RE Chapter 17


Chapter 17 – Unfortunate Capture

Heaven Knight! Wei Ke thought he was going mad.

He and Lin Qi had mistakenly judged Jiang Yong to simply be a high-leveled knight, but never in his dreams would he have expected Jiang Yong to possess Heaven level strength.

A fully grown man possessing a sturdy body, couldn’t be called a knight. Only by arousing one’s potential, could fighters who possessed ‘qi’,  acquire the title of a knight. Prior to the Rebirth Calendar, this saying had spread since the ancient Dark Age and Destruction Age.

In the West, this kind of energy was called ‘battle qi’ or ‘douqi’; in the East, this kind of energy was called ‘inner qi’ or ‘vital energy’. Although the name differed, the essence was the same. After tempering one’s body to the limit, one must extract a kind of internal and external power that could arouse a living thing’s potential.


White, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, violet, and  gold: these nine colors represented Man, Earth, or Heaven.  Any of these three ranks of a knight possessed distinct douqi colors.  These nine colors, which mankind could observe from nature, corresponded with one another, and were called the Nine Layers of Heaven.

Those who possessed white, red, or orange, these three douqi color were Man Knights. Yellow, green, or azure, these three douqi colors were indicative of an Earth Knight. Blue, purple, or violet gold, these three douqi colors were the characteristics of a Heaven Knight. Those ordinarily called high-leveled knights were merely at the level of Orange Man Knight or Yellow Earth Knight. Azure Earth Knight was already an extremely rarely seen expert, yet Jiang Yong was a Purple Heaven Knight.

A Man Knight could effortlessly defeat an enemy that was ten times stronger. Earth Knights could match a hundred or even a thousand men on the battlefield. For Heaven Knights, unless there was another knight of the same stage or someone ‘mighty’ against them, the number of people in front of them didn’t have any significance .

The pitiful Wei Ke just broke through from pinkish white to pure white stage one year ago and possessed the peak strength of an early stage Man Knight. After trying hard for another two years, maybe he could reach the middle stage of Man Knights,  possessing red douqi . The strongest in the entire Ironfist Brotherhood was  Enzo, who possessed deep red douqi, as well as Lin Qi, the leader of the brotherhood, whom people couldn’t see through.

Such weak strength, unexpectedly wanted to scheme against a Heaven Knight possessing purple douqi, it was equivalent to suicide!

Without even mentioning Jiang Yong , he still had dozens of companions beside him. If those companions of his all had the strength of Heaven Knight… No, there was no need for them all to have the power of a Heaven Knight; so long as they all had the strength of high-leveled Earth Knight, they could wipe out the entire Borali ‘dark world’..

Apart from an imperial department which had large quantities of elite knights, as well as the Church which had an incomparably huge hidden power, the West Continent didn’t have one place that could handle a Heaven Knight.

“Damn you Boss, why did you choose such a wretched target?”

While grumbling about Lin Qi’s judgment, Wei Ke slide down a peripheral chimney to the ground, leaving through a small alley. He wanted to immediately return to the Fifth University to announce this frightening news to Lin Qi. The ‘fat sheep’ they took fancy to wasn’t a ‘fat sheep’ at all, rather it was a magical beast that could kill all of them anytime.

“Frightening, really too frightening!”

Wei Ke was still incessantly shaking in fear from what he just witnessed; two real people were unexpectedly shattered to pieces in one attack by Jiang Yong. The Ironfist Brotherhood  had also taken part in quite a few large scale fights previously. Wei Ke had also personally seriously injured some people, even took  the lives of some enemies with his arrows; but he never witnessed such a bloody scene, such a cruel scene.

Two living adults were unexpectedly turned into countless scattering snowflakes in one strike.

That Jiang Yong was too fierce, too sinister, and too ruthless. Viciously acting  with  disregard for common sense and effortlessly taking two lives like that. Once he thought about that scene of flesh and blood flying, Wei Ke couldn’t help but tremble all over.

“The question is , what is their origin? This group of Easterners is simply a bunch of demons!” Wei Ke wrinkled his brows, recalling the information bribed from Lisa, that female maid from Crippled Shop. “That Jiang Yong’s under part is completely empty? Don’t tell me he is a woman? But how come he doesn’t look like a woman? Furthermore how can a woman have such  ruthless and cruel methods?”

Focused on guessing Jiang Yong’s origins, Wei Ke ignored his surroundings.

On the alley he was walking up after sliding down the chimney, dozens of burly men were ganging up and beating a haggard youth. Wearing flashy clothes, a showy youth with a sword hanging from his waist was standing on the small alley, looking at the beaten up youth with a smile on his face.

When Wei Ke landed, the snow covered ground produce a dull noise, causing that showy youth to turn his head in astonishment, looking  right at Wei Ke who was dozens of meters away. Seeing Wei Ke’s deathly pale complexion and scared manner, the showy youth blanked. Soon after he shouted with incomparable excitement: “Hey, Wei Ke, you son of a bitch, you filthy rat, today you will fall by my hands!”

Wei Ke blanked, then abruptly turned his head to take a glance and caught sight of the showy youth and the dozens of burly men next to him. Wei Ke couldn’t help but stare blankly. Soon after he dove into another alley. Wei Ke cursed himself in his mind, he was constantly vigilant and never erred. Today however, because he had been distracted by Jiang Yong’s ruthless acts, he unexpectedly fell into this difficult situation.

He recognized the showy youth as Charlie Rabbit; he was a student in the Imperial Army Academy. Older than people like Lin Qi and Wei Ke by one year in the academy,  he was at 4th year student in the Imperial Army Academy. The reason why he had the nickname ‘rabbit’ was because he was extremely cowardly. In several fights with the Ironfist Brotherhood, he would promptly escape once he fell into a disadvantageous position, therefore Lin Qi gave him the name ‘rabbit’.

Charlie Rabbit was, like most of the students of the Army Academy, members of the ‘Knights of the Round Table,’ the Ironfist Brotherhood’s arch-enemy. Both sides consisted of bad students who , for the sake of plundering the University City territory, certain good-looking female students and rivals, and other various kinds of crazy reasons, had broken into ten large and small fights for the past three years.

The Knights of the Round Table were all students of the Army Academy and thus had an advantage in military skills and individual strength. However, because the Ironfist Brotherhood had Lin Qi as its leader, the Knights of the Round Table suffered defeat ninety percent of the time in the fights, and had suffered quite a bit.

Now that Wei Ke was alone with no one to accompany him, how could Charlie Rabbit let him get away?

A white light enveloped Wei Ke’s body and he spared no effort to flee towards the exit of the alley.

However Charlie Rabbit’s body produced faint pink light as he chased after Wei Ke with a speed that was a hint faster than the latter.

Wei Ke had just ran for several steps when Charlie Rabbit arrived behind him. He tilted a big wooden club and ruthlessly swung  it down, heavily smashing on Wei Ke’s knee. Wei Ke let out a painful cry and was flipped over on the ground by the smash from the club. Charlie Rabbit immediately pounced on Wei Ke’s body.

“Hey, son of a bitch, finally caught you!” Charlie hit the back of Wei Ke’s head with a fist, making him lose consciousness.

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