RE Chapter 79


Chapter 79 To the Sea, Whale-hunting

After soaking in the bathtub for one day and one night, Lin Qi and Enzo had absorbed all of the medicinal strength of the purplish-black medicinal liquid and it finally turned light-red. The terrifying treatment finally ended. Lin Qi and Enzo pathetically crawled out of the bathtub and their bodies were strongly scrubbed with the help of some servants.

After washing away the pungent smell of the medicinal liquid and cleaning the layer of black filth as thick as a pig’s skin on their bodies, the clean Lin Qi and Enzo drank the medicine given by Blackbeard in one gulp.

Originally, when they were soaking in the medicinal liquid, the terrifying wounds on their bodies were already eighty to ninety percent healed. Now, after drinking the good-quality medicine, their wounds burned and the remaining little injuries were completely healed without leaving behind even a scar.

After changing into new clothes, Lin Qi comfortably sat on the balcony on the highest floor of the ancestral residence.


Similar to Green Rose Hotel, a greenhouse made of huge pieces of glass from Vias Business Union was built on the balcony of Lin Qi’s ancestral residence. Naturally, there was nothing planted here, there were only a round table and several stools arranged simply.

While sitting here, one could see the distant mountains through the glass. Especially in the southwest direction, there was a several-kilometer-long and hundreds-meter-tall cliff. The white cliff towered among the mountains like a city wall, appearing very spectacular.

Blackbeard who just took a bath sat next to the round table. The bruise on his face already disappeared without a trace. It seemed the power of a Heaven Knight was indeed miraculous. Holding a cup of tea and drinking a mouthful of it, Blackbeard leaned on the chair with satisfaction, chuckled and said, “The situation now is very good, the reputation of you two young heroes already spread widely in Dunerk, this kind of situation is very good, the Mayor position is now secured.”

Enzo sat upright at one side. He was feeling his body’s sudden increase in power. He broke through from red qi all the way to the yellow realm, an increase of two stages. He still temporarily couldn’t control this new strength, not only his qi, his muscles and bones were also strengthened a lot. He roughly estimated, without using qi, his pure strength probably increased by one fold.

That medicine was truly very effective, double physical strength, damn it, if he was training on his own, how many years of hard training were needed to gain this kind of increase in power? Furthermore, Enzo could sense that many blocked meridians in his body that needed abundant qi to open were already opened by the medicinal strength. His future qi cultivation would certainly have rapid progress, leaving his peers far behind.

Undoubtedly, that medicine should be purchased with huge money from the East by a certain country’s royal family, to be used to nurture the family’s elite descendants. Unfortunately, the convoy they dispatched weren’t valiant enough to actually be taken huge advantage of by Blackbeard.

Clenching his fist tightly, Enzo looked at Blackbeard with both respect and gratefulness.

Blackbeard smiled at Enzo while nodding. He also had a very good opinion on Enzo. Brave and valiant, yet couldn’t be bothered about small things, for Lin Qi to have a friend like this, he felt very reassured. After all, he, Tie Chui, and  the others could grow old so Lin Qi undoubtedly needed his own batch of brothers by his side.

The family could provide Lin Qi with many outstanding youngsters, but Lin Qi needed to bring new blood into the family. Only with the continuous addition of newcomers into the family could they truly grow. By secluding themselves, it would only made the family age gradually and ultimately be destroyed.

Lin Qi raised his tea and drank a mouthful. He coughed softly and said, “Since the Mayor position is now secured, then, dear Father, those two girls!”

Blackbeard wrinkled his brows. He stood up and said, “Aha, I remember, those two damned girls! I will personally lead a group to kill them! Oh, don’t worry, son, I will clear up your mess, I will handle you matter properly, trust your honest father!”

Blackbeard wanted to leave the greenhouse, but Lin Qi suddenly jumped and grabbed Blackbeard’s belt. He firmly stared at Blackbeard and shouted with gritted teeth, “Dear Father, do I care about those two girls’ fate? Their golden notes, their gems, their many expensive stuff! I want eighty percent!”

Blackbeard’s face suddenly darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “Forty percent maximum, look, your old man dispatched so many people!”

Lin Qi bellowed, “May Mother climb out at midnight to choke you greedy man to death, you gave me so many cuts, seventy percent!”

Blackbeard angrily roared, “You unfilial son, you think you can disturb your mother just for a little bit of money? Oh, fifty percent, no more!”

Lin Qi suddenly raised his voice and howled at the top of his voice, “Aunt Lily, dear Aunt Lily!”

Blackbeard heaved a long sigh. He sullenly looked at Lin Qi and with no other choice, said, “sixty percent, look, can’t you see your old man have to go through a lot of trouble? Also, so many brothers were dispatched, won’t you give them a little pocket money?”

Enzo was shocked by their haggling. He blankly looked at this pair of highly unreliable father and son with his mouth open and not able to close for a while. Lin Qi and Blackbeard smiled at each other, strongly bumped their fists against each other’s, and shouted loudly, “Then, deal!”

After concluding the share of booty, Blackbeard who wanted to personally lead a group to kill Ya and Ling a moment ago returned to his seat in a very natural manner. He put his legs up, drank big mouthfuls of tea, and said with a smile, “Then, you and Enzo go out for several days, go play at sea for several days. Oh, I will tell the rest of the world that your injuries are too serious so you are recuperating in a small villa in the mountains, the air there is good.”

Raising his brows, Blackbeard smiled and said, “The more serious your injuries are, the more benefits and recognition your old man can gain, after all, people are all sympathetic by nature! Unfortunately you are my son, otherwise if you two died from courageously fighting robbers, your old man could probably directly run for Province Magistrate!”

Lin Qi and Enzo’s faces simultaneously darkened. Unfortunately they were absolutely not Blackbeard’s match, otherwise they would certainly joined hands to give him a beating.

Coughing indignantly, Lin Qi rubbed his nose, coldly snorted, and said, “They, I’ll spend several days at sea, I don’t want to hide in here without being able to go out the door, even worse, I don’t want to go to those ‘villas’ of yours in the mountain and stay together with that group of bastards. They will lead a good and honest person like me astray.”

‘The good and honest Lin Qi’? Enzo suddenly shivered!

Blackbeard laughed heartily. He strongly waved his hand and said, “Then, it is decided. The Big Maritime Windmill is setting out at noon today, this is a good season to hunt Single-horned Wild Whale. You go to the sea for half a month, when you return, it will be just in time for us to celebrate the New Year together!”

Enzo’s scalp turned numb, going out to the sea in this damned season?

Thinking of the terrifyingly huge waves and icebergs of the North Sea, Enzo felt his legs go soft!

Damn it, Enzo was an outstanding student of the Army Academy – in other words, Enzo couldn’t swim!

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