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Chapter 145: Buddha cannot save some men, demons save them instead

“Sha, sha……”

On the edges of the Dragon Seeking Forest, there were only a few young spirit beasts wandering around.  These spirit beasts were all on alert, running as soon as they met anyone.

Lin Mu Yu dismounted his horse at the edge of the forest and then slowly entered the Dragon Seeking Forest while wielding the prairie sword.  His goal was to find some 1000 year old or below spirit beasts because of him being new, he couldn’t kill several thousand year old spirit beasts without being suspected by Ji Yang, Lou Yu, and the others.  He had to give them a psychological buffer for this process.

Not far in front of him, there was a purple fur badger arched in the snow, looking for some radishes beneath it.  While it was leaned over, it still looked up from time to time, being on full alert.  However, this purple fur badger did not notice Lin Mu Yu’s arrival.


Using the Falling Star Step to silently move over the snow, Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense locked onto the purple fur badger.  It had a total of nine silver lines on its head which meant that this was a 900 year old purple fur badger.  It should have a battle strength equal to a level thirty five Battle Adept.  This purple fur badger’s spirit stone would be equal to quite a bit of contribution points.


Taking out the Demon Sound Blade from his waist, he threw it in the direction of the purple fur badger and the little Demon Sound Blade flew out with a whistle.

“Hu, hu…….”

The purple fur badger suddenly looked up and felt danger approaching, so it quickly stood up to run.  Instantly, with a “pu” sound, the little Demon Sound Blade left a bloody hole in its back paw.  It immediately tried to run away, but it was not fast enough.  Instead, Lin Mu Yu quickly approached with the Falling Star Step and once he reached his martial spirit’s attack range of forty meters, he raised his arm and green vines came out of the ground, tightly bounding the paws of the purple fur badger.

Not giving it too much pain, Lin Mu Yu raised his palm and released a white battle qi.  His palm fell onto the forehead of the purple fur badger and the energy entered into it, killing the purple fur badger, but not harming its flesh body.

Bending over, Lin Mu Yu lifted the purple fur badger’s corpse.  It weighed around fifty pounds and it sunk down into the snow.  Taking out some rope, he tied the purple fur badger’s corpse to his horse’s butt.  He had spent ten gold coins on this horse so it had great strength and endurance, holding fifty pounds was nothing for it.

The purple fur badger’s body was dripping blood, so Lin Mu Yu did not plan to throw it into the Qiankun Bag.  It was too dirty and it wouldn’t have been good if it stained the diamond coins.

He saw that it was still early, with a bit of time left before noon.  It would be boring to return early and sit around doing nothing with the other rookie Rogues, so he pushed deeper into the Dragon Seeking Forest.  Because this place was far from Orchid Goose City, there weren’t many soldiers guarding this part of the Dragon Seeking Forest.  There were many 1000+ year old spirit animals present that normal soldiers could not fight at all.  Sending troops here would be sending them to their deaths because a normal soldier could only fight against spirit beasts below 500 years old.


Slowly releasing his spiritual sense, he suddenly felt an energy pulse appearing in front of him.  Lin Mu Yu quickly charged forward on his horse and an animal suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.  It was a silver fox that had one gold and one silver line on its head representing an age of 1100 years!

The silver fox could feel Lin Mu Yu’s strength and quickly ran away.

“Chase it!”

Lin Mu Yu quickly urged the horse forward, but how could the silver fox be faster than the horse?  He almost caught up in the blink of an eye.  Raising a hand, he used the same trick and the little Demon Sound Blade gave a cold glow as it flew out!


The silver fox also heard the sharp whistling sound and quickly stopped on the spot.  With a loud cry, streaks of frost energy appeared around it and instantly formed a barrier.  This was actually a silver fox with a barrier ability!

It was a pity that this 1100 year old silver fox underestimated Lin Mu Yu’s strength.  The little Demon Sound Blade shattered the barrier and sliced open its neck, spraying blood all over the place!

“Ji, ji……”

Swallowing its pain, the silver fox released a counter attack as it quickly charged into the vast expanse of snow.  It had a snow white body so it blended into the sea of snow, but it could not escape Lin Mu Yu’s eyes, or rather it could not escape Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense.  Spirit beasts did not know how to suppress their aura, so they released a steady stream of energy, so naturally they couldn’t hide from the Spiritual Pulse Technique.


Lin Mu Yu continued chasing with his horse.  Raising his palm, thunder appeared in the center of his palm.  The small Demon Sound Blade in the snow flew back into his hand, waiting for the next opportunity to attack.

At this moment, the silver fox called down a small avalanche.  Lin Mu Yu was stunned.  Damn, this fox is truly mischievous……

However as Lin Mu Yu arrived at the bottom of the mountain, he heard the voice of people.

“Xiao Ding Zi, be careful!  This is a 1100 year old silver fox!”

“Uncle Wang, what do we do?”

“Shoot arrows.  We’ll shoot it to death!”


With a few arrows being shot and a cry from the fox, the pitiful silver fox lost its life in this manner.  When Lin Mu Yu came up the hill, he saw several Swordsman Hall Rogues surrounding the silver fox.

