RE Chapter 97


Chapter 97 The First Intimate Contact

Of those who welcomed the return of Big Maritime Windmill, other than the bosses of the whale-hunting company and their shareholders, the rest were just there to watch. Some were local ruffians, some were unemployed people, still some were curious silkpants.

Not far from the berth where Big Maritime Windmill stopped in, several robust men with neat clothing spread their arms to block the surrounding crowd, creating a small empty space behind them. An elaborate carriage quietly stopped there. The lovely and tender voices of young girls could be heard from inside the carriage.

Angel, in a light red cheong sam and wrapped in Arctic Fox leather cloak, looked at the Big Maritime Windmill nearby with wrinkled brows. Sitting opposite her was Anleen who was wearing a pink-blue cheong sam and wrapped in a red fox leather cloak. The two girls were close friends, the kind who talked about everything with each other. When they heard that Big Maritime Windmill was returning today, the two girls excitedly brought their bodyguards to watch the fun.

When Lin Qi proudly jumped off the deck, Angel groaned in pain as if she just saw a ghost.


“God, wasn’t he dying after being cut more than one hundred times by those vicious beastmen? Am I seeing a ghost in broad daylight? Why don’t he just die already? Why must he still be alive and well?”

Thinking about the tens of thousand gold coins she lost a few nights before, Angel felt pain in her heart. He angrily twisted the white handkerchief in her hands, making it look like a fried dough twist. The gold coins were the allowance she had painstakingly accumulated, to be exact, it was a secret stash she prepared for when she get married in the future – everyone knew, there was no noblewoman who didn’t have a secret stash of money, otherwise a lot of entertainment would forever be out of her reach.

However, Lin Qi mercilessly snatched away the secret money she had painstakingly accumulated!

This meant that if Angel got married within two years, she couldn’t buy all kinds of clothings and jewelries as she pleased, couldn’t hold private tea party and art gathering, couldn’t participate in some secretive yet expensive activities with her close friends.

“This bastard! He should be nailed at the stake and be burned forever!”

Angel angrily tore the handkerchief to shreds. The cloth scraps fluttered, filling the entire carriage.

Anleen looked at Lin Qi who was passionately hugging Blackbeard with wrinkled brows. She thoughtfully nodded and said, “It’s indeed very strange, we better send someone to ask around. I’m very curious, he should be recuperating in the mountain villa, how can he appear on Big Maritime Windmill?”

Snorting softly, Angel extended her small and white hand out of the carriage window and made a signal. One bodyguard immediately forced his way into the crowd on the dock. After a while, he returned while panting and respectfully reported the information he got to Angel.

At this moment, the several joyful middle-aged men lifted the horn of the Single-horned Whale King as high as possible. The glittering golden radiance, the unique spiral pattern, the extraordinary length, everything pointed to the fact that Lin Qi and the others caught an amazing prey.

When Angel just heard her bodyguard’s report, that Lin Qi and the others merely caught one prey, she couldn’t help but let out a ridiculing and cold laughter.

However when the identity of the prey was revealed, the complacent Angel became so angry her complexion turned green. Firmly clenching her fist, Angel sofly cursed in fury, “Single-horned Whale King? God, why didn’t you let that terrifying monster swallow this demon whole?”

The crowd on the dock suddenly erupted as countless people clapped and shouted. They shouted together towards Lin Qi and Enzo, saying words like ‘men amongst men’. The crowd cheered as Lin Qi complacently waved his hand. The arrogant look simply made Angel’s heart about to burst with rage.

Amidst the cheer, a group of whale-hunting company employees lined up orderly on the dock. They parted the crowd, creating a way from Big Maritime Windmill to the whale-hunting company warehouse. One special carriage after another arrived in front of Big Maritime Windmill’s berth as the sailors happily unloaded the material extracted from the Single-horned Whale King one by one using a magic-powered loading equipment.

Every huge piece of Single-horned Whale King meat that shone with golden radiance was carried down, triggering a cheer from the dock.

Buckets of Single-horned Whale King blood was moved down and the cheer intensified.

When the Single-horned Whale King internal organs, tongue, and bones were carried down, the people on the dock practically turned crazy. Especially the bones that glittered like gold and was surrounded with a mysterious aura, this plaything could turn the great aristocrats of the imperial capital crazy.

Finally the buckets of Single-horned Whale King feces were moved down. They weren’t just feces, they were super fertilizer that was worth several hundred gold coins for half a kilogram. The sailors as well as the whale-hunting company employees were well-trained. They carefully and cautiously moved the stinking treasures, like a mother carrying her new-born infant.

Countless people on the dock applauded, cheered, and excitedly bounced about.

Yet Lin Qi pulled Enzo and Long Cheng into the crowd. He calmly made several signals to some idle people among the crowd. Not long after, the information he was searching for was delivered over by a middle-aged man with a repulsive appearance. Lin Qi gave the man two gold coins. After informing Blackbeard, he brought Long Cheng and Enzo to quickly disappear into the crowd.

Angel who was inside the carriage was already so angry her complexion turned green. She naturally knew what a Single-horned Whale King signified. Lin Qi went sailing for one week and caught one Single-horned Whale King. It was simply inconceivable. How could the various gods bless such a scoundrel? Angel indignantly berated, ordering the driver to immediately take her away from this damned place.

She wanted to go to Golden Rose Bar, perhaps that place could brighten her mood.

But the carriage didn’t budge. Angel stretched her head out of the window and was about to scold the driver in anger, but her voice suddenly froze in her mouth.

The nightmare-like Lin Qi, with his furtive smile, appeared in front of young mistress Angel, their faces less than 33 centimeters apart.

Lin Qi politely bowed towards Angel. He smiled and said in exaggeration, “Honorable young lady Angel, let me introduce a respectable guest from a distant place. An incomparably honorable guest, as honorable as our emperor. From the mysterious, fertile, powerful eastern empire that was filled with golden opportunities, Sir Long Cheng!”

Wrapped in the rare Blue Fox leather cloak, Long Cheng, with his handsome appearance, extraordinary bearing, matchless arrogance, and high nostrils, appeared in front of Angel. He wore a smile that was filled with manly charm, a far cry from the likes of a youth like Lin Qi.

With a manner that left no room for refusal, Long Cheng slowly opened his mouth and said with a magnetic voice, “Beautiful young lady, you must be interested in having dinner with me, right?”

The moment Angel saw Long Cheng’s attractive smile, her heart was entirely intoxicated.

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