RE Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Enzo’s Hometown

After setting off from Dunerk and sailing upstream along Seille River for less than one day, on an area five kilometers from the river bank was a small town called Wright.

The passenger ship Lin Qi’s group rode on stopped at a small intersection. Due to a habit from their occupation, after the ship stopped, Baltic commanded the numerous sailors and family subordinates on the ship to chop down a great amount of branches and create a layer of cover for the ship. Not to mention from a distance, even if one walked up close, one still wouldn’t discover that there was a 70 meters long passenger ship here.

“Okay, let’s climb ashore!” Lin Qi threw a trunk filled with ham, sausages, and alcohol out of the ship. It heavily smashed on a huge pile of snow. He and Enzo swiftly climbed down a rope onto the shore before waving toward the ship.

Baltic squatted on the ship railing and waved toward Lin Qi as he said, “Young master, it’s okay to have fun for a couple of days on the way, but remember, if you ran into something, you can settle it yourself if you can, but if you couldn’t, just send the signal to let me help you settle it!”


Leo with his sturdy body stood next to Baltic. He gave Lin Qi a simple smile and said, “Young master, why don’t you let me go with you?”

Lin Qi waved his hand. He laughed heartily and said, “I’m only going to Enzo’s hometown to look around, not to snatch other’s territory, so there’s no need for so many people! It’s just a couple of kilometers away, if I ran into some trouble you could rush over in time, relax!”

Clapping his hands with a smile, Lin Qi picked up the huge trunk and carried it on his shoulders. Enzo was also carrying one of the same size. The two people walked in large strides, treading the thick snow toward a small forest nearby. Past the small forest and past a small farmland was Enzo’s hometown, Wright Town.

Baltic help a tobacco pipe in his mouth as he watched Lin Qi and Enzo walking int he distance. He gently waved his hand and six short men covered in black walked out of the ship. Even their faces were covered with a layer of black cloth while their eyes were hidden behind thin black crystals. After Baltic spoke to them in a low voice, the figures of the six people gradually turned indistinct. A cool breeze blew, the six people already appeared directly on the shore. Borrowing the cover of trees and bushes, they nimbly followed Lin Qi’s group of two without leaving the slightest trace on the snow.

“Oh!” Baltic thoughtfully touched his chin. He said in a low voice, “Leo, call the brothers to prepare some good men, the Lord made it clear, we have to protect young master’s safety. Fat Bird Kirk, he isn’t someone who take a loss well. If young master lost even a strand of hair, I’m afraid it’s something we couldn’t bear.”

Leo’s expression turned incomparably solemn. He agreed, then quickly entered the hold of the ship, passing down the order to the other family members.

Lin Qi and Enzo each carried a huge trunk full of food and alcohol as they walked slowly along a small rural path. Enzo pointed at the sceneries around him as he described his childhood life to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was entranced as he listed to Enzo, it was a totally different life compared to Lin Qi’s childhood.

“My parents died early!” Enzo gritted his teeth and said, “They died in the hands of a beastman invader, right, an ox-headed man, I remember his face. In the future, I will find him and personally kill him and everyone in his family to avenge my parents!”

Since his parents died early, Enzo was raised under the kindness of many neighbors. Since he was young, he worked to repay his neighbors. One could well imagine the life of an orphan. It also tempered Enzo’s character, he was bold yet sensitive, he was strong yet frail, at times he was stubborn, but at times he was warm and kind.

Without parents’ care, even if the neighboring uncles and aunts treated Enzo very well, those country children were usually small and weak. Since Enzo was seven, he often fought with those other kids. In addition, Wright Town fortunately had a military veteran. He taught Enzo and the other kids a superficial military qi cultivation method.

Relying on the superficial qi method, from getting beaten up, Enzo gradually became more and more powerful. When he was 13, he chased a group of peers and beat them viciously by himself. Hi qi innate talent gradually appeared. The veteran simply used the old connections he had in the military and recommended Enzo to a military academy in Yasen Province.

After three years in the academy, Enzo graduated from the military academy in Yasen Province in first place. He was immediately recommended to Imperial Army Academy.

Originally, Enzo was going to become a normal outstanding imperial officer, but he met Lin Qi and his fate changed. He joined Ironfist Brotherhood, becoming Lin Qi’s top subordinate. Furthermore, looking at his development trend in the future, it was very likely that Enzo will become Black Tiger Family’s future number one thug, probably taking over Tie Chui’s position.

The two chatted and laughed along the way. After walking nearly one hour along the small country road that was covered with thick snow, the two people finally arrived at the entrance of Wright Town.

A small chapel stood at the entrance of the town. An old priest wearing a black robe was sitting in front of the chapel, sprinkling some wheat while chuckling. A thin sparrow was chirping and flapping its wings as it snatched the rations that the old priest sprinkled around.

Enzo respectfully bowed toward the old priest. He loudly shouted, “Priest Mai!”

The old priest raised his head and looked at Enzo with a smile. He stood up in surprise and spoke in a loud voice, “So you, little trouble-maker, has returned? The last time you returned was two years ago. Enzo, you little bastard, when you aren’t in town, do you know how peaceful our lives are?”

Enzo’s face turned slightly red. He put down the trunk on his shoulder and took out six bottles of good rum, squeezing them into the old priest’s embrace. The old priest smiled so wide that his eyes turned narrowed into slits. He strongly patted Enzo’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Boy, so you’ve profited? Oh, rum that was fermented for 50 years, this isn’t something one can easily get!”

Lin Qi looked at Priest Mai in astonishment. There was no marking on the six bottles, furthermore their mouths were sealed tight with green wax and wooden cork, yet the old priest could actually recognize that they were 50-years-old rum just from one sniff. How rich of an experience in drinking wine did one require to be able to achieve it?

Priest Mai passionately hugged Enzo. He looked at Lin Qi with a smile and widened his eyes in shock. His pupils glanced at the expensive black bear leather cloak on Lin Qi’s back before he said with a loud laugh, “Are you Enzo’s friend? Wealthy and noble young master, look at my chapel, so dilapidated, give me a little donation to repair the chapel!”

Lin Qi was dumbfounded. He looked at Enzo’s helpless expression in shock, then took out a golden note worth ten thousand gold coins from his sleeve with a smile.

An interesting priest, an interesting Wright Town, Lin Qi suddenly took a liking to the place.

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