RE Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Leaving Home

On the third day of the new year, Lin Qi and Arthur separately brought people to set off.

A rare weather, black clouds in the sky dispersed, dazzling sunlight illuminated the sea surface, creating an magnificent faint golden reflection, like gold coins that Lin Qi liked the most. It was a good weather. As long as Lin Qi, who was about to sail against the current of Seille River, spend two days, he could safely return to the imperial capital.

As for Arthur, it was an extremely terrible weather. All people along the northern coast knew, after every clear sky during the terrifying winter, a frightening blizzard would follow, the kind that was sufficient to destroy everything. Lin Qi merely needed two days to return to the capital and could avoid the blizzard; as for him, he had to bring along a fleet formed of 20 military ships while crossing a distance of one thousand kilometers, rushing to the territory where his father, Red-haired Demon, once dominated.

Sailing for one thousand kilometer in a blizzard, imagining the terrifying scene, Arthur felt a chill all over his body.


These years in Black Tiger Family, Arthur lived like a prince, living a life of luxury; he was the elder prince who was accustomed to pleasure. Once he thought of himself leaving the luxurious suite of Green Rose Hotel, leaving the warm embraces of those beautiful young ladies, having to lead over one thousand rough pirates to wander around at sea, fighting battles full of sweat and blood like his father, Red-haired Demon, Arthur tasted bitterness in his mouth!

But Arthur had no choice!

Blackbeard was very fair in doing things. On the third day after the new year, he sent his biological son out of Dunerk into the imperial capital to open up a new territory for Black Tiger Family, establishing a new power; then as Blackbeard’s foster son, he also had to do something similar.

How could the biological son go plundering some territory and battling other people while the foster son stayed at home living like a prince and enjoying life, right?

Even in front of all Black Deacons of Night Union, Blackbeard was also completely justified. On the same day during the terrifying winter, at the same time, a foster son and a biological son set off to work for their own future. Impartial, fair, just, open, who could say that Blackbeard wasn’t any of those?

The cold wind blew the sails. Arthur stood on the bow of the ship and squeezed out a smile toward Blackbeard’s group of people who had been continuously waving.

Behind Arthur’s ship were 20 military ships that were nearly 50 meters long. These warships had the outer appearance like that of civilian ships, but the materials used to manufacture them were of battleship grade. Their speed and fighting strength were incomparably close to those of regular imperial battleships. Adding with the over one thousand pirates on the ships, their strength was extremely frightening at sea. Other than huge imperial military fleets, of cargo ships and passenger ships, none could escape their plundering.

The port wasn’t in Dunerk, such pirate ships couldn’t publicly appear at Dunnerk’s official harbors.

It was Black Tiger Family’s secret port located 15 kilometers outside Dunerk. A small rugged gulf covered by countless trees with precipitous cliffs on both sides. The security here was tight; Black Tiger Family stationed ten small warships at this place all year round. In addition to several forts with astonishing defense on the cliffs, the port could deal with the attack from Dunerk garrison fleet or even that of North Sea division imperial fleet.

At one side of Arthur’s 20 warships was a huge passenger ship that was preparing to deliver Lin Qi’s group to the imperial capital. It was 70 meters long and entirely a civilian ship. With a huge bear skin cloak draping over his shoulders, Lin Qi stood on the bow of the ship like a black bear while chuckling at Arthur who was less than 50 meters away.

Arthur didn’t give Lin Qi a glance. He merely looked deeply at Blackbeard who was standing on the dock before strongly bowing toward Blackbeard. “Father, I will work hard. When I have time, I will return to see you.”

Blackbeard nodded with a smile. He embraced Black Rose Ross’s slim waist and waved at Arthur with a smile, “May the Sea God bless your harvest, dear Arthur, remember to be safe, if you had any problem, consult the older men among your subordinates.”

After warning Arthur several more times, Blackbeard turned to Lin Qi. He narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “Lin Qi, remember what you have to do in going to the imperial capital this time, don’t cause any trouble, steadily do your business. If you dared to make a mistake, I will give you a lesson!”

Lin Qi held a cigar in his mouth in a sloppy manner and strongly puffed out a mouthful of thick smoke. He smiled at Blackbeard and waved his hand, “Rest assured, old man, you just properly accompany Aunt Ross here and have fun for several days, I will handle the business in the capital well. With so many manpower, with so much money, if I still couldn’t create something big in the capital, then I must be truly useless!”

Laughing out loud, Lin Qi turned to Arthur and waved his hand before saying, “Arthur, I wish you smooth sailing!”

Arthur also smiled. His heart was so full of hate that it was dripping with blood, but he still squeezed out a smile.

Smooth sailing? There’s going to be a blizzard tomorrow or the day after, how can I have a smooth sailing?’ But Arthur still put on a smile. He had to smile, he couldn’t let other people know that he had any malice toward Lin Qi. He had to wait for the day when Lin Qi was sorted out, then he could smoothly inherit everything in Black Tiger Family!

Even if he was a foster son, on the West Continent, a foster son was also qualified to be a successor of a family.

With a brilliant smile, Arthur clenched his fist at Lin Qi, “Lin Qi, do well, by all means don’t let Father lose face!”

Lin Qi smiled. ‘Let Blackbeard lose face? I don’t care about this.’ He looked at Arthur who was full of smiles and suddenly felt that he was extremely pitiful. The flower that was raised in a warm greenhouse by Blackbeard, could he truly adapt to the situation in North Sea?

Seeing that Arthur’s fate wasn’t long, Lin Qi magnanimously forgave his previous offences.

“Why on earth am I angry at a dead person?” Lin Qi happily threw the cigar into the sea and waved at Blackbeard. Then he loudly shouted, “Raise the anchor, depart Dunerk, follow Seille River to the imperial capital! Arthur, have a smooth sailing!”

Looking at the glittering sunlight, Lin Qi wished Arthur well several more times. The huge passenger ship slowly cut an arc on the gulf, entering head first into the narrow channel that lead to the open sea.

Arthur bowed one more time toward Blackbeard. He took out his fencing sword and shouted in a stern voice, “Raise the anchor, direction Black Devil Cape!”

Following closely behind Lin Qi’s passenger ship, the 20 warships also slowly left the small gulf.

Blackbeard strongly embraced Black Rose Ross’ waist. He softly murmured, “Good, the adorable son and the abominable son are both gone, now I can relax. Oh, how about staying at my place for a month?”

Black Rose Ross tenderly smiled while twisting her waist, moving in Blackbeard’s embrace like a sticky candy.

In front of thousands of subordinated on the dock and the ships, Blackbeard howled with laughter and lifted Ross into his embrace before impatiently squeezing into a small lookout post on the dock.

Tie Chui stood on the pier with both hands behind his back and slowly said, “Spring is coming, the Lord is in heat again!”

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