RE Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Long Cheng

With so many people on the deck, including the strongest, the old captain Good Luck Valjean Qiao with the strength of peak Earth rank, yet no one saw clearly how the Easterner came aboard the ship. There was a height of two to three storeys to get to the deck from the surface of the sea while the distance to the small boat was also dozens of meters, yet everyone merely saw dozens shadows flashed and the man was already standing in front of Lin Qi.

A hazy purple halo slowly spread in all direction from the space between the man’s eyebrows. His messy clothes suddenly turned neat. The pieces of ice sticking to his Blue Fox leather cloak fell off one after another. The cloak that was a little messy quickly turned neat as if it was new.

The man who looked to be in dire straits just a moment ago, currently looked so clean and neat as if he was a prince who just took a bath and changed his clothes. However, that pride and arrogance on his face, that unrestrained and overbearing aura of his, not even a genuine prince was comparable to him.

What made Lin Qi particularly shocked was the bloody smell coming from underneath the surface of the man’s body. It was as if his whole person had been soaked in blood for dozens of years. Even his breath carried a smell of blood. Standing in front of him, it was as if Lin Qi could hear the howl of countless vengeful spirits by his ears.


Enzo calmly took a step to the side, shielding Lin Qi.

Lin Qi’s expression changed slightly. He took a step forward, forcefully pushing Enzo two steps to the side using his shoulder. No kidding, Lin Qi couldn’t let Enzo be his sword. Blackbeard taught him since he was young, brothers should suffer together, one shouldn’t let one’s own brother be one’s sword.

The Easterner raised his sword-like brows and said with a hoarse voice, “I mean no harm!”

Gazing around the deck, the Easterner’s eyes suddenly brightened. His right hand made a grasping motion towards a Blue-Lined Snapper dozens of paces away that was just caught and five streams of purple mist shot out of his fingertips. The snapper that weighed nearly 50 kilograms flew to the front of him with a whistling sound.

The expressions of everyone on the deck simultaneously changed. What kind of bizarre skill was this? Grabbing something while separated by a distance of dozens of meters, Tie Chui and Tu Dao could also do it, but they could only do it with external help. Yet this Easterner, he grabbed the snapper without relying on any external object.

Lin Qi exhaled a mouth of cold air as if he was having a toothache. What kind of strength was this? He could grab a snapper with weight over 50 kilograms while separated by a distance of dozens of paces, then could he break a person’s neck while separated by a distance of dozens of paces?

Something even more startling happened. The man’s five fingers lightly slashed and the whole snapper was soundlessly split open. The skin, bones, meat, internal organs, everything was separated under the control of a bizarre strength. The Easterner cheerfully laughed. He grabbed a piece of fish meat as white as jade and stuffed it into his mouth. He casually chewed several times before swallowing it.

Lin Qi suspected whether the piece of fish meat that just entered his mouth was already starting to be digested because when the man just swallowed the piece of meat his complexion regained some color. A healthy blush gradually spread on his face. Even his head produced faint vapor.

“Too wonderful for words!” The Easterner laughed heartily. Under everyone’s gazes that was dull as if they just met a ghost, he gorged himself on close to 25 kilograms of fish meat. Then only he gave a satisfied burp and stopped with incomparable happiness. Lin Qi looked at his belly in astonishment. No swelling could be seen on his belly. Where did all that meat go?

Within Black Tiger Family, even Tie Chui who had the biggest appetite could only eat two roasted sheep legs in one meal. But if he were to eat 25 kilograms of cold and raw fish meat in one go, he wouldn’t be able to. Yet the man ate to his heart’s content as if the raw fish meat that was no different than ice cubes were the finest delicacy in the world.

Forcing a laugh, Lin Qi inquired using an extremely proficient Eastern language, “Mister, may I ask who you are?”

The Eastern man patted his hands and took out a white handkerchief to wipe the fish meat juice on his hands, then under Lin Qi’s indignant gaze, he threw the handkerchief that was worth at least 50 gold coins in Hunchback Shop to the cold wind, letting it fluttered away.

“Long Cheng, the Long (dragon) in the phrase the dragon (Long) soars above the Nine Heavens, the Cheng (city/fortress) in impregnable fortress (Cheng)!” With both hands behind his back, the awfully handsome, arrogant, and tyrannical man raised his head and said in a loud voice, “Is this your ship? Not bad, although this is trash compared to our Imperial Whale Battleship, but for you group of barbarians to be able to build a ship like this is not bad!”

With a grin, Long Cheng indifferently said, “Prepare a spacious room for me, I want your ship to take me to the nearest harbor. As long as you sent me ashore, I will compensate you well.”

With a twitch at the corner of his eyes, Long Cheng coldly snorted and said, “Your ship must have beautiful maids, right? Prepare four for me, one to do the laundry, one to make my bed, and two to prepare some soup for me. Right, anyone who stinks from working, don’t approach my side of the ship. Three months ago, I fought with a Three-Headed Sea Dragon and suffered some minor injuries, I have to recuperate my strength!”

Before Lin Qi could open his mouth, Long Cheng already blurted out a string of orders. His words were extremely rude, making the sailors on the deck who understood Eastern language wished they could stab his body a thousand times! However, a moment ago, Long Cheng’s fingertips shot out purple light, while another also shot out of the space between his eyebrows. The experienced and knowledgeable sailors suddenly recalled a certain legendary existence. They held their harpoons tightly, yet no one dared to utter a word.

What did Long Cheng say? He fought with the Three-Headed Dragon, the hegemon of all magical beasts in the North Sea? Shit, did he speak the truth?

Lin Qi looked at Long Cheng who just gave orders in such insufferably domineering way, spread his hands in a helpless manner while forcing a smile. “We have clean rooms, as for four beautiful maids… my apologies, if you wish for female fish, we have many, as for women, we don’t even have one!”

Long Cheng looked at Lin Qi in astonishment, “There is no women on your ship? During long nights, how do you pass the time alongside this group of smelly coolies? Don’t tell me you two men…. Hehe, hehe!”

Long Cheng laughed in a strange manner. Looking at how Lin Qi’s expression turned strange, he smirked and said while shaking his head, “Fine, this is barbarians’ place after all, what can I hope for? Fine, fine, I’ve received your favor after all, this favor, I shall remember!”

Strongly patting Lin Qi’s shoulder, Long Cheng indifferently said, “Bring me to my room! Seeing your identity as an Eastern descendant like me, I won’t kill and take over this ship. Hehe!”

Laughing strangely, Long Cheng waved his hand towards the outside of the ship. A hint of purple qi whistled out, hitting a huge fish that just jumped out of the water one hundred meters away and exploding it into countless bloody chunks with a loud bang.

Lin Qi revealed a nearly flattering smile. “Honorable Mister Long Cheng, please, I shall clear the captain’s bedroom for you, is that okay?”

At one side, Good Luck Valjean Qiao wrinkled his nose in anger.

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