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Chapter 131: Showing off one’s abilities

The Ze Tian Palace.  There were quite a few maids sweeping the snow.  After the large snow stopped, everyone felt quite happy as they revealed smiles on their faces.

Lin Mu Yu had his Falcon Guard duty plate and his path was very smooth as he entered the Phoenix Roost Pavilion.  Once he arrived, he saw Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi’s beautiful figures standing in the snow waiting for him.

Dismounting his horse, Tang Xiao Xi had already come forward to welcome him.  With a smile, she said, “Mu Mu, how was the Dragon Seeking Forest?  I heard one guard said that you were injured when you were fighting a 6200 year old Golden Scaled Beast.”

“I’ve already recovered.”


Lin Mu Yu patted his chest as he revealed a proud smile and said, “A spirit beast will not be able to beat me.  We have brought back the spirit stones, but we need to report back to the Falcon Nest’s head commander before sending them over to the Ze Tian Palace.”

After saying this, he walked through the snow to arrive in front of Qin Yin.  Giving her a royal army greeting, he said, “This subordinate greets your highness Yin!”

Qin Yin gave a laugh and walked forward to hold his bracer.  Her dimples were revealed with her smile as she said, “Ah Yu, when did we become so estranged?  Why do I not know about this?”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a smile, “I know my wrongs…..About that, I was called over as soon as I arrived in the Falcon’s Nest, I didn’t even get a chance to report in.  Is there something important that happened?”

“There is!”

Qin Yin gave a serious nod.  Then she smiled and said, “Xiao Xi and I have invited you to attend our roasted meat and candied fruit feast.  Come, since you’ve come back to Orchid Goose City, Xiao Xi and I must give you a welcome back banquet.”

“Ha, there’s this good thing.  Is there anything good to eat?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

“Thank you your highness.”

He followed her highness and the princess into the Phoenix Roost Pavilion.  When the palace maid on the way saw Lin Mu Yu dressed in his temple battle dress, they all looked at him an extra time.  Most of the Imperial Guards were around thirty-fifty years old and were all mostly uncles.  They were strong, but they were all rough looking and the maids could not feel love for them.  Lin Mu Yu had his tyrannical strength and with his handsome slanted brows, giving him a heroic bearing which was rare for the Imperial guards.  There were only three people who had an appearance like this, they were Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, and now there was Lin Mu Yu.

Seeing the palace maids stare at him with smiles, Lin Mu Yu felt very uncomfortable, like a monkey being stared at.  Tang Xiao could see how he was feeling, so she quickly turned around and held his arm as they followed behind Qin Yin.

In the main hall of the Phoenix Roosting Pavilion, a fragrant scent filled their noses.  Around the stove, there were several beautiful gold and silver laced tables with a variety of exotic fruit placed on top of it.  There was also a few servants on the side rotating a deer leg that was emitting a fragrant smell.  Lin Mu Yu had been running around in the forest for over a month now, how could he have experienced this kind of experience?  His belly began to grumble.

Qin Yin revealed a faint smile, “Xiao Xi, Ah Yu, have a seat?”

Lin Mu Yu sat down and cupped his hands as he said, “Thank you your majesty Yin.”

Qin Yin’s eyebrows slightly raised as she said in a slightly unhappy voice, “There are only the three of us here, you should call me Xiao Yin!”

“But…..”  Lin Mu Yu did not dare to overstep his bounds.

“But what?”  Qin Yin refuted, “You can call princess Xi Xiao Xi, so you can’t call her highness Yin Xiao Yin?  Ah Yu, in your heart, am I, Qin Yin not that close to you?  Compared to your respectful behaviour, I liked how you treated me in the Dragon Seeking Forest more, do you understand?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned.  Thinking of how he had treated Qin Yin in the Dragon Seeking Forest, he had treated her like a normal girl and that was why he had been so relaxed.  Now he was indeed being too respectful even though he was an unruly person to begin with.  He smiled and said, “Then I’ll call you Xiao Yin when there is no one around, but you can’t just execute me in front of the Ze Tian Palace just because you feel unhappy one day.”

