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Chapter 133: Kneel down for me

“Not long ago, Zeng Yi Fan brought one thousand Divine Battalion soldiers into the Ze Tian Palace and killed the Imperial Guards vice commander Song Han Yuan on fabricated charges.  He killed Song Han Yuan in front of me, her highness Yin, and Princess Tang.”  Lin Mu Yu answered.


Lei Hong’s brows knit as he said, “Zeng Yi Fan dares to be this insolent?”



Lin Mu Yu said, “This act from Zeng Yi Fan was a warning to the Imperial Guards, telling Qin Lei and the Imperial Guards to not interfere with his God Marquis palace’s matters.  The fact that he is acting like this, I’m afraid that he might make a move against his highness and her highness Yin soon.  So I’m hoping that Grandpa Lei Hong can find Grandpa Qu Chu, letting him guard the Ze Tian Palace.  The emperor and the princess require his help right now.”

“I understand.”

Lei Hong took in a deep breath and said, “Qu Chu will be able to return to Orchid Goose City in five days, but…..Ah Yu, you are an eyesore and a thorn in the side to the God Marquis palace.  Moreover, you are stationed in the Falcon’s Nest outside the city, so you must be careful.  I’m not worried that Zeng Yi Fan will make a move against his highness, but I am worried that he will do something to you.”

Lin Mu Yu calmly said, “I’m fine.  It won’t be easy for Zeng Yi Fan to kill me.  Moreover, there are dozens of Falcon Guards and several hundred imperial guard soldiers guarding the Falcon’s Nest, so it won’t be easy for him.”


Lei Hong said, “The sun has not set yet, so you should hurry back.  You have to be careful once you leave the city.”


Lei Hong stood up and said, “Deacon Ge Yang, prepare a horse for me.”

“Great Deacon, where are you going?”  Ge Yang said in a surprised voice.

Lei Hong revealed a faint smile, “Before that fellow Qu Chu comes back to the Orchid Goose City, it’ll be my responsibility to be in the Ze Tian Palace to protect his highness and her highness Yin.  Although my old bones cannot compare with Zeng Yi Fan, I will still make him pay a bloody price if he wants to kill me.”

“Yes, Great Deacon!”

Lin Mu Yu also revealed a faint smile as he left the temple with Tang Xiao Xi.

It was near dusk and the civilians on Tong Tian Street were all scattering.  Looking from the distance, the Spiritual Medicine Department opposite the temple was a giant majestical looking imperial city building.  With the temple across from it, they were like two giant gods protecting the Imperial Capital.

“Xiao Xi, I want to……”  Lin Mu Yu suddenly stopped his horse.

Tang Xiao Xi gave a laugh as a trace of cunning flashed in her eyes, “You want to go see elder sister Chu Yao?”

“That’s right……”

Lin Mu Yu knew about Tang Xiao Xi feelings to him and he asked, “You won’t be jealous and become angry?”

Tang Xiao Xi shook her head.  Then she smiled and said, “Mu Mu, you and elder sister Chu Yao risked your lives to go from Silver Fir City to Orchid Goose City, if you ignored her, then I would be questioning your moral values!”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help revealing a smile, “How are my moral values?”

“Quite good…..”  Tang Xiao Xi dismounted and said, “Then I won’t go in with you.  Hurry up so you can send me back to the duke’s manor.”

“Un, alright.”


Leaving his horse outside, Lin Mu Yu quickly entered the Spiritual Medicine Department.  He did not meet anyone on the way and directly arrived at Chu Yao’s courtyard.  As soon as he opened the door, he heard a “peng” sound.  The Pear Flower Sword flew through the air and stabbed into a tree trunk.  Chu Yao was standing a few meters away with two fingers pointing at it, covered in true qi.

“You’re practicing quite well……”  Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile.

Chu Yao was surprised and immediately her eyes turned red.  She threw herself into Lin Mu Yu’s chest and while her delicate shoulders trembled, she said, “Ah Yu, I heard many bad news about you and I thought that a mishap had happened to you in the Dragon Seeking Forest.  I had nightmares every night.  It’s really great that you can come back alive!”

