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Chapter 136: Sold on credit

“Sir Lin Mu Yu, what do you need this time?”

With Jin Xiao Tang’s hands behind him, she brought Lin Mu Yu into the store.  With how she smiled and asked questions along the way, she had the aura of a young girl in her prime.  Perhaps there were people that thought Jin Xiao Tang was just a young girl, but no one would question her intelligence.  It was because of Lin Mu Yu’s forging abilities that Jin Xiao Tang would be so courteous to him.  Otherwise, humph, you couldn’t even compare to an onion.

Lin Mu Yu hesitated and then said, “I’m afraid I’m here to buy on credit this time because I only have 2000 gold coins on me.”

“That’s fine!”


Jin Xiao Tang covered her smile and said, “You are a diamond card holder of our Imperial Capital Store and you are a close acquaintance to Xian Tang, so with a single word, you can buy as much as you want on credit.”

“Alright, then let’s go.  I need to buy some spirit stones and profound irons.”



Arriving at the spirit stone shop, he looked over the products in the store.  There were three spirit stones that entered into Lin Mu Yu’s eyes, one 8700 year old thunder attributed spirit stone, a 6400 year old ice attributed spirit stone, and a 5000 year old wind attributed spirit stone.  He pointed out those three stones and said, “How much do all three of those stones together cost?”


Jin Xiao Tang blinked and said, “The thunder spirit stone is quite rare, so the 8700 thunder attributed spirit stone is worth 21000 gold coins.  The 6400 year old ice attributed spirit stone costs 7000 gold coins and the 5000 year old will cost 3000 gold coins for a total of 31000 gold coins.  Xiao Tang will take the initiative to give you a 30% discount and taking off the odd change, it’ll be a total of 20000 gold coins.  Is that alright?”

“Alright, take them down for me, all on credit.”


Wei Chou on the side was stunned.  Not to mention several tens of thousands of gold coins, he had never even seen several thousand gold coins before.  He never would have come to the Imperial Capital Store to buy things before.  While this place has good things, it was all very expensive!

After strolling through the iron ore store, a large pile of glowing iron ore attracted Lin Mu Yu.  His Spiritual Pulse already told him that these ores were filled with incredible profound strength, but he could not help taking an extra look at it.

Jin Xiao Tang covered her smile and said, “Sir, this is ten thousand year old profound iron.  After being appraised by our specialist, it was found to contain rich spiritual energy.  Do you want it?  I’ll give it to you at a cheap price.  50 gold coins per pound……”

“Wa…..”  Wei Chou said in a stunned manner, “It’s as expensive as gold……”

Jin Xiao Tang pursed her little lips, “That is natural.  Weapons made from the ten thousand year old profound iron are strong, rust resistant, and sharp.  We spent quite a bit of effort just to get this kind of ten thousand year old profound iron.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help revealing a smile as he asked, “How much ten thousand year old profound iron do you have in total?”

“820 pounds.”

“Alright, then I’ll take it all!”

“Ah?  Really?”  Jin Xiao Tang’s mouth went wide as she was filled with joy.

“Of course it’s true.”

“Alright.”  Jin Xiao Tang suddenly grabbed Lin Mu Yu’s hand and acted in a spoiled manner as she said, “Then Sir Lin Mu Yu, could you leave a few weapons that you forge for the Imperial Capital Store to auction?”

“Un, of course.”  Although he knew that this was a business strategy from Jin Xiao Tang, Lin Mu Yu could not help enjoying her spoiled appearance.

So this pile of ten thousand year old profound iron was bought on credit for around 40000 gold coins.  This time, they had lost 60000 gold coins, but Jin Xiao Tang did not care about this.  The Imperial Capital Store had many assets and in order to obtain a forging and alchemy master like Lin Mu Yu, they did not care how much they spent.  Jin Xiao Tang had adhered to their agreement and kept her deals with Lin Mu Yu a secret, otherwise the competitors of the Imperial Capital Store would all compete for Lin Mu Yu.

“That’s right, sir Lin Mu Yu.”  Jin Xiao Tang blinked and said, “If you really need money, a better way to earn money would be to refine more Dreaming of the Peak.  We can sell the Dreaming of the Peak at a high price and we have quite a bit of materials here.  How about it, will you consider it?”

“How many sets of materials do you have?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

“We have enough to make forty Dreaming of the Peak!”

“Alright…..”  Lin Mu Yu nodded, “How much does these materials cost?”

“20000 gold coins.”

“Alright, add it into my purchase.”


Jin Xiao Tang was so happy that she was about to burst.  She knew that if Lin Mu Yu was able to successfully refine these things, then the Imperial Capital Store would cause a stir in the Orchid Goose City merchant community.  Once they took out all those profound level weapons and the legendary Dreaming of the Peak, and the news was spread, wouldn’t the competitors be lining up to kneel down in front of them!?

Once she thought of that damn Forest Crow Store’s boss’ narrow eyes looking at her and that Forest Crow Store’s manager that wanted a taste of her, Jin Xiao Tang couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.  As long as Lin Mu Yu helped them refine all these items, then the Imperial Capital Store would be able to take 30% of the Forest Crow Store’s customers.  She really wanted to see that damn fatty in tears!  Oh, that’s wrong, her father was also a damn fatty……

Jin Xiao Tang had an uncertain look on her face.  Lin Mu Yu and Wei Chou couldn’t help feeling nervous looking at her because they had no idea just how much this beautiful miss was thinking about!

