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Chapter 130: Without stopping

A pile of steaming hot shit was on the snow.  With a diameter of one meter, there was still steam coming from it, quickly melting the snow around it.  It seemed like it was filled with energy.

Lin Mu Yu, Wei Chou and the other Imperial Guards gathered around and observed it for a while.  Wei Chou thought about it and said, “Judging by the colour and smell of the shit, it should be from a mountain boar and being able to poop this much means that it is quite big.  It should be out looking for food, so it shouldn’t be walking that fast.  We can track it down by the smell and its footsteps.”

Saying this, Wei Chou stuck out his nose to take a sniff.  No one thought that this brat would make this move.

Lin Mu Yu thought it was funny as he said, “Alright, Wei Chou will lead the way.  Let’s move quickly.”



A line of people quickly followed behind Wei Chou as he tracked the beast through the sea of snow.  They did not go far before they heard a “hu, hu” sound coming from in front of them, they saw a monstrous mountain in front of them swallowing weeds from beneath the snow.  The way it was sticking out its butt was very funny, but it was incredibly big, just like a little hill.


Wei Chou revealed a smile filled with joy when he saw this and said, “Not to mention this wild boar being 1000 pounds, it seems like this one is around 5000 pounds, right?  It’s about to form its essence!”  

It indeed had formed its essence.  There were two golden lines on the wild boar’s head which meant that this was a 2000 year old wild boar.  Being able to live this long, this boar must have eaten a lot!  Lin Mu Yu suddenly remembered how when he was younger, his father had taken him to eat wild boar and it was delicious, it was far tastier than raised pigs.  He suddenly felt as if the 2000 year old wild boar in front of him was quite cute.

Wei Chou raised his hand and smiled as he ordered, “Surround it and seal off any escape routes it could possibly have.  Everyone be careful, we can’t use bows, weapons, or any other methods because this will be used as a sacrifice in the winter’s grand ceremony, so it can’t be hurt.  We can’t only knock it out, do you understand?”

A group of Imperial Guards rode their horses forward and Wei Chou raised his sword as he charged forward.  This time, the leader was him because Lin Mu Yu had already broken his arm and could not personally take charge now.

Still, Lin Mu Yu slowly directed his horse forward.  After all, this wild boar was just a 2000 year old spirit beast and Wei Chou could definitely defeat it, but it would be difficult for him to subdue it without hurting it.

“Yo……Yo…….”  A group of Imperial Guards began to make a commotion.

Immediately the wild boar raised its head with a “hu” and looked at them with a cute face.  He felt like his future would be bad and that these people all had evil appearances, like hungry ghosts hungering for boar meat.

“Hu, hu…..”

The wild boar began to run for its life, but Wei Chou used his true qi to knock it back.  Quickly turning around, it tried to run for its life again.

Lin Mu Yu could not keep watching.  Raising his hand, the gourd vines came from beneath the snow and wrapped up the wild boar with a “sha, sha, sha” sound.  Punching out with his right fist, he sent out a Demonic Sound Fist and with a “peng” sound, the struggles of the 2000 year old wild boar suddenly stopped.  In just a second, its heart had been destroyed by Lin Mu Yu’s Demonic Sound Fist, so how could it keep struggling?

“It’s already dead?”  Wei Chou was stunned.

“That’s right.  You think it wouldn’t die after taking a Demonic Sound Fist?”  Lin Mu Yu was a little happy, but he did not show it.

“Demonic Sound Fist?”  Wei Chou was shocked, “That is…..something you learned from the White Robed Qu Chu?”

“Un.”  Lin Mu Yu nodded, “I practiced with elder Qu for a while back in Silver Fir City.  The Demonic Sound Fist was something he had taught me.”

Wei Chou looked at Lin Mu Yu with a gaze of respect and even a trace of worship, after all, Qu Chu was one of the countless experts on the continent.  Although it was unknown how many Saint Realm Experts were in the Fragmented Cauldron Realm, there were only two that worked for the empire.  One was Qu Chu and the other was Lei Hong.

Naturally there was also Zeng Yi Fan, but most people did not know that he had this kind of cultivation base.

The fact that Lin Mu Yu had studied under Qu Chu was enough to fill these Imperial Guards with awe.


“Let me try…….”

Wei Chou walked forward and dug his hands into the snow.  Trying to lift the wild boar, his true qi circled around him and he gave a low roar, “Get up for me!”

“Sha, sha……”

Only the snow moved and the wild boar’s body was completely motionless.

Another Imperial Guard broke out in laughter, “Wei Chou, this wild boar weighs at least four-five thousand pounds, how could you lift it by yourself?  Come, pull it onto the cart.  Someone come forward and shovel the snow out of the way, we’re going back to Orchid Goose City!”


Seeing the wild boar being slowly loaded onto the cart, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help revealing a smile.  Brushing off the snow on his shoulders, he suddenly felt that this snowy world was quite free and relaxing.  There was no need to not trust each other out here, unlike in Orchid Goose City where there was Zeng Yi Fan, Xiang Yu, Zeng Fang, Luo Xing, and the others planning against him, trying to kill him.

Compared to Orchid Goose City, this Dragon Seeking Forest was much more free and unrestrained.

Only there was Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi, Chu Yao, Feng Ji Xing, Qin Yan, Chu Huai Sheng, Zhang Wei, and the others in Orchid Goose City.  He did not have any friends in the Dragon Seeking Forest and life was mostly about this one truth.