The person called “Uncle Wang” had a stronger aura and he should be a level twelve Battle Warrior.  With a grin, he said, “It’s a silver fox that was already injured, no wonder we could kill it.  It’s a good thing that all its wounds are on its neck, not decreasing the value of its pelt.  This is great, a complete 1100 year old silver fox pelt can be sold for at least fifty gold coins in Orchid Goose City!”

Xiao Ding Zi was filled with excitement, rubbing his hands at the side.

There were three other Rogues present that had the same green badge on their chests like Lin Mu Yu.  Holding their swords in their hands, it was hard to call them humans, but rather they looked like hunting tigers.

Lin Mu Yu took in a deep breath and gently said, “Wang Tian Xia, are you planning to take this silver fox back to headquarters for rewards?”

The group of five finally noticed Lin Mu Yu and they all revealed a look of shock.  Wang Tian Xia held the silver fox’s corpse, and looking up, he gently said, “You are…..the newly joined Rogue Lin Yan?”

“That’s right.”

“Was this silver fox injured by you?”  Wang Tian Xia asked.

Lin Mu Yu raised the small Demon Sound Blade in his hand and said, “That’s right.  Answer my question, are you planning to take this silver fox and use its spirit stone to exchange for rewards?”

Wang Tian Xia revealed a look of hesitation and thought for a few seconds before saying, “We were thinking about it.  While this silver fox was injured by you, we were the ones who killed it, so it should belong to us.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his slanted brows and said, “I’ll give you a piece of advice, it would be best if you don’t exchange this silver fox at headquarters.  This is for your own good.”

“Why?”  Wang Tian Xia gave a cold laugh and said, “Is it possible that you’re jealous of us rising high up and you want us to return the silver fox to you?  Let me tell you, stop dreaming.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “You ask me why, then I’ll tell you.  It’s very simple, your strength cannot compare to the silver fox.  If you give the silver fox to headquarters, you might even reach the Ranger grade, but your strength will not increase, bringing disaster to yourself.  There is still time, give it to me.”

Xiao Ding Zi rushed up the hill and shouted, “No!  It’s still a no!  It was hard enough for us to kill the silver fox, why should we give it to you?  We won’t give it up!”

Lin Mu Yu knitted his brows.  If he was the same as those cultivators, he would have slaughtered these Rogues without any hesitation, right?  Actually it was very common for members of Swordsman Hall to kill each other for personal gain.

Seeing the rags these Rogues wore, Lin Mu Yu gave a sigh.  Reaching into his Qiankun Bag, he pulled out a diamond coin and said, “How about this?  I’ll use a diamond coin to exchange for the silver fox, alright?”

Xiao Ding Zi was stunned, “One thousand gold coins…..”

“Who knows if your diamond coin is real or not!”

Wang Tian Xia’s eyes filled with anger and he said, “If you want this silver fox, then take it yourself.  Don’t take out a fake diamond coin to trick people of humble births like us!”


Lin Mu Yu slightly lost his temper and began to draw his prairie sword, but he instantly stopped himself.  After a few seconds of silence he placed the sword back into its sheath and pulled the reins to leave as he said, “You better look out for yourself.  I have already been extremely tolerant towards you guys.”

He looked at the snowy ground and did not look back.  He still remembered the “righteous” character on the headquarters of the Swordsman Hall, it was a pity that the members of Swordsman Hall did not know this word.  Lin Mu Yu understood that he was not a buddha and could not save everyone.  There were some people…..that buddha could not save and only demons could save them!


On the way back, he found a 500 year old mountain boar.  After killing it, he split open its head, but he did not find a spirit stone.  He had no other way but to drag the four hundred pound corpse back to the Swordsman Hall.

It was around noon when he finally reached the hall.  The sun was high in the sky and the snow was quickly melting away.  It was too hard to kill spirit beasts on days with snow because many spirit beasts were hidden away.

When they saw Lin Mu Yu bringing two spirit beast corpse back up the mountain, the guards all revealed look of shock before saying with a taunting laugh, “Yo, this new member has some skills.  With a 900 year old purple fur badger and a 500 year old mountain boar, you can even become an Iron Ranger.  Congratulations little brat!”

Lin Mu Yu replied with a smile before he continued to drag the spirit beast corpses up the mountain.


At noon, the rangers left guarding the headquarters began to have their meal.  A higher rank meant better meals inside while a lower rank meant sipping a bowl of gruel out in the cold.

“Rogue, Lin Yan is back!”  A Silver Ranger with a loud voice shouted out, “He has brought back a 900 year old purple fur badger and a 500 year old mountain boar!”


The Great Envoy Ji Yang sitting in the wine couldn’t help looking up.  With a smile, he said, “The new Rogues this year aren’t bad, we even found a good seedling like this!”

Envoy Luo Yu put down his wine cup and respectfully said, “Great Envoy, should this subordinate go and have a look?  If it is true, what rank should I confer onto him?”

“If it is true……”

Ji Yang’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile, “Then let him be a Silver Ranger….We are lacking in people and we need new blood.  This brat should have strength in the Earth Realm, so it’ll be enough for him to be a Silver Ranger.”


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