TSW Volume 5: Chapter 7


Volume 5: Chapter 7 – God Move

It was over.


Fireworks shot everywhere.

Skeleton WIN!


End of battle.

There was a silence so dead that even the drop of a pin could be heard clearly.

Fawn, who had jumped up previously, sank into the chair. He was like a deer that had pranced out of the forest only to fall to the ground, shot dead.

On the battlefield, Magical Bird’s Wargod No.1 had exploded into a flurry of dazzling sparks

On the other side lay a Wargod No.1 with a single leg. The seething flames had come to a stop. Everything was quiet.

For the next 3 minutes, no one said a word.

After which everyone started whispering privately. What happened just now?

He was able to retaliate even after facing the Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix?

Was it because the Kill Matrix had a problem?

The previous engagement was played back slowly. Magical Bird’s Kill Matrix was magnified and the data about the Kill Matrix was displayed at the side.

This was a perfect Kill Matrix!!

This was actually the first time that it appeared on the Earth Zone!

This was the legendary killer move and was perfectly executed. But… how did he end up losing?

Without a doubt, when Skeleton was in the air, he had dodged three shots, blocked one and taken the other.

Therefore, it had been hopeless.

As Wargod No.1’s leg landed on the ground, it had endured a large amount of force. From the slow-mo playback, Wargod No.1’s engine seemed to have suddenly exploded with energy. On the right side of the screen, there was some data regarding the engine’s energy. Upon landing on the ground, the engine’s power had been raised to the maximum. Without a doubt, that was Forced Control!

What followed was a miracle.

Using the remaining leg as the fulcrum, coupled with Forced Control and residual force, the mech accelerated rapidly. At that moment, the laser rifle fired a shot.

With a bang, the shot exited the rifle.


Such a beautiful curved path!

It curved around the meteorite that was in the center!

After the slow-mo playback, a silence followed again.

It was said that in the whole Milky Way, there were no more than ten people that could fire that kind of curved shot!

All of those people were viewed as Gods of War and were deemed valuable assets by many different alliances.

A thought-provoking yell immediately penetrated the silence. This was an even crazier rhythm.

This was the invincible God’s Rhythm!

Solon’s face went from white to blood red instantly, jumping on the table like a gorilla as he howled, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s the rhythm, just like that, just like that!”

At this moment, nothing else mattered.

The hope that people saw in a time of despair represented everything!

Everyone of the operators went apeshit, jumping up and down.

The VIP broadcast instantly exceeded 1.5 million viewers and the number continued to rise ferociously.

It had the Sol Federation’s first simulation system. It had the Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix. It had the God Move, Curved Shot!

Two ultimate skills were displayed for the first time on Earth.

As for the Curved Shot, it was definitely a first for the Sol Federation!

This was God’s Rhythm, the strength of God!

Wang Zheng pulled down the sensor device and closed his eyes tightly as he recollected the feeling of his last shot. Bonehead had spent 3 years to conduct special training for him. As a result, he had experienced the five elements training countless times and persevered. However, he had still been a bit away from enlightenment and could not comprehend the second level of Unity Arts. Nevertheless, his understanding of the first level had indeed become stronger and his comprehension of the environment had become deeper.

Right now, he had been able to clearly feel the flame-like energy in the previous battle. Since he was in CT, he was unable to utilize it’s strength. If it were reality, he would have been able to attune to and use it.

In most people’s eyes, such a power would be unfathomable. However, in Bonehead’s eyes, it was still far from his expectations.

Even though Bonehead was a robot, Wang Zheng could feel that it had a deep attachment to Randt Empire and in the core of its very being, there was a soldier’s disposition.

This shocked Wang Zheng and made him wonder as to how monolithic the Rand Empire had been.

As the battle had ended, Wang Zheng was not in the mood for an interview. He wanted to go home and have a big rest before welcoming the next day.

Lin Huiyin?

That kind of lady would not be easy to deal with. Luckily, with Ye Zisu at his side, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Wang Zheng casually said bid farewell to the boss, but the boss did not have the time to take care of him. Either way, since he was a regular, it was fine if Wang Zheng cleared his bill on his own.

There were approximately one hundred people gathered in the hall, staring at the big screen as it replayed the video. This was the kind of thing that had to be viewed in VIP mode or viewed with a group of people to be satisfying.

Wang Zheng did not concern himself with the commotion around the big screen. Stepping out of the internet cafe, he looked at the sky and sighed. He hoped that Aina was faring better than him at the moment.

Wang Zheng did not take city transit, instead… he ran.

Little Suds gently pat Fawn’s shoulder. It appeared that Fawn’s surroundings had no effect on him as he sat there, dumbfounded.

It had been an intense rollercoaster ride, and although the vitality of Fawn’s heart could be put on the same level as a cockroach, even cockroaches had their limits.

“Curved… Shot… Curved… Shot…”

Fawn had been commentating for 3 years and could said to be a senior in his field. He had longed to witness legendary moves that were a rarity on earth. Each and every one of those moves was a work of art. When Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix had been displayed, he was overjoyed. For him, however, the Curved Shot was what he adored the most. It was something that went against the laws of physics, a true work of art!

