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Chapter 135: Eagerly awaiting

Lying on the soft bed, Lin Mu Yu laid there as he watched a beetle crawl atop his “bed”.  He could not help letting out a sigh.  The Falcon’s Nest was truly pure and too close to nature.

Closing his eyes, he ignored the beetle as he slowly stretched out his Spiritual Pulse Technique.

Over the past few days, Lin Mu Yu had changed his focus from the Dragon Forged Bone Tome to the Spiritual Pulse Technique because the effects of the Spiritual Pulse Technique was very clear.  Before, when he used the Second Luminary, all his spiritual energy would be drained, but now it was no problem for him to use it three times in a row.  After all, the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts were his strongest techniques, so it was basic for him to train the Spiritual Pulse Technique.

Moreover, the Spiritual Pulse Technique had even saved his life in the Heaven Connecting Tower.  Lei Hong had said that the Spiritual Pulse Technique’s creator was a lunatic, but it seemed like he was actually a rare talent.


With his spiritual sense slowly spreading, although his eyes were closed, he could see the area around him more clearly than when his eyes were opened.  That beetle was crawling on the grass and above it was a black spider quietly hanging in its net.  Winter had come early this year, so these animals had not reacted yet and had not gone into hibernation.  Actually, after the snow melted on the Falcon’s Mountain, it would reveal a patch of green.

A little further away, there were Imperial Guards drinking and chatting.  Lin Mu Yu could clearly identify what they were saying and Gong Xun and Xu Geng’s voice was included in this crowd.  They were around one hundred and twenty meters from Lin Mu Yu’s camp, but the Spiritual Pulse Technique allowed him to clearly hear what they said.  How mysterious!

“That little animal, I have to kill him!”  Gong Xun slammed the wine glass onto the table.

Xu Geng said, “Lin Mu Yu’s one punch was so quick and had a monstrous strength.  My defensive battle qi was completely depleted and I still had no idea what was going on.”

Gong Xun said, “Only the heavens knows where he learned this strange technique from, it is all too strange.  Otherwise, we would not have been defeated so easily.  Once this matter is reported back to the God Marquis Palace, they will definitely be disappointed in us.”

Xu Geng revealed a smile, “The Marquis’s informers are all over Orchid Goose City, so they must know already.  But brother Gong Xun does not need to worry.  Lin Mu Yu has fought against the marquis many times and the marquis will not let him off.  We just have to wait for the marquis to send some strong people to take care of that brat.”

Gong Xun’s anger did not fade as he said, “If possible, I want to personally chop off that little brat’s head!”

“As you wish!”

Lin Mu Yu heard this and then knit his brows.  His spiritual sense continued to spread outward, but he could not hear any human voices.  It seemed like one hundred and twenty meters was the limit and any further made human voices fuzzy and indistinguishable.  The Spiritual Pulse Technique sent out layers of waves that came back to him which turned the unknown into information for him.

Practicing to midnight, he felt a wave of sleepiness and then closed his eyes to sleep.


The next morning, he woke up to see the Falcon’s Nest Spiritual Fire Department making breakfast in the distance.

Wei Chou was outside the camp as he respectfully said, “Sir, the Falcon Nest’s custom is to have four hours of training before having breakfast.”


He stood up, cleaned his teeth and washed his face.  This world did not have toothpaste, so what he used was a thing called “tooth powder”.  It was made with plant grinded into powder, but it had the same effect as tooth paste.  The problem was with washing his face because there were no such things as skin care products for men in this world……It was a good thing Lin Mu Yu did not care.  He had naturally good skin, so he had no need for stuff like that anyway.  Zhang Wei and Wei Chou did not even use the tooth powder, acting very bold, with a strong breath……

After brushing his teeth, his spiritual sense was triggered.  There seemed to be someone behind the camp!

He immediately pulled out his prairie sword and he silently moved closer.  Suddenly jumping out behind the camp, he found that there were several white robed Imperial Guards standing there.  They seemed like they had been there for quite a while because several of them had frost congealed on their armour.

“Big brother Chu Huai Sheng?”  Lin Mu Yu was stunned when he found Chu Huai Sheng in the group.  Every one of these people were all wearing golden dragon shaped badges, which was proof of them being Dragon Guards.

Chu Huai Sheng was also surprised.  He smiled and said, “Ah Yu, you noticed us?”

Lin Mu Yu was confused, “You guys…..Why are you guys here?  When did you come……”

“We came last night.”

“Ah, I actually didn’t find out……”  Lin Mu Yu secretly said.  He must have been sleeping too deeply, so his Spiritual Pulse Technique did not notice Chu Huai Sheng’s group arriving.

There was a total of ten Dragon Guards, including Chu Huai Sheng.

Lin Mu Yu asked, “Big brother Chu Huai Sheng, this is the Falcon’s Nest, so why are you here?  Shouldn’t you guys be in the Ze Tian Palace protecting his highness and her highness Yin?”