Although the wheels of the cart was very big, the mountain path was still very rugged and there were many locations that they could not surpass.  So, in the end, they could only lift it over these points, but 5000 pounds of wild boar meat was not easy to lift.  With five Imperial Guards and fifteen imperial guard soldiers, it took a total of twenty strong men to lift it.  It was unknown how many bar handles had been broken from the pressure on their way back.

The return trip was not as fast as before.  It took them half a month to travel the distance they traveled in four days on horses, but it was a good thing they made it back for the winter’s grand ceremony.

Six days after he had been injured, Lin Mu Yu’s arm had already returned to normal.  Using the Spiritual Pulse Technique, he found that his bone had completely fused back together and was exactly the same as before.  He helped the other Imperial Guards lift the wild boar and it was a good thing that the snow did not stop, which meant the wild boar meat did not rot.  But the internal organs were still pulled out and on the road back to Orchid Goose City the body had been turned into cured meat by the environment.

When they were only two hundred li away from the capital city, the snow finally stopped.  The sky cleared and the sun shined down on their weary bodies.

Lin Mu Yu led the line with the cart following behind him.

“Sir, we should arrive in Orchid Goose City in another day!”  Wei Chou happily said, “Us completing all the mission assigned to us in a single trip, this should be the first time this has happened in the history of the Falcon Guards.  I wonder how happy the head commander will be!”

The corners of Lin Mu Yu’s lips raised, “It doesn’t matter how happy the head commander will be.  We strive to complete our missions and hope to make no mistakes.”

“Yes, Sir is correct!”

Wei Chou grinned and said with a laugh, “The Falcon Nest Camp is filled with people that think that we are a joke.  They definitely would not have imagined that we would have completed all the missions in just a month.”

“Un, that’s right!”

At this moment, a “jie, jie” sound came from the sky.  It was followed by a white bird coming down from the sky and landing on Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder.  He recognized this bird, it was Chu Yao’s messenger bird named Xiao Bai.  This was because of the strange spots on its neck which allowed Lin Mu Yu to recognize it.

The messenger bird lifted its leg and piece of paper was pulled out from the tube on its leg.  There was a beautifully written line on it: Ah Yu, how is your mission going?  When are you coming back?

The message was written by Chu Yao and it was beautifully written.

Wei Chou looked over his shoulder and said with a smile on his face, “It seems like there’s someone waiting for Sir back in Orchid Goose City……”

Lin Mu Yu looked at him, “If you don’t want to be beaten, then talk less.”

Wei Chou walked off with a smile.

Lin Mu Yu used a charred black branch to write on the back of the paper, “I’m coming back soon.  I’ll visit when I come back to Orchid Goose City – Lin Mu Yu.”

The messenger flapped its wings as it flew off.  This messenger bird was contracted with Lin Mu Yu and Chu Yao’s blood and connected their feelings which made Lin Mu Yu treasure it.

A day later, they arrived at Orchid Goose City when it was dusk, but they could not enter the city and had to go to the Falcon Nest Camp first.

On the mountain path, there were several Imperial Guards lighting the lanterns.  When they saw Lin Mu Yu’s group appear on the path, they immediately climbed the mountain and shouted, “Sir Lin Mu Yu’s group is reporting back to camp!”

With this cry, several people surrounded the group that had been sent out for a month.

Lin Mu Yu had many spirit stones in his bag which naturally couldn’t be seen, but the giant “wild boar” he brought with him surprised everyone.  Even the experienced Imperial Guards had never seen a wild boar this big.  A group of people pointed at it and revealed happy expressions on their faces.

After all, Lin Mu Yu and the others had finished the mission, so they didn’t need to go out and do more tiring work.

When the entered the camp, the Falcon Nest head commander Meng Fang greeted them in full armour.  He had a faint smile as he cupped his hand and said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, it has been tiring for you!”

Lin Mu Yu respectfully said, “We were lucky to complete our mission and we have brought everything back.  There is a wild boar behind us and while I don’t know how much it weighs, it definitely surpasses 1000 pounds.”

Meng Fang’s eyes shined like torches as he smiled and said, “After the internal organs have been taken out, this wild boar should still weigh at least 4000 pounds.  Ha, ha, with this kind of boar being used as a sacrifice, his majesty will certainly be happy.  But there still…..Have you collected all the required spirit stones?”

Everyone knew that killing wild boars was easy, but it wasn’t that easy to kill a 5000 year old or higher spirit beast.  Even Meng Fang was not guaranteed success if he went, not to mention Lin Mu Yu’s team.

As Lin Mu Yu was about to pull out the spirit stones and report in, someone suddenly climbed the mountain with a dark blue purple yin flower pennant in his hands.  He said, “I have orders for Falcon Nest Camp’s Lin Mu Yu!”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, but he turned and respectfully said, “I am here.”

The messenger revealed a faint smile and said, “Her highness Yin has heard that Sir Lin has returned to Orchid Goose City, so she has decided to host a banquet in the Phoenix Roost Pavilion and asks Sir Lin to attend.  Other than that, she wants me to tell you that Princess Xi is also attending.”

Lin Mu Yu could not help revealing a smile.  He never thought that Qin Yin would receive the news so quickly and she would know that he was back as soon as he entered Orchid Goose City.

“Please wait until I make my report before…..”

“Sir…..”  The messenger smiled and said, “Her highness said that she wants you to go to the Ze Tian Palace without stopping.  As for reporting in…..It can wait, right?”

Mang Feng quickly cupped his hand and said, “Of course, her highness’ matters are more important!  Sir Lin Mu Yu, you should go with him first!”

“Yes, sir!”

Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands in a very humble manner.  Pulling on his reins, he followed the messenger down the mountain.

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