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Chapter 139: Mountain Splitting Axe

After waking up the next day, Lin Mu Yu slowly focused his mind and released his Spiritual Pulse Technique.  Immediately a variety of sounds entered his ear.  There was the sound of cold wind, the sounds of leafs dancing, the sounds of battle horses whinnying, as well as the sounds of Chu Huai Sheng, Wei Chou and the other Imperial Guards talking.  There were some that were laughing and some that were whispering, but there was not a single one that escaped Lin Mu Yu’s detection.

He suddenly felt like his head was about to explode.  It was impossible for him to pick out a voice in this mass of sounds that came into his ears.

Lin Mu Yu stood up and took back his spiritual sense.  Eavesdropping on another’s conversation was not the right thing to do, so he would not do it unless he absolutely had to.

When he came out of the room, Wei Chou came over to greet him.  He said with a smile, “Sir, you’re awake?”



Lin Mu Yu nodded, feeling like Wei Chou was becoming a private soldier to him.  He looked up at the sun and found that it was around noon.  His stomach also felt like it was completely empty.


“Sir, Young miss Jin Xiao of the Imperial Capital Store sent someone over for you in the morning.  Once noon passes, Sir should rush to the Imperial Capital Store for the afternoon auction!”  Wei Chou said, “The messenger hasn’t left yet.  He said that he had to go back with you.”

“Un, I understand.”

After washing up, Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse.  He placed the prairie sword in the sword bag on the back and he held the pear flower spear wrapped in a black cloth.  He did not know when he would be attacked, so he had to be on full alert right now.  There were two figures that would not disappear from his mind.  One was Zeng Yi Fan and the other was Cang Bai He, who were the two people that could instantly kill him!

Chu Huai Sheng led several Imperial Guards to follow behind him.  Just like this, they ate on the horse as they rushed into Orchid Goose City, heading for the Imperial Capital Store.

In the afternoon, the temperature was a little warmer.  Entering Orchid Goose City, they found that the atmosphere became warmer along with the weather.  Chu Huai Sheng looked at the passing crowd and then caught up to Lin Mu Yu.  With a smile, he asked, “Ah Yu, you forged quite a few weapons this time.  You should be earning quite a bit, right?”

Lin Mu Yu rubbed his nose, “It’s alright.  Wealth is just possessions, I don’t place any importance on it.”

“How are you going to spend the money?”  Chu Huai Sheng asked.

Lin Mu Yu was a little stumped and then with a little hesitation, he said, “I haven’t even thought of doing anything with the money.  Does big brother Chu have a good suggestion?”

Chu Huai Sheng couldn’t help revealing a smile, “About this…..I don’t know either.  I’ve never had a lot of money, so I don’t know what to spend it on……”


After a while, they arrived at the Imperial Capital Store.  In the distance, they could see a variety of magnificent and expensive carriages stopping in front of the Imperial Capital Store, clearly bringing some high ranked people with them.  There was an embroidered purple yin flower on the curtains, which meant that they were at least rank three officials since only they could have that symbol.

Lin Mu Yu brought ten Imperial Guards with him into the Imperial Capital Store.  Jin Xiao Tang personally came to greet them.  Leading them down several pathways, they finally arrived in a large room that had several mercenary guards on the side.  When these mercenaries saw the armour that Lin Mu Yu, Chu Huai Sheng, and the others wore, they couldn’t help revealing an astonished look.  It was clear that these Imperial Guards did not need any protection, they were the pride of the capital city, there was no doubt of their strength.

“Hua la……”

Jin Xiao Tang opened the three curtains in front of the room, revealing a large square in front of them which was already filled with people.  She smiled and said, “This is the vip room for our Imperial Capital Store, you’ll be able to see everything from here.  Big brother Ah Yu, this is where you’ll be seated.  Xiao Tang will also be here during the entire auction process.”

“Un, many thanks young miss Xiao Tang.”

“No need to be courteous, aren’t we all friends here?”  Jin Xiao Tang covered her mouth while revealing a faint smile.  This beautiful young girl was enough to charm many people, but Lin Mu Yu was from a business family, so he knew that this was just a method of creating closer relations.  After thinking for a bit, he nodded with a courteous smile.

Chu Huai Sheng and the other Dragon Guards moved closer to the window, occupying the commanding view over the auction house.

Suddenly, he knit his brows and said, “Isn’t that……Zhen Guo General Ling Nan Tian’s son, young master Ling Feng?  He…..He actually came to this auction.  This is really strange.  It’s said that young master Ling Feng stays in the manor cultivating all year long, never coming out……”

Jin Xiao Tang giggled, “This is enough to prove the value of these weapons!”

Chu Huai Sheng nodded, “Ah Yu really is not simple.”

Another Dragon Guard narrowed his eyes and said, “Look Sir Chu, there’s another group of people coming……”

At the entrance of the hall, there was a group of armoured knights protecting a single person walking in.  This person in the middle was very handsome, but also looked very arrogant.  It was clear from a single glance that this person was not a normal family’s junior.

“It’s Yuwen Lian.”  Chu Huai Sheng said with a faint smile.

“Yuwen Lian?”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “What’s his background?”

“He’s the son of the third ranked Hu Guo General Yuwen Xie.  It’s said that he had just recently entered the Heaven Realm.”