Chu Huai Sheng brushed the frost off his shoulder and said with a smile, “Yesterday Zeng Yi Fan launched an attack on the Imperial Guards and killed the vice commander Song Han Yuan.  This was the first provocation towards us Imperial Guards and there will definitely be a second.  Commander Qin Lei thinks that it is possible for Zeng Yi Fan to target you next, so he had me bring nine other Dragon Guard brothers to secretly guard you, but we were still discovered by you…..”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart filled with gratitude and fear as he said, “But it is too taxing on you here.  Big brother Chu Huai Sheng, you should bring everyone back to the Ze Tian Palace.  I am very safe here.  There are over seventy Imperial Guards and several hundred imperial guard soldiers in the Falcon’s Nest, it wouldn’t be easy for Zeng Yi Fan to make a move against me here.”

“Ha, ha, don’t make this hard for me.”  Chu Huai Sheng gave a relaxed laugh as he said, “You already know Qin Lei’s disposition.  Once he orders something, it has to be done.  He sent us to protect you until the day of the winter sacrifice ceremony.  It is only three days away, so don’t make it hard on big brother and let us stay here.”

“Alright then……”

Lin Mu Yu had a resigned look on his face.  He could only accept this sentiment.


He then went to attend the morning practice.  The Falcon’s Nest’s morning practice was very easy, horse riding, sword art, blade art, and archery, training one after the other.  After being in Orchid Goose City for so long, Lin Mu Yu’s horse riding skill couldn’t be considered extraordinary, but it was still first class.  As for his sword art, he had the four way imperial swort art, so he did not need to train that much.  It was the same for blade art.  As for his archery……He still needed to learn quite a bit from Wei Chou.

“Du, du, du!”

The sounds of horse hooves resounded on the practice field.  Wei Chou was seated on his war horse, reaching out with his fingers, he pulled out three arrows from his quiver.  With a “pa, pa, pa” sound, all three arrows were shot and all three hit different targets.  Not only was this kid good at shooting at motionless targets, he was quite outstanding in the Falcon’s Nest in terms of horseback archery.  The crowd around them began to cheer and even Chu Huai Sheng raised his sword to cheer along.

When it was Lin Mu Yu’s turn, he directed his horse forward.  While raising his precious bow, he continued to shoot arrows, continuing to practice his archery.


The battle qi entered the arrow and then the arrow left the bow string!


It did not hit the target and everyone began to laugh, but in the next moment, the arrow hit a tree with a diameter of half a meter.  With a “peng” sound, the large tree fell and everyone became silent.  Although his accuracy was not good, his power was quite strong.

Meng Fang had a helpless look on his face as he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu’s archery…..really broadens one’s horizons!”

Lin Mu Yu lowered his head and said nothing.  This matter was quite embarrassing for him……


After eating his breakfast, it was back to the Falcon’s Nest training.  After lunch time, they finally had free time.

Lin Mu Yu lead Wei Chou, ten Imperial Guards, and thirty imperial guard soldiers down the mountain to buy supplies.  Chu Huai Sheng’s ten Dragon Guards followed behind them from a distance.  The Dragon Guards were proud, being the ones who protected the ruler and the princess, but now they had to protect this Falcon Guard.  This was not a thing to be proud of for them.

Seeing the group descend the mountain, Falcon Nest head commander Meng Fang let out a gentle sigh, “What is this world, this old man can’t understand it……”


While descending the mountain, Lin Mu Yu looked into his spirit stone bag and found that there were some spirit stones left after handing in his assignment.  There was two 4000 year old stone attribute spirit stones, one 5000 year old fire attributed spirit stone, and a 5100 year old poison thorn poison attributed spirit stone.  These spirit stones could be used to make quite a few good weapons.  Looking at his purse, he found that there were only two diamond coins.  Being this poor, how could he buy supplies for the one hundred and ten men below him?  He had to make a trip to the Imperial Capital Store!

After entering the capital, the streets were as bustling as usual.

Arriving in front of the Imperial Capital Store, he only brought Wei Chou with him as he went in.  The others were standing outside on guard.

Lin Mu Yu was wearing his temple battle dress and Wei Chou was wearing his Imperial Guard armour, making them very noticeable.  It was a good thing the manager on duty knew Lin Mu Yu and quickly came forward to greet him with a smile, “Sir Lin Zhi, you’re finally back.  Are you looking for young miss Xiao Tang?”

“That’s right.  Also, don’t call me Lin Zhi, just call me Lin Mu Yu!”


After a few minutes, Jin Xiao Tang came out with an excited look on her face.  Without concealing her excitement, she came forward to grab Lin Mu Yu’s arm.  Then she smiled and said, “Sir Lin Zhi, you haven’t come in a while.  Don’t you know that Xiao Tang has been eagerly waiting!  That’s wrong, I should call you Sir Lin Mu Yu now……”

The Imperial Capital Store had high connections, so there was nothing that could be hidden from them.  Could Jin Xiao Tang already know everything about him?

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, “Aren’t I here now?”

Saying this, he felt like this was a little improper.  It felt like what a regular of an ancient brothel would say.  Lowering his head, he saw that Jin Xiao Tang’s beautiful face was covered in excitement and he felt very guilty.  If Jin San Pang knew what he was thinking about his daughter, then he would want Lin Mu Yu’s life!

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