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Chapter 132: Aggressive


Seeing Song Han Yuan’s body fall to the ground, Qin Yin’s pretty face turned ugly with anger.  She pointed at Zeng Yi Fan and said, “You dare kill people in front of me!?  Zeng Yi Fan, you are truly brave!”

Zeng Yi Fan gave the head of Song Han Yuan to a thousand man commander from the Divine Battalion.  Then he cupped his hands and said, “This old minister asks the princess for forgiveness.  Song Han Yuan was a bug eating away at the army, so he had to be immediately executed.  This old minister will personally apologize to his majesty over this matter.”

“Hua, hua……”


Lin Mu Yu was filled with anger as the battle qi flame surrounded his fist.  The prairie sword was trembling on his back because of its master’s anger, as if it would come out of its sheath to kill an enemy at any moment, but Lin Mu Yu could not make a move.  Against a Sacred Realm expert like Zeng Yi Fan, he was not even 10% confident in winning.  If he really made a move, he might implicate Tang Xiao Xi or Qin Yin.  After thinking about it, he had no choice but to suppress his anger.

He hated himself for not being able to break through Zeng Yi Fan’s suppression earlier, otherwise if he made a move, Song Han Yuan would not have been decapitated like that.  This Imperial Guard veteran was a senior to him, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng and the others, he should not have died like this.


At this moment, the sound of horse hooves came from the distance as Qin Lei led a large group of Imperial Guards over.  When he saw Song Han Yuan’s headless body on the ground, his face turned pale.  He drew the Thunder Cleaver Blade as he dismounted and his body was covered in battle qi.  The God Binding Lock was surrounding the Thunder Cleaver as he angrily said, “Who did it?  Who is the bastard who kill Song Han Yuan?”

“Young prince, it was this old minister.”

The God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan had a respectful appearance as he said, “Song Han Yuan had secretly stored a thousand units of fertile land and intentionally broke the law.  When this old minister tried to arrest him, he actually revolted, so this old minister had no choice but to execute him.”


Qin Lei’s face filled with anger as the Thunder Cleaver blade was covered in lightning.  He almost split his teeth from gritting down as he angrily shouted, “Old dog Zeng, you have gone too far today!  I, Qin Lei cannot exist on the same earth as you!”

“Young prince!”

Zeng Yi Fan shouted out, once again releasing his Sacred Realm power, oppressing everyone here.  Qin Lei bore the brunt of it and it was as if all the energy in his body was sealed as an invisible net of power surrounded his body.  Qin Lei released all the battle qi in his body and the blue vein on his forehead popped out as blood seeped out of his skin.

Another focal point of this power was on Lin Mu Yu, who could not make a single sound.  When he saw the blood leaking out of the corner of Qin Lei’s mouth, he was instantly filled with anger as he wildly released all the battle qi in his body.  It quickly rose up and the battle qi in his body turned into Seven Luminary Mystic Power, as a demon god figure appeared around his body.


Lin Mu Yu gave a roar as he immediately sent out the “Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry” around himself.  It completely destroyed the pressure from Zeng Yi Fan’s domain and it became like Zeng Yi Fan’s cauldron had a hole in it.  He had thought that the strongest attack would come from Qin Lei, but he never thought that it would be Lin Mu Yu who would display a power strong enough to break his domain.

His body trembled and Zeng Yi Fan swayed.  His blood and qi swelled up and he did not feel good.  He knit his brows as he wondered how this brat had obtained this weird power.

Qin Lei charged out with his blade as soon as he was free from the domain.  Jumping out, the blade suddenly fell down in front of Zeng Yi Fan.  His martial spirit erupted forward as everything cracked around him.  This was the strongest attack of the Thunder Cleaver sword art – Four Sided Wild Blade!


From the Divine Battalion crowd, Zeng Fang charged out wielding his sword.  His battle qi was densely formed over his sword as he tried to block Qin Lei’s attack and to guard Zeng Yi Fan’s retreat.

