TSW Volume 5: Chapter 3


Volume 5: Chapter 3 – Beautiful Ladies, Don’t Stare Too Much at this Brother

Only after enlightenment could one enter the second level!

Student Wang listened to this like a fairy tale.

Earth, water, fire, wind, space, the Five Major Elements. These were spatial characteristics of the second level in the Rubik’s Cube.

With time, youths always seemed to become engrossed in what they did. Wang Zheng was likewise very interested but soon enough, he was hit with a sudden enlightenment.


The five elements were split into two levels. One was a superficial training held in a myriad of environments, each portraying an element. The second level gave a feeling that was indescribable.

The earth element contained different kinds of exotic environments. From the viewpoint of a spectator, it would definitely make a decent vacation destination. However, it had a different ambiance for Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng experienced being chewed by monsters, primarily by gigantic bugs. It was only through this that he understood that the harshness of the first level was child’s play. Compared to here, it was heaven.

For the water element, the training was intended to allow Wang Zheng to gain an understanding of the ocean, particularly in the different oceanic environments and utilization of strength when fighting underwater. The objective was to become familiar with fighting underwater, to the point where one has become one with the water, so that rather than being hindered by it, it became enjoyable.

The ultimate goal was to have full comprehension of the water element.

The environment of fire was even more explosive and unsuited to life. However, a super soldier must adapt no matter the situation, absorbing everything and turning it to their advantage.

Very quickly, Wang Zheng lost track of time. Even if one’s concentration was at its peak condition it wouldn’t be enough for this kind of training..

Wind, a shapeless element. Under the swirling pull of a tornado and the ever-shifting changes of the wind, Wang Zheng gained insights about the windy environments. Almost as if he was possessed in ardour, he had begun to even relish the never-ending training. It was a little bit insane but somehow enjoyable.

The reason? He had begun to obtain an indescribable and extraordinary strength; a strength which he could scantly believe existed was growing inside of him.

Bonehead quietly recorded down the ongoings of the training, as well as Wang Zheng’s brain patterns. Previously, the reason why Wang Zheng was unable to advance in Unity Arts was because his brain had not been fully unlocked. Thus, this training had two purposes: unshackling his brain to let it reach it’s fullest potential, and to improve his understanding of the elements.

There were many ways to open up one’s mind. One was to forcefully excite the brain. Another was to gain enlightenment through training. Both methods had their pros and cons. The first one was too dangerous while the second was too demanding. Randt Empire employed both methods to achieve the same goal.

Wang Zheng had complained a lot in the beginning, but now it had been a while since Bonehead had heard even a single whine.

Space was the most challenging and on a higher level. It contained the primordial portions of the universe and it’s overarching principles.

The harsh training would lead to greater enlightenment about the universe and a higher attunement with the space element.

When he was in the sea, Wang Zheng had been snatched away by a sea monster. Although he did not die, the excruciating pain of being chewed alive had been seared deep in his mind. Initially, he screamed his lungs out, but now, he contemplated and reflected on his mistakes when he was being chewed by the monster.

Wang Zheng was a born soldier!

Bonehead did not rest either. He was constantly analyzing Wang Zheng’s body and spirit readings to customize a follow-up plan. Some of that data was incorporated into the Rubik’s Cube’s parallel world; that was it’s power.

The Rubik’s Cube had also begun to analyze the main weapon of Wang Zheng’s world: Mech Fighters. However, due to a lack of energy and data, it was unable to conduct an in-depth analysis. It could only leave the rest of the analysis to Wang Zheng.

Due to the differing situations in the parallel worlds, it was impossible for the Randt Empire’s God of War to appear in Wang Zheng’s world. However, it could set up the conditions necessary to give birth to a god of war of this world.

After a long time, the training ended. Although the second level training had yet to be completed, Wang Zheng felt that he, at the very least, had a basic understanding of the five elements, but the Rubik’s Cube’s energy had been depleted.

The departure this time was different from the previous. Wang Zheng was calm and bowed to Bonehead before leaving.


Wang Zheng could not really remember.

When Wang Zheng opened his eyes, he noticed that he was in the hospital.

Yan Xiaosu was beside him. The moment he saw Wang Zheng open his eyes, he reached over with tears in his eyes and awkwardly rubbed his nose against Wang Zheng’s body.

“Boss, you are finally awake. I thought that you were dead.”

“You wish. Why am I in the hospital?”

“You have been unconscious for the last 3 days.” said An Mei, shaking her head helplessly. “I did not expect that Wang Zheng would be such a romantic. Wang ShiShi is also to blame, leaving just like that.”

“There are other fish in the sea. As a man, this is only a lost love. Those that do not know how to treasure you do not deserve your love. Let Big Sister introduce someone better to you!” An Mei said, patting her voluptuous chest.

A bead of sweat fell from Weng Zheng’s brow. Three days, that meant that three years had past. In the Rubik Cube, there was no sense of time. The nearly unending training which had put him through an assortment of exotic and bizarre experiences seemed like it had been just yesterday.

“Boss, the doctor said that your spirit was weak and unstable, as if you’d suffered from a severe shock.” said Yan Xiaosu.

The instrument’s reading of Wang Zheng’s brain waves had fluctuated unceasingly, and since it was a result of his training, it would be difficult to explain.

Wang Zhang laughed bitterly, “Actually I went a bit crazy when I was training the breathing technique that was passed down in my family.”

An Mei and Yan Xiaosu looked at each other and nodded in understanding. Pride was important to men.

“Wang Zheng, you can be considered decent. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be able to find a good partner. Meng Tian and Ye Zisu are not bad choices. If not for Yan Xiaosu stopping me, I would have already called them over.”