Lin Mu Yu helplessly hugged his delicate elder sister’s waist as he smiled and said, “Didn’t I come back alive?  Elder sister Chu Yao, I don’t have much time and I still need to return to the Falcon’s Nest to report in.  Come, come, come, let me teach you a few sword moves, alright?”

“Un, alright!”  Chu Yao happily replied.

So in twenty minutes, Lin Mu Yu taught all of the four elemental imperial sword to Chu Yao.  He did not know how much she could comprehend, but based on her comprehension abilities, she will definitely be able to learn something.  Lin Mu Yu released the Spiritual Pulse Technique and could clearly see the true qi circulating around Chu Yao’s body.  He saw that Chu Yao had already entered into the Battle Venerate rank and was in the second Earth Realm Tier.  With her speed, she should be able to enter the third Earth Realm Tier in just half a year!

Looking at Chu Yao’s appearance, he could see that she had kept her hair short, but he could see that she was wearing light armour with the Spiritual Medicine Department’s cloak draped over it.  She looked very spirited and valiant and Lin Mu Yu’s heart could not help being filled with comfort.  He knew that he could not protect Chu Yao for a lifetime, so letting her become stronger was the best way to protect her.

After imparting the four elemental imperial sword to her, he quickly left as night fell.

Outside the Spiritual Medicine Department, Tang Xiao Xi had already pursed her lips with impatience, but when she saw Lin Mu Yu walk out of the Spiritual Medicine Department, she couldn’t blame him.  She just asked, “How is elder sister Chu Yao?”

“She’s good.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile and said, “I gave her a few swords art.  Elder sister Chu Yao’s cultivation speed is really quick.  That’s right, Xiao Xi, what is your cultivation at right now?”

Tang Xiao Xi raised her beautiful brows and proudly stuck out her chest as she said, “I stepped into the third Earth Realm Tier just half a month ago and right now…..I should a rank fifty seven Battle Saint.  If nothing unexpected happens, I should enter the Heaven Realm in just a month.  How about that?  Mu Mu, I’m about to catch up!”

Lin Mu Yu secretly laughed, “Hei, even if you are in the Heaven Realm, you still won’t be my match……”

Tang Xiao Xi pursed her lips, “Humph, Mu Mu is a bad person.  Stop trying to provoke me!”

“Alright, you should go back to the manor now!”



After sending Tang Xiao Xi back to the duke’s manor, Lin Mu Yu immediately returned to the Falcon’s Nest, reaching it in less than half an hour.  There were various Imperial Guards climbing up the mountain with Fire Foxes, Swift Wolves, Cloud Deers, and all kinds of animals on the back of their horses which were meant to be sent to the Ze Tian Palace.  There was a large contrast with the citizens who stank and froze to death on the streets.

However thinking of the other side, the Ze Tian Palace only had Qin Jin and Qin Yin as its master.  Moreover there were quite a few maids and ministers also in the palace.  Compared to the ancient Chinese emperors with three palaces and six courtyards, with over ten thousand people in each palace, they wouldn’t just require twenty Cloud Deers, but rather they would need over two thousand deers!

Compared to this, the Ze Tian Palace was indeed quite simple.  Qin Jin and Qin Yin’s lives were far from being luxurious.

Entering the camp, he saw a group of people standing in the distance with an arrogant voice sounding out.

“You pieces of waste, still daring to say that you’ve obtained the spirit stone of a 6000 year old Golden Scaled Beast.  What, if you can’t take out the spirit stone, then don’t make these false claims.  Come, take them all away and we’ll go see the head commander!”

This voice came from Gong Xun.  It had a distinct sharp tone that sounded like the eunuchs from the palace.

“This is bad…….”

Lin Mu Yu’s heart fell as he rushed his horse forward and shouted, “Move!”