Qin Yin gave a laugh and then turned in her skirt.  Revealing the appearance of a beautiful miss in front of Lin Mu Yu, she said with a faint smile on her face, “This little girl will obey, Sir shouldn’t be angry!”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling.  Qin Yin was just like Tang Xiao Xi, although she grew up in the royal family, she still had the innocence of a young girl.  She was not unruly and cruel like those other royal princes, this was something a person could appreciate.

“Can I eat that?”  He looked at the deer’s leg and began to drool.

Qin Yin revealed a smile, “Eat, eat.  You definitely should not have eaten this kind of stuff when you were in the Dragon Seeking Forest, so eat a lot.”


Lin Mu Yu raised his prairie sword to slice the meat, but he gave Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi a fright.  Tang Xiao Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry as she took a small knife from the table and said, “Dumb Mu Mu, use this.  That prairie sword is used to kill enemies, not to eat things with……”


Lin Mu Yu awkwardly put the prairie sword away and then used the knife to slice the deer meat.  Putting it into his mouth to chew slowly, the delicious and juicy taste entered into his throat.  This deer leg meat had been processed many times and had various seasoning sprinkled over it, the meat stew he had in the Dragon Seeking Forest could not compare to this.  Taking big bites at a time, he quickly ate two big pieces of deer meat.

“Here, this is warm Yin Flower Wine.”  Tang Xiao Xi poured the wine for him.

Before he even drank the wine, he could already smile a gentle fragrance which was the smell of the Yin Flower.  It was no wonder that the Great Qin Empire’s symbol was the Purple Yin Flower.  Not only could it be used to make medicine and used as food, it could also be used to brew wine.  It seemed like the citizens of the Great Qin Empire were all gluttons, using a kind of food as their country’s flower.

Thinking of this, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling as he asked, “Xiao Yin, the empire’s royal family uses the Purple Yin Flower as their symbol, does that mean the Yin Flower is very delicious?”


Qin Yin’s beautiful eyes opened wide.  She had a helpless smile on her face as she said, “It isn’t what you think it is…..Ah Yu, the royal family uses the Yin Flower as our symbol because firstly it can be used as food.  It can also be used to make medicine to save people and it does can survive in all four season, even blooming in the winter.  So, the Qin Family took the Yin Flower as our symbol because it symbolized our unyielding tenacity.  We are the rulers of this country and must support it, the happiness of our people is our duty.”

“So it’s like this……”  Lin Mu Yu quickly cupped his fists and said, “I’m sorry, my words were a little rude.”

“No need to be nervous……”  The corners of Qin Yin’s mouth raised, “We are friends, so I will not blame you.  Then again, this is just normal conversation so there’s nothing rude about it.”

“Thanks Xiao Yin.”  Without knowing why, Lin Mu Yu felt like he was closer to Qin Yin.  If being amiable was her strength, then it could be said that she was very intelligent.  Her character was very majestic, perfectly capable of defending the Qin Family’s rule.


As they were eating, a loud sound came from the distance.

Qin Yin’s brows slightly knit together as she asked, “What is it?”

An Imperial Guard cupped his hand and said, “Your highness, the sound came from the Cheng Yin Palace.  It seems like there is someone causing trouble in the Cheng Yin Palace.”

Qin Yin was surprised, “How is this possible…..The Cheng Yin Palace is a memorial spot designated by my father, who would dare to cause trouble there?”

After saying this, Qin Yin looked over at Lin Mu Yu and Tang Xiao Xi.  Lin Mu Yu understood her meaning and stood up as he said, “Prepare the horses.  Your highness, how about we go and take a look?”


Qin Yin gave a heavy nod.  She was the heir to her family, so naturally she had to care about the Ze Tian Palace since it was the core and center of the empire.  There could not be a single mistake happening here.

