RE Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Terrifying Lily

“My God!” When Aunt Lily angrily waved the terrifyingly huge Wolf Teeth Club, Enzo was so jealous his eyes became bloodshot.

The thick Wolf Teeth Club that was almost as tall as a person teared the air while making an ear-piercing whistling sound. When Aunt Lily furiously poured her qi into the Wolf Teeth Club, scarlet flame simultaneously spurted out of the nearly one hundred spikes that was as thick as a middle finger and as long as a thumb on the surface of the Wolf Teeth Club as countless sparks also sprayed from its surface. A layer of dull flame as thick as ten centimeters wrapped around the Wolf Teeth Club. From a distance of dozens of meters, Enzo could still feel its terrifyingly high temperature.

That was a magical weapon! An extremely rare magical weapon!

After gathering the most precious magical metals and magical gems of matching attributes, the outline of the weapon was forged with great-master-level workmanship. An inscription pattern great master would then engrave a corresponding magical formation on the surface of the semi finished product before a great master magician pour magic into it. Finally, three great masters would join hands in refining the weapon, sealing the magical formation, and stabilizing the magic before activating the weapon with the magic core of a magical beast with a corresponding attribute. Only through this process could a magical weapon be forged.


At his age, this was still Enzo’s first time seeing a genuine magical weapon!

Furthermore, it was a magical weapon of fire attribute. Fire attribute magic was always known as having the most powerful destructive power, especially ones that were capable of group attack were even more so the most outstanding among magic of other attributes. Not to mention the value of the Wolf Teeth Club, the value of a magical weapon could never be measured with gold coins. If a Heaven Knight equipped the Wolf Teeth Club, he alone could thoroughly suppress three Heaven Knights of the same rank, he could even kill more than two enemies of the same rank or even challenge a Heaven Knight of a higher rank.

If Aunt Lily was a Heaven Knight, then she could totally wear the set of Fury of the Bear Race armor and carry the Wolf Teeth Club to leisurely stroll around Victory Palace in the imperial capital. She could strut in and say hello to the sleeping emperor in Victory Palace, then effortlessly walk out before the army in the imperial capital could assemble.

The ordinary guardian corp of the imperial Victory Palace absolutely couldn’t resist a terrifying woman wearing Fury of the Bear Race armor and weilding an enormous magical weapon who also possessed boundless brute force!

“My God! If Aunt Lily joined the army, then she would definitely be conferred with a general rank at once! Even her luxurious equipments were absolutely priceless!” With his right hand on his stomach, Enzo wholeheartedly expressed his supreme admiration and jealousy of Aunt Lily’s outfit.

Lin Qi shrugged his shoulders. He coughed once and shouted to Aunt Lily who already sank into the brink of madness, “Dear Aunt Lily, I have returned! I’m fine, I’m really fine!”

“God, various lovely Gods, you finally deliver my young master Lin Qi home safe and sound!” Aunt Lily looked at Lin Qi with wild joy and effortlessly threw the huge Wolf Teeth Club in her hand. The Wolf Teeth Club spun for more than 20 meters, making all the servants in the vicinity cover their heads and flee with incomparable speed. No one dared to clash with the terrifying murder weapon.

In the entire ancestral residence, only Aunt Lily had the kind of brute force to weild the Wolf Teeth Club, not even Blackbeard had the strength. Not even her husband, Tie Chui, who was just kicked flying like a ball by her, had the power.

“Damned old woman!” Tie Chui covered his waist with his hand while cursing in anger.

Aunt Lily didn’t react to Tie Chui’s curse. She rushed forward with steps as heavy as a mountain and threw herself at Lin Qi, hugging him tightly in her bosom. “Oh, my young master Lin Qi, nothing must happen to you. I promised the Lady that I will look after you! Oh, heavens, why is your complexion so pale? What is this smell from your body?”

Aunt Lily’s eyes suddenly turned red. She grabbed Lin Qi’s collar and firmly teared his clothes with a ripping sound. Lin Qi was laid bare in front of several hundred male and female servants of the ancestral residence. Cold wind whistled past as Lin Qi used both of his hands to cover his lower body. He stood there in front of the entrance to the ancestral residence with a red face.

Wounds densely covered his whole body, although Blade Wound Medicine was already applied on them, although they were covered with bandages, blood still seeped on the bandages. Terrifying killing intent spread out from Aunt Lily’s body. She slowly turned her head to look at the pale-faced Baltic and asked word by word, “Who injured my Lin Qi? Baltic, you damned bastard, tell your Big Sister Lily, who injured young master Lin Qi?”

Baltic, who possesed Heaven-ranked strength, controlled thousands sailors, workers, ruffians, gangsters and other men from Dunerk Harbor Area, and had extremely high authority in Black Tiger Family, bowed with flattery and respecfully said with a smile, “My most respectable older sister, considering the identity of our mother who died early, if I said I don’t know who injured young master Lin Qi…”

Aunt Lily rushed up to Baltic like a gale. Her speed was so fast that Baltic couldn’t clearly see how she rushed up to him. Aunt Lily strongly punched Baltic’s face. Four thick and sharp awls suddenly appeared and stabbed deeply into Baltic’s face, nearly ruining his appearance.

Baltic didn’t even have a chance to groan before he was sent flying. Fortunately he circulate his qi in time to protect his body so his teeth weren’t destroyed by Aunt Lily.

Aunt Lily roared, “Then, I’ll just represent our mother to teach you a lesson! You, a grand Heaven Knight, actually can’t protect young master Lin Qi. You trash, incompetent insect, you can only bring a group of small **1 to bully good and cowardly commoners, a soft egg that not even your wife can manage. I will break your legs!”

Baltic cast a pleading gaze at Tie Chui who was laying on the ground pretending to be dead, but Tie Chui closed his eyes tightly. He even held his breath to show that he fainted from Aunt Lily’s kick earlier.

Baltic sullenly looked at Lin Qi, but Lin Qi stiffly covered his lower body while standing in front of the door. His slightly-fat body was shivering in the cold wind while his mind was blank. He was seen naked, he was seen naked by so many servants and subordinates. It didn’t matter if they were all male, but there were also so many girls and aunts here!

If Lin Qi was still fifteen or sixteen years old, it didn’t matter if he was seen naked, but dear various gods above, Lin Qi already passed his eighteenth birthday, he was already an adult! Yet, he was seen naked in front of the door to his own ancestral residence.

The several hundred people were intimidated by Aunt Lily’s terrifying killing intent, no one dared to make a sound.

Lin Qi blinked. He finally found the best way to pass this crisis. He rolled his eyes, weakly groaned, then fainted just like one of those young mistresses.

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