying attention to two details while fighting.  He could not use his battle qi or his martial spirit, so he had to be low key in killing others.  Luo Yu, Long Yan, and the other Earth Realm Experts went wild in the group of enemies, with their martial spirits endlessly roaring, it was simply a slaughter.


A cold glow came from the rear, it was a spear attack from an Earth Realm Expert!

Lin Mu Yu moved to the side and instantly a spear passed underneath his armpit covered in strong spear glow.  The person wielding the spear was a man with a face covered in scars, wearing a golden emblem on his chest.  He was around level fifty and should have been the leader of these two thousand men.  Lin Mu Yu’s left arm neatly fell down and gripped the spear shaft, before his prairie sword was covered in the glow of the True Dragon Flames.  

The spear broke with a “kacha” sound and his left hand went out to grab the collar of this person, pulling him off his horse.  However, that person’s body flipped in the air and his foot kicked out in a strange angle at Lin Mu Yu’s chest.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help being stunned.  These mercenaries were quite vicious!

His left hand sunk and he blocked the mercenary leader’s kick.  His right hand released a bit of a glow as he condensed 20% of the First Luminary’s power and condensed it in his sword hilt to hit the back of the mercenary’s head with.

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!


With a deep sound, the expert in the third Earth Realm Tier fainted.  Lin Mu Yu threw him onto the grass and ordered, “Tie him up!”

Long Yan did not stop there and came forward with his battle axe.  Blood splattered in all directions and the unconscious mercenary leader lost his head.  Long Yan raised it high up and shouted, “Drags of the Day After mercenaries, the head of your leader has already been cut off.  Do you still want to die?  Put down your weapons and I, Long Yan will allow you to live!”

The mercenaries were stunned and they all revealed looks of despair, “Second leader….is dead?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned.  This person was actually the second leader of the Day After mercenaries, so it was no wonder he was at level fifty.  However, he had died in an aggrieved manner, having his head cut off by the boorish Long Yan.


“Dang, dang, dang…….”

The sounds of swords dropping on stone could be heard as the over one thousand mercenaries stopped fighting back.  Faced with an enemy they could not fight, it was no use for them to continue resisting.

“Tie them all up for me!”

Luo Yu raised his brows and said, “Sir Silver Ranger Liu Xiang, lead a hundred brothers to take these prisoners back.  Those willing to join Swordsman Hall may stay and those that are not willing will be handled by the Great Envoy!”

“Yes, Sir Envoy!”

The fight had been quick and cleaning up was even quicker.  The over a thousand mercenaries were tied up like dumplings and they were led back to the Swordsman Hall headquarters with looks of rage on their faces.

Long Yan raised his bloodstained axe as he walked over, looking at Lin Mu Yu with a gaze of surprise as he said, “Sir Lin Yan, aren’t you only at the second Earth Realm Tier?  Why…..The Day After mercenaries’ second captain is in the third Earth Realm Tier, but he was defeated with only three moves from your sword!”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “Perhaps he didn’t have a good rest last night, so he was in bad condition?”

Long Yan couldn’t help laughing, “But…..I heard that of the girls brought back from Blue Lake Town, the three most beautiful ones were sent to you.  I think the person without a good night’s rest should be you, right!”

Lin Mu Yu gave an awkward smile and said while rubbing his nose, “I am an honest person, I’m not like you.”

Long Yan raised his axe and was laughing to the point that his body was trembling, “Sir Lin Yan is also an interesting person!”

Luo Yu said, “Let’s go.  We’ll continue onwards and use this momentum to attack the mountain.”



In the afternoon, they arrived at North Mountain.  Looking at it from the distance, they saw the lush mountain which was also a very easy place to defend.  There were cliffs on the north, east, and west side with only a road to the south.  In a very steep part of the mountain, there was very crude stone fort built there.  It was heavily guarded and on a forty five degree angle which made it impossible for the horses to charge up.

“All Silver Rangers should prepare yourselves.  You will lead two hundred people to attack the mountain after an incense stick worth of time!”  Luo Yu loudly ordered.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “That is sending them to their deaths…..”

Luo Yu revealed a faint smile, “Be assured, the other three Gold Rangers will come with me.  We will climb up the cliff to the east and launch a flank attack from there.  When we open the stone gate, the Day After mercenaries’ nest will be broken.”

Lin Mu Yu’s face turned cold.  This Luo Yu seemed very quiet, but he was still very fierce.  Not to say that he used his troops perfectly, but he still knew how to attack the enemy’s weakness which was a general’s talent.

At this moment, the Silver Rangers had already charged forward with their shields to attack.  Several of them released their qi armour to protect themselves.

They charged forward and the arrows fell like rain on their shields and qi armour.  The advantage of high level cultivators could be seen in this case where the arrows had no effect.

“Use the boulders!”  A voice angrily roared from the fort.

The next moment, giant stones rolled down the cliff.  The Silver Rangers quickly pulled out their weapons to chop up the stone, but there was one Silver Ranger who was not strong enough and could not slice apart the boulder.  Rather he was squashed by the boulder and turned into a meat paste.  That person was no one other than Wang Tian Xia!

Lin Mu Yu gave a sigh.  Wang Tian Xia had stolen the 1100 year old Silver Fox from him and exchanged it to become a Silver Ranger.  However, his strength was not enough and he died in the end.

“Let’s go, it now depends on us.”

Luo Yu patted Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder and the Gold Rangers dismounted their horses before climbing up the east cliff while holding their weapons.

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