RE Chapter 112


Chapter 112 Priceless Hidden Treasure

Following Blackbeard’s words, the originally pitch-black world inside the door suddenly brightened. An enormous light magic formation was embedded on the ceiling. A soft white light shone, illuminating the large room below.

The underground room was nearly 100 meters in height and more than 200 meters in length and width. Lin Qi looked around in astonishment. The room was extremely huge, way more spacious that the largest church hall he had ever seen. It was hard to imagine what kind of force was needed to open up such a huge space underground. Lin Qi curiously looked at Blackbeard.

“So big, so magnificent!” Blackbeard rubbed his nose and earnestly said with wrinkled brows. “I also have no idea how our forefathers managed to create such a huge place, perhaps this place was originally an underground cavern. Oh, this place is nothing, this place is nothing, it is only our family’s largest secret warehouse, there are still three other passages that lead to three smaller yet more important places.”

Strongly patting Lin Qi’s shoulder, Blackbeard said with a smile, “Look around, see what you need. You’re eighteen already, you should contribute to the family, but your old man can’t let you go bare-handed to pioneer a new territory, see what you need.”


Lin Qi smacked his lips, greedily looking at the huge room ahead.

Numerous metal racks were neatly arranged, with various kinds of odd things piled up on them. There were gold bricks, gold bars, silver ingots, and a mountain of golden and silver jewels that glistened brilliantly, making Lin Qi’s heart twitch. Such a huge secret warehouse, no less that half of the room was piled up with gold and silver. Among them, gold took up ten percent, silver took up seventy percent, while the rest was piled up with some sacks as big as a human head that were filled with all kinds of gems.

In the other half of the secret warehouse, some strange things were laid out, such as swords, armors, crossbows and arrows, also several huge ornate things that didn’t seem to be worth much. For example, the three large black coffins, their materials were like crystal, yet their surfaces were inlaid with countless gold and silver threads. The threads outlined a complicated magic formation, while the eye of the formation was densely packed with numerous blood-colored gems.

The three coffins were laid on a corner of the secret warehouse, emitting a piercing cold air. Lin Qi merely glanced at them, yet he felt his blood nearly congealing.

Blackbeard hastily pulled Lin Qi’s ear, making him shift his sight from the three black coffins. Blackbeard seriously said, “Don’t draw their attention, they’re the guardians of the secret warehouse, don’t you draw their attention. If someone didn’t trigger the self-destructive magic formation outside and trespass here, if they didn’t have the family’s bloodline, these guardians will tear them to pieces.”

Lin Qi looked at Blackbeard in shock,”How can anyone trespass here?”

Blackbeard shrugged his shoulders, “It happened once before, a core member of the family was captured outside. His blood was drawn out, his memory extracted by some wicked magic. Two months afterward the person who killed him infiltrated this place.”

Laughing grimly, Blackbeard shook his head and said, “But that person didn’t expect that this place also had three guardians, he was torn to pieces before being consumed.”

Pointing at the three coffins with an exceptionally solemn expression, Blackbeard said in a low voice, “Don’t agitate them, they have already defended this place for the family for many years. Since the secret warehouse was established, they had been guarding this place. Anyone without the family’s bloodline who enters this place will be torn to pieces.”

Lin Qi glanced at those coffins in shock. Fine, the things Blackbeard had told him tonight were already sufficient to make him feel astonished, yet what shocked him the most was still the existence of the three guardians. What kind of creature could survive in such a hidden place underground for so many years? Death spirit creatures of legend? Or an even more sinister existence? Why would they protect the secret warehouse for Black Tiger Family?

Looking at Blackbeard’s expression, it seemed he also had no idea on the details. Lin Qi could only shake his head and direct his attention to another place.

The forefathers of Black Tiger Family were clearly very attentive towards the secret warehouse. The treasures set on the racks were individually accompanied with an engraved plate, clearly indicating their origin and usage.

For instance, the set of full-bodied golden armor in front of Lin Qi that was carved with an elegant decorative design using an unknown blue metal. Although it was already a bit broken, the plate inscribed that the set of armor belong to a certain commander of the most famous, most vicious, most bloodthirsty ‘Regiment of Disciplinary Knights’ from the Church. It was one of the most important and well-known disciplinary knight armor in the Church.

“No, Lin Qi, this thing can’t see the light!” Blackbeard quickly dispelled Lin Qi’s certain bad intentions. He gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t want to be chased around the continent to be killed by the people of the Church right? Then you mustn’t take out this armor. Of course, this set of armor has an extremely powerful defensive abilities, but the method our ancestors obtain it then wasn’t particularly above-board, they took action when the other party was down. Taking advantage of when the disciplinary knight regiment commander and a huge demon were on a stalemate, they were killed.”

Strongly shaking his head, Blackbeard gravely said, “You absolutely can’t let this thing see the light, go choose another one.”

The saber of Gaul Empire’s founding emperor, an incomparably sharp magic weapon that could release lightning magic to attack the enemy. Blackbeard once again dispelled Lin Qi’s urge to take this thing out to show off. The blade was called ‘Thunder God’s Fury’, Gaul Empire had always been tracing its whereabout. If Lin Qi dare to bring it to Borali and walk on the street, the imperial military department would immediately maneuver its army to surround and annihilate him.

Vias Business Union and the various tribes of Five Dalian Islands had a secret trade agreement during the century-long Land Island War. Lin Qi had no interest towards the thing while Blackbeard was very happy that Lin Qi wouldn’t take the thing out. It was a fatal evidence against Vias Business Union, so Blackbeard intended to keep it for when it was necessary to blackmail them.

The imperial seal of a certain king or queen, Lin Qi also had no interest in this thing while Blackbeard similarly wouldn’t let it see the light of day.

Personal pearl undergarment of a certain princess, Lin Qi was very flabbergasted on how the thing fell into the hands of Black Tiger Family, but although it wasn’t worth much, it seemed it also couldn’t see the light of day.

Certain royal family, certain imperial household, certain major character, Lin Qi wandered around the secret warehouse and suddenly discovered that there were some problems with the origin of these family collections. It seemed there was nothing here that he could overtly take out to use.

“Old man, did you bring me here intentionally to annoy me?” Lin Qi couldn’t help but glance at the three strange black coffins in the corner.

Blackbeard laughed heartily. He pulled Lin Qi to the three passages at one corner of the secret warehouse and chose the leftmost one to walk into.

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