RE Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Big Sorrow, Big Joy

Big Maritime Windmill slowly approached its berth. The ramp was yet placed when several strong middle-aged men was already climbing the rope thrown by a sailor towards the deck. The middle-aged men were all small shareholders of the whale-hunting company Big Maritime Windmill was affiliated with. They were impatient to know how much prey Big Maritime Windmill brought them this time.

After going out to the sea for less than a week, Big Maritime Windmill already returned to Dunerk, did they luckily catch a wandering Wild Whale, or did they run into an accident that made them return? The hole at the back of the ship couldn’t be anything good. The body of Big Maritime Windmill was incomparably hard, to be able to hack it open like that, one could imagine how terrifying the power must be.

Lin Qi slipped onto the dock using a rope. He patted the dust from his hands and smiled at Good Luck Valjean Qiao on the ship while waving his hand. “Uncle Valjean Qiao, pack the things properly!”

What Lin Qi meant to be packed properly was naturally the remaining Whale-hunting Prongs. With the testimony of Commander Neville’s document, the Whale-hunting Prongs could be scratch out from the list of imperial controlled goods. When the time was right, these treasures would be stored in Black Tiger Family’s secret warehouse, waiting for the day when they would explode in flames in the stomach of certain powerful existences.


Wind and snow filled the sky. The grey-haired Valjean Qiao smiled at Lin Qi while waving the tobacco pipe in his hand. He would naturally keep the lovely things safe, they were after all good treasures with huge benefits. With these treasures, perhaps after the ships resumed their operation in the following spring, certain subordinates of Black Tiger Family could rob more armed merchant ships?

These sheep are all so fat they are overflowing with oil!” Valjean Qiao smacked his lips and smiled in satisfaction.

Enzo and Long Cheng also slipped out of the ship while Lin Qi was already passionately hugging Blackbeard.

Blackbeard used his huge beard-covered face to rub Lin Qi’s face. He shouted with a face full of tears, “Oh, Lin Qi, my son, my Lin Qi! How can you run away to the sea? Are you trying to make your pitiful Father scared to death? It’s a pity that you’ve grown up, otherwise I really must hit your butt!”

Lin Qi weakly coughed several times, then he smiled proudly and said, “Oh, relax, respectable Father, I simply brought Enzo to experience the sea. Honorable ladies and gentlemen, you have to understand, how sad it is for someone who come from inland to never experience the sea.”

The Dunerk nobilities immediately started to laugh. They laughed so harp their bodies trembled. It seemed Lin Qi making fun of Enzo as an ‘inland country bumpkin’ brought them a huge sense of satisfaction. Right, the country bumpkin never experienced the sea while they came into contact with the sea every day.

Strongly gripping Lin Qi’s shoulder, Blackbeard loudly shouted, “Then, my young fellow, Lin Qi, tell your Father, you didn’t cause any trouble for old Valjean Qiao, right? Hm? You didn’t cause them any trouble, right? What did you catch?”

The nobilities simultaneously shut their mouths and listened attentively for Lin Qi’s answer. There was nothing to it, the sea journey of a whale-hunting ship always affected the people’s hearts. Every whale-hunting ship was like glittering gold, as long as there was harvest, its shareholders could obtain an enormous profit in return.

Moreover, Big Maritime Windmill was a brand new whale-hunting ship. Its manufacturing cost was extremely high, not to mention its hard armored body, merely its magic-powered furnace cost a huge amount of money, merely the magic-powered furnace already cost the shareholders millions of gold coins.

However, it didn’t matter. As long as Big Maritime Windmill could bring back two Single-horned Wild Whale this time, all the expenditure would have returned! If there were some other harvest – it was basically essential extra spoils, such as hammerhead shark fins and other maritime products, then the journey this time would produce a small profit. Furthermore, on Big Maritime Windmill’s next journey, everything it brought back would be pure profit!

Lin Qi complacently curled his lips. He gave a thumb towards Big Maritime Windmill, proudly smiled and said, “Ah, only one, honorable ladies, gentlemen, we only have one spoil. During the sea journey this time, me and Enzo joined hands, we personally killed the big guy!”

Enzo bowed slightly towards the nobilities in a reserved manner. His face was slightly red, appearing very shy.

The nobilities immediately exclaimed in admiration, indeed a simple, honest, and shy youngster. Nowadays, such simple and honest youth was truly rare. Compared with the lazy and useless silkpants of their families, a youngster like Enzo was simply unpolished jade.

Long Cheng sneered at one side. Enzo’s face was red from shame right? Lin Qi once again shamelessly seized Long Cheng’s accomplishment.

After exclaiming in admiration for a while, the nobilities suddenly cried out in unison, ‘wow’! What? Did they hear wrongly or did Lin Qi said wrongly? Only one prey? Shit, damn it, only one prey? Even if the selling price of a Single-horned Wild Whale was higher, all the profit could only cover half of Big Maritime Windmill’s manufacturing cost!

In other words, the shareholders of Big Maritime Windmill, they could only get their money back next year around this time, and obtained profit only two years from now!

Several nobilities smiled in their misfortune. They ridiculed certain people’s bad luck. Festival of God’s Arrival is arriving soon, it was a major holiday signifying the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year in the West Continent. During the Festival of God’s Arrival, whale-hunting ships weren’t allowed to sail. Furthermore, after the Festival of God’s Arrival, the weather would turned particularly nasty, making whale-hunting ships incapable to sail.

As for after the beginning of spring, whale-hunting ships entering the North Sea was equal to suicide – the ruthless Five Dalian Island navy would eradicate even belts and bones of whale-hunting ships! So, the shareholders of Big Maritime Windmill must be heart-broken this time!

Among the shareholders of Big Maritime Windmill, the big shareholder still had a slight smile on his face, but as for the small shareholders – who were hoping to gain some profit this time to celebrate the coming festival, their expressions turned extremely ugly.

Only one Single-horned Wild Whale, heavens, wasn’t Lin Qi making people suffer?

The ten small shareholders whose family wasn’t very rich angrily stared at Lin Qi. This fellow made their lives hard in a blink on an eye! Damn it, how could he do this?

At this moment, the several middle-aged men who just climbed onto the ship rushed to the ship’s railings in delight. Together, they lifted a golden four-meters-long horn as high as possible.

“Single-horned Whale King, young master Lin Qi and Mr. Enzo killed a Single-horned Whale King together!”

The entire dock was enveloped with cries of surprise, no kidding, a Single-horned Whale King?

A Single-horned Whale King that was equal to dozens of Single-horned Wild Whale? Rich, this time they were truly rich!

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