RE Chapter 19


Chapter 19 – Exchanging Terms

Enzo and Yu Lian  rushed in front of Priest Bahrain almost simultaneously, both of them  grabbing one  of his shoulders, violently pulling him into the room, and heavily pushing him to the ground. The crisp sound of a weapon being unsheathed rang. Lin Qi didn’t know  where he had pulled the big shining  one-bladed axe from, but he pushed it towards Priest Bahrain’s neck in a rage.

Priest Bahrain was terrified as he  desperately opened up his mouth, wanting to shout loudly for help, but Gelang Mu already sat on his belly with incomparable agility.

The terrible pressure made Priest Bahrain opened both of his eyes widely, He pathetically gasped for breath, but all the air inside his throat was squeezed out, making him powerless to shout. Gelang Mu snorted and twisted his waist, a groaning sound could immediately be heard from the vertebra in Priest Bahrain’s waist that couldn’t bear the heavy load.

As Yu Lian turned around and shut the door, Lin Qi slowly leaned over,  his gloomy face stopped less than 16 centimeters away from Priest Bahrain’s face. Priest Bahrain was pressed down by Gelang Mu until his complexion turned purple. He cried pathetically  like a fish out of water, but Gelang Mu’s weight of nearly 200 kilograms pressed on his chest, basically making him incapable of taking a breath.


“Wei Ke was arrested by people from the Knights of the Round Table?” Lin Qi slowly inquired.

Priest Bahrain’s pathetic gaze fell on Lin Qi, his throat producing a coarse gurgling sound. He was only a mediator with little relation with those bad student organizations in University City, he merely  passed on messages, that was all. Sensing the ice-cold axe blade on his neck, he prayed towards various gods in heaven with incomparable sincerity. ‘Let a thunder tribulation  fall, strike this group of scoundrels to death!

How could an obedient and good student, the future elites of the empire,  secretly store this kind of lethal weapon in the room? If Priest Bahrain didn’t see wrongly, this big axe in Lin Qi’s hand was what butchers from a slaughterhouse specially used for  large animals. One slash could absolutely chop a person in half!

This was the Fifth University’s student dormitory; how could something that could only be found in a slaughterhouse appear here? Priest Bahrain’s experiences and knowledge were abundant, yet his mind also couldn’t make sense of the situation this time.  Especially now, with this big axe at his neck, Priest Bahrain’s thoughts were already completely frozen.

Gelang Mu smacked his lips and thought for the time it took to boil an egg. He observed Priest Bahrain’s complexion, waiting for his face to nearly turn from purple to black before  he slowly stood up and carefully sat on a wooden stool. He had no choice but to be careful.  Ever since half a year ago when he had been violently beaten by Lin Qi for sitting on the latter’s bed until it collapsed, he had become very cautious, very careful.

So just now, when he didn’t immediately break Priest Bahrain’s ribs , it was actually a very fortunate thing.

Priest Bahrain abruptly let out one breath, producing a strange hissing sound. He violently coughed several times, then stammeringly shouted, “It had nothing to do with me you know, nothing to do with me. I have no friendly relations with that group of scoundrels from th Army Academy; Priest Aisen is the Army Academy’s spiritual teacher. I certainly don’t have the least bit of relationship with that group of scum and trash.”

Lin Qi looked at Priest Bahrain with a gloomy face without responding to his cries, instead he sneered before speaking, “If I chopped you into 18 pieces then threw you into Seille River in the middle of the night, nobody would know. With only one night’s effort, you would already float along the river for dozens of kilometers, and there would be no more Priest Bahrain on earth.”

Priest Bahrain was so scared his complexion turned deathly pale. He spoke while trembling, “This- this is murder!”

Lin Qi blinked his eyes and laughed grimly, “Wrong, this isn’t murder, this is someone who slipped into the water, and died!”

Priest Bahrain nearly cried to death. He howled in a low voice with a half-scared and half-angry tone, “After being chopped into 18 pieces, how can it not be murder?”

Lin Qi nodded his head as if suddenly realizing something. He used the axe blade to scrape Priest Bahrain’s fat neck and laughed grimly: “That is true, if one slipped and fell into the water, it would be impossible to turn into 18 pieces. In that case, how about we get you drunk and hit you until you lose consciousness, then we throw you into the river?”

Letting out a queer laughter, Lin Qi spoke with a gloomy face, “A completely drunk person was hit until he lost consciousness, would he still be able to swim?”

Two streaks of hot tears flowing down his face, Priest Bahrain howled in a low voice, “But Mister Lin Qi, we are friends. We are friends!”

Lin Qi let out several grim laughters and firmly shook his head: “No, we are no longer friends. Starting yesterday, we were  no longer friends! So you can trip and fall into water. Even if the copper hats of the Guardian Office found you, they would find that you, under the influence of alcohol, strolled around, tripped into the water, and died!”

Priest Bahrain blinked his eyes several times. He miraculously stopped the hot tears that had recently flowed down his face and looked at Lin Qi thoughtfully. After pondering for a while, he slowly nodded, “I’m sorry about that sheet of protective talisman,  I took the wrong sheet. That sheet wasn’t the sheet an archbishop of a parish personally made. Please believe me, I didn’t intentionally deceive the honorable Mister Lin Qi, it was me who made a mistake under the influence of alcohol.”

Sighing deeply, Lin Qi nodded his head: “Right, you made a mistake, but I was nearly eliminated of by Great Master Ke Zha’s ball of fire!”

Priest Bahrain raised three fingers, “Three hundred sheets of redemption talisman, you should understand their cost!”

Lin Qi gnashed his teeth and stared at Priest Bahrain: “Three hundred sheets of redemption talisman, three thousand copper coins. Deducting the costs, my profits will only be a trifling ten gold coins. Is my life only worth so little? Two thousand sheets of redemption talisman, you should understand their cost!”

Priest Bahrain gnashed his teeth and looked at Lin Qi, then he angrily howled in a low voice, “Two thousand sheets? If too many fake redemption talismans produced by the Church appeared in the market, do you know how much trouble it would cause? One thousand sheets maximum, or else just kill me! Furthermore, I want half the profit! Otherwise, just kill me!”

The heavy and lethal weapon in Lin Qi’s hands miraculously disappeared. Enzo and Yu Lian also had smiles across their faces while helping Priest Bahrain up. One thousand sheets of redemption talisman printed by the Church, it was a pretty good profit. Now that Priest Bahrain was everyone’s god of wealth, it was only natural that they were a little respectful towards him.

Lightly dusting his hands, Lin Qi gritted his teeth and sneered, “Now, dear Priest Bahrain, please tell me, how did that group of despicable, shameless, lowly people arrest Wei Ke? Furthermore, what terms did they propose?”

Priest Bahrain wiped the cold sweat on his forehead that had come out as a result of his fear. Grabbing a wine bottle on the square table, he recklessly drank it in one go.

Contentedly letting out a hiccup that reeked of alcohol, Priest Bahrain narrowed his eyes.

“I really don’t know how they arrested Wei Ke.”

“But their terms were certainly not simple. Lin Qi, they want several ringleaders of your Ironfist Brotherhood  to go to that alley behind the Sword and Pretty Ladies Tavern and negotiate with them at midnight tonight.” Priest Bahrain’s face was gloomy, “They also want you to take along enough gold coins!”

The corner of Lin Qi’s mouth raised, Sword and Pretty Ladies Tavern, that was Army Academy students’ base of operation.

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