With the cold wind greeting them as they went out, Qin Yin wore a blue princess cape as she walked out, with Lin Mu Yu in a white temple battle dress and Tang Xiao Xi in a red robe following behind her.  The three of them mounted their horses and sped off.  Eighteen Dragon Guards quickly followed behind them with over three hundred imperial guard soldiers following behind.  It was clear that the Phoenix Roost Pavilion had a very strong guard.

Outside the Cheng Yin Palace, there was a large group of people standing there.  There were around a hundred Imperial Guards and over a thousand soldiers wearing the Divine Battalion’s armour.

“What is happening?”  Qin Yin quickly came over.

A palace maid quickly shouted, “Her highness Yin is here!”

Everyone bowed down and the conflict temporarily stopped.

The crowd separated as Qin Yin walked over.  Lin Mu Yu, Tang Xiao Xi, and the guards were on the side, but they could already see that a fight had already occurred.  There were quite a few people injured and the ground was covered in blood, so that meant a battle happened between the Imperial Guards and the Divine Battalion.

In the center of the crowd, there was an Imperial Guard wielding a longsword covered in blood.  He was around fifty years old and was quite aged.  His face was very pale, but it had a livid expression on it.  His sword had been broken in half, but he still turned to respectfully greet Qin Yin as he said, “Your highness, I…..I…..”

Qin Yin’s brows slightly raised, “Sir Song Han Yuan, what happened here?”

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes fell onto Song Han Yuan and he found that this person was wearing the token of a thousand man commander.  He was clearly a high ranking officer of the Imperial Guard and was even higher ranked than Chu Huai Sheng.  Tang Xiao Xi at the side said in a small voice, “Mu Mu, Sir Song Han Yuan is a capable commander under big brother Qin Lei.  He could be considered the second person in charge of the Imperial Guards…..”

“So it’s like this…..”  Lin Mu Yu nodded.

Song Han Yuan let out a heavy sigh and looked at Qin Yin as he said, “Your highness, this subordinate has been treated unjustly.  I ask your highness to properly make a decision.”

“How have you been treated unjustly?”

Qin Yin did not have time to speak before a voice rang out.  It had a strong power to it as if the voice itself sent out a kind of force that made it impossible for anyone else to say anything or do anything.  This voice was actually very familiar.  Lin Mu Yu looked over at the source of the voice and saw that it was an old man with a black cape over his shoulders – Zeng Yi Fan!

“So it’s the God Marquis!”  Qin Yin smiled and said, “The God Marquis truly has a lot of free time.  Why did you not notify us first before bringing the Divine Battalion into the Ze Tian Palace?”

Zeng Yi Fan had an imposing look on his face as he said, “To catch a thief, we cannot worry about these small details.  These were the words left behind to this old minister by the previous emperor.  This old minister will definitely follow the previous emperor’s orders, even in death!”

Saying this, Zeng Yi Fan raised his hand and revealed a scroll as he said, “Imperial Guard thousand man commander Song Han Yuan is a second tier noble, but he has a thousand units of fertile land stored to the west of Orchid Goose City.  The royal army regulations state that every thousand man commander can only have at most ten units of land, so Song Han Yuan is breaking the army’s regulations by doing this.  He is even surpassing it by a hundred times!”

Song Han Yuan’s face turned pale as he quickly said, “This land was bought with the money of all the old soldiers of the Imperial Guard.  We had decided that after retiring, we would all return to the field, but this land is just all purchased under the Song name.  Please pass your judgement your highness!”

“With this evidence, you still want to deny this?”

Zeng Yi Fan gave an angry roar which seemed to send out a shock wave.  Instantly, his body disappeared like a ghost as he charged at Song Han Yuan, with his left hand shooting out at him.



The pitiful Song Han Yuan’s head was gripped in Zeng Yi Fan’s hand as his blood flew into the air.

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