RE Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Medicinal Bath, Healing

In a certain stone room in Lin Qi’s ancestral residence, there was a huge brass bathtub with raging flames burning under it. The bathtub was big enough for seven to eight people bathing at the same time, but currently only Lin Qi and Enzo were soaking naked in the black thick medicinal liquid.

The medicinal liquid was bubbling due to the heat. Lin Qi and Enzo recoiled in the medicinal liquid like two fish, enduring the high temperature and medicinal strength. At the seme time, they were operating their Qi Tempering Secret Art with gritted teeth, pushing their bodies to absorb the quite-strong medicine. Only their faces were outside the medicinal liquid while the rest of their bodies were soaked inside. Their faces had turned reddish-purple and steam was continuously puffing out of their mouths for as far as several meters.

Blackbeard, with a huge bruise on his face and a cut on his mouth, resentfully stood next to the huge brass bathtub while personally adding firewood to the fire under the bathtub. While busily adding the firewood, the softly cursed, “Crazy old woman, that old woman, che! I give my own son a few cuts, why does she have to be so angry? Lin Qi is my son, can’t I give him a few cuts?”

Hissing in pain, Blackbeard shook his head and said, “This old woman, hss! How can she grow more powerful by the day? Che, This guy, Tie Chui, can’t even manage his own woman, trash! Hss, even I was hit? This crazy woman, really, can no one control her?”


Although being boiled inside the medicinal liquid, Lin Qi and Enzo still simultaneously started to laugh out loud.

After Aunt Lily found out from Baltic’s mouth that it was Blackbeard who personally caused all the wounds on Lin Qi’s body, she was maddened again on the spot and grabbed Blackbeard who just returned home to give him a violent beating. Blackbeard, who was already at the peak of middle stage Heaven Knight and could enter late stage Heaven Knight anytime, was badly beaten by the maddened Aunt Lily in front of hundreds of servants and subordinates without any strength to retaliate.

Enzo personally witnessed Aunt Lily grabbed Blackbeard and repeatedly punched him on the ground. She even crazily trampled Blackbeard’s belly. Who knew what extraordinary materials Blackbeard’s body were made of that he could escape from the hands of the berkserk Aunt Lily.

Tie Chui, Tu Dao, Baltic, the three early stage Heaven Knight experts, in addition to Blackbeard himself, simply couldn’t stop the berkserk Aunt Lily. In the end Tie Chui even used the iron chain that was always stored within his sleeve to tie Aunt Lily, yet the result was that the iron chain that was forged from dozens of special metal was broken by Aunt Lily using brute force!

Afterwards, the ashen-faced Blackbeard took the initiative to apologize and swear to heal Lin Qi’s wounds using the fastest speed possible, then only Aunt Lily reluctantly stop. As a result, Blacbeard became how he is right now, with a huge bruise on his face and a big cut on his mouth. As for his body, no one dared to take off Blackbeard’s clothes to check his injuries, so no one knew how bad he was beaten by Aunt Lily.

Coughing drily, Blackbeard coldly snorted and said, “Laughed enough? Then I’m adding more medicine! This is a good stuff from the East, even I’m reluctant use it, this time you guys benefit a lot!”

Laughing strangely, Blackbeard happily said, “It’s good that you guys have so many wounds on your bodies, the result of absorbing the medicinal strength through your wounds in way faster that absorbing it directly with your skin. A benefit to you two boys, cultivate diligently, this is really a benefit to you guys!”

Without waiting for Lin Qi and Enzo’s rejection, Blackbeard already seriously grabbed a 30 centimeter square medicine package on a square table at one corner of the room and threw some strange medicinal herbs like tree roots and grass leaves into the bathtub.

The smell of medicine emitted from the bathtub became stronger by several fold. The originally black medicinal liquid suddenly turned into a strange purplish-black while the steam floating from the bubbles also turned light-purple. The temperature of the entire bathtub suddenly rose, burning Lin Qi and Enzo that they screamed miserably, yet their whole body felt weak and couldn’t budge no matter what.

Black Tiger Family truly deserved to be called a millenium-old noble family, a big family that, in the legends, was passed down from the Destruction Age until today, making its warehouse very rich. Blackbeard found several bottles of high-quality medicine that were robbed who knew when from the warehouse. They could completely heal Lin Qi and Enzo’s injuries within one day.

If this was it, then fine, but Blackbeard also found a batch of medicine with unusual applications from a corner of the warehouse. This batch came from the East, it was said that it was an exotic medicine that was good for practicing qi and strengthening the body. Blackbeard vaguely remembered that this batch of medicine was robbed dozens of years ago, a treasure robbed from a cargo ship belonging to the royal family of a certain country on the West Continent.

The medicinal herb should be purchased in the East with a huge sum of money by that country’s royal family, but after being robbed by the Black Tiger Family, Blackbeard threw it into the warehouse and never used it. Because Blackbeard’s own strength was already powerful enough, it wasn’t worthwhile for him to use this thing. In the end, after so many years, he had forgotten about it.

Now by chance, it was used by Lin Qi and Enzo, so while the two were soaking in the bathtub, those several bottles of medicine that could quickly heal them were still in Blackbeard’s pocket without being used – because just like Blackbeard said, this was like giving a fish several cuts to make let the taste be absorbed easier while steaming it, it just so happened that Lin Qi and Enzo’s wounds could let the medicinal strength be absorbed better and faster.

The strong medicine was stabbing into their wounds like countless small knives, penetrating into their internal organs. They howled miserably. It was so painful that their bodies were twitching, yet their bones were filled with the medicine, making them simply unable to jump out of this terrifying bathtub.

Countless hot substance-like steam disorderly flew around within Lin Qi and Enzo’s bodies, quickly circulating within their meridians according to their respective Qi Tempering Secret Art. Their qi was quickly strengthened and their muscles and bones also part by part became stronger.

Truly deserve to be the treasure secretly bought by a country’s royal family, the medicinal bath this time benefitted Lin Qi and Enzo greatly.

Gradually, Lin Qi’s face started to glow with faint yellow light.

Enzo howled miserably with widened eyes. His face glowed with a rich layer of orange light, seemingly almost turning yellow. Looking at the yellow light on Lin Qi’s face, Enzo knew what it implied, with the help of the medicinal strength, Lin Qi actually broke through to early stage Earth Knight. He also could sense that quite a few of his blocked meridians had already been opened by the medicine. As long as he exerted a little effort, he could also reach the same stage as Lin Qi.

Enzo coughed out a mouthful of black blood. A huge amount of black impurities simultaneously seeped out of the pores all over his body. He took a deep breath and circulated his qi while enduring the pain. The rich orange light on his face finally turned into light yellow.

Blacbeard quickly added more firewood into the fire while nodding repeatedly with a cigar in his mouth.

“Good boys, both are good boys! Breaking through to Earth rank at this age, not bad, not bad!”

Snorting complacently, Blackbeard laughed softly.

“Although still not as good as your old man, but barely good enough!”

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