“He really is not simple……”

Lin Mu Yu’s lips raised.  He did not care how strong these people were, he just cared how much these people liked the weapons he forged because in his eyes, Ling Feng and Yuwen Lian were just here to give him money.  But then again, the Imperial Capital was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.  Other than Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and the others of the younger generation, there was also Yuwen Lian who was also a Heaven Realm expert.  Even the power released by Ling Feng was at the Heaven Realm boundary.  They really were not simple.

The crowd continue to grow as more people came in.  The starting time of the afternoon auction was getting closer and closer.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, Jin Xiao Tang stood up beside Lin Mu Yu and raised her hand into the air, drawing a circle.  The manager of the auction immediately nodded his head and went off to give orders to his subordinates.

“Dang, dang, dang…….”

With the sounds of the metal gong, everyone in the auction became silent.  Very quickly, a beautiful young girl holding a scroll came onto the stage.  Using a brilliant smile, she said, “Everyone, everyone, first I’d like to welcome to all to the Imperial Capital Store.  My name is Pan Zi Yi, one of the main managers here.  Young miss Jin Xiao Tang is not well, so I am here to act as the auctioneer today!”

Lin Mu Yu narrowed his eyes as he stared down at the stage.  Pan Zi Yi was wearing a beautiful purple dress and as for her own beauty, she would be considered not bad.  She would be considered an eight if she was compared with tens like Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi, but if she was placed on Tong Tian Street, she would be considered quite a beauty…….Moreover, her name sounded quite nice.

On the stage, Pan Zi Yi began to introduce the items that were being auctioned this afternoon.  Then in an elegant as the spring wind manner, she said, “Now, here’s the first item!”

A large man came onto the stage, carrying a pitch black battle ax on his shoulder.  Pan Zi Yi came over and grabbed the handle with both hands, but could not lift it no matter how hard she tried.  The battle ax came off the man’s shoulder and onto the ground, creating a large indent on the ground.

Pan Zi Yi covered her red lips and revealed an embarrassed expression.  With a smile she said, “Ah ha, it seems like my strength is lacking and have no way of lifting the axe.  Now for the introduction……This axe is called the Mountain Splitting Axe.  With a length of 1.2 meters and weighing 78 kilograms, it is a level three spirit weapon and is incredibly sharp.  The starting price will be five hundred gold coins, now please place your bets!”

Lin Mu Yu looked at Jin Xiao Tang with a puzzled look as his eyes flashed with a questioning glance.

Jin Xiao Tang began to laugh, “Big brother Ah Yu, this auction will last around two hours, so we need to take out some ordinary thing first before offering the valuable items.  So I brought some spirit grade weapons over.  You must understand Xiao Tang’s way of doing business!”

“Un, I understand, I understand.”  Lin Mu Yu gave a laugh and continued to watch.


The first item taken out was a spirit item which made the crowd hiss in disappointment.

Lin Mu Yu stretched out his Spiritual Pulse Technique and could hear the Zhen Guo General Manor’s young master Ling Feng giving a gentle laugh, “Humph, just trivial spirit item and you dare cheat people with it.  It seems like Jin Xiao Tang can’t take out anything good, this really disappoints me.”

Not out of expectation, the spirit grade Mountain Splitting Axe did not reach a high price, finally reaching 2400 gold coins.  A tall military commander came up to retrieve it and by the look of the symbol on his shoulder, it was a member of the Divine Battalion.

Lin Mu Yu immediately knit his brows and said, “The Divine Battalion has that much money?  2400 gold coins is not a small figure…….”

Chu Huai Sheng’s eyes turned sharp as he said, “The Divine Battalion is the God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan’s private forces, so they do not have any missions.  Many of them usually go out to work as mercenaries, so they make money off human lives, looting quite a bit.  The funniest thing is that Zeng Yi Fan does not manage his own subordinates, but rather kills Imperial Guard vice commander Song Han Yuan for keeping a few acres of farmland.  This is truly infuriating!”


Lin Mu Yu gave a cold snort and his eyes turned cold.  Even now, he could still hear Qin Lei’s unwilling roar.  The solemn crown prince’s son, the commander of the Imperial Guards and one of the six White Robe Imperial Forest Guards, having to endure this humiliation, who would have thought of such a thing happening?


Very quickly, nine different spirit grade weapons were taken out, with the most expensive one being the Fine Stone Spears.  There were a total of two, both made by Lin Mu Yu that went for a final price of 8700 gold coins.  This assured Lin Mu Yu because if even the spirit weapons could sell for this price, then his profound and saint grade weapons wouldn’t do badly.  They would have no problems making a profit for him.

At this moment, someone under the stage who wearing the thousand man mark of the royal army loudly shouted, “Hey, little girl named Pan Zi Yi, father came because you said that you had profound grade weapons. You keep taking out spirit grade items, but isn’t it enough.  Take out the profound grade treasures now, or else father will kill his way onto the stage and rip off your clothes to see just how big you are!”

Pan Zi Yi had a calm look on her face as she directed a bow at the general from the stage.  Then she said, “Since this general cannot wait, then there is no need to be worried.  We’ll be taking out a profound grade item to auction off next!  First is a profound grade sabre – the Strong Wind Blade!  A level seven profound weapon weighing at eighty two pounds.  It is very sharp, being able to split a single hair!”

A large man of the store carried out the Strong Wind Blade.  It released a bone chilling glow with traces of flames on the blade, showing that it had been soul refined.

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