But no one expected Qin Lei’s strike to be more than just this.  The blade suddenly came out of the ground as he violently shouted, “Thunder Cleaver, Light Splitting Cut!”


Zeng Fang could not withstand this.  Although he and Qin Lei were both in the first tier of the Heaven Realm, there was too much a disparity in martial spirits and martial art strength.  He was sent flying with his sword, heavily landing onthe snow.

“Qin Lei!”

Zeng Yi Fan’s voice was as startling as thunder.  In this chaos, he had a pale look on his face as he said, “This old minister will personally clarify the story of Song Han Yuan with his majesty, so do not act this aggressive here!”

Qin Lei’s teeth almost cracked from him gritting them and his face was white.  Blood continued to flow down the Thunder Cleaver blade.  After all, there was a disparity of three tiers, so it was impossible for him to be Zeng Yi Fan’s match.

Lin Mu Yu slowly walked forward and placed a hand on Qin Lei’s shoulder as he said, “A real man does not hold onto the grudges in front of him.  Big brother Qin Lei, forget about it……”

Qin Lei slowly lowered his head as the tears and blood in his eyes mixed together.  His shoulders slightly trembled as he unwillingly forced down the anger he felt.  Zeng Yi Fan had killed Song Han Yuan in front of a group of imperial guard soldiers, which was a great humiliation to them.  Song Han Yuan had followed Qin Lei for many years now, fulfilling his duties responsibly, but he fell to this kind of fate.  How could Qin Lei accept this?

“Ah Yu……”

Qin Lei’s hand holding his sword gently trembled.  With bloodshot eyes, he said in a low voice, “As long as I don’t kill Zeng Yi Fan, I, Qin Lei cannot be considered a man!”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and said, “Alright, I understand……”


Zeng Yi Fan gave a cold snort before helping Zeng Fang up and leading the Divine Battalion soldiers away.

Qin Lei gritted his teeth and then picked up Song Han Yuan’s head from the ground.  With a pale face, he said, “Sew General Song’s head and body together, and give him a grand military funeral.”


Chu Huai Sheng took Song Han Yuan’s head and his sharp brows knit together.  He did not care as his battle clothes were stained red from the blood as he turned to leave.

Qin Lei looked like he had aged several years as he looked at Lin Mu Yu and said, “Ah Yu, you’re back?”

“Un.”  Lin Mu Yu did not know what to say to comfort Qin Lei.  He did not know how deep the friendship between Qin Lei and Song Han Yuan was, so it was inappropriate for him to say anything.

Qin Lei grabbed his shoulder and said, “If it wasn’t for you here, I don’t know what kind of consequences would have happened.  That old dog Zeng Yi Fan is filled with ambition and if we continued to let him continue to act this wild, it’ll be hard to keep our Qin Family safe.”

Saying this, Qin Lei looked over at Qin Yin and said, “Your highness Yin, should we go and see his majesty together?  We must inform him of Zeng Yi Fan’s ambitions.  He had dared to come to our palace today and killed a general, perhaps he will enter the Ze Tian Palace to cause trouble for his majesty as well tomorrow.”

Qin Yin nodded, “Un, let’s go see royal father.”

At this moment, Lin Mu Yu’s body slightly trembled as the backlash from the Seven Mystic Luminary Arts acted up.  After all, his soul was not strong enough to control the Fourth Luminary and using it to forcefully disrupt Zeng Yi Fan’s domain, even though Zeng Yi Fan was fine, he had still been injured.

Tang Xiao Xi notice this and quickly went over to support him.  She asked, “Mu Mu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine……”

Lin Mu Yu waved his hands and forcefully suppressed the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts with his battle qi.  But deep down in his body, it felt like ocean waves turning over and it was impossible for him to recover himself in a short period of time.  It was as if half of the energy in his body had been drained by the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts.  It seemed like the Seven Luminaries was strong enough to skip levels, but one had to pay a price for using them.