Wang Zheng smiled lightly. Yan Xiaosu understood him best. “Sorry for troubling you guys.”

The three of them performed the discharge procedure. The doctor was not too alarmed by Wang Zheng and treated it as a weak body from the result of a lost love.

As Wang Zheng walked down the streets, they gave him an entirely different feeling from before. The whole world seemed brighter, clearer. If he were to concentrate, he would almost be able to hear the sounds of nature.

“Boss, we are brothers for life. Here, a gift for you. Don’t say that I have not been a good friend!”

Yan Xiaosu used all of his effort to reluctantly hand something to Wang Zheng.

A ticket…

“Lin Huiyin’s concert?” Wang Zheng was shocked.

“It is an opportunity for you to relax. Lin Huiyin has already reached the capital. It would be her first concert on Earth this weekend!”

It was only at this moment that Wang Zheng noticed that the surrounding buildings had advertisements for the concert. The ads portrayed a young girl that looked like a fairy from the heavens.

Wang Zheng smiled lightly and gave the ticket back to Yan Xiaosu, “The two of you should go. I am not very interested in it.”

The two of them sent An Mei back. Wang Zheng could tell that the relationship between An Mei and Yan Xiaosu was getting closer and closer.

“Boss, I have negotiated with CT. For the first quarter, you will get 1 million each time you battle!” Yan Xiaosu said.

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded, “Milky Way Coins?”

“Hehe, of course, did you really think it would be Earth currency? I bet that you didn’t expect this. Even I was not expecting so much!” Yan Xiaosu said proudly. Business negotiations could be said to be his specialty, an ability passed down in his family. After all, sanitary pads were also a form of business.

Wang Zheng shrugged. He was not suited for doing business, so this was for the better.

“I feel good today. You should go and make your preparations.”

“Good, but you should head back to school first. Professor Xiao Fei is looking for you.”

Yan Xiaosu’s eyes curved like crescent moons. “Boss, actually Professor Xiao Fei isn’t bad either. She is quite mature!”

“Fuck you, since when have you become so perverted?”

Yan Xiaosu shrugged, “One must always lead a happy life. Furthermore, that’s just a thought and in no way illegal.”

“Don’t tell me you…”

Wang Zheng looked at Yan Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu stuck out his chest, “Boss, sorry, I have to head off first. We are real, pure men. However, I have to thank you. If not for you being sick, I would not have obtained such a good opportunity!”


Fuck, this fellow was really good at grabbing opportunities.

Upon returning to school, Wang Zheng headed straight for Xiao Fei’s office. Xiao Fei had also just returned from her overseas trip. She had countless interviews recently due to the results of her research. Currently, her work that was submitted to the Milky Way System Alliance for assessment had already passed the verification stage.

“I heard that your heart was broken?” Xiao Fei said, raising her head.

Wang Zheng touched his nose, “Hehe, Professor, you are too straightforward.”

“Hehe, only after failing at love can you become more mature. Not bad, it feels like you have become more handsome than last time. I have good news to share with you. Lin Huiyin has reached the capital and our Ares College is going to be a venue for her visit. However, she does not want to make a big fuss and wish to keep a low profile. Currently, she is thinking of finding a few guides.”

“Oh, sounds good.”

Wang Zheng did not know how this matter was related to him.

“Yes, the thing is, she specifically selected you to be her guide.”

Xiao Fei’s eyes stared intently and walked to Wang Zheng’s side, sizing him up and down. “Say, how did she get to know you?”

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded. Did Lin Huiyin know that he was Skeleton?

Impossible, this matter was only known to Yan Xiaosu and Aina.

It would be a miracle if such a big celebrity knew his name.

“I guess that you are not acquainted with her. Perhaps this is because your name appeared on the research paper. Currently, you are our Ares College’s trump card.”

“No, no, this is due to the excellent teaching from the Professor.” Wang Zheng smiled.

Xiao Fei charmingly rolled her eyes at Wang Zheng, “At least you are sensible. Besides you, there is also Ye Zisu. The two of you are responsible for taking care of Lin Huiyin. Please do a good job, I am actually a big fan. Remember that I want a signed CD!”

Wang Zheng started to sweat. He did not know that Xiao Fei would be into that kind of music.

“What kind of face is that?! Art has no boundries!”

Xiao Fei stuck out her waist. Among the girls that Wang Zheng knew, Xiao Fei was indeed the most mature.

Looking at Wang Zheng departing, Xiao Fei was laughing inside. This fellow did not seem to be as dispirited as she had imagined.

After leaving Xiao Fei’s office, Wang Zheng headed straight for the Brother’s Internet Cafe. He needed a battle to clear his mind.

Based on logic, so much time spent in the Rubik Cube would translate to a long time in the real world. However, it had been more like a long dream. Wang Zheng’s thoughts were also in a slight disarray. Even though he knew that Aina had no choice but to leave, his heart still longed for her. It was as if he’d lost something precious. Although the experience was extraordinary, Wang Zheng was only a normal man.

The boss of the cafe received Wang Zheng with a laugh and kept turning his head around. He was most likely looking forward to see Aina.

After opening CT, he needed to give the officials some preparation time. So he decided to warm up in the training room.

After undergoing a period of training, the feeling that Wang Zheng had when entering the mech was different. Previously, the mech was the mech and the pilot was the pilot. He had been able to control the mech, but there was a difference between that and gaining insight. Now, when he entered the mech, the thick mech armor no longer felt like an obstruction, but rather an extension of his body.

This feeling was marvelous. Wang Zheng piloted the Wargod No.1 around zipping about as if it were dancing.

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