RE Chapter 102


Chapter 102 ** Sin

Like trained soldiers, Duner leading figures in the hall moved to the left and right, coincidentally creating a path from where Lin Qi and the others were at all the way to the door. Though the two-meters-wide and dozens-meters-long passage, Long Cheng, with his Blue Fox leather cloak, could be seen smiling strangely at a martial-looking youth wearing stiff clothing, whose right hand was pressing on his sword hilt.

This wretched fellow! What had he been up to the whole afternoon?’ Once Lin Qi saw the strange smile on Long Cheng’s face, he felt that the matter must be far from good. That smile of Long Cheng’s was like a male lion, a hegemon of the prairies on the Black Spirit Continent, who just pampered all of the female lions of its herd. Underneath the indolence was a hint of deeply concealed killing intent; if someone dared to touch him, he would immediately start killing in a violent manner.

Blackbeard’s gaze fell on Long Cheng for the first time.

When Lin Qi and the others returned during the day, Blackbeard’s whole mind was on Lin Qi. He simply didn’t notice Long Cheng, the guy who purposely restrained his aura to conceal his own existence. Without a doubt, Long Cheng had a unique technique to conceal his aura, making even the powerful and sharp intuition of Blackbeard’s unable to discover his abnormality.


But now, facing a provocator who was grasping his sword hilt, Long Cheng was like a lion whose butt was kicked when he was sleeping, lazily exposing the cold tip of his claws. The trace of chilling cold light made all the muscles of in Blackbeard’s body stretched taut, as he felt the strong threat coming from Long Cheng ― enough to threaten Blackbeard’s life.

It was a terrifying person of similar strength with Blackbeard. In fact if it wasn’t for his vitality being a little weak, like having lost a lot of his vital energy, Blackbeard believed that he was very possibly not Long Cheng’s opponent.

A terrifying and powerful existence! Countless scenes flashed through Blackbeard’s mind before he finally recalled that Long Cheng was the one jumping off the whale-hunting ship after Lin Qi. In other words, Long Cheng was at least Lin Qi’s acquaintance; perhaps not considered a friend, but at least on an enemy.

Glaring at Lin Qi with a little anger, Blackbeard angered by with how Lin Qi acted on his own initiative. Lin Qi could conceal the matter of them fighting with the alien tribesmen, but such a dangerous variable like Long Cheng, how could he not be told immediately?

This situation was like a male lion, under the guidance of a young lion, strolled into another lion’s territory. This kind of thing was extremely sensitive; if one was careless, it could create a huge mess, provoking a huge quarrel. Let’s say one of Blackbeard’s subordinates, not knowing Long Cheng’s identity, hastily offended him and was killed, then Blackbeard had to openly fight with him; it was something Blackbeard wasn’t willing to see.

Seeing Blackbeard’s angry gaze, Lin Qi helplessly spread his hands. True, he overlooked this problem; he should have let Blackbeard know of Long Cheng earlier. But there were so many things to do, Lin Qi was very busy the whole afternoon; he had to ensure the profit from the Single-horned Whale King was distributed according to his wishes. For the sake of this matter, he and Blackbeard argued for ages, making him completely forget about Long Cheng.

Seeing that Long Cheng had provoked some trouble, Lin Qi could only rolled his eyes and prayed to the various gods, hoping this guy won’t kill people on the spot, otherwise it would be hard to sort out.

The banquet hall was silent. Everyone was firmly watching Long Cheng and the youngster whose hand was pressing on his sword hilt.

Everyone recognized the youngster, the only son of the current president of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, Geare Tang, a solitary youngster.

As the only son of the current president of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, Geare Tang lived a life of luxury since childhood. He could totally be the leading figure among Dunerk silkpants. But Geare Tang was innately obsessed with the biographies of those legendary knights in history. He was set on becoming an epic hero exceeding a Heaven Knight, to kill demons and rescue the continent civilization from extermination.

So Geare Tang started to become a black sheep when he was 7; he spent countless gold coins to hire countless self-proclaimed ‘powerful warriors’ and received some disorderly knight education. When he was a bit older, he started to wield the long sword in his hand in the name of chivalry and created many troubled for Dunerk’s local ruffians and gangsters.

Especially Lin Qi; Geare Tang was the only person in Dunerk who could cause a little trouble for Lin Qi. Even though he was once hit by Lin Qi with a brick from the back in a small alley for 13 consecutive times, was thrown into places like ditches and dung holes by Lin Qi’s traps for 22 consecutive times, was demanded night fee by some prostitutes on the street for 35 consecutive times, Geare Tang still conscientiously make things difficult for Lin Qi according to his original intention.

It’s the stone head!’ Lin Qi held his head and forced a smile. ‘I was feeling odd, it feels like someone is missing when I return home this time, turns out I haven’t met this guy! Fine, fine, Long Cheng, this bastard, what did he do to provoke him?’

Geare Tang, this freak, let the good life of a silkpant go and insisted on being a chivalrous and knightly freak. Lin Qi didn’t know from where he obtained knight rules that was said to be handed down from the ancient period before the Destruction Age. Nonetheless, he strictly abided by the so-called Big Eight Virtuous Conduct mentioned in it in a manner as rigid as a zombie in a grave. He couldn’t have taken the initiative to stir up trouble, so it could only mean that it was Long Cheng who provoked him!

Currently, under Long Cheng’s foot was a white silk glove. He was looking at the glove with a smirk, before slowly moving both his hands.

Without a doubt, Geare Tang just threw the glove at Long Cheng’s face according to the challenge custom on the West Continent. It was a sign for a life-death duel, Geare Tang wanted to fight with Long Cheng in a situation where only one of them could live!

The current president of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, Tang Qiao, who was standing among the crowd, was so angry his whole body was trembling. He angrily berated in a low voice, “Geare Tang, what are you doing? You, you, is this a place where you can cause trouble?”

The tall and heroic Geare Tang firmly stared at Long Cheng. He pronounced word by word, “Coward, pick up my glove, then let me use my sword to pierce through your heart! You shameless disciple, you actually treat Miss Anleen like that! You, you actually beat her until her lower part bled!”

Everyone in the banquet hall simultaneously cried out in surprise, some strange laughter could even be heard.

Enzo’s throat made a burst of gurgling sound and his hands and feet were twitching while he was looking at Geare Tang! Heavens, beaten until her lower part bled? How innocent was this kid! Geare Tang was also a youngster over twenty years old, yet he was actually still so innocent!

Lin Qi looked at the people with strange expressions around him. Long Cheng actually beat Anleen until her lower part bled, wasn’t this a serious matter? Why were so many people showing such subtle smile?

Long Cheng coughed lightly. He looked at Geare Tang and calmly said, “You left out one person!”

Geare Tang shouted in realization, “Right, you also beat Miss Angel until her lower part bled! You shameless guy, how can you take action against two noble young ladies? Moreover, moreover, Miss Anleen is my fiancée!”

The whole audience cried out in alarm as two middle-aged women in luxurious clothing swayed and fainted.

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