“Big brother Qin Lei, your highness Yin, Xiao Xi.”

He looked at them and said, “When I was resisting Zeng Yi Fan earlier, I suffered some internal injuries.  I’m afraid I don’t have enough strength to protect you guys, so Lin Mu Yu asks to be excused first.”

Qin Yin looked at him with a worried look, “Ah Yu, do you want me to get a court doctor to take a look at you?”

“No need.  Many thanks Xiao Yin.”

Tang Xiao Xi nodded and said, “Then big brother Qin Lei and Xiao Yin are going to see his majesty, so I’ll go back with Ah Yu?”

“You guys be careful.”



Exiting the Ze Tian Palace, Lin Mu Yu slowly guided the horse forward.  His face was visibly pale, but after revolving the Dragon Forged Bone Tome several times, the backlash from the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts was finally suppressed and he recovered quite a bit of energy.  When he arrived at Tian Street, he suddenly turned his horse to the right.

“Mu Mu, you’re not going back to the Falcon Nest?”  Tang Xiao Xi asked in a surprised voice.

“No, I’m going to the temple first.”


Tang Xiao did not ask for a reason because she knew that Lin Mu Yu had a reason for doing this.

After arriving at the temple, several temple guards respectfully said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, you’re back?”

Lin Mu Yu nodded.  His expression was not that good, so the temple guards did not say much.  The guards gave a greeting to Tang Xiao Xi behind him, but Tang Xiao Xi waved her hands telling them not to be so courteous.

The temple was silent, but not far away, there were the sounds of fighting in the main training hall.  In the distance, they could see Qin Yan covered in the Dragon Scale Martial Spirit’s defenses currently blocking the attacks of a Silver Star Sparring Master.  No matter how the Silver Sparring Master attacked, he still could not break through the Dragon Scale’s defenses.  It was truly worthy of being known as the strongest defense martial spirit in the world.

Lin Mu Yu did not disturb Qin Yan’s practice and slowly walked to the inner hall.  In the long hallway, he met Ge Yang who was currently reading a scroll.  He raised his head to look at Lin Mu Yu and revealed a smile as he said, “Ah Yu, you’re finally back from your training?  Did it all go smoothly?”


Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, “Everything went smoothly and I’ve finished my mission.  Grandpa Ge Yang, I want to find grandpa Lei Hong, is he inside the temple?”

“He is, I’ll bring you to him.”


In the main hall, Lei Hong was sitting cross legged.  His body was covered in battle qi and he was currently cultivating.

After Lin Mu Yu, Tang Xiao Xi, and Ge Yang came in, they went to the side to silently wait.  Before long, Lei Hong finished a rotation and opened his eyes.  Revealing a smile, he said, “Ah Yu, Princess Xi, you’ve come?”

“That’s right.”  Tang Xiao Xi said with a smile.

Lei Hong said, “Since you’re here, something must have happened, right?”

Lin Mu Yu asked, “Grandpa Lei Hong, I have something to ask you.  I hope you can sincerely answer this question.”

“Un, ask away Ah Yu.”

“Who is stronger between grandpa Lei Hong and Zeng Yi Fan?”  Lin Mu Yu directly asked.

Lei Hong was stunned.  He stroked his white beard and said with a smile, “Zeng Yi Fan is stronger.”

“Then, who is stronger between grandpa Qu Chu and Zeng Yi Fan?”  Lin Mu continued to asked.

Lei Hong revealed a faint smile, “Fire Cauldron Qu Chu, he has the highest attainment in terms of fire martial arts.  His fire palms can rarely find an opponent, but Zeng Yi Fan has concealed his powers, so…..From what I can see, Qu Chu and Zeng Yi Fan should be around equal.”

“I understand……”

Lin Mu Yu let out a sigh of relief and said, “Grandpa Lei Hong, you should send a letter to grandpa Qu Chu asking him to come back to Orchid Goose City!”


Lei Hong was stunned.

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