“Young miss Xiao Tang, I still have a bold request.”  Lin Mu Yu then said.

Jin Xiao Tang had a completely submissive appearance, “Hee, hee, please say it sir Lin Mu Yu…..Oh, that’s wrong.  Big brother Ah Yu, please tell me!  Whatever you want, Xiao Tang will try her best to satisfy it!”

“I wish to add another ten thousand gold coins to my tab and I want to take the money…..”  Lin Mu Yu said while holding his forehead, feeling embarrassed after saying this.  He had come completely empty handed this time and had taken 90000 gold coins worth of items from the Imperial Capital Store, without giving anything back to them.  It was as if he was just stealing from them.

Jin Xiao Tang did not even need to think before smiling at the manager behind her and saying, “Take out ten diamond coins for my big brother Ah Yu!”

Calling him by this, she was slowly trying to pull Lin Mu Yu closer.  Although Lin Mu Yu knew that he would be eaten by her, he did not mind because he liked doing business with this kind of people.


When they brought the 10000 gold coins and the large amount of items out of the Imperial Capital Store, Wei Chou’s world had been flipped upside down as he said, “Sir, what kind of deity are you.  Why did……the Imperial Capital Store’s young miss Jin Xiao Tang act so politely to you?”

“You shouldn’t ask about this…..”  Lin Mu Yu let out a sigh and said, “I did all this to get this money to make everyone’s lives back in the Falcon’s Nest a little better.  Look at our barracks, is there any difference from a pigsty……”

Wei Chou couldn’t help laughing. “Then I’ll represent my brothers to thank sir!”

Handing the 10000 gold coins to Wei Chou, he made him and the other Imperial Guards and imperial guard soldiers buy the necessary living materials.  He also had them go to the Imperial Capital’s stone guild to buy some stone and wood, as well as hire fifty people to construct their camp on the Falcon’s Mountain.  He wanted them to create a new camp that would be the envy of all the Falcon Guards.  Quite a few Falcon Guards lived outside on Falcon’s Mountain, so they never had this kind of treatment before!

“Ah Yu……”

When Chu Huai Sheng saw the scene of the camp being constructed, he said, “You doing this so openly…..Aren’t you afraid of Zeng Yi Fan taking this opportunity to cause trouble?  Did you forget how sir Song Han Yuan died?  With an opening for Zeng Yi Fan like this, I’m afraid Zeng Yi Fan will come to ask you about where this money came from.”

Lin Mu Yu pulled out a receipt from his chest and said, “This is a receipt from the Imperial Capital Store’s young miss Jin Xiao Tang.  You can be assured big brother, I already considered this point.”

“Un, that’s good.”  Chu Huai Sheng revealed a faint smile and said, “You and Ah Yao haven’t had it easy after coming to Orchid Goose City.  It also wasn’t easy for me to get to where I am in Orchid Goose City now.  We have to be careful.  I am Ah Yao’s relative, but you are too.  We, as a family, cannot run into trouble, do you understand Ah Yu?”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart felt warm, “Un, I understand.  Big brother, you can be assured, I will be careful.”

“Un, then that’s good.”

“That’s right, is there any hidden places around here?  I want to find a place to refine some potions.  The Falcon’s Nest is so broken that there is no place to accommodate me there.”

Chu Huai Sheng thought about it and said, “There is a cave at the back of the Falcon’s Mountain where a 1200 year old black bear lived.  When the Falcon’s Nest was clearing out the mountain, it was turned into a pot of bear claw soup by commander Feng Ji Xing and the cave was cleared.  If you don’t mind refining in that cave, I will bring my brothers and protect you from the outside.”

“Alright!”  Lin Mu Yu happily nodded.  Smiling, he said, “Thank you, big brother!”

“Why are you being polite!”  Chu Huai Sheng patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “We’re a part of the same family!”


At this moment, a rider came up the mountain.  After dismounting, he cupped his hands at Chu Huai Sheng and said, “Sir Chu, a young miss of the capital by the name of Xiang Xiang wishes to pass a message on to you.  She wishes to meet you on the third floor of the Peaceful Restaurant tonight.”

Chu Huai Sheng was stunned, but he shook his head and said, “I’d like for you to send some news back to her.  Chu Huai Sheng is undertaking a mission and has no time today.  I’d like to ask to arrange another time and Chu Huai Sheng wishes to apologize to her.”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned.  He could guess what this was about so he said, “Big brother Chu, it’s fine.  You should go to you meeting, I can do this by myself.”

Chu Huai Sheng shook his head and said in a stubborn manner, “No, I have to protect you today, this is commander Qin Lei’s orders.  Moreover…..I don’t want to lose a family member.  Ah Yu, say no more.  Let’s go to the cave at the back of the mountain.”

“Un, alright……”

Lin Mu Yu did not wish to go against his wishes, so he ordered some imperial guard soldiers to help him bring the ores and medicinal herbs to the back of the mountain.  Following behind Chu Huai Sheng and looked at his strong back, he felt like he was watching a family member.  Chu Huai Sheng was like a big brother that protected him and Chu Yao from any pain.  Even if he did not have enough strength to do so, he would not retreat a single step.

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