His martial spirit had been released, protecting him and the horse as they charged forward.  The crowd scattered and he saw Wei Chou and the others at the center of the crowd.  Wei Chou’s chest seemed to be stained with blood, as if he had been stabbed.

Gong Xun and another Imperial Guard with a Heaven Realm cultivation was standing nearby and laughing.  The other Imperial Guard with the Heaven Realm cultivation was someone Lin Mu Yu recognized who was called Xu Geng.  He was a hundred man commander and someone else from the God Marquis Palace with a rank sixty Heaven Venerate cultivation who was very strong.  With these two Heaven Realm experts, Wei Chou and the others were not their match.

“What is it?”

Lin Mu Yu dismounted his horse and the prairie sword was drawn out surrounded in thunder attribute energy.  He firmly gripped it in his hand as he revealed an ugly expression and gently said, “Wei Chou, what’s wrong?”

Wei Chou’s face was covered in blood as he gritted his teeth and said, “Sir, Gong Xun and Xu Geng stated that we had not completed the mission and Gong Xun said that we should honour our agreement and bow to him.  It did not end there, they had even injured us!”

Gong Xun was relying on the fact that Xu Geng was here.  He raised his brows and said, “Lin Mu Yu, you were full of words back then, but now you should have nothing else to say, right?  Your subordinates mouths are all dirty, so I helped you teach them a lesson.  This is the standard of our Falcon’s Nest.”

“The standard of Falcon’s Nest?”

Lin Mu Yu was filled with rage as he said, “Who says that you, God Marquis Palace’s members, are so great?”

Saying this, Lin Mu Yu reached into his chest and pulled out the Golden Scaled Beast’s spirit stone.  Taking off the battle qi, the spirit stone lit up, releasing the might of a 6000 year old spirit stone.

“How about now?”  Lin Mu Yu gently said, “Now we have completed the mission, right?”

“Really……It really is a 6000 year old Golden Scaled Beast’s spirit stone…..”  Xu Geng was a little shocked.

Gong Xun gave a cold laugh and said, “Who knows if you didn’t buy one from the capital city’s merchants.  I’ve heard that Lin Mu Yu and Jin Xiao Tang have a good relationship, so you could have bought it from there.”

“Even if I bought it, I still completed the mission.”  Lin Mu Yu’s lips raised as he said, “As for you two, daring to bully my men, how do you wish to repay this debt?”

“Repay what?”  Gong Xun gave a cold laugh and said, “You think you can fight both of us?”

“Why can’t I?”

Before his voice fell, Lin Mu Yu’s figure had disappeared and his left fist covered in luminary power flew out at Xu Geng, slamming into Xu Geng’s abdomen with an explosion sound.  Xu Geng did not think that this brat would launch a sneak attack, but he quickly condensed his energy armour to protect himself.  However, he did not make it in time as his 30% condensed barrier was shattered by 50% of the Second Luminary!”


This dignified Heaven Realm Imperial Guard was sent flying.  He fell into a pile of bricks and did not make another sound.


Gong Xun was stunned.  He quickly concentrated his battle qi around his sword and slashed out.

Lin Mu Yu gave a wild laugh as he raised out his left hand.  The Dragon Scale Wall surrounded his fingers adding an invisible defense to his hand which allowed him to grip the enemy’s sword.  He raised his right hand and used the lightning imperial sword.  The prairie sword made a “shua” sound as it stabbed towards Gong Xun’s chest.  With a “peng” sound, it did not pierce through Gong Xun’s energy armour, but it completely shattered it.

His right hand formed a blade and being surrounded by battle qi, he gathered 30% of the First Luminary as it hit the back of Gong Xun’s neck.


A palm knocked Gong Xun to the ground with both hands supporting himself.  His sword had already been thrown away.  

Lin Mu Yu kicked out at the back of his knees and raising his palm covered in fire battle qi, he gripped the cape behind him.  He kicked him towards Wei Chou and the others and then shouted in a low voice, “Kneel down!”


Just like this, Gong Xun was kneeled down in front of Wei Chou in this shameful manner.

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