As the Curved Shot had arched through the air, Fawn’s resolve had fallen to an all-time low.

“Old Fawn, Old Fawn, are you ok?”

Little Suds felt that Fawn’s behaviour was strange as though something bad had happened to him.

“Say, do you think that he is God?” Fawn suddenly asked.

Little Suds was taken aback, “Old Fawn, are you alright? What is this God that you speak of?”

Little Suds’s career as a commentator was relatively shorter. She had used her beauty and knowledge to make a name for herself. However, the stubborn Fawn was actually more of a senior. In actual fact, his stubbornness was a result of his seniority.

However, that shot seemed to have broken his stubbornness. As a commentator, all he wished was to see someone displaying such skills one day and make the people of Earth proud.

Such a day had come, and the moment it appeared there were two of such people.

Seeing that old Fawn was fine, Little Suds continued to wrap up her commentary on this battle. Skeleton’s performance this time was miraculous and his legend would continue on.

Lear sat quietly in front of a big screen. The last battle was playing on repeat on the screen as he analyzed the battle.

The caretaker stood quiet at the side and was flabbergasted. Initially he had thought that this guy was rather interesting and could be a decent opponent for Lear to practise with. Little did he know that it would end the way it did.

Lear was quietly analyzing every action and detail. From what he could see, he had completely controlled his opponent till the end.

Was the Curved Shot dodgeable?

The answer would be a resounding yes. However, he had been careless and assumed that the meteorite in front of him would block the shot. Coupled with the fact that his opponent had already been handicapped, he had assumed his victory was imminent. Alas, nothing was certain on the battlefield.

Even the tiniest mistake could be the difference between victory and defeat.

He had actually lost!

Furthermore, he had made such a silly mistake!

“Can we find out this person’s identity?” Lear asked seriously.

“Young Master, this person most likely has some family background. We had tried to follow him but had come up with nothing. It would be dangerous to continue so we could only stop.” De Lupu said quietly, lowering his head.

Lear nodded his head. With such a strength, he definitely isn’t anyone normal. He should have the support of a large alliance behind him.

But who is he?

Knowing that Earth is his territory, what was this person trying to do?

Was this person deliberately trying to lure him into something?

Was it the guy on Mars or the guy on the Moon?

Recalling Masasi, perhaps it was more likely that it was the guy on Moon.

However, just who was it that he fought?

Lear sank deep into his thoughts.

“You may leave. Increase the difficulty of tomorrow’s training by 3 times!”

Lear waved his hand. Failure came with a price!

De Lupu left and Lear turned off his screen. He opened the gravity room to his side and set the training level to 8 times gravity. After which he went straight in and all that could be heard from the room was beastial roars and an unceasing bellowing noise.

At this moment, Wang Zheng had already run back to school and was eating supper at a stall nearby. Beside him were five empty bowls. In total everything was just 20 dollars. Life was indeed beautiful.

The number of people in the VIP viewing area continued to grow in CT and finally peaked at over 1.8 million viewers, setting a new record in Asia.

The real Magical Bird had also come out. He was a veteran at the diamond rank and many people were familiar with him. If that guy really had such ability, he would have become a God long ago.

No matter what, this could not be faked. Magical Bird publicly admitted that it wasn’t him but a mysterious friend. However, his friend was very strict with keeping his identity a secret and merely wanted to duel Skeleton.

His friend was able to display the Yasopp Close Range X Kill Matrix and was able to operate the Wargod No.1 like a God.

However, no one could imagine that a move that could dominate the Earth Zone would actually lose. Unfortunately, nothing could be done. In front of Curved Shot, even a God of War would have to give way.

The crucial thing was that Skeleton’s Wargod No.1 had used one leg to display the shot. That level was simply horrifying.

Many people were not satisfied with viewing it once and entered VVIP to experience it themselves. In VVIP, the hellish environment could be more clearly sensed from the quaking of the ground to the searing heat. It was different from the usual CT. The environment was more explosive and the terrain was enough to bring the blood of many to a boil.

This was what many had been asking for for a long time. Many experts were unsatisfied with the unchallenging terrain. It didn’t need to be as brutal as reality, but it should at least be surprising.

A shot that could shock the Gods, this was Skeleton’s God Move!

This was said to be the first curved shot in the Sol Federation!

The mysterious expert had lost and Skeleton reigned undefeated!

Many discussion forums had exploded with this topic. The level of the battle and the level of the moves displayed were simply insane.

The Skeleton Corps was currently celebrating. This was a battle full of surprises and dangers before resulting in a magnificent victory. It seemed like the result would have been different at the slightest mistake. The imposter Magical Bird had held the upper hand the entire time but had eventually lost.

In the girl’s dormitory, An Mei and the rest were currently having a party, as they ate and watched at the same time. As young women of the military academy, they loved these kinds of battle and were perfectly capable of understanding the ongoings of it. What was deemed to be a hopeless situation by them, had actually been reversed by Skeleton.

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