RE Chapter 114


Chapter 114 Joint Visit

When leaving the family secret warehouse, it was already dawn. Blackbeard simply left, so Lin Qi went to look for Enzo while grinning from ear to ear and carrying an excitement like that of a child who just received a new toy.

Cold wind still blew while the snowfall had stopped. The sky was quite dark, to the extent that even the whistling cold wind was shrouded in a layer of desolate darkness. The wind slashed onto the ground, producing sound of air tearing. Lin Qi strongly exhaled several times. White steam was only puffed out of his mouth for a moment before being blown away without a trace by the cold wind.

Enzo, in only his underpants, was running around the main residence while carrying a huge stone on his shoulders. Boundless white steam was emitted from his body while he was drenched in sweat from head to foot, clearly he had already been running for some time. It was also a habit Enzo acquired in the Army Academy. Every morning he had to wake up early to work out, even the time when he was on the Big Maritime Windmill, he also climbed onto the deck early in the morning and sprint back and forth for more than 100 times.

While panting, Enzo gradually passed by Lin Qi. He grinned at Lin Qi before continuing to run forward. Enzo was very diligent; he always seized the moment to work out and to cultivate, while Lin Qi had never truly undergo bitter training before.


The problem was, Lin Qi who had never taken cultivation seriously, his qi improvement was always slightly better than Enzo, making Enzo extremely dissatisfied. But counting Lin Qi’s family background, since he learned how enormous Lin Qi’s family power was, the little bit of dissatisfaction in Enzo’s heart had dissipated early ― it was a privilege the boss should enjoy.

“Hei, Enzo!” Lin Qi extended his hand into his boot before slowly pulling out a 1.3-meters-long sharp sword. The strange scene made Enzo dumbfounded. His left and right legs stumbled with each other, nealy making him fall head first to the ground. After staggering several steps forward and stabilizing his body with difficulty, Enzo threw the huge rock onto a nearby snow pile and said in shock, “How did you do that?”

“A small trick, not worth mentioning!” Lin Qi proudly created sword light as he threw the sharp sword toward Enzo, “Give it a try, it’s a good stuff I got from my old man, a magic weapon, see how it is.”

A magic weapon? Enzo’s lips twitched as a drop of saliva dangled at the corner of his mouth. Is it truly a magic weapon? Enzo instinctively recalled Aunt Lily’s terrifying Wolf Teeth Club before grasping the sharp sword that Lin Qi threw over and examining it with wild joy.

The sword blade was slim and long, precisely the proportion a top-notch sharp sword ought to have. The metal used to forge it was a certain special alloy, utterly different from ordinary steel. Narrowing one’s eyes near the sword blade and looking at it along the sword edge, there was a layer of well-distributed decorative design like that of a dragon scale. On the surface of the steel-colored blade, the dragon scale design emitted a layer of faint blue color.

Among the decorative design, three pairs of inscription patterns were faintly discernible. Unless one neared the blade, the existence of inscription patterns was otherwise simply impossible to see.

Grasping the hilt and swinging it lightly, regardless of the length or the weight, they were just right. What made Enzo particularly astonished was that when he brandished the sword, unexpectedly, there wasn’t the slightest sound of air tearing. Like a fish swimming in water, the air didn’t create any obstruction in front of the sharp sword.

“Very good, very good!” Enzo smiled to the point his eyes narrowed. He looked to the left and right, wanting to find a target to test the sword against.

Lin Qi straightened his chest and suddenly shouted, “Aunt Lily, is there any calf available in the kitchen? Throw one out for me to test a sword!”

The door of the kitchen in the distance was opened with a ‘bang’. Following which, Aunt Lily carried a bull roughly over 500 kilograms in weight under her armpit while walking over in large strides with a chuckle. From a distance of around 30 meters, Aunt Lily used both arms to smash the young bull head first toward Enzo.

Enzo was startled for a moment before he quickly welcomed it, his right hand stabbing the sword forward at great speed. His qi was also automatically poured into the sword, the surface to the fine and long blade suddenly emitted a layer of faint yellow halo. Surrounding the yellow halo was a layer of faintly-discernible cyan wind energy.

In a split second, Enzo made 18 stabs in a row. Every stab penetrated deeply into the bull’s body. Skull, backbones, ribs, abdomen, all 18 stabs pierced through. Even the bull’s skull, which was the hardest part of its body, was also effortlessly pierced through. What made Enzo even more pleasantly surprised was that when he pierced the bull’s body, he simply didn’t detect any resistance.

Without a doubt, if he used the sword to kill someone, he also wouldn’t feel any resistance.

Laughing toward the sky, Enzo stepped aside, avoiding the bull that was bleeding all over its body while fondling the mystical magic weapon in admiration. The 18 consecutive stabs he did just a moment ago was two times faster that his quickest stabbing speed. Undoubtedly, it was the wind enchantment added on the long sword that aided Enzo greatly. Making 9 more stabs within the same period of time, was Enzo’s increase in fighting strength limited to one fold? Two to three fold was also not out of reach.

Aunt Lily strongly applauded and exclaimed in admiration, “Young man, the way you wield the sword is not bad, hahaha, oh, it’s just your qi is a little weak!”

Shaking her head, Aunt Lily affectionately hugged Lin Qi. She picked up the young bull with one hand before strutting back to the kitchen. Enzo was struck speechless by Aunt Lily’s words, his qi was a little weak? For Enzo’s age, already possessing the strength of an Earth Knight was still called weak?

Lin Qi moved to Enzo’s side while laughing before pulling a small medicine bottle from his boots. Inside the bottle were two Leopard Pills.

After lowering his voice to tell Enzo of the mystical effects of the Leopard Pills, Enzo’s eyes abruptly shone. He immediately grabbed the medicine bottle before hurriedly putting it into his pocket. A pill that could expand and stabilize meridians, even in the imperial capital auction house, this kind of medicine was something belonging to the legends that had a price yet no market. The value of these two pills absolutely couldn’t be lower than that of two large-scale manor, it could even be higher.

Looking gratefully at Lin Qi, Enzo was about to say some sappy words when sound of disturbance could suddenly be heard from outside the gate.

Very quickly, Tu Dao could be seen rushing over like a ghost. He glanced at Lin Qi and Enzo before saying in a low voice, “Go change your clothes and get ready, three important people of the same status as the Lord in the Night Union have visited at the same time.”

Enzo blankly looked at Lin Qi. ‘What is this Night Union?’

Lin Qi’s expression slightly changed. He naturally knew what the Night Union was. The so-called Night Union was precisely an alliance formed by all the underground power in the northern coastal region of the continent. Lin Qi’s father, Blackbeard, was one of the 13 Black Deacons of the Night Union. People of equal status as him were naturally tyrants with illegally-occupied territory like Blackbeard.

The joint visit of three such people, even Black Tiger Family had to take it seriously.

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